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  1. What game do you have mad skillz at? Skillz so mad they cannot be spelled with two 's's. Skillz so mad that you feel like you ought to give your opponents a handicap. Games where NO ONE DARE OPPOSE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE SUCH SKILLZ!

    I'm pretty good at Mario Kart: Double dash :P
  2. Chocobo Racing 2 on the playstation and Katamari Damacy on the Xbox.

    Oh and thumb wrestling. I've only been beaten by two people in my whole life and I challenge everybody.
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  3. I pride myself being boss in most Bullet Hells, though I haven't played any in a while so I might have degraded into some dirty casual O_O.

    And Double Dash was my favourite Mario Kart \o/
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  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I prestiged in less than a day of total playing time. I'm like 3rd prestige now.

    To those who don't play it, that probably makes no sense but oh well.

    I'm pretty good at Titanfall, as well. I've had the game for like 2 days now for the Xbox one, and I'm more than halfway to the highest level.

    I'm pretty sure I'm good st other stuff at well, but those two are the ones that come to mind at the moment.
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  5. Basically every game in the Assassin's Creed franchise. The newer games and their dumbed down controls sort of throw me off, though.

    Also Team Fortress 2 if I'm allowed to play Sniper or Pyro. Depending on how well I know the map, I can take on anyone.

    And I almost forgot, give me any DPS/pet support class in any MMO game and I can solo tank anything. Spent years playing that kind of character, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.
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  6. I'm jealous of you guys; I'm terrible at FPS games :/
  7. Practice makes perfect. I used to be total shit at them when I first started. Now I make newbs my, as Will Ferrel says in Get Hard, "bitches bitch."
  8. I like to think I have dem skillz in a game called Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. It's a first-person shooter for iOS.

    However, it's balanced out by the fact the 80% of my opponents actually bothered with in-app purchases. So while I run around with my wee little sword, they've got swords that launch shockwaves of damage with each swing, sniper rifles that kill in one-and-a-quarter hits and can pass through walls, and pretty much every other OP thing there is.

    It is the very fact that I have wimpy equipment and had to deal with it that has made me so good at the game.
  9. My League skillz r so gud that I am da rulr of the wood division!!
  10. Nothing I dare brag about, because competitive scenes exist and being better than my friends doesn't really matter if you still get your ass kicked at a tourney ;p
  11. I love videogames, but I'm terrible at them. I am somewhat good at puzzle videogames though, and I love them n.n
  12. Devil May Cry, all five of them. and before the "BUTDEMAREBAAADBUTTENMASHURS" No, fuck off you dumbshits. Granted, I haven't played them in ages, but similar games(that aren't God of war -_-, despite being a casual fan of those games) I very quickly pick up the gist and just become pretty damn good. Bayonetta being one, and most Platinum Game Games too. Metal Gear Solid too, I'm damn good at that, completed both 2 and 3 without killing anybody, proud of that xD.

    In general, Beat'em'ups, Fighters, Hack'n'Slash and RPGs are where I shine mostly.
  13. Touhou maybe? I mean, I'm far from being able to beat Yukari *shivers* but I'm pretty good.

    Also, DD is my game, Mini! >:[
  14. Fuck man, I'dunno. I got mad skillz at...having no mad skillz? Shit man
  15. I've recently discovered I have a knack for Mario Party...>.>

    I sometimes feel like a douche playing that game, bringing competitive skills to a party game. It's gotten to the point where my friends refuse to turn off luck based games so they stand a chance.

    Turn based strategies are also one of the genres I'm really good at, but this genre has been suffering from a lack of competitive scene and P2W microtransactions for a while, so I haven't played a ton in recent times.

    Other than that, my tastes are too broad to excell at any type of game in specific, bringing good map and tactical awareness to mobas, but not enough technique.... Or good hand-eye coordination to FPS but not enough reaction time or map knowledge.
  16. I am absolutely fabulous at Gears of War 3, and Grand Theft Auto V.
  17. Sounds like me using Dan Hibiki in street fighter alpha.
  18. Left4Dead. I turned off all the survivor bots and beat Mercy Hospital on Expert alone.

    At this point, to handicap myself to make it fun, I'll usually be drunk playing it. Here are the rules.
    • Hard Liquor only.
    • Take two shots every time I survive a round. Take one shot every time I die.
    • If it's Versus Mode, three shots every time I survive a round. The survivors aren't supposed to make it to the end, just as far as they can... :ferret:
    • If I get the Tank in Versus Mode, take a shot.
    Once in a while I lose, it's the nature of team games, and I don't play much anymore. When I did though... :ferret:
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  19. i am master race at bioware games
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  20. I used to be terrifying at TF2 until I went back to school and got a job. ._. I'm hoping Overwatch is good enough to finally tear me away from TF2, though. Or maybe I'll get back into UT after all these years.

    Oh, and I used to be EXTREMELY good at Soul Calibur II-IV. But I haven't played a Soul Calibur game since IV.
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