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  1. So, I had joined for a brief time, then, I hit a snag in finances and lost my internet for a while due to my inability to purchase a new router after my loveable feline companion decided to destroy my old one. Anyway, I am now back, and hope to do some roleplaying with you guys. Feel free to criticize my absence, just don't blame Mr. Fluffers.
  2. Well the only thing that matters is the fact you are able to return to the land of Iwaku x3
    My name is Krystal by the way, pleasure to meet you Lycaon *lends a hand to greet you politely*
    I'd love to roleplay with you if you ever feel like it. Of course... starting what will be tomorrow for me. It's already midnight right now so I'll be heading off to bed soon ><
    PM me if you want to start a thread with me though ^.~
  3. Ah, and it is lovely to meet you, Krystal. *Accepts and kisses hand* Sorry, I'm a sucker for formal introductions, especially with ladies.

    I would be glad to do a thread with you, be it tonight, tomorrow, or whenever. I am not the type to rush. I will gladly PM you soon. For now, I am working on a thread of my own for roleplay ideas. It will likely be up in the next hour or so. It can take me a little bit. haha
  4. Welcome back, hopefully everything works out and you stick around for a long time now.
  5. *blushes and holds back from smiling too much* Well I am heading off to bed now, I'll message you in the morning if that is fine ^^ and we'll decide on a setting. I'm excited to rp with you.
  6. Sounds great to me, Love. ^_^ Feel free to drop me a message whenever you please.