Dem Fandoms

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  1. remember when you could just enjoy a popular show/movie/game/etc and everything was fine

    then all this pairing and other such nonsense came about and changed everything.
  2. I feel you, man. It's like overkill, too much of a good thing, watered down, played out. But at the same time it is kinda cool being able to enjoy things we love on different platforms.
  3. I enjoy knowing there are others that like the same shows as I. It's a great way to connect with other people and as the saying goes, "sharing is caring". So what if my best friend in high school liked Sinclare over Sheriden? We bonded despite our differences and at least could agree that it would always be MulderxScully.

    It's because of fandom that I'm even here. I wanted information on a little known cartoon called "Sailor Moon" that seemed to end right in the middle of the story. What I discovered was a trove of fans who would discuss the show with me and a few that turned into lifelong friends.

    so while I don't go fangirl over shows like I once did, I am pro-fandom!
  4. Pairings and that sort of thing aren't all bad. I guess I just have moments where I wonder where all this extra stuff came about… otherwise, I guess I prefer certain couples and all the other stuff fandoms do.
  5. If you want a prime example of Fan Dumb go read Vampire Cheerleaders in it's entirety, then go to the forum and watch the unending torrents of hatred several users have for the protagonists. There are some cool people who just laugh and roll with it like they're supposed to but the others are probably the most single-minded bunch of retards I've ever had the misfortune of associating with.
  6. Fandoms have always been a big thing! Just think about all the original star trek nerdgasms and fanfics that probably existed before the internet made it easier to share and be a dork. 8D

    I both love and loathe the crazy obsessed fandoms, myself. On the one hand, it makes it easier for me to find and connect with other fans... and then there's the people that make me ashamed to call myself a fan of something, because those people are batshit crazy. D:
  7. I think that fandoms are a good thing, and kind of a natural progression of affinity for something when people really enjoy it.
    I like to pal around with and read things from people in various fandoms, because I like the things to some degree. I've never been one to be all about alternate pairings that are totally never going to happen, but that's just me I guess. I enjoy bits of art, prose, poetry, etc. written for them, though. Some of them are really insightful/pretty/cute.
  8. True. Anything that's well written for a certain fandom can be great, as well as the artwork. Those things, I am very much fine with in fandoms.
  9. Being a fan of a certain TV show or series is not a bad thing, nor is the fan phenomena inheritently negative in its nature, because it allows people to bond with each other on certain topics. Fandoms and fan circles bring people together, they create room for interaction and make human contact easier, however, it can be taken too far occasionally. Some people take things way too seriously, though, and will not let go of them even if it is not a great deal. I presume that you are talking about these people, namely, those people who try and force their opinions on others, who refuse to accept the views of someone else on the subject.

    As long as people are being reasonable about their opinions, there is no problem with having a different view of something. It is only when they wave their opinions in front of one's face and they are being completely obnoxious about it, that being a fan of something becomes a problem.