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SIDE STORY Delusional Maid [Non-Canon]

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    • Just a bunch of Murder Game-related lore that involves Jason Voorhees/Blazblue/Unoffical Sentai/Touhou, etc.

      it'll be a blast

    How we got here (open)

    Stepping through the portal and coming through the other side, a part of Jason regretted not having murdered Herbert while he had his hands on him. But he figured he could always track down the scientist and slaughter him for thinking he could try to control him like some kind of puppet.

    He was also out of his element with this new location. It didn't seem like Crystal Lake or even New York at all. It just seemed alien to Jason. But Herbert didn't matter, the setting didn't matter.

    Because for now, he had much bigger prey to catch. Letting out a small grunt to catch Hazama's attention, Jason's entire body shook with ragged breaths here and there as he stared down the man he knew he was destined to kill from the moment Hazama first insulted him.

    Now, it was the time to finally go through on that feeling. Which was why Jason wasted no time in picking up his stride towards Hazama with his machete raised, poised to strike.

    Ikaruga. Great, of all places he ended up in this ninja dump.

    "Wonderful. At least it's a recognizable location, I suppose. Now, wh-"

    A grunt. A rather familiar grunt. One he'd hoped to never hear again back in his home dimension. Hazama turned around to see Jason, who'd decided to follow him instead of returning to his home. Wherever that was. Probably some sort of garbage dump or something.

    "Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in! Missed me so much you just had to come with? Sorry, but I can't be taking care of dolls at the moment. Daddy has more important matters to see to. But, perhaps, I can put you to sleep. Permanently."

    With his power fully restored, he had no qualms with finally putting this puppet to rest. He leaped backwards and threw out a few knives at Jason's feet, trying to stop him in his tracks.

    Unfortunately for Jason, being undead gave him superhuman strength and durability. What it didn't give him was lighting quick reflexes. As the knives tore into his boots and into his feet, black blood began to drip out from the bottom of his shoes.

    Glancing down at the knives, Jason glanced back at Hazama and moved to raise his foot. The knives tore through rotten muscle and sinew as Jason practically mutilated his feet ripping his feet free of the knives.

    But if Hazama thought that would deter him, then he was a fool. Reaching down to grab one of the knives, he'd seek to hurl it back at Hazama. One might not think it when looking at someone like Jason and it was true that death had slowed him down. But he still had good aim as his knife throw towards Hazama's chest would try to show.


    Hazama adjusted his tie as he admired his handiwork. Slow. Too slow. With that kind of speed he could play around with his prey all-


    The knife hadn't managed to pierce Hazama, but catching it with his bare hand wasn't exactly comfortable. He threw it off to the side with a grunt, his smirk disappearing.

    "Oh, alright. I see how it is. I was going to play nice with you. Slowly grind every bone in your body into dust after cutting you into little bite-sized chunks. But no! No more Mr. Nice Guy!"


    A green aura surrounded Hazama as he took off his hat and his hair began to stand up. "Let me show you the power of the Azure! Code S. O. L… Activate, BlazBlue!" A whirring noise could be heard as he began to use the power of the Azure Grimoire.

    "Now, let's see you handle this!"

    Hazama launched Ouroboros at Jason. Whether the chain connected or not, he flung himself forward with it, lashing out with a kick as he closed in.

    Jason's blank expression didn't seem to change, even hidden as it was behind his hockey mask. He seemed just as eager to rip Hazama a new one as he had been before. What he hadn't expected however was the chain to lash out at him like it did. Taking a swing at it with his machete, Jason sought to knock the chain of course.

    This however wouldn't stop Hazama from getting close enough to attempt the kick however. His foot very clearly colided with the side of Jason's head and cracked his hockey mask something fierce. But the zombie managed to stay up on his feet and he reached out to try and grab Hazama's foot before he could retract it.

    He may not have had anything close to the speed and reflexes that Hazama had. But when his prey was close enough like this, when did reflexes matter?

    He'd hold the machete up in his other hand as he tried to slice Hazama from groin to stomach.


    "Hurts, doesn't it?!"

    The feeling of his foot against Jason's face, or at least the mask in front of it, was euphoric. The plastic cracking against the sole of his foot, landing his attack without Jason even being able to block it. But there was one problem.

    It didn't knock Jason back at all.

    He was about to turn around to launch a second kick when he felt a grip on his foot.


    Hazama launched Ouroboros upwards to pull himself away from the swing, but he still got himself a slice across the shin.

    "Die already!"


    Coming back down with a more powerful kick, he attempted to crash down onto Jason's collarbone.

    Jason's body shuddered as the foot crashed into his collarbone and Jason even let out a pained gasp as the bone shattered and his machete clattered to the ground. But the zombie had taken much worse damage before and this was no exception. Reaching out with his other hand, he'd seek to grip tightly onto Hazama's foot and swing the bastard around before throwing him near the closest building.

    Once he did so, he'd glance down at his shattered collarbone as it poked through the surface of his rotten flesh. Gripping onto it, he'd shift it back into place with a sickening crack here and there.

    Reaching down to pick up the machete, Jason stalked towards Hazama as he raised the machete to strike Hazama down. Hopefully once and for all!

    Excellent. Progress was being made and results were showing. Seemed even the dead could feel a little pain, hm? But close combat wasn't working out for Hazama as the undead threw him towards a nearby building.

    Upon landing, he stood up and dusted himself off.

    "Keh! Don't underestimate me!"

    But the fight wasn't going well for him. No lasting damage had been done and he was slowly being worn down. What would it take to keep this freak down?

    The machete swing was slow. To Hazama, anyway. He simply raised one of his knives to block it, then he could easily follow up. But there was a miscalculation on his part.

    The machete cleaved right through Hazama's knife and into his arm.

    "Uraaah!! Time to die, pest!"

    Trying to shove away Jason's arm with his other, not slashed arm, Hazama then used the power of the Azure to summon up serpents of darkness to strike down the masked foe.

    Finally! Hazama had done so much jumping around that Jason was actually growing annoyed at all the effort he was having to put in to try and get a hit on him.

    Once the machete finally hit flesh however, Jason tore it out and prepared for another strike. Only to be taken aback as the serpents appeared and lashed out at him.

    One of them managed to remove Jason's machete hand and left the machete soaring through the air as a result. The other two tore a huge hole into the zombie's chest cavity and the last one sent Jason flying back after tearing a chunk out of his hockey mask and his lower jaw.

    Jason's body hit the ground with a colossal thud and the sickly looking black ooze that constituted as Jason's blood continued to pool out of the stub where his hand had once been as his machete lay nearby. But just as Leatherface, Ash Williams, and even Freddy Krueger himself failed to learn.

    Jason was like a force of nature in how impeccable he came off as. His fingers dug into the ground as he sat up, revealing just what Hazama had done to his face. The rotten flesh had been scraped away by the serpent's attack leaving only bone behind and thus Jason's face was stuck in a permanent gaping position.

    Raising his bleeding stump to his face, Jason used his remaining hand to pop a crick out of his neck and think about how he was going to handle this. He wasn't down by any stretch of the imagination but his plan to murder Hazama would go a lot smoother if he wasn't bleeding like this.


    Suddenly, an idea struck Jason and he'd reach for his machete. But he wasn't intending to use it on Hazama just yet. He'd hover the hilt of the blade over his stump before ramming the hilt of the machete into the decayed flesh of the stump. Once he had got it firmly wedged into place, it seemed to staunch the bleeding and it also looked nice in Jason's opinion.

    Rising back to his feet, he'd pop another crack out of his neck as he stared Hazama down. Armed with a machete where his hand used to be and a nasty looking hole on his torso where the serpent had taken a bite out of him.


    "You are a massive pain in the ass! But you know? You make just the perfect punching bag. But a good little baggie should learn when to stay down!"

    A great amount of damage had been dealt, it seemed, but as expected it was still bordering on impossible to truly keep him down. He hadn't met something this irritatingly persistent very often.

    As Jason gave himself a little machete hand, Hazama started laughing and clapping.

    "Great job! Great job, freak show! Ever thought of going to the circus? It might be a more lucrative business decision. But don't worry! Soon, you won't have to make any decisions at all! Because you'll be dead, dead, dead, dead, DEAD!!!"


    He lashed out with the chain, but this time simply using it as a projectile weapon rather than a movement option. Getting and staying close with Jason proved to be a rather stupid idea.

    Hazama's words might as well have been gibberish for all the good it did him. Jason continued to make his approach forward with his machete still wedged firmly in his stump. Jason did note that he liked to talk a lot it seemed. Just like Freddy and that Williams man did. Jason didn't share the same inclination to run his mouth. Best to just get things done and move on.

    But while Jason didn't express it outwards all of the wounds Hazama had inflicted upon him were taking their toll. It's just due to Jason's blank expression that it didn't really come across that way. But his decomposing body already had enough trouble holding itself together. Being mutilated by chains and serpents didn't really make things any easier.

    As the chain tore through Jason's chest, it'd come out through the back and stopped Jason right in his tracks as he glanced down at the chain currently impaling him.


    Leaning forward onto the chain, Jason coughed up wads of black bile onto the chain and the ground and his body shuddered. But he couldn't falter. Not while Hazama was still so close.

    Gripping onto the chain with his good hand, Jason sought to rip it out of him and continued towards Hazama just as he had been doing. Only he had a nasty looking chain-shaped hole on his chest, nestled right above the chunk of flesh that was missing due to Hazama's serpents.

    Hazama hadn't thought much of Jason. Slow, lumbering, stupid, he was just a prime target for pinning any crimes on given his appearance and nature. But as he tore chunk after chunk out of Jason, he couldn't even be sure the killer was human. He'd seen powerful beings before, but if they were to have cavities like these opened up they'd be in serious trouble.

    This...thing was more akin to some monster in its insistence on killing him.

    And Hazama wasn't fond of that idea. Opening up a portal behind him, he unleashed another barrage of serpents at Jason.


    "Unholy Wrath…of the Basilisk! Hehe hehe hehe hyahahahaha!!!"

    He couldn't afford to play around in his attacks, even if he would always take the time to mock or laugh at his opponent. However, eventually even the sturdiest tank would fall, especially with Hazama as its opponent.


    Once Jason had finally closed the distance between him and Hazama once more, he raised his machete arm as he sought to decapitate Hazama and bring this whole horrid affair to an end. But yet again he'd be delayed as Hazama unleashed a series of blows upon him. Which didn't really deter Jason so much as what came next.

    The quick series of blow after blow knocked Jason back until he was eventually scooped off his feet and sent colliding through a building wall and out the other side. Leaving a huge cloud of smoke in his path. As the smoke finally began to clear, the sight that Hazama might have desired the most was finally before him.

    Jason was laid out flat on his back with even more chunks of flesh torn away from his body and fractured ribs, some of them even tearing through Jason's side to protrude to the surface. His mask still stayed on somehow but his eye was closed indicating that either he'd been knocked out or Hazama had done the impossible and killed the unkillable serial killer.

    But the reality was that Jason was in a state in between death and life at the moment. He hadn't been expecting something on the scale of Hazama's last attack and with his body working overtime to heal what it could, already dealing with the loss of a limb, it'd been enough to put Jason in shock temporally. But he wasn't sure if he'd be able to get back up fast enough to catch Hazama.

    Would his mother be disappointed in him? Would she think him a bad boy for failing to kill Hazama like he kept telling himself he would? He didn't want his mommy to be mad at him. She was the only person he cared for and the only one who had the power to order Jason Voorhees around.

    Well, that and a certain little girl who's voice rang out in Jason's mind as he struggled to get up.


    "J-Jason..? You're not going to let Mister Hazama win are you? You showed me a lot of things during our short time together! That appearances can be deceiving for one. You may look scary and you may hurt people like Mr. West and Mister Hazama said but I know that deep down within your black heart, you've still some kindness. Why else would have you been so gentle with me as you were? I-It pains me to see you like this! So get up Jason! Get up and show Mister Hazama what you're really made of!"

    That was all the motivation Jason needed. His body began to shift and his eye shot open behind the remnants of his mask.


    Staggering to his feet, Jason's body was now a mess of exposed and shattered bones and just splotches of black blood coating his jacket/shirt and the two gaping holes on his upper torso from Hazama's assault.

    The slasher may have doubted himself for a moment, however brief it may have been. But Aya's words even if they were just in his head were al Jason needed to get back to what he'd been trying to do: Kill Hazama. Keeping his machete arm at the ready once he got close to him yet again. Hazama could knock him down over and over but as far as Jason was concerned, he'd never stay down.


    It seemed with that last attack that Hazama had finally done it. The serial killer was down for the count. It was too bad there weren't any screams of agony, but with the silent treatment Jason gave everyone that was to be expected.

    But that didn't mean it wasn't worth a shot. Hazama calmly began to stride over to the fallen, decaying body.

    "Now, now, you haven't gone and died on me yet, have you? Come on, stand up! I haven't finished with you just yet! Oh no, I have loads more in store for you! What's wrong? Don't you hate me?Despise me? Well I just might have to thank you! Ol' Raggy might even become unnecessary with you around! Oh, but that's a story for another time."

    Taking his time, the green-haired man still hadn't quite reached the site, though the smoke had cleared fully by now. Hazama very well may have continued talking, until Jason rose from the "dead" once more, and he frowned.

    He'd wanted to Jason to still be alive so he could torture him slowly. Not actually still be able to get up and fight back. Who went this far over a little grudge, like, seriously?!

    Well, if that was how it was, that was how it was. Instead of initiating the offensive, Hazama chose to ready himself for Jason's next attack.


    "Now then..."


    Jason didn't see any need to waste any time with idle taunts. He took action and seeing Hazama's frown, Jason could figure out the thoughts behind that. He'd seen it before on Freddy Krueger's face when Jason finally confronted him in the real world.

    Walking forward with the same slow methodical gait that he always used, he'd wait until he got close enough to Hazama as he raised his machete arm.


    Swinging the machete downwards, he sought to try and slice Hazama's head right down the middle. No talk, no taunts. Just death.


    Hazama had figured it'd be something like this. Though undying, Jason didn't seem to have much variety to his attacks, only being capable of swinging his machete about. Moving from his stance, he ducked low and swiped at Jason's legs.


    Whether Jason managed to move out of the way or not, Hazama wasn't done yet. Whirling around, he began to stand up and launched his foot right at Jason's chin with all of his strength, an energy pillar ascending towards the sky with it.

    His usual smirk returned to his face as he shouted, "This may sting a bit… Serpent's Infernal Rapture!"


    Jason relied on his durability to get him through most of the trouble his would be 'final girls' put him through. Be it smashing a TV over his head, whacking him upside the head with his own machete, or even clawing his eyes out with your razor sharp knife glove. Which in turn meant that most of his 'fighting' skills were just fueled with sheer brute force as an undead goliath didn't need finesse.

    Hazama's attack towards his legs however did get a reaction out of Jason as he stepped back. But the kick to the and following pillar of energy sent Jason flying up into the air once again. His mouth still affixed in that shocked gape as he crashed back down into the ground-hard enough to leave a indent.

    Having landed on his stomach, Hazama could see the ware and tear the battle had left on Jason from the back with vertebrae exposed and various back muscles. Some of which had been torn away either by Hazama's repeated attacks or just Jason's strenuous over-use of them.

    But in the mix of it all, Jason had lost his hockey mask yet again as it laid nearby. Having fallen off Jason's face after Hazama had kicked him in the face.


    But Hazama could still see Jason's body rise up in conjunction with the zombie's ragged breathing. Digging his machete arm into the ground, Jason began to pull himself towards Hazama out of desperation. Even when his body was running on empty, he couldn't let Hazama just run away.

    But as he reached out to grip onto Hazama's pant leg, Jason's attention was dragged to the skies above as it seemed a series of black storm clouds were begining to roll in. Normally, something as menial as changing weather wouldn't have garnered much of Jason's attention. But something about these clouds felt different.

    As it turned out? He was right. A crack of thunder roared out and a lightning bolt soared down towards Hazama and Jason. If Hazama had the smarts to leap away before the bolt actually managed to touch down, it would have slammed into Jason, the electricity running through his machete and into his body.


    Jason's body literally lit up as his innards were made even more visible by the lightning illuminating him. But just as it had done when it brought Jason back from the realm of the dead, it fueled the zombie with power, re-charging him in a way.

    Jason felt re-invigorated! Almost as if the wounds Hazama had inflicted had never happened! But he knew this would only be a temporary feeling of euphoria. If he didn't end this bout now, the feeling would gradually fade away and Jason's net of wounds would catch up with him and the zombie would not be able to go any further.

    Which is why he'd rip the machete out of his stump and with precision aiming, he sought to fling the blade with as much force as he could muster to try and impale Hazama through the stomach. The zombie had some doubts it'd actually finish him off. But it'd hopefully stop him from jumping around and let Jason get in close before his rush faded away.


    Hazama just scoffed as Jason grabbed onto his pant leg.

    "Now, what exactly do you plan to do in that kind of state, hm? You're outmatched and outclassed. But hey, you made me work up quite the sweat, so good for you, I suppose. I've had enough fun for now, though, and a broken toy like you isn't worth much. So! Time to say good...huh?"

    As the lightning strike came down, Hazama deftly hopped out of the way. Of all the things to stop him, it was lightning? Tch, and he'd wanted to deliver the final blow himself.

    Well, there was no way Jason had survived that, beaten down as he was. Hazama tuned around and began to walk away. At least, until he heard a rather disgusting, fleshy noise. Turning around to see what it was, a machete was flying right at him!

    It was too late to react and the machete plunged itself right into Jason's intended target.


    Hazama coughed up a little blood, clutching his stomach.


    With his new injury, Hazama wasn't exactly feeling up to hopping around. Instead he'd play the waiting game again, see if he could counter Jason one more time and hopefully put him down for good this time

    At that precise moment upon seeing his machete hit home, Jason did the unthinkable and actually taunted Hazama. Raising his hand up, he'd hold a single finger out and wagged it sternly in Hazama's direction. As if to mock him for being so off guard that he got hit by the machete yet again.

    But Jason didn't wish to waste any more time on something as non-satisfying as taunting. Seeking to close the distance between him and Hazama as quickly as he could muster, his remaining hand lashed out to grab Hazama by the leg and hoist him above his head.

    He'd then seek to smash Hazama down hard enough to crack the ground itself as Jason's eye narrowed in anger.


    Once Hazama ceased making cries of pain loud enough for Jason to hear or Jason's energy rush from sudden bolt of lightning, whichever came first. Jason sought to toss him roughly to the ground.

    But he wasn't done with Hazama quite yet. He still had something to retrieve. Gripping his machete, he ripped it out of Hazama's chest and shakily turned his massive frame to try and walk off as his body was having a hard time coping with all the injuries he had sustained in this long drawn out bout. But it had finally been done. Hazama was dead(as far as Jason knew anyway)and now he could finally rest.

    Before Jason could take another step further however, he'd hear a voice. Was it a civilian who had seen the battle? Would he have to kill them as well? No, there was no doubt in his mind. He could kill someone who made the mistake of-



    The punch sent Jason skidding back across the ground and his machete flew in the air. Landing on the ground next to him, Jason struggled to rise back up as whoever had attacked him drew closer. There seemed to be some kind clockwork-like arm moving from within his cloak that confused Jason.

    Noticing the look on Jason's face, the man snapped his fingers and the hand lashed out to grip Jason and pin his arms to his sides and bring him to his knees.
    "Leaving so soon and after such a demonstration like that. Not many can stand against Yuki Terumi like you did. But yet here you are, with wounds that'd kill a mortal man ten times over. Still you walk as if nothing was the matter. That's...quite interesting. But I cannot quite understand what sort of creature you are." He'd kneel down and tilted his head as he looked over Jason's grotesque and decomposing face.

    "You don't seem like you'll last much longer in your current state. Holes large enough for me to stick my hand through and a missing limb. That said, I'm quite interested to seeing how much more you can endure.." The man said as he'd drag Jason along the ground with him and looking over Hazama's bruised and battered form, the man smiled.

    "Hello Hazama."

    Ever since his bout with Hazama ended with the collossal serial killer and Hazama down for the count, both of them had been absconded by none other than Relius Clover. What intentions did he have for the two? That was what Jason wondered as his one eye slowly fluttered open and he glanced around his surroundings. It seemed like some kind of lab or something with how white it was. He'd been taken to the doctor when he was still a boy, still human and he'd been to the morgue more times than anyone should be. But this place was a new one for him and why was he here again? The last thing he could recall was smashing Hazama into the ground after managing to stab him in the gut with his machete.

    Then everything after that was black. Nothing much could be recalled in the zombie's memory. That was until he noticed that he seemed to be shackled down to some kind of table. Similar to how his 'corpse' had been strapped down back in the aforementioned morgue visits. But those were measly velcro straps, easily destroyed by his monster-like strength. Whatever material made up these restraints was one Jason hadn't come across however as he struggled to wrestle free from it.

    Try as hard as he might, Jason's strength didn't seem like it'd be doing him any favors at the moment. Except for making him even angrier that he had no answers as to why he was in this place strapped down to a table! But it seemed like Jason would be receiving something, he just might not have liked what he got. Glancing upwards, Jason's eye narrowed in wariness as a monitor lowered and an image appeared on it.


    Was..Was that his hockey mask? It looked so different, yet so similar. He knew the last one he had was destroyed during his fight with Hazama, having been torn apart and left by Jason on the battlefield. Leaving Jason's grotesque face on full display with his lower jaw having decayed to the point where no muscle remained, leaving Jason's face semi-frozen in a open mouthed grimace which only seemed more menacing with just bone exposed.

    His head was also a dark purple, likely the result of dried up blood pooling in Jason's misshapen head over the years he'd been nothing more than a walking corpse with a few stray wispy white strands of hair littered here and there on his skull. But still Jason did not understand. Why was this new mask being shown to him? More importantly, who was showing it to him??

    Noticing the confused look upon Jason's features, a voice sounded out through the lab and began speaking to Jason over the intercom situated in the room.

    "Ah, you woke up sooner than I expected. Given how badly your body had been damaged I would have expected your recovery time would have taken at least another two weeks at the most. Yet, here you are taking in your surroundings in naught but a week. I suppose it should have been expected from someone with your...'unique' body composition. Most people don't survive holes torn through their chests or continue to fight as savagely as you did after the loss of a limb. In fact after countless tests, it seems your internal organs are there for nothing more than display. But despite not pumping any blood your heart continues to beat. Something I can't quite understand yet. Is it merely going through the paces of before you became the entity you are now? Or is their something more to it?"

    Jason wasn't the most well-spoken conversationalist and if the voice belonged to the one who had captured him? That didn't make him any more eager to explain why his wicked black heart continued to beat despite Jason's blood having dried up ages ago. All it seemed to do was enrage the undead murderer as he resumed the struggle against his binds yet again. This only seemed to garner a chuckle from Relius as the sound of a button presumably being pressed could have been heard over the intercom, briefly confusing Jason. The confusion soon receded back into anger as a slot in the ceiling opened up and a metallic hand holding a syringe lowered and jabbed the needle into Jason's neck and pushed the plunger, filling Jason with what seemed to be some kind of chrome like liquid.

    At the same time the image on the monitor changed. No longer was the futuristic looking mask on view, but an x-ray of Jason's body with highlighted spots meant to represent the various wounds he had gained from his battle with Hazama. Jason didn't understand again why Relius was showing this to him but that was more to do with the zombie's simple mind than anything else.

    "I figured that you wouldn't be all that responsive to an offer for conversation, but that's fine. You most likely won't understand but the reason I've brought you here? I watched your entire bout with Hazama and it occurred to me that only once did you falter in your resolve to strike him down, all the while grievous injury after injury continued to occur to you. So I ran a full body diagnostics and realized that your body seemed to be healing itself. Even your severed arm was slowly but surely on the path to becoming whole. However, it's quite obvious that your body is not used to all of the wear and tear that someone as powerful as Hazama is capable of putting it through. Therefore your body's working overtime to compensate for the enormous amount of injuries that you have. But I believe I've discovered a way to work around this as you'll be seeing in..Oh, a few seconds."

    Unsure of just about everything that Relius had dumped onto him, Jason figured the reason that no matter what people did to him, he'd get up was due to his mother's words.

    "No matter what they do to you, you will not die! You can never die!"

    Keeping that in mind, Jason was convinced that he'd break these restraints eventually. Then he'd track down the voice/man who had captured him and make him pay. From there he'd have to find a way back to Crystal Lake. For whatever this place was, it certainly wasn't his home. Just then Jason's body began to convulse as he could feel what felt like millions of microscopic entities coursing throughout his body, destroying rotten tissue and replacing it with a shiny metallic substance instead. Was this what had been inside that needle?! What was happening to him?! The table nearly toppled over from how much Jason was lashing out as the nanobots designed by Relius continued to do their job. Which was to replace as much of Jason's decomposed tissue that was too far gone to heal and replace it with something far more durable.

    Glancing down at his body, he'd see the arm that had been lopped off by one of Hazama's attacks was covered in millions-perhaps billions of the machines as a new arm was being formed and the metal-like substance was quickly spreading over his entire left side, although leaving some muscle tissue exposed here and there. But the nanobots did not stop at Jason's body, they continued upwards and a mask began forming around Jason's face, with the zombie unable to do anything but shake his head from side to side like a wild animal pressed into a corner. It was to no avail however as the mask continued to form, spreading around Jason's head until it fused together into one solid structure that fit over the murderer's head. Having kept his eye closed this entire time, Jason finally opened them as the nanobots seemed to have finished their work. But whereas Jason had become so accustomed to seeing out of only one eye due to Tommy Jarvis destroying the other on account of lobbing Jason in the side of the head with his own machete, he had regained the sensation of double-vision.

    Glancing down at his newly-changed body, it seemed the right half of his body was still flesh and blood. Just as Jason preferred it though the organs once again were there more out of force of habit than serving a function anymore at this point in Jason's unlife. The left half however had removed as much ruined/decomposed flesh as possible and left Jason with an almost cyborg like halve. Glancing up at the monitor once more, Jason's eyes slowly narrowed once more as Relius finally put himself onto the monitor to speak to Jason directly.


    "Doesn't that feel better? To not drag yourself around this world with bits and pieces of rotting flesh falling from your person? You've been upgraded so to speak and have regained that which your body could not work fast enough to recover. Such as your arm, the holes in your mid-section and even your missing eye. But their's still so much for us to learn.."

    Turning the monitor's feed off on his end, Jason or rather Jason X was left to his own devices. He had previously been consumed by an urge to track down Relius and murder him and possibly Hazama as well if he wasn't already dead. Now, everything seemed so distorted and distant in his memories. For example, he could vaguely recall the image of a small girl smiling at him. But what relevance did this have in his memories and who was this child?


    More to the point, why wasn't she dead? It seemed the nanobots had taken more of an initiative while 'upgrading' Jason from his decomposing husk of a body and messed with his mind as well, leaving memories jumbled around, images of people or places he recalled were left without names to attach to them. At least for the moment and Jason's previous inhibition such as harming children and animals had been suppressed, leaving Jason trapped as somewhat of a prisoner in his own subconscious.

    Somewhere deeper within Relius's facilities, he smirked, quite pleased with how his project had turned out. The next phase of his plan would have to occur soon enough. Once he made sure he had complete control over Jason X. The moment of silent self-congratulatory praise was broken however as Relius's other prisoner, chained to the wall as he was broke out in a series of demented cackles.

    "Hehhehehehe! You think that walking maggot farm's going to listen to you? That thing was determined enough to track me down to my own universe just to settle the score and you think giving him a nice makeover is gonna change that, Relius?"

    "Hazama. I expected you to pipe up sometime soon. Can't quite say that I prefer your idle chatter over the other one's stoic silence. As for whether or not he's subordinate to me? Well, you'll see soon enough."

    "Eh? The hell's that mean? Once I've regained enough of my energy, I'm breaking out of here and you and the freak can try to stand in my way all you like. But you made a big fucking mistake dragging me here Relius!"

    "Let's just see how the rematch between you two will go now that the playing field has been evened out.."


    Unknown to either Jason X, Hazama, or even Relius Clover, the nanobots had given off a signal that was picked up by beings living a universe away. In a world vaguely similar to our own, only with monsters and far far more delusions than the normal person might be comfortable with. In this Delusion World as it were, one of the more established figures took note of the notification that was going off due to Relius's machines.

    "DeluKnight! Come look at this!"


    Given this woman's attire, it was clear that she did not care how she appeared or she was just really into the mindset of 'black=evil'. Regardless, she was one of the dominating beings in the Delusion World who went by the name of Malshina and the DeluKnight she had alluded to? He was subordinate to even her, being the Chairman of the Board rather than a mere sub-section chief. Together the two of them conspired to eventually strike at the 'real' world and conquer it for themselves.

    But in the meantime they sat around without much to really do. That was until Relius's nanobots unintentionally gave off a signal that stretched across dimensions and managed to reach this world. Stepping near the machine, the one known as DeluKnight glanced down at it, or more specifically the blinking red dot situtated right in the center of the machine's screen.

    "You called me over to check up on the dimensional scanner? I thought we agreed that this machine was nothing more than scrap, woman! Those foolish otaku are too incompetent to stand against us! What makes you believe that they've somehow managed to develop something that could be caught on our machine's wavelength? It's probably just an error."

    But Malshina was tired of sitting around on her rear with little to do but order DeluKnight around for the most demeaning of tasks such as filing her nails or giving her massages. She did have to agree that from what she had seen of the Unofficial Sentai, they didn't seem like the bunch capable of traveling to another dimension that wasn't entirely made up of delusions. But something had been built in some dimension that happened to coexist on the same wavelength as the dimensional scanner.

    "You're wrong! I know what I saw, DeluKnight! Something out there got picked up by the machine's scanner and I need to know what it is! Turn on the screen!"

    Annoyed by Malshina's constant ordering for something he believed to be nothing more than a machine malfunction, DeluKnight turned on the screen for the machine, revealing what were the nanobots that were worming their way throughout Jason's body. The signal they'd given off was to help direct the other bots into following around in an orderly manner and to avoid any of them getting lost within Jason's body or going over tissue that other bots had already addressed. This signal just so happened to end up on the same wavelength as Malshina's dimensional scanner.

    The two stared in an awkward silence, unsure of what to make of the sight. It just looked like a bunch of robotic bugs fixing up some seriously ugly guy's body. As the nanobots finishd however, Malshina and DeluKnight's expressions lit up at Jason X.


    "..So, the machine finally did find something worth investigating. I'm not sure what exactly those bugs did to create this being. But it's quite the improvement from that zombie like creature that this man used to resemble. Almost seems like he'd fit in quite well with our ranks. Of course, not to the same level as I. But when we finally strike down those stupid delusion-lovers, it'd be nice to have someone to fight alongside me and no, I don't count you."

    "Hey! I don't care if you're a Chairman but I won't let you-"

    "Silence wench! Unless you have a plan on how you'd like to go about retrieving this creature from this new dimension, I'll go about it in my own way."

    Raising an eyebrow and folding her arms, Malshina looked over her partner.

    "Oh yeah? What's the 'DeluKnight way'?"

    "Go in and destroy anybody who gets in my path. Then I take the subject and bring him back here. We find the sentai and crush them. Simple.."

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  1. A certain maid made her way into the human village. She was out of tea leaves, and her mistress would not be very happy about that. Thus, she simply used her grand ability to stop time to go shopping real quick. It wouldn't take very long if she used her ability. But she still had to head out a bit early that day.

    Why was that necessary when she could stop time itself? ...Well, she couldn't buy tea leaves from someone frozen in time, could she?

    As the maid arrived at the village, time resumed its flow once more.

    It didn't take long for her to have filled her bag with what she needed and soon she was ready to head back to the mansion. No need to keep the mistress waiting after all. But on her walk back, something caught her eye. Something that gave off a slight glint, like it was a reflective surface. A mirror? Or perhaps just the surface of the water?

    When she finally made her way over to it, it was quite clear that it was neither. A small box with what seemed to be a very dark mirror. Kneeling next to it, she pondered what exactly this little thing was. Hmm...ah! She'd seen it in one of those books from the outside. A television. She wasn't exactly sure of the specifics, but basically it played motion pictures. Perhaps it would entertain the mistress?

    The maid took a cursory glance of the area. Was this anyone's, or did it just kind of appear randomly? As nobody appeared to be in the area, and the TV didn't seem to be operating, it probably wasn't anyone's. After all, it was just in the middle of the forest, for some reason. With a sharp exhale, she tried to pick it up with her free hand. But it was a little heavier than it looked. That'd be a rather taxing task. Coming up with a solution, she rested the bag with the tea on top of the TV and picked it up with both hands. Still heavy, but a lot easier when she was using both hands. Fortunately she had as much time as she needed to get back, because this was going to slow her down a great deal.

    By the time she'd made it to the mansion, the maid was already covered in sweat. Well, if it made the mistress happy it was worth it, right? The only question was if this thing even worked. She entered the mansion was time resumed, the round trip technically only taking about 10 minutes. Setting the television down on a table, she sighed in relief. Finally didn't have to carry it around. She checked her pocket watch. Probably about 30 minutes until the mistress woke up. There was enough time for a quick shower.

    So that was what she did.

    Thirty minutes later, tea and breakfast were served. The maid's vampiric mistress woke from her slumber and sipped at the tea her maid had prepared for her. As she slowly drank the hot drink, a little device on the table across from her caught her attention.


    "Sakuyaaa, what's that?" she asked, tilting her head curiously at the unknown machine.

    The maid known as Sakuya just smiled at the vampire as she hit the power button. Despite there not being any apparent power source, the TV turned on. Quite convenient given the mansion didn't have any power outlets or anything.


    "It's a 'television,' milady," Sakuya explained to Remilia, her mistress. "It displays what humans on the outside call moti-"

    "Uwaaa! So cool~"

    Sakuya simply smiled and made her way off to the side as Remilia seemed to be amused by what she'd picked up. It was worth all that trouble after all.

    Or at least, that was what the maid thought until she saw the content of the television.

    "Hikounin Sentai, Akibarangers!"

    ...a city of delusions with an unofficial "sentai" protecting them. Probably not what a dignified vampire lord should be watching. But knowing her mistress, she was probably enjoying it quite a bit. Sakuya's eyes narrowed as she looked to her side at Remilia, and...

    Yup, she was quite enjoying the show. Not unexpected, but still a little bit sad. She let out a sigh, but nothing more. At least the mistress was enjoying herself.

    The show seemed to revolve around a bunch of delusional buffoons fighting equally goofy villains. Neither Sakuya nor Remilia quite understood what they were watching, but the little vampire was thoroughly engrossed with the silly show anyway.

    Two episodes in, Remilia had finished her tea. Sakuya took it to the kitchen to be washed by the other maids. They messed around and didn't do much, but such a trivial task could be entrusted to the lot of them. Probably. As she walked back in, the third episode of this "Hiokunin Sentai" show seemed to be starting. Did nothing else play on this thing? With a sigh, Sakuya continued to stand by Remilia as she remained captivated by the moving pictures.

    Much, much later, this same show was still playing on the television. Sakuya wasn't the most knowledgeable on machinery, but weren't these things supposed to have channels, different show times, and the like? But, well, the mistress seemed so happy with it, so she couldn't get herself to try to change the channels or anything.

    It seemed to be approaching the end of the show as DeluKnight, one of the tougher villains, was finally taken down in a strange manner as usual.


    "Yes, milady?"

    "Go help Malshina win, or this is going to end too soon."

    The maid just stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds. She'd certainly do it, or try at least, but how would she even do that? Did these pictures take place in real life, in a place she could actually access? Or perhaps it was like those multiverse things she'd gotten herself wrapped up in and was in some different universe.

    "Yes, milady."

    With a bow, Sakuya stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate. One deep breath in, one breath out. She didn't know the exact mechanics behind it, but with enough manipulation of space it was possible to access a different space altogether, or a different universe if one wished to put it that way. A small smirk crossed the maid's face as a familiar feeling came to her. She couldn't exactly direct which universe she was going to due to the sheer vastness of the multiverse, but she'd just have to try each one.

    After all, she had all the time in the world.

    She opened her eyes as a portal formed in the center of the mostly empty room. And thus, the maid began to walk forw-

    "I'm coming too!"



    Bursting out from the other room, Remilia herself came barreling forward, crashing into Sakuya and sending them both into the portal.

    And when they came out, two familiar faces were above the two fallen bodies of the maid and mistress. Quickly getting to their feet, Sakuya dusted herself off and did the same for her mistress, who seemed more interested in talking than proper appearance.

    "Hoh~ Sakuya, nice job."

    Sakuya just looked on calmly. So it was the two from the show. Interesting. "Thank you, milady."

    "So? What do you two need help with? The Akibarangers are totally trashing you guys, or will soon, so I'm here to even it out! How's that sound? Fun, right?"

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  2. "Really? That's your big plan? Go in and murder everybody? I mean sure less work for me but we don't even know about this guy's forces! What if he has someone like you at his beckoning call waiting to unleash if we go in there and try to take this Jason X which is a really name mind you, by force? Do you think he's just gonna hand it over?"

    "I didn't say I expected him to just hand it over. I expect him to fall over in a pool of his own blood."

    "Ugh! You're too stubborn when it comes to these kinds of things! I didn't bring you back from the dead just to get killed again!"

    "You brought me back to file your nails! What a use of my talents that is!"

    Before the two could continue arguing further, they turned their attention to the portal that suddenly appeared before them. Coming through it was what seemed to be a small child and an adult woman dressed like a maid. Roughly shoving Malshina to the side, DeluKnight drew his sword and pointed it towards Remila, while keeping his eyes focused on the maid. Because while it was ultimately his end goal to rid the world of those disgusting otakus and their stupid delusions, he couldn't help but think replacing it all with maid cafes would be such a bad idea.


    "State your business or face your end at the blade of DeluKnight-Eh? Help us you say? Well then, if that's all you wished to do." DeluKnight murmured as he slowly lowered his blade only for Malshina to brush herself off and slap the chairman upside the head.

    "What did you strike me for?!"

    "You're seriously going to trust some kid who just appeared with her maid to help us? How are they supposed to be able to get that Jason guy for us?" It seemed Malshina wasn't exactly too eager to work with the vampire or her time manipulating maid/bodyguard. But DeluKnight saw success where he could.

    "Excuse my partner's stupidity, you two. It seems she failed to notice that you created a portal to get here and you apparently know all about the Rangers. So you're obviously not here to pull the wool over our eyes and it'd be a fool's mistake to turn down an offer to destroy our enemies once and for all. Besides, with your maid it seems your intentions are clear. You wish to establish maid cafes as well. Once these otaku are dealt with like the vermin that they are." His support firmly given to the two Gensokyo denizens, Malshina huffed before nodding. "Fine, fine. You can help us, I guess."

    "Basically, our mission goal is as follows. Our hi-tech dimensional scanner was meant to inform us in case the Rangers ever made a move to a different dimension. Whether to gain assistance from other Rangers from possibly parallel universes or something of that matter. Until we realized all of them were far too incompetent for an endeavor of that magnitude. Would have scrapped it myself but my partner insisted it'd come in handy and lo and behold. We've discovered a universe where someone has perfected technology to the point that they can turn one into cyborgs with little effort. We need to get our hands on that cyborg and use him against the Rangers. Are you up for that task?"

    "If the maid could bring the two of them here in the first place, why couldn't they just bring us into the room where Jason X is and you can snatch him up?"

    "...Good idea."

  3. Remilia had simply continued talking over the knight, as if ignoring the fact DeluKnight had ever raised his blade or said anything in the first place. Sakuya was not quite so forgiving and was about to say something when Malshina smacked him. It seemed she wouldn't have to do so herself, then.

    "Ahaha, yes, that's right. We know all about your show. ...Though, weren't you guys trying to destroy all those maid cafes? Well, whatever, I don't really care about that."

    Once DeluKnight started giving a mission run down or whatever, Remilia and Sakuya just listened patiently. Neither recalled this from the show as they stared at each other for a few seconds before shrugging. Both because they had no idea what DeluKnight was talking about and due to the differences from the show they'd been watching. Did they arrive in a very similar but slightly different universe? Not that it really mattered, as long as it proved to be entertaining.

    "Ehh? Just go straight into the room and snatch him? That sounds kind of boring, doesn't it?"

    "It's certainly much more efficient, though, milady."

    "Yes, but wouldn't it be much more exciting if we had to bust in, and fight everyone, or something? I'd enjoy wasting some time here, or wherever we're going."

    "...It wouldn't do if we were to dilly-dally until the sun came out though, would it?"

    "Ah. That's so."

    "Alright, we're up for it," they said in sync.

    That'd do for now. Looking back at the two TV villains, Remilia just crossed her arms and waited for Sakuya to do her thing. She'd gotten them here, certainly she could get them wherever Jason X was too! Sakuya closed her eyes to concentrate again, using her time manipulation to manipulate space, and thus the various dimensions.

    "What do you need 'Jason X' for though, anyway? I'm plenty for the AkibaRangers on my own, though I suppose I don't mind the extra amusement."

    However they chose to respond to Remilia's confidence, the maid had managed to open another portal. Quite a bit of abuse of her power recently, it would seem.

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  4. The two villains seemed to acknowledge Remilia pointing out the possible inconsistencies. With their actual performance on the show and how they were being portrayed in this RP. Malshina didn't seem like she cared too much about that as she shrugged her shoulders and clasped her hands together.

    "It's not like anyone beyond the two people writing this will ever read it, so what does it matter?"

    "What? Is that more of that self-referential fourth wall breaking humor? Cease with it immediately! I have no desire to hear that! It's stupid!"

    "Ugh, DeluKnight, you're such a joykill! Fine, let's get the damn cyborg already.."

    Pleased that Malshina seemed to be seeing it his way, DeluKnight turned to face the vampire as she spoke up about she could likely take on the Rangers by herself. Which given the company she kept in his maid, he would have been quite naive to doubt this girl's power. But, still taking them out as easily as that? With a being that resembled a child wearing a silly hat? The Rangers deserved better than that, even if they were complete idiots who didn't have blood worth staining on his blade. Besides, getting a cyborg on their side might mean he'd do the filing of nails/massages that Malshina had delegated to him while they tried to think up of a plan to take down the rangers. As the portal appeared, the four of them would step through and they'd find themselves in Relius's lab which was stark white all around and who was strapped to a table in the center of the room?

    None other than the cyborg they had come looking for in the first place. Jason X had been not doing much more than staring at the ceiling, still trying to get re-adjusted to the fact that his memories all felt fuzzy. Even the ones of his mother..Or whoever that older woman in the blue sweater was. She seemed like a person he wouldn't have minded as his mother. If he felt any kind of emotion for such materialistic drivel like that anymore. As the group made their entrance, Jason X's head slowly turned to glance at them. Drawing his sword, DeluKnight made his way over and sliced at the restraints, doing what Jason had failed to do with his rotting body.

    "You are now free to serve us, Jason X. Together we will wipe the otaku menace off our universe! Then we'll be free to do whatever we wish without the worry of them coming to foil our plans!" DeluKnight exclaimed, in an effort to try and entice the undead cyborg serial killer who slowly sat up as his restraints were no longer an issue.


    The serial killer didn't seem too interested in whatever it was DeluKnight was going on about. Raising his hands to his face, his blood red eyes glanced over the mix of flesh and technology which now made up his being. He'd spent so much time submerged beneath Crystal Lake's cold foreboding waters that left him a rotting corpse with his spine exposed and parts of his face literally melted away due to decomposition. Now he had a mask that had fused to his head and the entire left side of his body had been replaced by technology provided by those nanobots.

    Yet everything still seemed so unclear to him. But something would always remain natural to Jason Voorhees no matter if he was a human, a zombie, or a zombie cyborg. It was his passion to murder those he felt deserved it. Reaching out, he'd quickly try to grip DeluKnight by the throat. The chariman was too quick for him however and sidestepped, bringing his sword down towards Jason X. In what was intended as an effort to intimidate him, it failed in that regard as the sword smashed into Jason X's new metal shoulder with little more than a scratch to show for it.


    Tilting his head to the side, Jason X jumped from his table and balled his hands up into fists. Clearly ready to fight his way out of here and murder everybody if he had to. DeluKnight wasn't as eager to see Jason X come with them, whether he wanted to or not.

    "Malshina, assist me!"


    "Oh no! It seems like you've got it under control, DeluKnight! I'm sure he'll submit and come with us quietly if you just ask him nicely!" She mocked, not having wanted to get the cyborg all that badly in the first place. Besides, what did these two know about the rangers anyway? Sure they defeated the clerks after every turn but someday she'd get one over on them and DeluKnight would be the reason why! Not this half-baked zombie cyborg thing that DeluKnight couldn't even scratch with his sword!

  5. It seemed Malshina shared Remilia's opinion on the matter. Namely, they didn't really care. As someone who wasn't exactly the biggest fan of the stupidity of this show, Sakuya couldn't exactly claim to care either. Unfortunately, it seemed only the serious DeluKnight would mind that small detail. The two girls simply stood by and watched as DeluKnight did away with Jason's restraints. Remilia huffed. That was it? That was a little, no, a lot too easy, wasn't it?

    When DeluKnight's sword stroke failed to make so much as a scratch, Remilia's hopes suspicions were confirmed. Maybe she'd have a little fun after all.

    Sakuya moved to take out some knives, but the vampire put one hand in front of her.


    "This is going to be my time, Sakuya. So don't interrupt me."

    Well, that was to be expected. The mistress hadn't come all this way just to stand around some more, had she? With a slight bow, Sakuya stood off to the side next to Malshina.

    Remilia hopped lightly on her feet a few times, warming up before the fight, though it was probably unnecessary. Hmm, she hadn't had any fun in quite some time, and this being didn't seem like anything she'd ever see in Gensokyo.

    "This'll be fun, I hope. Don't disappoint me, zombie!"

    "I believe that's a 'cyborg', milady."

    It was both, really, but the thought didn't occur to either of them.

    Suddenly, she took off towards the zombie cyborg, flying straight at him. She balled her small fist and attempted to send it crashing into Jason's jaw with her vampiric strength.

    "I'll never understand why you keep leaving your subordinates alone..." Sakuya sighed to Malshina.

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  6. DeluKnight's sword continued to clash against Jason X, only for sparks to be sent flying as it collided with Jason's metallic arm. The synthetic metal that the nanobots had developed to replace the weakened rotting flesh that had previously made up Jason's being was far more durable than anything DeluKnight had come across before. Clearly, Relius had put a lot of effort into reconstructing Jason into a far more structurally stable being and it showed. But he wasn't going to humor this stranger's attempts to attack him anymore. As DeluKnight's blade soared downwards, Jason X reached up to grab it and the metal tiles shuddered under the effort. Rearing his fist back, Jason X smashed it into DeluKnight's chest. Sending the chairman of the board flying back into the closest wall and leaving Jason with his sword.

    It wasn't exactly the most suitable weapon for someone with Jason's simple mindset. But it'd serve it's intended purpose well enough. Looking over his shoulder at the others who had come through that portal, Jason's eyes narrowed. If they wanted to stand in his way then so be it. They'd meet the same fate as this man. Noticing that Jason had managed to abscond DeluKnight's sword from him, Malshina grumbled and rose to her feet as she placed her hands on her hips.

    "Is this the being you wanted? This disobedient disgusting monster who knows only to attack? We'd been better off just going after the Rangers with these two!"

    Annoyed by this woman's perceived insults towards him, Jason X looked her over and he wasn't too fond of her manner of dress. She looked like she'd be up to no good which would end up making her a sinner in his eyes. Which meant death for her. Dragging the tip of the sword across the ground, DeluKnight pried himself out of the wall and watched. He could have easily taken the sword back from Jason X's grasp. But he was curious to see just what kind of power the vampire girl seemed to have. If it looked like she was having a hard time then he'd intervene but not a moment before. This was after all a hidden test to see how powerful both Jason and Remila were and whether or not they could assist him in the fight against the Rangers.

    As Remila made her move towards Jason, the serial killer swung with the sword. But unfortunately for him he swung a bit too high. Resulting in him being unable to block the tiny fist as it smashed into the underside of the mask, leaving a noticeable dent in it as Jason X was sent skidding across the floor. Jason X's eyes briefly closed in a pained manner as a result of the punch. He hadn't expected for what appeared to be none other than a mere child to have so much strength. But the nanobots that had forcibly shifted Jason Voorhees into Jason X were having none of this and the mask seemed to shift around-almost as if it were in a semi liquid state before finally solidifying once more with the dent having vanished.


    Raising the sword upwards, Jason X popped his neck from side to side as he stared Remila down. He had underestimated her because of her diminutive stature. After feeling the nanobots readjusting his mask, he couldn't afford to do that anymore. Not when she seemed to possess enough power to sufficiently stumble him. Charging forward, Jason X swung the sword in a quick flurry, unlike the slow almost methodical way before his forced upgrade. This ruckus hadn't gone unnoticed for that matter as Relius had caught DeluKnight and company somehow enter his secret facility through some unknown means and now they were attempt to escape with his experiment.

    He simply couldn't let this be! Who were these beings and what did they want with Project X?

    Hazama had managed to catch a glimpse of the intruders fighting against Jason and he couldn't help but let out a storm of mocking laughter.


    "Is something funny, Hazama?"

    "Oh, you bet your ass their is! You spent all this time keeping that rotting hunk of meat 'alive' and then you upgraded him. Now look at what's happening! Someone's trying to cut in on your work and steal him away! For what I can't imagine but at least he'll be out of my fucking hair. Which'll mean bad things for you, Relius. No big bad bodyguard to protect you, hehehehehe.."

    Relius wasn't normally one to lose his composure. Because when he set up plans, he doubted anyone could foil them before they reached fruition. But whoever these new beings were, one of them had enough power to temporarily incapacitate Project X and that was something that caught Relius's interest. He'd get his own hands dirtied if it meant keeping on to what he felt now belonged to him. But this also served as an excellent opportunity to test out the limits of his control over Jason. Running his gloved hands along the switches laid out in front of him, a microphone appeared which Relius began to speak into.

    "Project X, this is your master. Obey me and cease your assault."

    The order rang out through Jason X's mind and he didn't quite understand. The voice was familiar enough to him but why did he have to listen to it? He was busy trying to kill these potential sinners, and he wasn't going to stop on the word of anybody. Much to Jason's anger however, the nanobots were the one running the show and although it was clear a struggle was happening behind the scenes, Jason's swinging finally came to an end.

    "Good start. Though I noticed a bit of resistance there. I'll have to stamp that out before it becomes a nuisance.."

  7. As her fist connected, Remilia continued to stand in place, fist still pointing towards the sky. Her other hand rested on her hip, a proud look on her face. As she expected, even beings from another universe would fall to a vampire's might.

    Though apparently he wasn't incapacitated for long. He stood back up and something seemed to allow the thing to regenerate the wound she'd just inflicted on it. Interesting. At this rate, the battle between them would last quite some time. Which was just fine. They didn't have anywhere they needed to be at the moment anyway and no matter what time of day it was sunlight wouldn't reach a closed off laboratory like this. In fact, this was probably the perfect pastime.


    "Hnnn, you're not dead yet? Even though I hit you as hard as I could. This'll be fun~"

    "Please don't play with your food too much, milady."

    "Actually, can I even eat zombies? I don't imagine they have much blood left."

    Contrary to his hulking appearance, the zombie cyborg swung the sword it stole from DeluKnight rather quickly. Fortunately, between her speed, small size, and ability to move freely in three dimensions thanks to her wings, the vampire didn't have too much trouble weaving around his strikes. Of course, were she to have known Jason's former fighting style she likely would have been quite surprised at the notable speed increase. The blade assault from Jason was enough to keep Remilia from sending any attacks back in return, though. She had a rather tremendous reach disadvantage.

    "This has been fun, zombie, but I'm getting bored of running around. Now, how about I show you the power of the lord of the night?"

    But as those words escaped her mouth, Relius came down and put a halt to Jason's movements. What was this? Some outsider intruding on her battle? Then again, they were intruding on someone else's property, so it was to be expected, more or less. Still, it was disappointing that something so fun was interrupted by something so lame. How boring.

    "Project...X, right? Why'd you stop him? He was about to chop down all of your intruders, which surely is what you want, isn't it?"

    From what that green-haired guy was saying, this zombie thing was his body guard. Presumably, that meant he was stronger than the cloaked guy, even if that wasn't the case between Remilia and her own servant. So why shut him down? She couldn't understand it at all.

    "Why don't you free him up so he can fight me, unless you'd like me to eat you instead?" she asked, pointing at the tall cloaked man before walking up to the immobilized Jason. Grabbing him by the leg, Remilia began to swing the temporarily paralyzed zombie around above her head. "Besides, I might get a little impatient and break something, you know?"

    "Please calm down, milady..." But it fell on deaf ears.

  8. [​IMG]

    He had assumed these beings were not human. It seemed his suspicions had been confirmed given Remila's threat to 'eat' him. But he didn't seem to be intimidated in the slightest. Moving one part of his cape to the side, Relius raised his right arm up and wagged a finger in Remila's direction.

    "You invade my personal abode and assault my experiments without any reluctance on your part. Yet, you speak so politely. Certainly an interesting personality you've got there. I'd almost consider it a shame that you and your companions must meet your end here. You're free to engage me. If you believe that you can.."

    From there he didn't make any other movements towards Remila, hostile or not. He did however snap his fingers and Jason's eyes shot open. As he was sent flying from Remila's grasp, the undead cyborg smashed into the wall with a thunderous crash. Rising up to his feet, he noticed that DeluKnight's sword had fallen from his grasp while he had been spun around. Didn't matter as far as he was concerned. He could recall the past sinners that he had taken down. That much of his memory was clear as day. The way he murdered them in such a variety of ways: stabbing, decapitation, and with his bare hands.

    Free to do as he wished again, he'd crack his knuckles and quickly started towards Remila, as he raised both fists above his head. Once he was close enough to the vampire, he swung them downwards and whether or not the vampire moved, his impact would have been powerful enough to smash the section of the floor and send a shockwave coursing throughout the room.

    Hazama was forced up against the wall by Jason's shockwave and a green aura began to emit around him. Jason's appearance may have changed, that much was certain. But Hazama could still vividly recall Jason stabbing him in the gut and then violently smashing him into the ground repeatedly while he was just a fountain of blood. Terumi was starting to seep out however and he wasn't keen on being chained up like Relius's personal housepet any longer. But maybe this brat and her maid broad would do the work for him and take care of Jason and Relius.

    Then all he'd have to do was break free from these confines and be on his way. With two less annoyances to worry about.


    Before Hazama could continue his plans however, he'd have a boot planted upon his chest and a sword held to his throat. What was this guy supposed to be? Some kind of knock off of that Hakuman?

    "Give me a break. You want a fight too? Is that it, tinman? Because chains or no chains, you're gonna take your fucking foot off me. Whether or not it's still attached is up to you."

    But whereas Hazama/Terumi's threats might have frozen a more weak-willed foe, DeluKnight was anything but! He tolerated the AkibaRanger's antics with nothing more than a headache at the end of the day. To be able to endure stupidity on that level required a will of steel and DeluKnight possessed just that. So, he'd press down tighter and the blade inched ever close to slicing Hazama's neck.

    "You talk a big game but I doubt you've the power to back it up. Why else would you be strapped to this wall? Chained up some kind of wild animal? You're nothing more than a mongrel! Sitting by and watching as the real warriors fight! Isn't that right?" Deluknight asked as he looked over his shoulder at Relius who had just now noticed DeluKnight's proximity to Hazama. Not wanting to let Terumi slip through and make this even more of a mess, it seemed he would have to engage in combat himself.

    "Step away. You won't be leaving with either of my experiments."

    Pushing his cape to the side, a human-sized puppet resembling a woman stood beside Relius. Towering over him in fact as it glanced across the room at Hazama and DeluKnight. The latter of whom removed his sword from Hazama's neck and turned to face Relius.

    "That's what I was looking for. I was looking for any excuse that I could to fight you! It's not proper that we just steal your belongings if we don't give you a fair battle now is it? Raise your weapons and show me!"

    "You'll regret this, I assure you."

    As Relius and DeluKnight prepared to throw down while Jason X continued to attack Remilia, Hazama was quietly biding his time with a smirk upon his face.

    "Call me a fuckin 'mongrel' huh? We'll see how well the shoe fits on the other foot when I've got it wedged right down your goddamn throat, tinman. Let's just see you and your little gang of friends here tire yourselves out. Then I'll show you how wild I can be."

  9. "If you keep speaking in such a confrontational manner, there will be no end to the battles."

    "But aren't we here for the battles, Sakuya?"

    "We were here to help Malshina and DeluKnight originally, actually."

    "Hmm. Well, it's not really an incident or anything, is it? We can take as long as we want until I get bored."

    The maid simply sighed once more. Selfish as usual. Oh well, it couldn't helped. As the two spoke to each other, Remilia had completely ignored Relius and ended up flinging Jason into a wall, not really paying him any mind. But his quick steps made quite some noise thanks to his large stature and weigh and the vampire wasted no time turning back to face him, raising both of her own arms to block his since he no longer possessed a weapon. Despite her small frame, Remilia was not lacking in physical strength.

    The ground under her shattered into pieces under the sheer force her feet had to put against the ground to keep Jason's fists away from her head. Debris flew a few feet from the area as the two forces of offense and defense collided. Her feet made some rather clear imprints on the floor as she seemed to shrink, being pressed into the ground despite blocking the attack. What a mess they were making, and the fight had hardly even begun! With a grunt, the vampire shoved upwards forcefully to get the zombie's arms away from her.


    "Let's see how long you can play with me..."

    Remilia raised her left hand, pressing her fingers tightly together into a neat horizontal spear hand strike. With a smirk on her face and a glint in her eyes, she stepped in quickly with her left foot, thrusting out with her shoulder and arm to attempt to thrust her hand straight into Jason's chest. Though she did not know anything about the old Jason, his old fleshy exterior would certainly have been pierced easily by the vampire. But would the same be true with his upgrades? Only one way to test it out.

    In the meantime, Sakuya had been mostly ignoring the drivel between the green-haired man, DeluKnight, and Relius. Though she was the transportation, she was basically only here thanks to her mistress's will. Otherwise she'd have simply stayed back at the mansion, preferably with Remilia not going anywhere either. But as the two unrestrained men seemed ready to go at it, Sakuya decided it was perhaps a good idea to deal with this herself.

    "Milady, may I have a bit of time?"

    Sakuya's question went unanswered, as absorbed in the battle as Remilia was. Ah well. The mistress couldn't miss what she didn't know happened, right? She'd hate for the mistress to have to deal with every little bug that decided to pop up and fight, after all. She should be the one to deal with small fry like this. If she noticed the smirk on Hazama's face, she didn't pay it any mind.

    Pulling out a few knives, Sakuya moved to step between the two soon-to-be combatants.


    "I would much prefer you two calm down. I can't say I care much for your 'experiments' here but if my mistress wishes to take them, you'd be much better off not standing in her way. It'd do you well to heed my advice."

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  10. Because what was a brawl without a little bit of fanfare? Needless to say, Jason X was more than a bit surprised at seeing how this child was able to stop his blow. The ground still shattered and shook under the force behind it. But she stood against him and still seemed eager for more. As Remila pushed upwards, Jason was sent stumbling back but he quickly regained his footing and stared down the vampire. He was at least aware of two things now. She had strength equal to his or perhaps even superior given how easily she could dent his newfound metal body with little effort on her part.

    She also seemed to be quite...


    Fast. Jason froze up as Remila's hand ran straight through his chest, rendering her capable of tearing out his beating black heart if she so desired. Not that it would have any noticeable effect on the already undead cyborg beyond irritating him even more. That said, he'd tilt his head to the side as it seemed like the nanobots were trying to heal around Remila's hand, wedged inside Jason's chest as it were. When it became clear that it couldn't mend the wound with her hand in the way, the nanobots decided to take another route. Reverting back to a solid form instead of the near liquid form they took when trying to heal, they sought to keep Remila's hand trapped within Jason's chest. Rendering her unable to escape from the serial killer as he sought to reach down to grip onto Remila's arm and smash her in the face with his metallic hand.

    All the while these two continued to battle, it seemed that nothing else mattered at the moment. Which was the norm with Jason. Even before he became a zombie, he focused on one opponent at the time. Anything more than that simply distracted him from his main goal. Besides, once he was done with Remila, he could deal with everyone else.

    Meanwhile, as DeluKnight and Relius were about to throw down, both of them paused as Sakuya stepped in between them. DeluKnight scoffed while still keeping his sword drawn.


    "The maid speaks the truth. We'll be taking the green haired man and Project X off your hands. Whether or not this is palatable with you doesn't matter, really. So you can resist against us and perish. Or play it smart and flee and we'll take what we wish. What will it be?"

    Malshina for one didn't particularly care for the threatening theatrics and wished they could have just grabbed Jason and been on their way. Instead of this impromptu brawl that had broken out between Jason and Remila and now this stand off between Relius and DeluKnight/Sakuya.

    Relius for his part didn't desire to part with his work. Not after he had spent so much time perfecting the nanobots to the point where they'd perfectly reconstruct an entirely new body for Jason, leaving him with little of his former decomposing mess that he called a body. But it didn't particularly seem like the odds were stacked too highly in his favor and while he wagered his odds would have been better in a one on one fight with either this maid or the knight, the two of them? He couldn't afford to take the risk and so he'd stand down after the tensest of stare downs.

    "..What is it you even wish to do with my experiments? Neither of them will obey a word you tell them. Would it not be more beneficial if we were to..Ally ourselves? That way you'll have my control over the two and their power to use at your disposal with no cost to yourselves." Deluknight lowered his sword at the suggestion and turned his attention towards Malshina.

    "What do you think we should do? I'm still of the opinion that we take what we wish, the consequences be damned. But I suppose he's got a point. Not much to be done with two loose cannons now is there? What's to stop them from simply turning on us after they've defeated the Rangers?"

    Malshina simply shrugged her shoulders, not really seeming to have too much of a care about the ordeal.

    "You're the one who suggested we come here and just pluck the two of them up. You want my opinion? This guy is the one who created them and knows about their weaknesses that we can activate in case they ever turn against us. If we were to just take them and they turn like you said, what if we can't stop them? Then we'll be all out of luck and it'll be on your head, Chairman."

    The sheer bit in Malshina's last word there really grinded DeluKnight's gears. But he couldn't argue with what she said. Besides, with him/Malshina and then Remilla/her maid? If this fellow tried using Jason and the other one against them? It wouldn't be too much trouble to deal with them if it came right down to it. So then he supposed the only problem left was Remila's current bout with Jason X that didn't seem like it'd be stopping anytime soon given how poweful and durable both parties were.

  11. "You're pretty strong, but a little bit on the slow side, aren't you?"

    Remilia was about to bring her arm back to make a few more holes into Jason's chest when suddenly she felt like a bird in a glue trap. The limb that had pierced her foe had been trapped in place. What now? Should she try to fly up and smash him into a wall? Strike with her other limbs? It'd be awkward attacking with her arm trapped inside him, though. Ah, wait. There was one much more obvious course to take. Heh, why hadn't she thought of that sooner?

    Before she could act on her good idea, the vampire felt Jason's grip on her arm. Followed promptly with a powerful fist towards her face.


    "...Hey, let go of me."

    However, it was time for action, not words. With no time to think, Remilia headbutted his metallic fist on sheer instinct. Better than taking it to the face, but it still hurt quite a bit. The small crater the giant and child stood in widened just a crack as the resulting impact created another shockwave that traveled across the room, popping up the previously fallen debris for just a second.

    And as all that destruction took place, Remilia's body was replaced by a swarm of bats. Were one to follow the black trail formed by the creatures, they seemed to converge just a little above and behind the revived Jason, recombining into Remilia Scarlet herself. Though she was rubbing her forehead, which seemed a little red. Thanks to her vampiric powers the redness seemed to be disappearing rapidly, however. In any case, gouging holes into the cyborg zombie was clearly not a method that was going to work properly. His regeneration was, perhaps, even better than her own, which meant quite a bit.

    But what she had on her side was flight and agility. He wasn't terribly slow like the Jason of old, but her size and maneuverability gave her the edge in that regard. Maybe strength too. She'd have to test that later.

    "That hurt!" the vampire complained. Though despite her words she couldn't hide a hint of excitement for the fight ahead of her.

    Done recovering from the blow, Remilia darted down to Jason, the impact of her landing crumbling the unstable ground around them. She reached forward with her right hand and attempted to grab him by the face and, if successful, fly him at top speed into the nearest wall, possibly sending them both careening through it as well.

    In the meantime, Sakuya put away her knives and smiled, satisfied with their conclusion.

    "To be honest, I have no idea what we'd do with your experiments. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep them. But like I said before, milady wants them, so we must have them. Thank you for your cooperation, though. That will do just as well, I hope."

    Would the mistress be satisfied with such a simple conclusion? Hopefully.

    "I still don't understand why we need this 'Jason X.' If milady were to get serious, that poor thing wouldn't stand a chance."

    Remilia seemed to be having a good time doing battle, though, so Sakuya wouldn't complain. Yet. The fight hadn't gone on all that long yet, after all, even if it was rather obvious by their respective capabilities that it would if they chose to go to the death. At least they could all just cooperate, entertain Remilia with the ensuing fight, and then go home or something. Sakuya herself had little interest in this matter.

    "Let's work together. Though if you were to have more...mutinous, thoughts," the maid began, giving Relius a polite look despite her words, "You'd soon regret them. So let's all get along."

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  12. Jason would not be deterred by the fact that Relius had agreed to stand down/work with the others. This girl had attacked him so he'd respond in kind by murdering her! As his fist smashed against her forehead, Jason couldn't help but be the slightest bit impressed. What kind of being was this that they could stand up to him in such a manner but be so unafraid at the same time? At the same time, he couldn't quite comprehend what had just happened as Remila turned into a swarm of bats.

    As they reformed, Jason was taken off guard as he was gripped by the face and flung through the nearest wall. Covered in plaster and with debris littered around the room, Jason's nanobots were racing to repair the various wounds he had accumulated. Starting with the one Remila had left on his chest and the imprint of her hand that she'd left on his mask. Laid flat out on his back, Jason stared up at the ceiling. How had it come to this again? Everything was so fuzzy.

    He could see a figure standing before him with green hair and a nice suit.

    Jason wanted to strangle him with his own intestines. What had this man done to deserve such a potentially horrific fate?

    He insulted Jason and that's all the reason he needed to murder someone. Because when you were an immortal undead serial killer momma's boy, you weren't about killing someone out of pettiness. This child..This being didn't seem to be frightened of him at all however. She just wanted a good fight and so Jason would give her one. What happened next was unexpected, even for Jason. His mechanical arm began to take on a more liquid like state as it began to ooze out of the remaining flesh on that arm and into a puddle on the floor. Then against Jason's will, his arm solidified once more and he'd reach into the puddle and pulled 'out' a machete, although this one looked much more durable and deadlier than his former rusty one.

    Pointing it in Remila's direction, Jason's eyes shot open in anger. He hated being controlled by whatever had been injected into him! He wanted his own independent body back! He didn't care if it was rotting away, at least he could make decisions of his own free will! Still, there wasn't too much to be done about that now. No, the only thing to do now was..Fight!

    Rushing forward, he'd swing the machete with the proficiency of someone who'd been using one for years to hack up unsuspecting campers.

    Staring at the gigantic hole in the wall that Remila and Jason had made, Relius could stare in horror while DeluKnight seemed to admire the sight.

    "They are both truly powerful! Once we bring them before the rangers, they'll be massacred! For now, let's see how long it takes before one of them wears down.."

    "Or my lab's destroyed..."

    "Whichever comes first, my good man!"

  13. Crashing through the wall, Remilia let go of Jason's face and landed relatively softly compared to her impact earlier. That worked about as well as she expected it to. She placed both hands on her hips as she stared down at the regenerating behemoth proudly. In her eyes, she held the advantage. His methods of attack weren't anything she couldn't easily regenerate off, and she could fly. What could he do that she couldn't? Absolutely nothing!

    "Hnn, you're pretty tough. The dead should probably stay dead, though, unless you plan to turn into a ghost."

    She watched him regenerate off all of his wounds again. At this rate, she wasn't actually sure she had a way to put him down for good. Maybe she could just hit him harder. She hadn't fully explored that idea, after all! The fun had hardly begun! Taking her right hand off her hip, she began rotating her shoulders a bit, sneering at Jason all the while. What surprises did he have next? He'd displayed his incredible strength and regeneration on par with her own, what other little gimmicks could he show her?

    That question was soon answered as the cyborg pulled a sharp looking machete straight out of the puddle that was once his arm, yet he still kept his arm. Truly, truly amazing. Now here was something the vampire was utterly incapable of despite her grand status. Yet the sneer did not leave her face as she slowly took step after step towards Jason. Unlike him, she wasn't angry, obsessed with punishing the wicked, fighting for her life, or anything like that.

    She was just here for fun.

    This time choosing not to use her mobility, Remilia simply raised her arm to block the machete, not even flinching as the steel clashed against her bones. Yet her arm was still lowered a bit by the sheer force he'd put out in that swing, causing the ground beneath them to tremble once more. Slamming up against the machete with her free hand, she freed her arm from the blade, the vampire's regeneration already beginning to kick in. Much like Jason's various injuries, such a wound was merely a temporary inconvenience rather than a impairing injury.

    As she cocked back her tiny fist, her slashed arm was already as good as new. Leaping up to reach his head, Remilia attempted to slam Jason's chin with an uppercut.

    But even if it connected and did damage, it was unlikely to cause permanent harm unless Jason had a stamina limit to his regeneration. Would, or could this fight ever end without one of them simply giving up?

    In the meantime, Sakuya simply took out a tray of tea and teacups.

    "I apologize for the mess. I can't say I'll pay for it, not that our currencies are likely compatible, but would you like some warm tea, at least?"

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  14. Damn this girl! What kind of creature was she that she could shrug off his attacks like this!? More over it brought him a limitless amount of anger that he had met someone who could bring his machete to a dead halt with just their bare arm and not wince in the slightest. As his feet skidded across the floor, he glanced down at the blood running down the blade of his weapon. Normally when blood made contact with his blade, it meant the end of whoever he had struck down. But no so with Remila. She was an interesting case in that she didn't seem like she'd falter. No matter what the slasher did to her, she'd keep coming.

    Jason wasn't forfeited much time to mull this over as Remila seemed to vanish and reappear in front of him due to her speed. The tiny fist smashed into the underside of his mask, shattering the underside of it and sending Jason soaring into the ceiling and straight through it to the upper floor of the lab. If Remila were to follow him upwards, she'd see the zombie once again on his back. With blood running down from his mouth and onto his chest. It seemed the vampire's blow had been enough to shatter Jason's jaw if the missing teeth and the way the jaw jutted to a side it shouldn't have been able to wasn't enough of an indication. Not that he would have cried out in pain to let her know. That wasn't Jason's style.

    Calmly glancing around, he noticed the sparks shooting out from ruined machinery thanks to Remila and his fighting. He didn't particularly care though. He didn't desire to be here and it was due to this child that he hadn't left yet. Sitting up, he'd reach up to his jaw and snapped it back into place. From there he left it up to the nanobots to fix it and so they would. What remained of the mask took on a liquid composition and swarmed downward until it covered Jason's mouth and then forcefully readjusted the zombie's jaw until it was properly set and then went about repairing the actual mask. Which left the stain of blood on Jason's chest the only remnant that Remila had done any damage at all.


    The sparks continued to shoot out from all corners of the room. Some of them ran along Jason's back and chest. The normal reaction might have been to flinch at the burns these sparks could have left. But Jason had endured far worse and as long as he continued to hunt down those he deemed as sinners? He'd always have to be ready for any kind of punishment or retaliation that came his way. Something was missing however, something very important.

    Ah! His machete had ended up separated from him after being knocked through the ceiling. Seemed a bit too far for him to race over and get it however. But Jason still felt some kind of influence over the blade. Was it because the blade was composed out of the same nanobots that now controlled the majority of his bodily functions? Well, whatever the case it gave him a few ideas. Glancing in the direction of the downed blade, he'd tilt his head in Remila's direction and the blade sharply turned upwards before flying towards the vampire with the intent on impaling her.

    Angered by the wanton destruction that Remila and Jason were unleashing upon his laboratory, Relius glanced over at Sakuya's offer of tea. That might have been the one thing that could calm him down at the moment. Well, that and these fools leaving his life. But somehow he doubted that last one would be so easily obtainable.

    "..Tea would be fine."

    DeluKnight and Malshina had varying reactions to what had just happened. DeluKnight was overly enthused at the prospect of having such powerful allies on their side when they were facing down weaklings like the Rangers. The more important fact however was that Jason X could deal with doing the tasks Malshina asked of while DeluKnight finally got to tend to his own business for a change.

    Malshina really couldn't care less.

    That said there was an elephant in the room who was still quietly biding his time. Having summoned Ouroborous while everyone's attention was away from him, Hazama had been cutting away at his chains. Something he could have easily escaped from if he put enough power and effort into it. But doing so would have garnered too much attention and in his weakened state, that might not have been the best idea. Especially after what happened last time he got into a fight with Jason, now that vampire chick was here and he hadn't even seen what her maid bitch could do. Still, once an oppertunity presented itself. He'd be out of here and that was a promise.~

  15. Remilia simply watched as Jason was launched up onto the next floor from her punch, whistling at the distance he went. For such a big guy, he sure was easy to rag doll around. But that was to be expected from the strongest in Gensokyo.

    Was she actually the strongest there?

    Probably not.

    But Remilia paid that fact no mind as she flew up onto the level Jason had been knocked up to. And as she watched him, she began to grow annoyed. Despite the gruesome injury, the cyborg simply regenerated it off again. Good as new, blood stains aside. It had been fun for some time, but the fact she was making absolutely zero visible progress in taking him down was beginning to bug her. What was the point of a game she couldn't win? And she certainly wasn't planning on losing.


    "Hey, aren't you gonna die soon? I've been throwing you around for some time now, so it's only courteous that you'd stop regenerating and die for me, isn't it? "

    Busy voicing her complaints about the current battle, Remilia didn't notice the machete suddenly fly over and impale itself in her stomach. She looked down at the machete lodged inside her, not seeming to particularly mind. Well, this was novel. Despite his seemingly brutish looks, he had a surprising amount of tricks left. The vampire didn't mind that one bit. There was a point to continuing this fight after all. How fun. Yanking the machete out of her chest, she held it up so she could give it a good look, her eyes running up and down the blade. Nothing immediately obvious about how he'd done that to her. Perhaps it was because it was once part of his body?


    "Not bad for one of the dead. What else can you show me?" she asked him, tossing the machete lightly towards him in an arc as the hole in her stomach quickly began to close. Might as well give him all the help he could get in the fight, right? Though despite her words, she didn't plan to wait around for Jason to show her something cool. It'd be way too boring that way.

    Extending one hand, she fired a small, slow moving projectile of energy in the form of a bat. As it made its way towards the lumbering zombie, Remilia herself fly up high, looking down at Jason like a hawk seeking its prey. Once the projectile neared Jason, she came down with a dive kick, planning to crash her foot right into Jason's skull!

    Sakuya simply served Relius some tea. With Remilia and Jason a floor above them, they couldn't exactly watch the fight anymore after all. After finishing that, she turned to DeluKnight and Malshina, silently offering them some as well. It seemed nobody had noticed Hazama yet, including the maid.

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  16. Jason X silently stared down Remila as she seemed to express annoyance at his continued persistence in getting back up despite how much she put him through the grinder. Just that good ol slasher persistence at work one could suppose. Truthfully however Jason's durability had never been something to shake a stick at. Electricity, fire, acid, bullets, even air strikes didn't keep Voorhees down for long. One way or another he'd find a way to return and keep hunting down those he decreed as sinners. But this wasn't a case of him hunting down a sinner. This was merely a predator that had been taken from it's habitat and simply sought to return to it.

    Yet circumstances seemed to be working against Jason at every corner. His decomposing body had been labeled as unfit to continue by Relius's strict standards. Thus, he was forcibly implanted with the nanobots which seemed to be taking their liberties with the control over Jason's memories and motor functions. DeluKnight's arrival threw another wrench in the gears as Remila picked a fight with the cyborg zombie which was continuing to this very moment and Jason was honestly getting to be unsure of where this fight would be going.

    As his machete was tossed back at his feet, Jason stomped on the hilt and sent the blade flying in the air. As it started to descend downwards his hand lashed out to grip the blade by the hilt. Swinging it downwards so it'd be at his side, Jason tilted his head as Remila seemed none the worse for wear after his attack. Seemed her regeneration was just on point as his was although she had full control of her body unlike Jason. Which meant that they could keep hacking away at eachother and it didn't seem like they were going to get anywhere too quickly. But the nanobots wouldn't take a draw as a possible solution. As long as they were running Jason's body, he'd fight them until Remila was dead or Jason's body was simply too damaged for even them to repair.

    As she launched the projectile his way however, Jason was confused at how slow it seemed to be going. Was it meant to distract him and if so from what-Glancing upwards he'd catch a nice glance of Remila's foot smashing right into the top of his head, as Jason's head was smashed right into the floor, causing bits and pieces of the ceiling down below to tumble to the ground. If Remila were to back off to look at her handiwork, she'd see that Jason was slowly pushing himself back up. No real surprise there. But what might have caught her interest is how their was a hefty gash on the top of his head due to the force of Remila's strike. But it didn't seem like it was healing any and the reason for that was simple. The nanobot's center AI had placed it's base of operations within whatever was left of Jason's brain and along with blacklisting some of the zombie's few memories, it knew where to send the nanobots if Jason needed a fix me up.

    The kick to the head however had messed things up temporarily. Leaving the nanobots unsure of where to go and what to repair, leaving Jason in a tough spot. Blood was continuing to run down his mask and even as he wiped it away, some of it was dripping into his eyes. While Jason always saw 'red' it had been in a figurative sense given that Jason was often seen as a force of nature in his rampages. But with his own blood messing with his vision, it was now more of a literal sense.

    Rising to his feet with an obvious stagger, Jason stared down Remila the best he could and it became clear to him why now wasn't the time for his nanobots to be discombobulated.


    This simply didn't seem like the kind of being that you let your guard down around. Especially if it ends up giving them an advantage. Like your healing factor being compromised. Jason raised his machete, clearly primed to strike. Though whether or not he'd make any direct hits was anybody's guess. But given some underlying circumstances happening below, who said he'd even need to? Down on the main floor of the lab huddled up in the corner, Hazama had been listening to the whole ordeal. It was that walking maggotfarm's fault they were stuck in this goddamn lab in the first place.

    But didn't sound like he was doing too well against that vampire brat. Welp, it wasn't exactly what Hazama would have desired to do. But leaving Relius with nothing to show for all his hard work would bring a smile to his face. So as the others had their focus on either admiring the fight, being disinterested and drinking tea, or wondering how much of his lab would be destroyed, Hazama escaped from his restraints.

    If Remila drew close to Jason to try to land in another blow, she would have seen a shadow appear over her and if she turned to face it? Quroboros quickly lashed out to wrap around Remila's neck and pull her off the ground and to eyelevel for Hazama.


    "Hiya. You're that little vampire bitch who's been giving the big guy trouble huh? I gotta say can't quite put my finger on it. But I don't see what makes you so tough. But then I guess if you've dealt with one vampire you might as well have dealt with them all. See ya later."

    Having said his piece, Hazama sought to fling Remila away before glancing down at Jason.

    "Hey, big metal and fuckin hideous? You want to get out of here right? Want to go back to slicing and dicing people that can't kick the crap out of you, huh? Welp, you're not gonna get there if you lay down on the ground like that. So, hurry up and get up so we can get out of this goddamn place!"

    DeluKnight and Relius were not pleased to say the least to see Hazama/Jason X's attempted escape.

    "Don't let them escape!"

  17. "...Hn?"

    Well that was odd. Jason wasn't regenerating. Did just hitting hard enough finally run him out of energy? That just meant he wasn't strong enough in the end, then. Oh well, she'd had her fun. Perhaps it was time to put an end to this.

    "Too bad. Not a bad fight for something that should've been stuck in a grave long ago, but it seems you've hit your limit. Farewell, zombie."

    With those parting words, the vampire took flight once more, aiming to cave in Jason's skull completely with one last drop kick. Her small form seemed like a mere blur as she darted in the shape of an upside-down V, soaring up quickly and crashing down even faster. This was the end. With no more regeneration to save him, even his newly mechanized body was just...


    Before she could crash down, something wrapped around her neck. It almost felt like it broke, given the speed she was moving at when it stopped her. Clawing at the chain of infinite length as its wielder spoke to her, the vampire couldn't get out more than strangled gurgles before she was flung far away. Landing on the floor a fair distance away, she slowly stood up, clutching at her neck and spitting out a bit of blood.


    "...I'm going to kill you."

    Needless to say, Remilia was not very happy with this turn of events. Not wasting any time, Sakuya paused time for a little while so as to give her time to reach the floor Remilia, Hazama, and Jason were on. Drawing her knives, she flung them towards the two, hoping to halt their escape while Remilia rushed forward to grab Hazama's face.

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  18. "Kill me? Heh, feel free to try! Cause you're only gonna get one shot before I murder you!"

    Shouting his threat to Remila, Hazama quickly swung Ouroboros upwards to deflect Sakuya's incoming knives. Most of them were flung into the walls as Hazama smirked. He figured that with as much power as that vampire brat had, she didn't need a nanny to babysit her. But turns out this chick was worth more than just sitting around and pouring tea. As Remila came in to grab his face, Hazama quickly leaned to the side and swung his foot upwards as it was enraptured in a green aura.

    "Nice try, brat! But it ain't! Gonna! WORK!"

    Smashing his foot into the vampire's chest, he sought to smash her right up against the ceiling. He had a sure as hell feeling that it wouldn't even come close to what might have been necessary to keep this brat down for the count. But he wasn't looking to murder the brat just yet. Didn't have the time for that nonsense when he still had Relius and those other two goons to worry about. Having watched the proceedings from across the room, Jason paused as the knives stuck deeply within his flesh. The nanobots were still on the fritz leaving Jason with multiple holes in his torso and a gushing cut on the top of his head from Remila's earlier kick.

    Ripping out the knives one by one, Jason stared at the green haired man who had saved him. Something in Jason's subcounsis wanted to hate this man as much as he hated the sinners he struck down. But he couldn't quite place his finger on the why. As far as Jason was concerned with his memories jumbled as they were, this man might has well have been a stranger to him.


    Annoyed by how blurred his vision was becoming due to the seemingly endless amount of blood pouring out from his cut, Jason ceased in the removal of Sakuya's knives as DeluKnight and Relius appeared on either side from him.

    "You won't be going anywhere, Project X."

    "You're coming with us and helping us with the glorious cause of ridding the world free of Otaku!"

    Jason's nanobots had been programmed to blur Relius's appearance. Likely to help prevent Jason from attempting to murder the man who had kidnapped him and forced billions upon billions of microscopic robots to overtake control of his body. Before either one could move in to subdue him, Jason closed his eyes and something just felt like it snapped. The robotic hand that swung out from behind Relius's cape and DeluKnight's sword strike both narrowly missed, only coming into contact with a brief visage of what seemed to be lake mist. Wondering just where Jason had gone or how he was capable of performing such a feat, Jason was behind DeluKnight with fist raised.

    "Behind you, fool!"

    Looking over his shoulder, DeluKnight turned just in time to get a metal fist smashing into the side of his mask. The sound of creaking metal loudly rang out as DeluKnight was sent flying through the same hole Jason had made earlier in his scuffle with Remila. Malshina who had seen fit to let the others handle this affair jumped up in shock as DeluKnight crashed down near her.

    "AH! DeluKnight?! Ugh..I told you we should have just taken down the Rangers on our own! Now look at what's happened-AAH!" She shrieked as Jason appeared before her in another cloud of lake mist, almost as if he had walked through it like one would walk through a portal. With one hand holding his machete, the metallic arm lashed out with a swift backhand sending Malshina flying into the wall. Glancing down as Jason continued his attempt to make an escape, Relius's attention was drawn to the 'lake mist' ability that Jason seemed to be developing. Was it a late reaction to the nanobots or was Jason's biology simply changing in ways he wouldn't have predicted due to the addition of machinery to his otherwise decripit body.

    Either way it deserved further study which is why Relius jumped down to pursue Jason, leaving Hazama to deal with Sakuya and Remila. Jumping back to get some distance from the two, the bastard spit on the floor as he swung his chain blade around idly.

    "Leave it to that big dumb brute. Getting the easier way out while I'm still stuck up here fighting the goddamn help and the vampire brat. Well, looks like I can't hold back. Not even a little bit for these dipshits.."

  19. "Keh!"

    Remilia simply grunted as the foot collided with her stomach. Flipping herself, she used her wings to slow down her momentum and placed her feet against the ceiling. She was about to kick off and launch herself at Hazama when she noticed something.

    Jason had disappeared.

    But not completely. He'd simply vanished and moved behind DeluKnight. So he was still hiding a few tricks, huh? Cocky little undead. Though he had been mentioned to be an experiment. Perhaps he was still finding out these powers himself? In that case, it'd be fun to let him run for now, and then come back once he was used to all of his power. However, it wasn't time to worry about that now. Focusing back on her main target, Remilia kicked off and extended her arm out in an attempt to stab into Hazama's skull.

    "Who're you calling a 'dipshit?' I'm going to feast on you tonight, you know?"

    As she did so, suddenly a storm of knives had appeared.

    When Remilia flew forth, Sakuya stopped time. Taking out her knives, she threw multitudes of them forth, compressing time to create more knives for her to throw. After all, she could only carry so many on her person. Walking around the presently frozen Hazama, she repeated the process a few times until he was completely surrounded by knives. Now, why didn't she simply stick him with a knife while time was stopped?

    It'd be bad sportsmanship.

    About a minute later, she'd finished and wiped the sweat off her brow. Though to everyone else it appeared as if all the knives appeared at once, to the one who stopped time it took a bit of effort to go around throwing all these knives into a neat pattern. With her knife pattern complete, the maid let time flow once more. Knives from every direction and a hungry vampire from above.


    "Checkmate. Are you sure you don't want to give up, Mr. Chains?"

    "...Hey, isn't this my fight, Sakuya?"

    "Sorry, milady. But as he intervened in your fight, I believe it fair I interfere with this one, no?"


    There wasn't too much time for banter during a battle, so Remilia would have to be satisfied with that.


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