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    In a world where everything is threatened and there is but one hope left.

    Soft Melody (open)

    Kagerou.Project.600.1215983.jpg January 12, 2121

    Life is normal and everyone is living peacefully. Everyday is just fun. I only hope that exciting things will happen, or at least something fascinating arises for everyone to see. Then again, I could only be just unappreciative of what I already have. In this journal, I'll keep a document just to record everything that goes on. It may even come in handy. Well, maybe not, but I will still keep this journal and write down all of the events that goes on as time passes.

    Well, I should go now, mom is calling me for a family day out. I don't want to keep her or the others waiting, so until next time, I'll write later!


    February, 20 2122

    Well, things seem pretty normal still after a year. Life has been getting even better, but I feel like something is wrong. Though everyone smiles and the people are happy, I still can't help but feel that something bad will happen soon. No, I shouldn't be thinking like that. It will only bring down my spirits and all those around me. I've got to keep my head up, even when it gets hard for me. Still, I wish that I could do something more.

    Then again, maybe things are good the way that they are. Well, I'll write later. A few friends want me to go out with them to a party and hopefully, it will give me some excitement....I truly hope that it does.

    Seafh.600.701075.jpg April, 15, 2125

    T-this is horrible...It all happened so fast and no one expected it or saw it coming. They came out of the blue when all the people were relaxing and enjoying themselves. Right now, there is an array of gunfire and there are moans and groans coming from whatever it is our army is fighting. From the looks of it, it looks like our people are losing the fight against these creatures. I-I won't lose hope that they will save us. I-I know that they will save us!

    I-I need to go now...My family and I have to go into hiding, as ordered by the soldiers.


    November 28, 2130

    Everyone is dead! M-mom, dad, brother, sis and all the other townspeople are dead. The city is in ruins and everything around me is burning to the ground as I set in this old shelter, I'm the only one left in this place. My tears are staining these pages as I write this entry. I don't know where to go or what to do....I-I need to remain calm. I have to pull myself together and do something., but what can I do? I'm only one mere girl and I am limited on my abilities as a fighter. I have a bit of training but I-

    For now, I just need to get out of this shelter and find others to help me. I'll head to the local town of Eres. I've heard a great deal about the people there. They have abilities and fighters that can help me get rid of these creatures, whatever they are.

    Its time to go now....I can hear them outside.

    The world has been engulfed in chaos. A once peaceful place, where the land blossomed has been consumed with hatred and slowly consumes the land around it. But, there is a beacon of hope in these dark days....what will you decide for this world? Will you be the cry to help, or will you bring more darkness?

    Plot breakdown:
    A girl kept a journal of events that were going on in her hometown. She was always dreaming about adventure and excitement, hoping that something to give her life more meaning would arise. Time progressed and everything was normal, until an army of creatures that no one could identify came to her town and began to slaughter everyone. The townspeople try to fend them off, but in the end, they were all overwhelmed and along with the girl's family, they were killed. The girl was sparred because her mother, put her away in hiding in a shelter somewhere just outside of town. Now, she has begun a search for people who can aid her in defeating the creatures that took her family and destroyed her town.

    The story will begin in the town of Eres. You will start out as ordinary people who are in training to become a fighter.

    *Respect the Ideas, plot, and story of the Gm: That is me.

    *Respect other players: We have many new members here and they've come for fun like everyone else. Don't talk down to them about their writing and try to give lessons on how to write better. They came here for fun just like you.

    * Do not do OOC talk in the story. If you have any questions on something you don't understand in the story, pm me and I will help you out. I don't want to see ((Your post is awesome!=D))<---Example. Keep a post a post.

    *If you are going to play more than one character keep it at a minimum of two. I myself will have two roles, my character and the character of the girl who is looking for the fighters. Mostly, I wouldn't want you to overwhelm yourselves.

    *You can also post any questions or ideas in the plot discussions section.

    *Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself!

  2. Slashes and cuts echoed through the forest just outside the town of Eres. Trees would fall all around a seemingly vicious and relentless young man. After the crashing sounds of thick oversized lumber connecting with the earth he could be seen. Haru stood in the middle of the dense sceneary. He was panting, letting out small gasps of air. Haru had been there for hours relentlessly working on his form and technique by cutting down trees, animals, whatever was there. Truthfully the only reason he was out here trainning so relentlessly was because he was troubled and needed to find new strength quickly. He had only recently fled from his hometown. His sister being the only one that made it out with him. He watched everyone else he love die by the hands of those 'things'. Flashbacks flooded his head.

    Haru could only remember as far back as te beginning of the invasion. He was right in the middle of a fleet of invades. Relentlessly cutting through their numbers, both his katanas fully drawn. Cries of frustration escaped his lips as they just kept comming. He remembered having a nasty cut on his right arm. One he gained while trying to cut a path to get to his mother. Of course he wasn't fast enough and hi mother didn't survive the encounter. Enraged, he ran deeper into the mob intent of defeating the entire army by himself. He could hear his sister screaming at him to come back from the rooftop she was mounted on. She sat their whizzing arrows around him, giving him cover as he indulged in a reckless hat. Needles to say Har was quickly outnumbered and was facing certain death. That was until his father pushed through, taking the enemy out by the tens with one fell swoop of his rather large weapon. His father cut open a path for him and his sister. He roared at Haru forcing him to flee with his little sister. As they turned their back and ran the screams of their father was heard, aswell as the thump when his body hit the ground.

    Haru must've been in a small trans for at least 10 mintuers or so. He wasn't panting anymore as he sheathed his weapons. His messy dark hair hung over his onxy green eyes. "I might need new weapons.." He muttered as he turned around and made his way to his sister. She was about a 20 minute walk from wher he was now. During the walk Haru racked his brain on what his next move would be. If it weren't for his sister he would've just jumped back into the fray of battle until he met his end. About 25 or so minutes he approached his little sister. She had fallen asleep reading her spellbooks. Spells were a secondary skill to her. Actually she was quite bad at them. Her archery on the other hand was amazing. Haru sugested that she should stick with archery but she insisted spell would be more of a help to him. Hary stooped down to his sleeping level before speaking in a low tone. "Aura... Aura wake up"

    Aura gradually opened her dark blue eyes. "Hnn. H-Haru.. Haru! Um I-I'm sorry. You were off trainning and I was here snoozing" She mumbled frantically. Aura did in fact fall asleep reading about a new spell. " But look brother!" Shepointed at a page in the book. "T-This spell can increase the speed of my allies for five minutes!" She said before nearly tipping over due to a strong passing wind. Her long blonde hair blew into her face. Ever sine the invasion she was troubled by everything, not as much as her brother who blamed himself for it all. And so she took up spells, to aid him in any which way possible. It was only fair that since Haru had also taken up Muy thai that Aura should take up another skill aswell. She wore a tight blue shirt that read summer bunny and tight blue shorts with navy blue sneakers. She glanced up at her brother. He work a onyx black tank top(which was really sweat stained right now) and black jeans. Also blck sneakers with green laces.

    Haru looke at his sister. "You push yourself to much.." he said with a smile

    Aura replied. "Not nearly as much as you brother!"

    Haru smirked." Are you hungry sis?"

    "N-No I'm f-" Aura's stomach would growl loudly.

    Haru laughed. "Let's go et you somthing to eat in Eres. I'm gonna' do a little shopping myself"

    "Okay.." Aura would grab her large backpack. Packed with bows, arrows, clothes and a spellbook. She got up and followed her brother into Eres.
  3. Kokoro.600.293450.jpg The world as Tyra knew it had changed. War had struck with unknown creatures that had been causing chaos among several cities. Many homes had been destroyed as well as the world itself had changed. It was a beautiful place where everything flourished with life, but not it lay in ruins tattered an torn. Her home Town of Eres was not touched however. It was sparred thanks to the magicians of their city, creating a barrier long ago.

    Tyra walked through the city and decided that she would get some training in. She had thoughts in her mind about the great war between human and beast that started long ago. That was something that she didn't want to think about. She had lost all of her family to those things. The screams of her mom, dad and little sister still echoed in her ears. She could remember it like it happened yesterday. The memory began to play in her head about what happened.

    She remembered herself running with her mother holding her hand. The fire was ragging and the tall building that they were in was falling apart. Her mother was telling her that it would be okay, as she cried her eyes out. They made it out of the building only to be stopped by those 'creatures'. Her mother and father stood in front of her and Misa. They were begging the creatures to spare her and her children. Those things weren't even listening to them! They only showed a grin, right before they charged at their parents. Tyra and Misa could only watch as there parents were killed before their very eyes.

    Those creatures weren't satisfied. They're killing need only turned them to her and Misa. They ran immediately and tried their best to get away, but those things were too fast. They found themselves trapped on the edges of a cliff above a river. That was when the worst thing that she ever imagined could happen. She grabbed Misa's hand and prepared to jump. It could have saved them both, but no. Misa...she pushed her off of the edge. While she slowly fell towards towards the water, she reached up for her sister.

    Misa looked back and mouthed the words 'I love you, sis' right before they swarmed and killed her. Tyra broke her trance and shook her head. Damn it, I need to get training. No time to be lingering in the past. She fastened her sheathed short blade on her back a little tighter, before she made her way towards the main gate. She could see two people about her height or slightly taller walking back into the city. When she could see that it was Haru and his sister, she smiled.

    "Hey, Haru! Aura! She yelled excitedly.
  4. Haru shot around upon hearing his name. Such a familiar voice rung through his ears, one he thought he would never have the pleasure of hearing again. As he turned around he was glad to know his assumption was the correct one.

    "Tyra..? Tyra!" It really was her and she was just as pretty as ever. Haru warmly embraced her as Aura scuddled along behind. He hadn't noticed but, did she get shorter? Or did her get taller? "I'm glad your okay.. But-" Haru paused as he peered over her shoulder as if looking for someone else.

    Aura finished that last part for him. "Where's Misa?" She asked with a smile. Aura was glad to see that Tyra made I out fine but it was abit odd not seeing her dear sister next to her.

    Haru fell silent his, his mood dulling as he immediately expected the worst.

    Aura however kept her smile bright. Her naive head thought that Misa was just running a little late.
  5. Tyra couldn't help but giggle when she saw Haru and when he called her name. She was acting like such a big kid, but it didn't matter to her. She was more than happy to see her friends again. The crowd of people between them were kind of in the way. Moving through all the people were always a pain, because they never really saw her. She was after all, really short. On the bright side of it, her slim frame allowed her to move through them a bit.

    When she got to Haru and his sister, she smiled with her eyes closed. Everything felt so nice today, the sky was sunny, the streets were filled with life and most of all, she was happy to see her friends again. Then, the past hit her again, when Haru asked about her sister. The laugh faded off and she grew quiet. The memories suddenly came flooding back and she could see them flash like a picture in her mind. Tyra placed a hand over her heart and lowered her hand. Her sister....her family....they were all....."I am sorry, but she is no longer here with me. She-" Tyra winced a bit with pain.

    "I'm sorry. I would rather not talk about it." She said sadly. Her head remained hung down, while she clenched her shirt tightly in her fist.
  6. Haru nodded and lightly patted her head. "Its okay." He said with a slight smile. It was actually abit depressing hearing that another person dear to him was killed. But for Tyra's sake he would put on a smile.

    Aura however gave a small frown. She didn't cope well with death or the whole, invader situation. She gave a light sniffle, her watery eyes about to bubble over when-

    Haru pinched Aura as hard as possible before she could worsen Tyra's mood. He lightly grabbed Tyra's hand before pulling her through the crowd. "Hey, I'm gonna get you something to eat okay?" He spoke softly.

    Aura rubbed her arm tensely. "Hey! I was the hungry one!" She raced behind them.
  7. Tyra blushed slightly. It was a natural reaction whenever she came in contact with Haru. She looked down at the ground as she was dragged off to wherever it was Haru was directing her. Aqua was yelling behind them about being hungry and that made her giggle a little. Thes two had always given her hope since she lost her sister. There was still that lingering feeling that her sister was still alive. When the time came, she would really find out if it were true or not.

    "Hey, Haru. There is something that I want to ask you," she said softly, as she stopped and gently slipped her hand away. With her left, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and then sighed a bit. The question was somewhat a difficult one in thought, so, she was more than sure it would be even more difficult to ask. At any rate, she needed to know how he felt on some things. "Haru, if it came down to it and you lost track of Aqua, would you still hold on to the belief that you woul;d find her?"
  8. Haru politely seated Tyra at the first upcoming food court, where a menu sat in front of her. Aura quickly took up the seat in front of her and began racing through the finer details of the menu.

    As he felt that the girls would be satisfied with the meals they received here he turned around, off to purchase a new weapon. He stopped in his tracks upon hearing Tyra's voice.. He always did, it couldn't be helped. "Yeah, sure" He replied as he slowly turned back around

    Aura looked through the menu rigorously, she was planning to run up Haru's tab for taking so long trainning. She said she was hungry hours ago!! 'He's gonna pay! Literally' She waved over to the waiter and began pointing at several items on the desert menu. "This one, then that one, then that one!" She ordere as she was once again completly oblivious to Tyra and her brothers conversation, as usual.

    Haru listened to her question. His eyes softened into a plale green, slightly visible under his locks of hair sortve in a bang. He could see exactly what she was getting at and although he wasn't sure that he beleived what he was about to say he would answer truthfully, for Tyra's sake. "Well... Although she probably couldn't take care of herself if her life depended on it.." Haru sighed as he glanced over at his sister practically ordering everything on the desert menu. " I believe in her and there's absolutely no way that I'd give up looking for her. I'd find her again... Eventually"
  9. Before Tyra could regain herself, she was seated at the nearest food court. All she could do was just accept the seat under her, as she looked over at Haru and Aura. Aura had blurted out something about Haru paying and Tyra couldn't help but laugh, as she closed her yes. It felt nice. For the moment, no thoughts about her sister were running through her mind. Tyra opened her eyes and listened in on what Aura was saying. Her eyes widened a bit at what Haru said and she could feel a sense of hope burst within her.

    "H-haru I..."


    A few meteor-like balls had crashed near a few buildings just a little ways off from them. Fire erupted and spiked, while smoke slipped into the air. People screamed and panicked, running towards the food court. Tyra's head snapped in the direction and she lowered her eyes for the moment. There was definitely something there, but she had no idea what. They needed to check it out and see what was wrong. Tyra could sense that it may have been those things that she heard stories about and saw. A look of anger rose to her face and she drew her twin swords and stood up. "I'm going to go check it out," she said, holding her blades by the hilt horizontally towards the ground.

    Tyra's head lowered as she began to dash off towards the pods, forgetting about Haru and Aura for the moment, letting her anger blindly guide her actions.
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    Haru looked over upon hearing Tyra's enjoyable laugh. ' She's laughing... That's great ' He thought.

    At the same time the waiter wobbled over to the table carrying Aura's huge order, dishes upon dishes. Meanwhile she had a huge smile plastered on her face.

    "Eh, How much is that gonna cost..?" He glanced at his sister.

    "A whole bunch meeanie!" She retorted.

    Haru's attention shot back to Tyra as she nervously uttered his name. Suddenly, a deafening explosion was heard much to close to their location, sending everyone into a panic. The waiter had spilled the order onto thefloor and dove under a table. The customers had fled into the street and a mob formed. Screams were heard from every direction and what made it worse was... Tyra got up. She actually ran towards the panicked scene. 'Why the hell was she being so reckless?' "Tyra, D-" She was already gone. "Dammit." Haruo glanced towards his sister once more. She had a terrified expression on her face, it was unsettling to say the least. ''Yeah, I know.. But we still have to." Haru grabbed hissister bythe hand as they began manuvering themselves throughthe crowd,chasing their friend
  11. Tyra's cloak flowed upward as she dashed passed people and towards the explosion. She had no idea that her friends were following her. Her focus was set on finding out what was behind the explosion off into the distance. The smoke was getting closer with each step that she had taken and finally she was close enough to see what it was that caused the commotion. She stood on the edge of a huge crater that smoldered with heat and what looked closely similar to lava. It slide down the sides and bubbled a bit with the intense heat.

    After a few minutes, the smoke cleared and the lava-like substance sizzled to a cool. Two ship-like pods were showing now as clear as day. A closer examination showed two doors facing her, which began to open slowly. Tyra watched carefully as the pods opened and examined a bit further, ducking a bit, so that she could not be seen. Two creatures stepped out and looked around the crater. They had spikes that slicked back like hair on their heads. Their bodys were somewhat scaly, with a lizard appearance.

    The two of them wore blue uniforms that looked almost like army attire. There was no mistaking it. these were definitely the creatures that took her sister away from her. Rage and anger swelled inside her and she stood up firmly yelling out at the top of her lungs. The two creatures looked up at her and jumped upward without a single word behind her. They were as fast as lightning to the point that thye looked like a flash. A breeze of wind shot passed Tyra, blowing her hair back with it.

    She quieted down, stunned at their incredible speed and stealth. The look of angry was replaced with a look of fear and her body shook. The moment they passed her, she could feel one of them touch her. It didn't seem like they had attacked, but still, her body felt like it was paralyzed. M-my body won't move.....
    She was somehow still able to move her head on the other hand. Tyra looked behind her with fear in her eyes and a stunned look on her face. The two creatures were standing behind her with evil looks on there faces.

    Tyra, still in fear, gripped her blades tightly and turned to attack them. The moment she had gotten her swords halfway, a fist of the creature on the left hit her square in the stomach, keeling her over in pain. Tyra dropped her blades and they clanked, as she coughed up spit and a bit of blood. The pain shot through her body like fire as she floated upward. The creature on the right grabbed her quickly by the throat and squeezed hard, not to kill her, but enough to make her gasp and struggle to breath. Tyra grabbed the creature's hand and struggled to break free, though it was all effortless. All she could think of at the moment was how one of the creatures had her sister just as she was being held. All while she fell to the depths of the sea below her.

    Tyra's tears fell and the creature on the left spoke in a scratchy voice. "So, this is the one that escaped back then huh?"

    The creature on the right nodded. "Yes, she has finally been recaptured. There are two others that are approaching. We can take them in for studies as well. Let us wait for the little fools to show up and we'll capture them as well. Heh. These pitiful humans are always so quick to be a hero, only to die like the useless worms that they are." The two of them laughed lowly with each other.

    Haru....Aura...please...don't....c-come here! Tyra screamed in her mind, unable to speak.
  12. Tyra was hard to keep up with. To fast for her own good. Haru almost left his sister in the dust just keeping up. 'Dont do anything stupid..' He kept thinking. She was actually way out of view by now. If it weren't for the fresh trail, a pair of tender reckless feet that darted down a path that everyone else was smart enough to stay from. Everyone but Tyra, why her? For a moment he looked back at Aura, who was clutching her spellbook tightly, as if it were a weapon, as she wore a fearful expression. "Its gonna be fi-" He was cut short when his sister stopped, pulling out of his grip, shivering at what lay towards the end of the trail. Haru turned slowly and gritted his teeth at what came into view. It was Tyra, in the clutches of one of those "things". Those things that took their parents and Tyra's sister. Two of them stood there mockingly. Oddly, Haru's expression became dulled, one of pure boredom as he. Fixed his gaze on the two. One que he unstrapped his weapons, holding the sheaths loosely. Instead of unsheathing and preparing his swords he tossed them backwards. They landed by Aura's feet. She stood, unable to speak a word, as if she knew what was coming next. Haru looked lifeless as he clenched his fists. Itwere as if nothing else existed and all he saw were the two reptilian like creatures, clutching onto his friend.

    Without hesitation he darted forward. He wasn't moving nearly as fast as they were but he didn't need to. He was stronger, physically. He had to be stronger. Haru had no idea what kind of strength those scaly monstrosities were packing but going in without a plan worked well for him. He pulled up on the one holding Tyra quite quickly and came to a complete hault once he was about a foot away. Haru's right arm shot back fluidly and came forward like a bullet. The punch was aimed for the lizard's stomach. Just enough to cause it to lose grip on Tyra. Then he'd really get started.

    Aura stood back. About a foot away from Where Haru tossed his weapons. She was scared stiff, and the look on her face told the whole story. There wasn't anything she could do to help either. Was there? Tyra glanced down at her spellbook. The most she could probably do was move some rocks around or make Haru a little faster. Nothing that would give her brother the edge. Aura felt as useless as ever. Just like when their parents were killed. All she could do was pick them off with a few arrows, one at a time. She didn't even want to try that now. With the amount of shaking she was doing, her hand would slip and a stray arrow had a good chance at hitting Tyra. Once again she had to rely on her brother.