Delta Cassiopeiae - Story of a Rebellion

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    Day 1 - Week 1
    While the majority of the Revolutionary Armada already moved out to secure the city, a portion of the soldiers has been held back in the HQ in case reinforcements to several locations would be needed.
    These soldiers were now summoned to various hangar bays, where transport aircraft would take them to their zones of operation. Naturally Command would brief them on their way there...

    Battlezone A (Operation Gibraltar)

    The two women assigned to this OP, Viole and Ariáne had been assigned to hangar bay 05. In there for them was waiting one of CRA's smaller operational VTOL, a Type 12 Rapid Air Transport. Commonly referred to as the Wasp. The aircraft was warming up its engines as the two entered its small cargo area. Besides them there was nobody else inside. And soon after they could feel the aircraft take off, the comm-link came online.
    "Good afternoon soldiers, I am the pilot of your aircraft and your Operational Support for this mission. Uh, so I was instructed to brief you on the op."
    As he spoke the aircraft finally cleared the underground complex and was cruising over the shallow bay east of Rise island. Behind them was the forest covered island of Borealis. However numerous areas have already been cleared to make room for massive anti-orbital weapon capacities. The VTOL slightly turns towards the south as the pilot continues.
    "You will be conducting a crucial intrusion into Atlantic Corp. territory, this is why for this mission Private Rommily will be in charge. I will be dropping you 2 kilometers into enemy territory, we have identified a crucial flaw in the enemy anti-aircraft defenses. However it is likely this window will be closed after the drop is completed, so aerial support will not be possible until you complete your mission."
    The plane now suddenly flies over land, numerous piers can be seen below them.
    "Atlantic Corp. uses AI navigated SAM systems controlled by a central vehicle located somewhere within the 1km radius of their orbital elevator. This system has prevented us from utilizing our aerial supremacy and breaking through their defensive lines. Your mission is to locate the central vehicle and neutralize, or even capture it. For this you will be specially issued a Type 04 Rifle, you may find it in the weapon locker along with your chosen equipment."
    The VTOL slows down as it moves through the high skyscrapers of central Rise.
    "Any questions?"

    Battlezone C (Operation Liberty)
    Unlike the two, Riktor , Jamal and Varo were brought to the much larger Launch bay 03, this area was once occupied by space ships of the CRA, however now it is filled with massive Type 01 Heavy Air Transports. These massive vessels are operated by 4 turbines and 6 hover-type engines. Their hull is also protected by several autocannon turrets. The entire area was filled with Army and Marine personnel being loaded on similar vessels. Rather then being loaded directly into the crafts, the three are loaded into a Type 1 Armored Carrier. Inside were their chosen weapons waiting, along with all other equipment. The APC regularly carried ammunition for these weapons, along with additional grenades. Once they got settled and the APC loaded, the briefing, obviously not aimed directly at them started.
    "Good afternoon soldiers, this is General Lester of the CRA Ground Army. I have been assigned to lead this operation. As you know, the old government remains loyal to Earth and refuses to stand down. They have mobilized the CSDF to secure the capital.
    However don't be fooled, most of the CSDF has already defected to our side, what remains is merely hired guns, mercenaries working for money."
    A slight bump could be felt as the massive aircraft started to take off.
    "Your mission today is to land north of the Planetary Council, break through the enemy defensive line and reinforce our forces still holding it. Inside the Planetary Council are all councilmen loyal to us along with one of the starters of the revolution, Jenna Nicosis. There is no doubt they will be executed should their defenses fail. That is all, localized briefings will begin shortly, good luck."
    With the global briefing over, the soldiers had a bit of time to wait until the aircraft moved into position and the localized briefings began.
  2. Súldock A.

    "No sir," Ariáne replayed while proceeding to gear up. She used the numerous rails that were attached to her artificial body to put everything tightly into place, the pistol and grenades on her side, the Obliterator on her back and the Type 0 in her hands. Then she proceeded to take a two pieces of the add-ons for her shoulders and attach them to their places. She then run one last check of all of her systems just to be sure that her body was running as efficiently as possible while the using the excess heat from the microgenerators in her body to warm her artificial muscles to a optimal 19°C.

    Inugachi V.

    Varo on the other hand strapped on the heaviest piece of armor he cloud get on his hands on and attached the 'ades and "Buddy" to his belt while checking his Type 0. He then went on to wait for further instruction and orders for him and the rest of the transport.
  3. Viole Rommily
    Upon hearing that she was to lead the operation, sans Op Support, of course, sort of put her mind at ease. Her first official operation for the CRA was a leadership position, due to her expertise with European interests - and, of course, reconnaissance experience. She was used to leading small ops like this, or working alone. Within reason, she could do things her way. Her way, of course, was get in, get out, shoot people if you have to. Even better, her partner was also cybernetically augmented like her, so she felt a sort of kindred influence with her. She breathed in as she thought about the operation and breathed out as she put her hardsuit's helmet on. The rest of her hardsuit fed into her cybernetic augmentations to feel like a natural body. She didn't feel pain until her suit was punched through, but she knew where the bullets were coming from. She had to fold her legs into the hardsuit to accommodate the wheels acting as her feet, their electric motors keeping them stopped so they weren't like roller blades. A steady stream of stims were used to keep her knees from getting in pain and to stave off atrophy. Realistically, she could stay in the hardsuit for a little over a week before the stims had to be refilled and a few hours after that, her legs would start to hurt. A few hours after that, and atrophy would begin. A total of ten days would have to pass before she'd start to feel any negative side effects from her position. Thank God for medical science. This suit was a recon master's dream.

    As Viole was hooked into the stims of her suit, she looked to her sister-in-arms and nodded. "Good to be working with another aug, Miss Suldock. I imagine our circumstances are different, but it's best if we find sorority in this similarity. As Op Support said, we're working infiltration. That means someone needs to be sneaky. There's two ways we can go about this. Either we both go in quiet, take out who we need to but make no unnecessary noise, which I personally recommend if we're going to blow up the Mobile AI Center instead of capture it. The other option, you might like. If we split up, I go in quiet and you work as distraction and destruction, you'll draw their fire and take down some tangos, while I go quiet and hack the MAIC's IFF. After I finish with that, I'll try to help you eliminate the enemy, but chances are, you'll be getting more kills than me this way. I made the plans, I'll let you pick your favorite. If you need emergency support and we have to break plans, reach me on comms and I can get to you to administer stims. Not quite first aid, but you'll be on your feet again. If that happens, we'll have to fight our way out. Same thing goes for me, if I need support, I'll be depending on you to get to me as quickly as you can."

    With a nod to her sister-in-arms, Viole slung her MAR onto her back and clipped her pistol to her hip. She shouldered her P90 and loosened the sling to be mobile while she had it out, slung across her shoulder. This way, if things went badly, she wouldn't drop it. Finally, she attached the oversized "rifle" they'd both been issued to her lower back, her hardsuit able enough to lift it. "I'm ready to go if you are, Miss. Suldock."

    Jamal el-Ghazzawy
    Reinforcement means limited mechanical work. Sure, repairing the occasional hole in someone's hardsuit was important, but not many of the footsoldiers wore hardsuits. At least they had an APC - although chances are, they weren't going to keep it. It wasn't even armed, just really well armored. Jamal was suited to fixing things more than shooting things, not that he was bad at either. Hell, he was also pretty good at blowing shit up. One of his quirks was his ability to fix and destroy anything. He'd seen a lot of machines in his time, and the military sometimes used his shop to repair heavily damaged hardsuits at a low price. Of course, now he only did that for the rebellion on his spare time for little to no charge. It was his job, a cause he believed in. His family was safe in the well-secured Renebach. Sa'id was somewhere out there doing something. Probably a more organic version of Jamal's mechanical works - fix and destroy.

    That said, a shotgun wasn't a bad thing, so long as it had mid-range capabilities. Not to mention, this deadly son of a bitch had superheated rounds optional on the controls. Right there. See 'em? Damn, that's beautiful. To his understanding, that meant the Type 04 Shotty had AP capabilities against manned armored vehicles. That of course means he can commandeer an enemy tank if he gets close enough to shoot through the hatch - since that was the point of lowest armor, he could easily take out any enemy units within. Bore through the hatch, cap the crew, get some friends along for the ride. Easy enough, but he had to make sure the rounds were superheated first. That would wear down the battery. He thus resolved not to use the superheating function until he saw enemy armor. Of course, if they had armor waiting for them, he'd be happy to take that, too.

    Jamal's mobile workshop was with him at all times - he had no reason not to have it. It was his job. Of course, he'd never worn infantry armor before today, so he wasn't sure how heavy it was going to be. Heavy didn't always mean resilient, it just meant run slower and get shot more. Lighter armor also tended to be very fragile. Run faster, but hope to Allah you don't get shot. No biggy. Jamal sighed and took some middleweight armor, searching for a happy medium. Decent mobility, decent protection. He did choose a visor over a helmet, however, believing that the HUD would give him an edge over other low-to-mid tech units. Most helmets didn't cover the face and even then didn't have a holographic HUD. The visor was meant to provide the HUD specifically, and even came with built in Tac/Comms instead of an earpiece that could get loose.

    He looked to his allies, his fellow "reinforcements", and smirked. "Riktor fuckin' Maupin. I've heard of some of your exploits and I gotta say, I'm impressed. You should meet my brother, Sa'id. Ex-military, works as a Combat Medic with the resistance now. He would love to share war stories with a famous merc like you. And on my other side, there's Varo Inugachi. Spaceborn Japanese, and best of all, ex-military like my brother. Mercenary, not quite as famous as Riktor here. I think that with someone who survived a gut-shot like you on our team, we must be fighting with the will of Allah. Two tough motherfuckers with the rookie mechanic, and we're all through special forces. I feel kind of small with you guys. Promise me you'll have my back, okay? I kind of want to go back to my shop and my family after all this is over, hug all my nieces and nephews, have dinner with my brothers and sister. I want to be able to celebrate after this is over. The dead can't party, eh, friends?"
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  4. Súldock A.

    Aríane took a look at the stims and said: "I doubt I will have much use for those with my almost artificial body. As for what way we are going to do this mission, well I leave that up to you to decide. I trust that you will know what needs to be done to get the mission done better then me. After all this is my first deployment. I should probably inform you that I have equipped passive electronic warfare equipment. Awaiting further orders mam'." Then readied her gun and waited for her superior to say something. Her artificial body reached a temperature of 19.12°C and leveled the cooling and heating outputs. The system automatically set itself to combat settings. Aríane was ready to go.
  5. Viole Rommily
    So in the end, Ariane withheld her opinion - or simply lacked one to begin with. Either's fine. Viole simply nodded and checked her sights. "Then in that case, it'd be best if we tried to capture the MAIC. Using their systems against them would be a bigger boon to our cause. I should set it to blow in case Atlantic or the Terrans try to capture it back, but we'll have control until something like that happens. That means you're drawing their attention. Keep your head down and make sure they hear you. I'll infiltrate the MAIC and hack in, then join you when I'm done." Terran, of course, was a weird spacey-space galaxy way of saying "human from or loyal to Earth". It was a vernacular that hadn't spread extremely densely, but people tended to understand what it meant. "Right then." She pointed at herself, "Outcast." She pointed at Ariane, "Wildcard." She relaxed and faced the bay doors. "Those are our codenames, Alright?"
  6. Riktor was on the verge of dozing off when he heard the soldier seated across from him say his name. Looking across the aisle he tilted his head quizzically. "Me? Famous?" He pondered this for a moment and shrugged, "I dont really pay attention to that stuff, you let it go to your head and the next thing you know a bullet is passing through you rather than your ego..." He absentmindedly went over his equipment, the various pouches and pockets filled to the brim with ammo, grenades, and various other items. His suit was unique amongnst the fatigues of the rebels. It had extra armor plating and kinetic energy absorbing gel underneath. He had looted the armor from a particularly nasty paramilitary goon who had been a target. He had added his own modifications as time went on, removing the joint armor to allow greater range of motion and several hidden knives that could be easily accessed. His shotgun was modified with a laser sight, a fancy pop-up holoscope, several mags of specialty ammunition, and a adamantine bayonet that folded into the stock. His pistol was customized with a laser sight and a fire selector that toggled between semi and automatic fire. "Well you sound like a decent guy...are you a screamer? I hate screamers, if you get shot at least have the decency to man up and take it." He nodded then promptly went back to dozing, his social skills lacking where his fighting skills excelled.
  7. Operation Gibraltar

    The plane cleared the bulk of the Northern Rise downtown and continued northwest, after clearing the remaining neighborhoods, the pilot declared.
    "Right, sit tight, we are about to break into Atlantic Corp. airspace."
    As soon as he says that, the plane suddenly drops in height, obviously descending by several hundred meters. Through the open rear door, the two can see several CRA tank battalions waiting in side alleys, hiding from well fortified Atlantic guns. In a few moments the Wasp flies over these guns, clearly visible from the air but protected by the SAM shield. The Atlantic PMC soldiers shoot a couple of rounds towards the wasp, but they bounce off of the shield harmlessly.
    "We've breached the perimeter, LZ in 2 minutes, sit tight for final approach."

    Operation Liberty

    The massive transport took its time while reaching the Southern Rise area, however before long an increase in pressure could be felt as the transport started losing altitude. It is then that the speaker in the APC cargo area finally came online.
    "Good Afternoon soldiers, this is Sergeant Tayama of the CRA air forces aboard the AWACS "Trident" I will be your direct operational support for this mission."
    With that said the screen under the speaker came online, displaying the battle line between the CRA and the CSDF, along with the Planetary Council several kilometers in.
    "The reason why you're under my command is because your unit, Unit 56, will be leading a formation of APC's directly towards the Planetary council."
    A straight arrow from the LZ to the Planetary council shows up on the screen, numbered "56".
    "The CRA air forces will provide you with all support on this mission, they will be able of dispose of any and all armor that opposes you, however it is up to you to protect the APC from infantry attacks. The APC's in your formation are loaded with ammo, weapons and fresh troops for the Planetary Council defensive line, it is imperative they make it. Unfortunately the CRA armored corps are still locked in Battlezones A and B, and as such cannot provide you with heavy armor support."
    The transport starts to shake occasionally, the soldiers can only presume it is the enemy AA fire causing this.
    "Good luck"
    With that the screen shuts down, and the transport produces one final "thump" as it makes contact with the ground. About a minute later the APC is out of the transport. However still several hundred meters away from the battle line.
    (Note, one of you will have to drive that APC... Or put it on autopilot)
  8. Inugachi V.

    "Chill down, we are going into combat, this is not the time to be that excited,"
    Varo said to Jamal while adding: "So who is going to drive, or we just put it on auto?" He honestly hoped that the people in his team were not going to die and make his job harder that needed. Well not like he didn't get out of some serious stuff himself. For now he just waited for the others to decide how they are going to proceed.

    Súldock A.

    Aríane said while getting ready. "As flashily as possible right, at least until you complete the mission" she asked while adjusting her body for a idea that arisen in her head. Then she took, from a weapons locker, a HE grenade in each of her hands and smirked. "Time for some fireworks," she thought while waiting for the transport to come to the LZ and open the doors while descending.
  9. Riktor perked up at the question of driving the APC. "Hell if I get to drive this sucker count me in, I drove one of these once before." Clambering over the soldiers he made his way to the driver's seat and settled in, looking over the controls he started the engine. Wiyh a throaty growl the APC jerked forwards and began rolling down the street while Riktor cackled maniacally.
  10. Viole Rommily
    The sound of bullets clinking off the shielding put Viole on edge. Eyes were on the LZ, meaning she'd have to slip out of their field of vision. "You need to draw their fire away from the LZ so I can slip out. I'll see you in a little bit, Miss Suldock." With that, she braced herself for landing and put her gun in battle-ready position on her shoulder. The face of her helm fogged over from outside and a HUD appeared inside detailing a firing reticle, hardsuit integrity, vital signs, and time left in the suit before she ran out of stims for her knees. There was also an icon which denoted a yet-to-be implemented stealth feature - which she missed out on when she joined the rebellion. Regardless, she worked well enough in it before the stealth update hardware came out, so she figured she could work without it. "Infiltration team Outcast and Wildcard are prepared, Operation Gibraltar is ready to launch. Waiting on drop."

    Jamal el-Ghazzawy
    Riktor's humility and rationality was inspiring to Jamal. Not to mention, hearing the brief put a smile on his face. So they got to roll around with the big APCs in tow - perfect job for an Engineer. Air support taking out enemy armor meant he'd have to be quick to hijack a tank, and from there, if he identifies himself, he can mow down incoming hostiles. Of course, then he got the idea that he might get bombed by his own side. With a groan, he let the idea rest. Maybe if air support was offline. Of course, Varo was trying to contain Jamal's eagerness. He didn't know why, it gave him the will to fight when things looked grim. "Okay, Riktor's driving, I'll be outside keeping an eye on the convoy. Give me a heads up on radio if something's up that I don't see. I'll radio in when things get hot on my end, too." With that, Jamal opened the door on the side of the APC and clambered onto the gunner rail on the outside, leaving the door open behind him. Since the terrain was relatively flat and they were going slowly enough, he climbed onto the roof of the APC and kneeled down to keep his footing. The Type 1 wasn't outfitted with any guns, which disappointed Jamal. He would have to customize one on his spare time. He looked around to see if they had any Mark 1 LAVs for support to find nothing. Jamal radio'd the Sergeant to ask the question. "Command, this is Engineer el-Ghazzawy, and pardon me if I seem out of line, but I'm wondering why we have no LAV support, or if I just can't see it behind the line of unarmed APCs. I understand we're fighting off infantry, but there are only three of us, one driving, this is a moving convoy, and the Type 1 has plenty of armaments for anti-personnel purposes. Not to mention, the railguns would be useful if air support is down and armor is incoming. If you could perhaps dispatch a few LAVs to assist, this mission will get a Hell of a lot easier. Again, I apologize if I sound out of line."