Delta Cassiopeiae - Story of a Rebellion (Plot and Sign up)

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  1. Backstory.
    Ever since the Human Alliance crushed the Colonial Alliance in the second colonial war, the system of Delta Cassiopeiae, one of the minor participants in the war has been punished by having to send 60% of its mined resources on Earth.
    Besides this, the only wormhole gate in the system lead back to Earth, any attempt to construct additional gates would be met with military response.
    In these conditions, the situation on the capital of the system, Cassiopeia Nova, progressively deteriorated. In the end only the capital, Nova, remained under the control of the Cassiopeian government, the rest of the planet and most of the system were under control by the corporations from Earth.
    Finally, five years before the present date, in a secret meeting by a small number of individuals, plans for a rebellion were set in motion. While it started out small, rumors soon spread and the Liberation army grew in numbers. Under the island of Borealis, numerous hidden hangar bays for space ships were constructed, along with a massive military complex. Along with planetside operations, numerous mining ships were converted to frigates, armed with nothing but overcharged mining lasers, these ships had only the task to neutralize the jump gate as soon as possible.
    Within five years preparations were complete, and a massive fleet launched from under Borealis, its task was to neturalize the corporate presence in the system and capture the two other planets in Delta Cassiopeiae.
    While the fleet was progressing through the system, the rebel ground forces were getting ready to remove the final pockets of corporate resistance and the old government in the city of Nova.

    Map of Nova (open)

    Battlezone A (open)

    Northern Rise island.

    Sector 1- Cera Penninsula
    Cera is the northernmost point of the northern Island, Rise. It consists mostly of middle class homes, the buildings here are usually far apart with large gardens, reminiscing a 21st century suburbia.

    Sector 2 - Northwest Senzia
    The northeastern section of the Senzia hills consists mostly of skyscrapers and office buildings, however unlike some other sections of the city the skyscrapers in NE Senzia do not go over 200 meters.

    Sector 3 - Soutwest Senzia.
    The continuation of the Senzia hills region, the inland section is quite hilly, somewhat resembling San Francisco of Earth, the shore is lined with piers and docks.

    Sector 4 - Senzia shipyards.
    The Senzia shipyards region is mostly under the control of Atlantic Incorporated, the area is their main shipyard for Cassiopeia Nova. The shore region of this area is lined in countless drydocks and container ships docks, bringing in materials from around the planet 24/7, The inland part consists of office buildings, administrations and the Atlantic Inc. space elevator.

    Sector 5 - Senzia Inland.
    The inland section of Senzia is a primarily residential area because of its hilliness, the homes in this area range from middle class on the west to high class on the east.

    Sector 6 - Nissa peninsula West
    This sector spans from the borders of Senzia all the way to the northern tip of the Nissa peninsula, this section of the city is mostly transit docks and drydocks in the hands of smaller corporations and private owners, slightly deeper inland the docks are replaced by warehouses. The very south is mostly middle class homes.

    Sector 7 - Liva lakes.
    The most exclusive neighborhood on Rise, the Liva lakes consists almost exclusively of VIP homes, however corporate VIP's do not live in this neighborhood, and only Cassiopeians call it home.

    Sector 8 - Nissa peninsula North.
    The northern reach of the Nissa peninsula is marked by its beautiful beaches, which sprang a series of hotels and resorts, however on the east and west ends of the sector the hotels slowly transit into docks and shipyards.

    Sector 9 - Nissa East "Nissa shipyards"
    The corporate headquarters of Mediterranean transits, Nissa east is another massive shipyard complex, it also contains most of the homes for Mediterranean employees and their space elevator.

    Sector 10 - Northern Rise downtown.
    Sector 10 consists of the downtown of the Battlefield A area, this area consits of massive skyscrapers that commonly exceed 1 kilometer, streets are narrow and allow for little maneuvers.

    Sector 11 - Relay Islands.
    A massive communications complex with most of Nova's long range communication antennas, this also contains the trans-system communication antenna. Besides the complex most of the islands are completely untouched, with meadows and forests.

    Sector 12 - Rise Northeast shore.
    The Northeastern shore is a continuation of the mostly industrial Northern Rise, countless shipyards and warehouses dot this area as well. On the west it slowly shifts into the downtown area.

    Sector 13 - Rise Southeast shore.
    This is the area where the mostly industrial northern Rise shifts into the mostly commercial southern Rise, the massive shipyards and docks slowly fade into piers and beaches.
    As with Sector 12 the area shifts to the downtown on the west.

    Battlezone A HQ - Mount Nissa area.
    The mount Nissa area is mostly warehouses and low-end homes for the workers in the numerous shipyards and docks, this was a perfect area to prepare and hide the Revolutionary army until the time was right, the headquarter itself is hidden within Mount Nissa.

    Battlezone B (open)

    Kaleva Islands

    Sector 1 - Eastern Kaleva island.
    The Eastern Kaleva island is mostly a residential zone, consisiting of middle class homes, numerous bridges span from here to Rise.

    Sector 2 - North Kaleva Island.
    The north of Kaleva Island is a middle class residential zone that slowly shifts to high class towards the west, this is beginning to show the resort nature of the Kaleva islands.

    Sector 3 - Kaleva hills.
    The only hilly region of Kaleva is the last middle class residential zone in Kaleva, it too resembles San Francisco of Earth

    Sector 4 - Northern Kaleva mansions.
    The high class area of Kaleva, large mansions and wide streets are its trademark, it also features beautiful sandy beaches.

    Sector 5 - Southern Kaleva mansions.
    Much like the north, the south consists of large mansions and beautiful parks.

    Sector 6 - Kaleva casino complex.
    A large casino complex owned by Vegas Incorporated, this area consists of massive casinos and hotels, there is also a large residential area for Vegas Inc employees on the south edge of this sector, the Vegas Inc. space elevator is naturally here.

    Sector 7 - Kaleva South
    Kaleva south is a large high-class area that consists of massive central park and a number of mansions on the shore, in the middle of the park lies one large mansion owned by an influential family.

    Sector 8 - Hova East
    Hova east is mostly a large marina for the rich inhabitants of the larger Kaleva island.

    Sector 9 - Hova west.
    Hova west is a region consisting of middle class homes for workers who work in the other parts of the Kaleva island chain, there is also fishing docks on the westernmost part of the island.

    Sector 10 - Norther Proka island.
    The northern part of Proka consists of low class homes and farms where food for the rich Kaleva inhabitants is produced.

    Battlezone B HQ - Southern Proka island.
    The southern Proka island consists almost exclusively out of low-class homes, these are homes for maids, gardeners and cheap workers that work on Kaleva island, the local HQ is hidden within a water treatment plant.

    Battlezone C (open)

    Southern Rise Island

    Sector 1 - Northwest Rise shore.
    The piers and docks from the northern Rise continue here, with quickly becoming exclusively piers.

    Sector 2 - Piacia Islands.
    The small islands are in fact the site of the largest orbital defense facility on this part of the planet, massive railguns and missile silos dot the island, along with numerous entrenchments against air, land and sea attacks.

    Sector 3 - West Rise shore.
    The piers on the north slowly fade to the promenades, with the residential buildings beside them quickly fading to administrative and office buildings.

    Sector 4 - Rise lake.
    Mostly the inland area of the Eastern Rise shore, there is also a landmark park around the lake which gave the name to the island, the buildings here slowly start to become administrative in nature.

    Sector 5 - Southwest Rise shore.
    The southeast Rise shore is the northern section of the administrative area of the city of Nova. It consists almost exclusively of beautifully constructed buildings of administrative and office nature.

    Sector 6 - Nova
    This section contains the planetary government and the tallest building on the planet: The Timeless Tower, which is the Cassiopeian equivalent of the White House.
    Beside these buildings, the sector mostly consists of more tall skyscrapers, making aircraft flight almost impossible, the streets however are wide and there is a lot of beautiful squares around.
    Do note this area consists of two regions, one above the other, the northern contains the planetary council, while the southern contains The Timeless Tower.

    Sector 7 - Rise valley.
    The valley in the middle of Rise separates the northern and southern regions of Rise, it is mostly a residential area consisting of middle class homes, it is not uncommon to see parks and playgrounds.

    Sector 8 - Rise South
    This is the downtown area of Rise, it consist of financial, commercial and office buildings, the Cassiopeian stock market is located here.

    Sector 9 - Isilla peninsula area.
    This sector got its name after a small peninsula called Isilla, a popular spot for dates. The area however mostly consists of skyscrapers and office buildings, even though the shore here is a sandy beach.

    Sector 10 - Rise central.
    This sector consists of middle class homes on the east and skyscrapers on the south and west, as most South Rise areas this makes aircraft operation difficult.

    Sector 11 - Rise Space Elevator.
    The only public space elevator in Nova is located here, surrounded by warehouses and other buildings it requires for operation.

    Sector 12 - Rise East
    A downtown sector that connects the northern and southern downtown Rise regions, it also fades to warehouses towards the space elevator.

    Battlezone C HQ - South Rise Downtown
    The South Rise downtown actually consists of residential skyscrapers, many of the city's workers live in this very area, and the Revolutionary Army HQ is hidden within one of the skyscrapers's basements.

    Battlezone D (open)

    Renebach island.

    Sector 1 - Northwest Renebach.
    This sector consists of countless bridges connecting to the Rise island, as long as some light industry and low-class residential areas.

    Sector 2 - Rise gulf/West Renebach
    This area consists mostly of the production platforms in the Rise gulf, along with the light industrial areas on the western end of Renebach.

    Sector 3 - Southeast Renebach, Renebach shipyards and Uder Island
    This small area consist mostly of a complex shipyard area, the small extruded peninsula was used to maximize drydock space, the non-peninsula section is mostly low-class residential structures for shipyard employees and workers.
    Uder island is a mostly uninhabited island within which the Revolutionary army fleet was hidden before the start of the war.

    Sector 4- North Renebach
    An industrial region, North Renebach is filled with numerous smokestacks and packed tightly with industrial complexes. This is where a portion of the ores mined on the planet are smelted.

    Sector 5 - Central Renebach
    The most heavily industrialized space on Nova, this sector produces countless products and smelts a large amount of the planet's extracted ore.

    Sector 6 - South Renebach
    This area is a mesh of shipyards, low class homes and industry, the least desirable homes in Nova are located here.

    Sector 7 - Northeast Renebach.
    Mostly a low class residential area, however at the very northeast it becomes middle class homes, which slightly raise the reputation of this mostly industrial island.

    Sector 8 - Western Renebach
    The main waste disposal area for Nova, it is dotted with scrapyards and recycling plants.

    Sector 9 - Renebach crossing.
    A thin strip of land that connects the Renebach and Healey islands, it consists of mostly low class residential areas, but has a high strategical value.

    Battlezone D HQ - Renebach slums.
    Located right near the heavy industry and waste disposal areas, these are the absolutely worst areas someone could live in, the air is polluted with smoke and public services are scarcely available. This is the absolutely best spot to hide an underground base for the Revolutionary army on Renebach.

    Battlezone E (open)

    Healey Island.

    Sector 1 - East Healey.
    Like most of the Healey island, this area is mostly unconstructed, wide meadows and forests dot the landscape.

    Sector 2- Healey forest.
    This area consists almost completely of a dense, impassable forest.

    Sector 3 - Nothern Healey hills.
    This area consists of gentle, open meadows on the north and dense hilly forests on the south.

    Sector 4 - Healey safari zone.
    The Healey island is yet to be conquered by civilization, and as such is a perfect spot to demonstrate the fauna and flora of Cassiopeia Nova, this is why Marai Entertainment Industried constructed a space elevator and complex on the southern part of the island, from where they offer safari tours of the island.

    Sector 5 - Northern Healey meadows.
    This area is almost completely open, great for aircraft and tanks, and sucks for everything else. The beaches on the northern shores of this area are easy to land on due to their compact sand.

    Sector 6 - Southern Healey Meadows
    This area along with Sector 5 is completely open with occasional forest patches, there is one road that connects the safari zone with Renebach.

    Sector 7 - Healey suburbs.
    This is where the pristine Healey island meets the capital of Nova, the meadows slowly transit into a middle class suburbia with its characteristic wide streets and fancy lawns.

    Battlezone E HQ - Healey city.
    The HQ of battlezone E is hidden within the city part of Healey island, this sector consists of polar opposites, slums to the north and suburbia to the south, the HQ is hidden within the slums, maintaining close relations to the Renebach HQ.

    Main HQ area (open)

    The main HQ area is the island of Borealis, its 5 sectors are underground division of the massive complex.

    Current situation (open)

    Currently: Day 1, Week 1

    The revolution has started! We have quickly managed to capture most of the city before the security forces had time to react, however several problematic areas remain, we shall name them here:
    Battlezone A, Sector 4.
    Atlantic incorporated managed to stop our swift advance using their private military forces, they have fortified the access ways to the shipyards. We need to capture their space elevator as soon as possible.

    Battlezone A, Sector 9.
    Mediterranean transits has also managed to stop our advance, besides the need to capture their space elevator, their position also poses a threat tot he Battlezone A HQ.

    Battlezone B, Sector 6
    The Casino complex was originally designed to resemble a fortress, and now its paying off, with only 4 roads leading in and out, our forces stood no chance of quickly capturing this area, as usual their Space Elevator must be captured.

    Battlezone C, Sectors 5 and 6 South.
    The Cassiopeian government does not approve of our revolution, and has deployed the CSDF to counter us, they have successfully secured most of the administrative center of Nova, however a pocket of our forces still holds the Planetary council, reinforcing them is of utmost urgency.

    While Battlezone E is yet to be secured, that is not a primary concern as the Marai Entertainment Industries lack a sizable private army, they are locked in defense.

    CS (open)

    Age: (While the Rebellion rarely turns down people, children under the age of 14 cannot join)
    Place of Origin: (Are you from Cassiopeia? If you are from Nova from which region of the city are you?)
    History: (Quick background, what was your character doing before joining the Revolutionary army? Also include an image somewhere.)
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: (Self descriptive)
    Desired branch of the army: (Limited to Infantry for now: Engineering, Medical, Recon, Marine, army)

    Equipment of the Cassiopeian Revolutionary army. (open)

    While the CRA is a fairly well organized army, they still lack the most modern weaponry.

    Main sidearm.
    -Mark 2 ballistic sidearm - "Buddy"
    A clip based recoil operated pistol with 12 rounds, modern rounds and technology guarantee modern armor penetration on a range up to 50 meters. Nicknamed buddy by the engineer and medical staff.

    Marine forces equipment.
    Show Spoiler

    Primary assets
    Type 03 Energy Rifle - Liquifier
    A powerful but slow firing energy based weapon, this rifle is loved amongst the Marine forces due to its ability to always hit where you point it, it is also extremely useful against medium armored targets, however it often breaks in moist or dirty conditions, and the battery only lasts for 6 shots.

    Type 01 ballistic assault rifle.
    The 01 is a modern version of the assault rifle, while basically it does not seem different from the classic versions of this weapon, this rifle is capable of penetrating even the toughest personal armor on distances up to 200 meters, advanced production techniques also guarantee that the rifle will operate flawlessly even after years of constant use in the worst of conditions.
    Its clip contains 36 rounds.
    The complaints about this weapon are that its recoil is far too high, leaving most of the marines using this weapon in the single or three bullet burst modes.

    Anti-Armor asset.

    Type 04 Energy Rifle - Obliterator
    There is nothing rifle like about this rifle, weighing 10 kg this monster of a weapon is capable of destroying anything you point it at with a single hit, besides perhaps a space ship.
    The weapon is an oversized version of the Liquifier, its energy output enables it to penetrate the shields of tanks and APC's within one shot, and still retain enough power to damage its hull.
    The drawback of this weapon, besides its immense size, is that the battery will only last for one shot, and rapid refire can damage the weapon, also like its smaller variant it is very sensitive to environmental impact.

    Long range asset.

    Type 02 Energy Rifle - Tracker
    The tracker rifle is a pinpoint accurate energy weapon equipped with a high-tech scope, capable of tracking targets even three kilometers away. Because of the optical nature of this weapon the shooter does not have to worry about wind, Coriolis effect or distance, where you point the crosshair, the weapon will hit. Its weakness however is its size, the gun is a meter long due to its long focusing lenses, and the round will rarely penetrate materials that poorly conduct heat, such as concrete. Its battery can last up to 5 hits.

    Army forces equipment.
    Show Spoiler

    Primary assets.

    Type 01 ballistic assault rifle.

    Type 06 Heavy repeating rifle. - Buzzer
    The type 06 is a massive weapon, however it packs as much firepower as weight, this weapon can easily be classified as a heavy machine gun, this weapon has a large drum with 1500 rounds, however when the firerate is 6000 rounds a minute, this can disappear rather quickly. This weapon due to its weight and the weight of its ammunition is not too popular in the CRA. Hoever it is a rather trusty weapon for those that can handle it and its recoil.

    Type 04 ballistic weapon
    The type 04 is a weapon mostly aimed at close range combat, it is comparable to the shotgun. This weapon contains a easily changeable clip with 12 rounds, these rounds are filled with round shot, like the shotgun, but the key difference is that while the shotgun merely fires these rounds the type 04 has the option to pre-heat the rounds to near melting point, causing greater damage to living creatures.

    Anti-Armor Asset.
    Type 01 Rocket Launcher.
    The type 01 is a simple triple-barelled, tracking enabled disposable rocket launcher. It is commonly used amongst the army forces due to its low weight for a rocket launcher and decent tracking capabilities, while because its a rocket based weapon it requires two missiles to take out tanks and other shield equipped vehicles, its tracking abilities allow it to successfully attack air targets.

    Recon forces equipment.
    Show Spoiler

    Main assets.
    Type 03 Energy Rifle - Liquifier

    P-90(CRA mod)
    One of the weapons that has been upgraded and used since the 21st century, the P-90 is a compact and reliable SMG weapon.

    Long range assets.
    Type 01 Magentically Accelerated Rifle.
    The long range weapon of choice for Recon forces is the Type 01 MAR, this railgun based weapon uses a combined battery/clip system that allows the user not to bother about switching the battery and clip separately. The effective range of this weapon is 5km, its clip has only 6 rounds, however the relative low weight of this weapon and its ammo allows for a lot of clips to be carried.

    Misc equipment (open)

    Fragmentation grenades - Standard frag grenades, an explosive filled shell designed to fall apart to shrapnel after detonation, extremely deadly against lightly or unarmored targets.
    High-Explosive grenades.
    -Normal ver - A grenade designed with explosive power in mind, while it does not have the lethal radius of a frag grenade it is capable of destroying walls or lightly armored vehicles.
    -Sticky ver. - A mod of the HE grenade with an adhesive surface, the chemical compound that makes it sticky activates 1.5 seconds after releasing the safety handle.
    -Plasma ver. - A mod of the HE grenade that explodes into high-temperature plasma, due to the ionized nature of the gas it might cause electrical discharges. Very expensive and rare.

    Engineer equipment:
    Class 2 Engineering portable workshop.
    This ingenious piece of equipment uses a inbuilt store of raw metal and energy to produce spare parts the engineer might require, the device itself is the size of a backpack and weighs about 15 kilos, however it is more reliable then bringing all the parts with yourself. It may also produce misc items that might be required on the battlefield.

    WIP Vehicles of the CRA (open)

    Land Assault vehicles (open)

    Mark 1 Light Assault vehicle.
    Whenever the CRA needs to cover a lot of ground within a short time, the Mark 1 is deployed, this is a hover based vehicle with minimal armor and a wide range of light armaments, including a heavy machine gun, light railgun cannon and light rocket launcher. This vehicle does not come equipped with a shield. A total of five men fit within the vehicle, with room for three more on outside positions. The person sitting next to the driver controls the main armament of the vehicle.
    The other three people sit on a seat behind the driver.

    Mark 3 Tank
    The Mark 3 is the main battle tank of the CRA, fitted with a double railgun, two heavy machine guns and an auxillary laser cannon, this tank uses a standard track mechanism, it has four tracks, two on each side. Each track is mounted with a hydraulic system that allows for the tank to lift it, this is so the tank can continue operating even with only two tracks. This is not recommended however as a damaged track could lose all of its tread using this mechanism. It may reach top speeds up to 35 km/h
    The vehicle demands for at least 3 crew members, with room for 4 passenger inside.
    It is also common for any number of people to ride on top of the tank.
    The Mark 3 is equipped with a shield generator capable of withstanding countless low caliber hits and up to 3 high caliber hits, the shield generator however creates a bubble like any other and entering within it enables enemy soldiers to bypass it.
    Besides the shield the tank is also equipped with missile countermeasures.

    Type 1 Armored Personnel Carrier.
    Even though the CRA prefers mobile tactics, sometimes a fast way to transport personnel via roads is necessary, this is why the Type 1 was designed.
    The Type 1 is equipped with maximum shielding, featuring thick armor plating and a tank-grade shield generator. It uses six wheels as propulsion. Inside a 12 men squad can easily fit, along with their and extra equipment. It requires two crew who sit within an armored cabin, a camera and scanner system is used to navigate the vehicle. The Type 1 can go up to 65 km/h

    Type 12 Mobile SAM launcher.

    When the age of space travel dawned, Human engineers designed fighter craft capable of atmospheric reentry. These craft were usually far more armored then their atmospheric counterparts, far bigger and far more shielded. It would soon prove that ordinary anti-fighter missiles could not sufficiently damage these craft, in order to counter that a new generation of missiles was designed.
    These missiles posses a dual charge, first an EMP charge is detonated, temporarily "flickering" the shields, and then upon contact with the craft the second, shaped charge detonates, dealing damage deep within the craft.
    To mount these missiles the CRA designed the Type 12, this vehicle offers minimal protection from land forces, however its tracks enable it to quickly change position, evading both ground and air forces.
    It requires at least two men to operate it efficiently, a driver and a gunner, however one man can change positions if necessary.

    Aerial Transport Vehicles (open)

    Type 12 Rapid Air Transport - Wasp
    Small, fast, agile. The Wasp is the vehicle of choice for CRA aerial insertions. The aircraft is powered by two turbines with VTOL capabilities, these enable the vessel both to hover and soar at speeds over 600km/h . It is also equipped with a low power shield generator, which enables it to survive one missile hit.
    However being so small and past the Wasp has only external vehicle clamps, and can only carry 6 people inside, along with their gear. The external clamps on the Wasp can carry only Mark 1 Land Assault vehicles.

    Type 01 Heavy Air Transport - Albatross
    The massive Albatross is the largest combat air vessel in service. Anywhere. The vessel is almost 300 meters long and is capable of carrying up to twelve tanks, APC's and 600 men within its massive two-deck cargo bay. It is also capable of carrying unparalleled amount of ammunition and fuel to the front line. Being this massive the vessel is a natural target for enemy AA fire and aerial assets, however the Albatross is armed with 16 dual autocannon mounts across its hull, operated by a central AI system within the vessel, it is also armed with two heavy missile pods, each containing 32 multipurpose missiles. Besides these the Albatross is also equipped with a heavy shield generator, capable of even withstanding spaceship class weaponry.
    Propelling this monster are four massive turbines, each equipped with Ion Capabilities enabling space flight. The vessel needs six anti-gravity hover engines to remain airborne within 1G conditions.


    Current Roster (open)

    Here are listed the personnel of the CRA.

    Army (open)

    Riktor Maupin (open)

    Marine (open)

    Varo Inugachi and Ariáne Súldock (open)

    Recon (open)

    Viole Romilly (open)

    Medical (open)

    Sa'id el-Ghazzawy (open)

    Engineering (open)

    Jamal el-Ghazzawy (open)

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  2. very cool, I like how much detail you put into this. How is the story going to play out? is it going to be a turn/dice setup or a regular storyline?
  3. Its a regular storyline, just that various plots will be going at once, for example there is several "Critical Zones" right now, each one of those could be covered by 2-3 characters. Also I like to leave options open, so failures at missions are also possible.
    Also you may notice that I noted the Day/Week, this is because after we initially stabilize the city (within 2-3 days) there's going to be a timeskip. How long? Well, I'll leave that up for later.
  4. Nice, gimme a bit to put up a cs
  5. Name: Viole
    Surname: Romilly
    Age: 26
    Place of Origin: Offworlder
    History: Originally from Earth, Viole was a member of an upper-middle class family from Europe with a small sum of stocks in some of the corporations with their hands in Cassiopeia, namely European interests like Atlantic Incorporated and Mediterranean Transits. When she turned 18, she joined the military and stayed for recon training, got a bit of experience in espionage and anti-insurgency, before her arm was blown off in a shootout - along with part of her face. Her family sold their stocks to pay for cybernetic prosthesis and any necessary grafting procedures.
    Show Spoiler

    Viole was no longer welcome in the military and was honorably discharged at age 24. She joined a PMC on Cassiopeia as a scout and was wonderful at corporate espionage, especially with her new augmentations. In her work spying on other companies, she found evidence of corruption, oppression, and insurrection. She started selling information to the Resistance before defecting outright at 25. Now, she is a trusted source for information on the corporate PMCs as well as a successful recon leader.

    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: Personal ideals
    Desired branch of the army: Reconaissance
  6. Right, this CS seems pretty good.
    The history and other also checks out for the Recon squad so there's no problems with that.

    Do mind you can have up to three CS's, just that they will not be sent on same missions.
  7. Name: Jamal
    Surname: el-Ghazzawy
    Age: 37
    Place of Origin: Battlezone D, Sector 7 - Northeast Renebach
    History: Jamal grew up as big brother to two younger brothers and a younger sister. While he wasn't one to have kids of his own, he cared deeply for his siblings and their children. They were all he had all his life, and he worked hard for them to be well. His father was disabled and his mother worked hard and trained Jamal to be a mechanic. After he turned 16, he began working to help keep the family on their feet. His sister, the second oldest of the four, named Benat-Allah, followed his example and got the family on its feet when Jamal was 19. Being non-traditional Muslims, Benat-Allah was allowed to date by the family, but Jamal kept a very watchful eye on her dates. In fact, Jamal made a rule that any boyfriends had to have an interview with him before they could date. Naturally, Benat-Allah was offput by this. In a show of dominance, she broke Jamal's nose once as he intercepted her and her date leaving. Jamal didn't take it too well at the time, but realized that anybody who did her wrong would have a fighter on their hands. He knew Benat-Allah could handle herself.
    Fast-forward a few years. Jamal's brothers, Sa'id, the eldest, and Hussain, the youngest, have grown and had families of their own. Hussain is currently 27. Sa'id is 32. Benat-Allah is 34. Benat-Allah went through with being a mechanic and has 2 children, Fatima and Karim. Jamal has come to like Benat-Allah's husband, Sabah. Hussain and Sa'id both married outside the religion, and between the two are 3 children; Hussain's sons, Ahmad and Felix, and Sa'id's daughter, Harriet. Hussain became a manager at a small grocer, and Sa'id spent some time in the military. He was honorably discharged and never recieved benefits. Sa'id lives with Jamal and he works to support the family and himself. When word spread of the resistance, Jamal and Sa'id decided to join up, Jamal using his skills, Sa'id using his experience.
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: Family welfare
    Desired branch of the army: Engineering

    Might make a CS for Sa'id el-Ghazzawy later unless someone else wants to play him. His branch is Marines, Army, or Medical. (he was a combat medic in the military)
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  8. Looks fine, same as the last one. Will be adding to the roster.
  9. Added a picture because I forgot to do that

    EDIT: Also fixed a crapload of typos and grammar screw ups
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  10. Well I guess that I should probablly join in. Except my CS to show up sooner or later.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Varo
    Surname: Inugachi
    Age: 42
    Place of Origin: Earth's L3 point orbital complex.

    Born to a unknown father and abusive mother Varo, as soon as possible, spent more time on the corridors of the stations that make the L3 orbital complex then at home and at the age of 15 he enlisted in the per-programs for military. With a natural talent at both getting, sensing and taking care of troublesome situations and with enough training he quickly became on of the more famous/infamous trainees. Two years later one of the higher ranked officers (and instructors) in the per-program decided that there was nothing left to teach Varo and with a special permit sent him off to officially join the military branch of his choosing. Varo chose the Marines and from there on his live progressed as one would expect, until the day when his unit was sent to Delta Cassiopeiae. There he got unlucky and received a railgun shot into his lower abdomen critically damaging all the organs and tissue in this area.
    After receiving treatment by having all the affected areas replaced with artificial organs and regrown tissue, he was determined unfit for further military service and was honorably discharged. From there on his life was a harsh one, since he was forced to spend all his retirement found and saved paychecks to pay the therapy he need to received until the body adapted to his replaced parts as well as those for rebuilding his muscles which decreased significantly during the six months period he spent recovering from the effects of the shot.
    With no where else to go he decide to see what living he cloud make on the world that he was stranded on - Cassiopeia Nova. But not many places were willing to accept someone like him so for years he drifted between odd jobs and short-term PCM contracts until he managed to get a solid job which lasted for a year in the safari zone of Marai Entertainment Industried. It was during this year that he came in contact with a rebel smuggler using the wild ares of Healey to land weapons and supplies from the orbit and as his first year in Marai ended and after hearing his story and the reason for the rebellion he decided to join the movement. Without quitting the job at Marai he escaped into the wild areas of Healey and helped the rebels up until a few days ago when he showed up at the central rebel HQ and said: "I am here. Use me wherever you think I can help."
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: Disappointment in the system, revenge for being abandoned by everyone he believed in.
    Desired branch of the army: Marine/Recon (he was a Marine sniper).

    Name: Ariáne
    Surname: Súldock
    Age: 21
    Place of Origin: Sirus system, but was gated to Cassiopeia Nova inside the first year of her life.
    Ariáne was born as one of two Siamese twins of the Súldock family and as soon as that was possible she and her sister, Zóla (died when a landing orbital private shuttle crashed in her house), were separated surgically by American Medical Incorporated. But it soon was obvious that Ariáne's body was dying unable to handle with the burden that the procedure placed on her body. With no money to pay the treatments for Ariáne her parents signed the papers which made Johnathan Chávells her caretaker, with a large sum also being transferred to the account of the Súldock family. As soon as the papers were signed Ariáne and Johnathan were on the way for the remote world of Cassiopeia Nova and AMI's lab there, far from curious eyes.
    There Ariáne was used as a subject for testing a new kinds of prosthetic and more then a dozen or so times she was brought back from the brink of death. This went for years until when seven years ago Johnathan found out something that made him lose are loyalty and trust into all corporations. In secret he became on of the major parts of the rebellion and provided many helpful insights while on the other hand slowly making progress in creating a genius artificial body for Ariáne (who by that time was almost completely devoid of organic parts) as well as teaching her about the rebellion and their goals. He kept this until a year ago when he decided that it was time to leave his job and devote his full attention to being one of the key scientist working for rebels. He staged his and Ariáne's death in a gigantic explosion of the lab they were in and the two escaped to the rebel HQ.
    Inside the last year Ariáne trained heavily to become some of use for the rebellion and showed great results in doing so. Her speed and agility, provided by the artificial body that her caretaker gave her earned her the nickname "Lynx" amongst the rebels.
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: For freedom from corporate and Earth oppression as well as for revenge due to her body being the result of the corrupted system.
    Desired branch of the army: Marine
    Ariáne's body is almost completely artificial with only the head (except the right eye), brain and reproduction organs left, the rest is now replaced with artificial parts. Her caretaker and a genius at cyborg prosthetic, doctor Johnathan Chávells, has build an one of the kind design with ground breaking technologies placed into it as her current body.
    The basic structure of the body is provided trough the complex alloyed partially adaptive "skin" which is covered with a number of sensors and moved from inside with artificial muscles, it has improved abilities at stopping bullets and can withstand energy weapons with smaller energy intensity per second, the artificial muscles allow her to match the strength of an super-heavy weight champion and achieve agility and speed of top ranking athletes. Most of the inside is hollow, the only thing to note are the additional protective layer on the inside which guard her remaining organs and an internal fire fighting system to prevent fire or a laser from overheating her.
    Power for motions is provided from two sources: Batteries in each of the limbs and one of the two miniaturized nuclear reactors, one located where the heart would be and another on the center of her back (also serves as the insertion point for reactor fuel). On the back of her shoulders there are also two build in connectors for various light equipment, like radios, detectors, gliders for gliding trough the air (seen on the picture in the non-extracted form), parachutes and even jet packs (with the fuel then being stored in the hallow inside of her body).
    All the needs of the remaining organs in her body - oxygen, blood filtration and so on are provided with four small units - two in her neck and two in her upper portion of legs with the main source of nutrients being a specialized solidified liquid mix of vitamins, minerals, sugar and so on. Since most of her body is covered with an active optic camouflage & chameleon system which can also be used to change the apparent color of her body only her fingers have been covered in artificial skin. Her right eye is one of the rare parts that, unlike the rest of the body, left from an experiment done on her before in which her natural eye was replaced with an experimental artificial eye build out of a camera for space crafts which cloud "see" the world in a large portion of the electromagnetic specter.
    Overall weight is 60 kg. If extra protection is desired up to 10 kg of armor plates can be added without compromising agility.

    That it is for now. If there is something that needs to be changed say so. Also if you want I can make an actual CS for Ariáne's caretaker Johnathan Chávells trough I would then like for it not to be counted towards my total CS number as he is a rebel scientist not an actual combatant, despite him having some skills in shooting a pistol. Otherwise he remains just in Ariáne's history.
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  12. Name: Riktor (aka Rik)
    Surname: Maupin
    Age: 25
    Place of Origin: off world, space station gamma orbiting Jupiter
    History: born to a single mother in the slum district of station gamma, Rik grew up learning that only the strong survive. He was often beaten up for his quirky personality that often got him in trouble. After turning 18 he left station gamma to escape his past since his mother had died due to the poor living conditions. After working odd jobs he fell in with a group of mercenaries, it was with them that Rik came to find his favorite profession. He soon came to enjoy the rush of close quarters combat, his favorite weapon being a shotgun and his skills with fighting dirty and creating improvised explosives made a lethal combination. After several years of mercenary work he was contacted by the rebel army who asked if he would fight for their cause. Having grown bored of being a thug, Rik eagerly accepted and made his way to Delta Cassiopeiae.
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: It is a reasonable cause (in Rik's opinion), and he gets paid to do what he loves.
    Desired branch of the army: army, preferably tactical assault squad

    Show Spoiler
    pointman_armor_by_alexjjessup-d6i328z.png ew_by_st_boomer-d53q8vm.png
  13. Right, these character are accepted, the CRA actually does hire mercenaries if they accept the relatively low pay.
    Varo Inugachi - Marine
    Ariáne Súldock - Marine
    Riktor Maupin - Army

    Also with 4 people (Including me) we will soon begin the IC.
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  14. So when do we start?
  15. Actually... I might as well assign you right now.

    Battlezone A, Sector 4.
    Ariáne Súldock
    Viole Romilly

    Battlezone C, Sectors 5 and 6 South.
    Riktor Maupin
    Varo Inugachi
    Jamal el-Ghazzawy
  16. Oh yeah, pick assets now, you are allowed only one main asset and any two types of grenades times three, besides plasma.
    Of course you may pick two of the same type.
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  17. How do you want us to start? Will you give us a briefing then flashforward to when the soldiers start their missions?
  18. Pretty much, You'll be dropped off via APC/Tank
    In Battlezone C you'll meet up with my char later, while in Battlezone A my char will start with you.
  19. Cool, I shall refrain from posting until everyone else says they are ready
  20. I'm going to go ahead and introduce Sa'id el-Ghazzawy since we need someone in Medical.

    Name: Sa'id
    Surname: el-Ghazzawy
    Age: 32
    Place of Origin: Battlezone D, Sector 7 - Northeast Renebach
    History: Being the middle brother and also younger than his sister, Sa'id grew up rather humbly. His older brother and sister worked as mechanics from when they turned 16, but that wasn't the field for Sa'id. He spent some time doing community service before he turned 18, when he started looking for a job. He got married to Jenny Ackers when he turned 23 and, realizing he had almost no marketable skills, joined the military to support his family. Through long service, Sa'id was retired with veteran status at 28, but was never given serviceman benefits. Embittered by this, Sa'id trudged back to Renebach and used his experience as a combat medic as a doctor. Unfortunately, unlike most doctors, he never managed to make much money due to the local depression making the medical field hardly profitable.
    Forced to live with his somewhat more successful brother, Sa'id tried his best to help pay the bills, but his pay grade was insufficient to even buy groceries (were it not for Hussain). Luckily, Jamal is a very merciful brother. When word of the rebellion spread to Jamal and Sa'id, they both deigned to use their respective skills and expertise to help the best they could. Sa'id's experience as a combat medic puts him in a field advantage over non-ex-military soldiers, and is even experienced with drilling others.
    Reasons for joining the Revolutionary army: Revenge for discharge without benefits, family welfare
    Desired branch of the army: Medical