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  2. Jasper Mercy Willows
    He trudged through the woods at a relatively slow pace. It was early morning, the sun was only just rising above the horizon. It was filtering through the trees, reflecting off of the dew on the leaves and trees in a dazzling way. Fog hugged the ground from just a few feet above, partially obscuring his vision from at least a few ten yards. He had left his home early this morning to go hunting for deer. It wasn't exactly hunting season but it was only three months away. Besides, he couldn't go back home now - he had left his home permanently. Once he was deep enough in the forest, he sat his two backpacks in one of the many crevices of the enormous rock formation that had haunted the backwoods of his home - the Devil's Hand. It looked that a giants hand reaching up from the ground, it had to be at least forty feet tall. He delved deeper into the woods, the cold of the light morning wind biting at his open skin. The time he had spent lugging his backpacks up the hill and through a rugged, rocky trail had nearly worn him out. He huffed as he finished making his way down the other side of the hill, following some deer tracks. The forest was eerily silent, the only sound he picked up now and again amongst the light wind were the trees breathing - especially the old ones. Every time he passed an ancient tree he heard it creak once, if he was lucky he would hear it a second time. As the deer trail steadily became fresher the weather got colder, suddenly there was a stillness in the air. His gut told him to turn back but he just pushed the feeling away. Little did he know that this would be the time his stubbornness would cost him. The wind began to pick up ever slightly before he came to a sudden stop, had he seen a snowflake just now? It was almost summer, why would there be snow? As he continued onward it slowly began to snow harder and the snowflakes grew in size.

    Once he believed he was drawing closer than ever to the deer herd he had been tracking, he walked slower and slower. It was then that he felt as if he were being watched and a strange sense of dread washed over him. He shook his head, "Everything's fine." The words escaped him in a soft murmur, hardly audible. He heard some nearby animal move in the thicket and he ducked down. He drew his rifle and crept forward to peak through the brush. The deer was almost directly in front of him, how had it not seen him? He aimed his rifle, his index finger hovering over the trigger. Just as he was about to fire the deer's head shot up just before it turned and ran into another patch of thick brush. "Damn." He stated, his words came out loud and harsh. He heard a few sticks snap behind him, something had heard him. The moment he turned he found himself swathed in some sort of black mist or cloud, writhing and squirming as it enveloped him and stuffed itself down his throat. He couldn't scream, much less breathe. It wasn't long before his spirit left him. After what seemed like an eternity of quiet and blackness, something horrid appeared in his vision. It was some creature without skin and looked as if it were slowly rotting away. Curved and twisted horns sprouted from its head and neck; it's eyes were deep, empty sockets. Its limbs were contorted in shapes that made gazing at them feel painful. He tried to look away, but it was everywhere. It was almost as if it were in his eyes, he could see nothing but it. He only saw it for a few seconds, it was screaming and shrieking at him. Despite the awful noise that was leaving it, he couldn't help but feel as if it were trying to tell him something. Something important. Once the nightmare fuel had gone he found himself shivering and convulsing on the carpet of an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar place he didn't recognize. He gasped and coughed, he felt as if he could hardly move. He turned over on his stomach and attempted to lift himself up, russet brown hair falling over his eyes. He collapsed, he couldn't stop coughing. He felt as if he were coughing up a lung. His arms shook violently as he pushed himself up again, falling back on top of his legs. His hazel eyes now seemed devoted to the expression of pure shock and fear. He felt as if he were about to pass out, what the Hell had he just seen?

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  3. [​IMG]

    The pits of fire were especially busy at this moment in time, black shadows flitting around in all directions, yanking back any souls that strayed too far from the flames. Screams of agony and despair echoed along the rocky walls, while three demons sat at a rotting table, watching the flames dance wildly at their feeding in interest. Two of the demons were your typical nightmare fuel; the kind a small child would find hiding under their bed or closet, except they were a thousand times worse than that. One of them sprouted giant black horns, their eyes non-existent. Just empty sockets, a thick black substance drizzling out of them. The second one was permanently hunched over, with cloven hooves and a face that resembled a decaying pig with grey skin covered in maggots, and also, a broken jaw. The third one, however, greatly contrasted the two hideous figures, resembling a pale young woman with disheveled black hair, and cracked skin. Her eyes were nothing but a black void, no emotions whatsoever; hypnotic and eerie. She wore robes that resembled a torn black t-shirt with dried blood encrusted in the threads around the collar, along with matching black pants covered in dirt and a tar-like substance. She wore no shoes; all that was seen were bony feet with black toenails.

    And trust me, they weren't exactly a pretty sight to see.

    Morrigan's lungs emitted a soft sigh, pivoting her body in her chair whilst reaching for her chalice which held such a sweet crimson nectar to consume. In other words, human blood. Instead of drinking it, however, she dipped two fingers in it and brought them up to her cheek, the substance trickling off of her jawline, a satisfied look on her face. The horned demon, still watching the shadows working in the pits, growled lowly at her, "I heard human blood is bad for your skin."
    Pigface grunted, slowly swiveling his head to suspiciously eye Morrigan as she continued her bloody facial. She failed to visually acknowledge both of them, responding with opposition, "I don't recall asking for your opinion, Fool." Her eyes quickly flashed dark red while sharply shifting her head to take a look at the two. The horned demon looked at her, the same black substance dripping from his eye sockets now coming out of his mouth. Morrigan smiled, "It makes me feel prettier than I already am."

    "Do not call me 'Fool'. I have a name," he loudly growled once more, a foreboding expression plastered on his visage. Morrigan didn't even budge, and she sat back in her chair, taking the chalice and pouring the rest of the blood into her lap. "Well you certainly don't deserve a better title than such. Besides, Pigface here doesn't have a proper name, so it's only fair."

    "If we're all gonna be fair, we have every right to call you Bitch instead of Morrigan," Pigface added, a piece of his face chipping off in the process. Fool leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table, linking his fingers together, "Your fascination with human blood is rather morbid. Has it ever occurred to you that you may have been a vampire in the Victorian era, before serving in Hell?"
    Suddenly, Morrigan violently stood up and slammed her skeletal hands on the table, her force was so great that the chalice crashed to the ground and the frail chair nearly broke into a million pieces. It even caused Pigface to wince slightly. "How dare you think me inferior to a lowly vampire, Fool. The only thing that is morbid here is you and Pigface. I am superior to the both of you and you will treat me with respect. My name is not Bitch, and you are no longer allowed to call me Morrigan. You'll address me as Lady Macabre and nothing else."

    Instead of being scared off like small children, Pigface and Fool hardly even budged, the two of them looking at each other in annoyance. Fool snorted, "You're meaner than the shades."
    Morrigan tuned him out, nostrils flaring as she had caught a strange aroma filling the sulfuric air. She brought a forearm up to her face and wiped the blood away, swiveling her head to the area behind her with great interest, "I smell fear."
    Without hesitation, she turned away from the get-together-gone-awry and made her way towards the scent, Pigface and Fool turning their attentions back to the shades.

    Soon, Morrigan's body seemed to dissipate into a flurry of shadowed tentacles and whatnot, making her way into the room where the scent was at its strongest. The room became dark and cold, one corner on the ceiling turning completely black as the tentacles stretched out, nearly completely covering one wall of the room. Morrigan's face stuck out of the shadows, eyeing the strange figure on the floor. Immediately did her eyes momentarily glow red in inquisition. It's a dog.

    She returned to her normal form and approached the boy, cocking her head to the side with a smug grin; a cold dead hand reached out towards him, landing gingerly atop his head to pet his hair. "You poor, sick puppy. I'll take nice care of you."
  4. Jasper Mercy Willows
    He only caught a moment to stare at the reddish brown ceiling before his body threw itself forward. He was once again trapped in another fit of horrendous coughing, which didn't cease until blood sputtered out of his mouth, droplets of it spattering onto the floor as well as his chin. His chest was now in an incredible amount of pain, he recalled the same feeling from when that black substance was forcing itself down his throat. What the Hell had that thing been anyway? The image of 'it' returned to his mind, it was now plastered in his memory now. He wanted it out of his head, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

    It was then that realized how hot the room was. It wasn't exactly burning, fiery hot; nor was it that sort of hot that was just above comfortable - it was somewhere in-between. He coughed again, "Damn." He spit some blood on the floor and wiped his chin, which didn't do much except smear the dark liquid to the right of his chin. Suddenly the room darkened and grew drastically cold. He froze when a hand was laid on his head and a voice was directed towards him. He immediately reacted, awkwardly swerving around and smacking the hand away. A regrettable move. The anger in his eyes was swiftly replaced with terror. "Oh shit!" He stumbled backward and fell on his rear the moment he tried to actually stand. He backed into a wall and used it as support to lift himself up. He struggled to determine whether or not what he saw in front of him was real or not. His mind couldn't comprehend what was in front of him; it told him what he was seeing wasn't possible, that it had to be an illusion or hallucination of some kind.

    [please forgive the fact this one is so short compared to the last]
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  5. She ran her fingers through the locks of his hair, a smug smirk planting itself on her lips. Gently twirling one strand of hair around her index finger, using her long, black nail to slice it in half. She slowly brought her hand up towards her face to examine it, but was unable to. The strand was knocked clean out of her grip, her hand also being jolted to the side, her grin fading into a disappointed glare. Her eyes fell upon the face of the boy, his eyes switching from anger to that of pure fear, causing her nostrils to flare once more at the stench. The demon inhaled deeply, her smile returning; a smile so big that her teeth showed, which were white with a slight red stain on them, her canines resembling fangs on a vampire. The only difference was that there were two sets of them, side by side. Designed for tearing flesh apart.

    But she wasn't going to use them on this poor boy. Her intentions were somewhat pure.

    Morrigan shook her head and clicked her tongue, similar to what a mother would do when she was getting ready to scold a small child. She slowly approached him and stuck an index finger out, making a playful o-shape with her mouth, slowly extending her arm to boop his nose. Over and over. Each one being a little more violent than the last.
    "That's not nice. Did your old mistress hurt you? Is that why you're lashing out?" Her voice was of genuine concern, closing the gap between them more while getting super uncomfortably close. Breathing right on his neck, intrigued. Her eyes flit all around the room, moving back to give him a little space. She analyzed every little detail, every small crevice. One hand blindly reached out in his direction as if to keep him from moving, exhaling heavily. She shook her head once more, "This room is hideous. Completely unwelcoming."
    After a few silent moments of planning, she yanked her hand away and folded both arms across her chest, an inquisitive gaze being cast in his direction. She clicked her teeth, as this motion helped her think more clearly.

    "So, doggy. Riddle me this. Why are you here? Are you a soul that one of the shades missed, and strayed too far away from the fire pit that led to your eternal demise? Was that an accident, or did you escape and hide in here, thinking no one was gonna sniff you out? You're lucky I found you before anyone else did," Morrigan grunted abruptly, a small realization snapping in her mind. She looked down at the drying blood in her lap. There was nothing she could do about that, but the blood still on her face was a different story. A long black tongue slid out of the cave of her mouth and cleaned up the red substance, revealing her skin's true pallor once more. "Sorry about that. But in all seriousness, puppy, you must have done some pretty bad shit to not be tossed into the pits right away. Or whatever. What's the deal? Whatever is left of you depends on it."

    (Sorry if this is short, I can't really tell because I am posting from my phone at the moment.)​
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