Delirium of Perdition {private: bex & sei}

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  1. A witch and wizard role-play based on the HP series though there aren't any houses and it takes place years later.

    FIRST EPISODE: MI AMOR, lightblue The first episode is (just to clarify in the first episode they're first years) Amorphous Foster (Amor) has been liking a sweet girl named Luna whose his friend. Both of their friends, Shiro also likes Luna thus their friendship conflicts with each other. Luna sees both of them equally as her friends, but she eventually falls for Shiro leaving Amor devastated. He ends his life dramatically, only to be forgotten or considered a lunatic. (he's not dead forever, someone...just might bring him back). Wicket was the girl who was infatuated with Amor and when he killed himself she hid his body in her closet to find an ancient spell to bring a soul back to its body. Whether she accomplishes this feat remains unknown until the third episode.

    SECOND EPISODE: TIMBERED FEELINGS, pink The second episode a new girl has joined the school the next year and her name is Sumire Banda and her brother whose been enrolled in this school last year was Aiden (mainly known as Kimchi). They're actually twins but as to why Sumire didn't enroll last year...well that remains a mystery. Sumire ends up really liking Shiro for chivalry and decides that he's hers; however, Shiro already has a girlfriend and that would be Luna. So much drama occurs and her brother is even sided with Luna which ends up making Sumire feel alone. Thus she joins the sports quidditch in order to get pummeled by the quaffle (a ball in the quidditch sports) in the face multiple times. Leaving her face bloody, marred, and scarred. She joined the sports in order to feel more pain and to forget her past pain (past pain being shiro rejecting her). She ends up getting herself expelled for attempting to kill a student (not Luna, but the girl she tried to kill did look like her from behind somewhat).

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  2. NAME: Luna Isana
    D.O.B: February 13
    SEXUALITY: heretosexual
    APPEARANCE:this cute girl~!
    EXTRA(S): she likes to wear skirts. she also likes wearing shirts that are a size to big for her.
    PERSONALITY:she is a very childish person, who likes to have a good time with her friends. most of the time, she would be very caring and friendly.
    LIKES: big shirts, fluffy animals, apples, friends, and cake
    DISLIKES:lentils, bullies, mean words
    WEAPONS: broom stick, slingshot
    CRUSH: Loves Shiro, but at the moment she doesn't know it yet!
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  3. NAME: amorphous foster
    AGE: 17
    D.O.B: december 9th
    GENDER: male
    SEXUALITY: heterosexual
    APPEARANCE: yup, he cute
    EXTRA(S): he tends to wear loose fitting clothes.
    amorphous is more of a serious guy that tries to act all smart, but in reality he's more brawn than brains. he's hard-working and dedicated for the most part, so most would honestly admit that he can be a helpful and handy worker.
    LIKES: pandas, foods, wool, satin, cakes, girls, and money.
    DISLIKES: titans, corruption, and anything that most people would dislike.
    WEAPONS: he usually keeps a small blade within his pocket.
    a one-sided love with luna.
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  4. Luna rushed to the library, with an armful of heavy books, papers, and pencils. Almost tripping over her own feet, she quickly turned around and pushed the door open with her back, just in time to see Shiro coming over. "Hey, Luna, do you want any help?" He asked cheerfully before seeing the girl shake her head. "Nah, it's fine, I got it!" She said a tad bit stubbornly, running over to the table that Shiro had left his stuff in, throwing all her supplies onto it. Luna then stretched and groaned as she popped her back. "Ah, that feels so much better!" She exclaimed, stretching her arms up over her head. Shiro went next to her, raising an eyebrow. "You know, you're a witch right? You could've just used your magic to carry all that stuff.." He said with a smirk. Luna paused and blinked, then huffed. "Yeah, of course I know that! I just... Wanted to do it myself!" She admitted, trying to hide her sudden realization.
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  5. Amor smiled as soon as he saw Luna and Shiro heading towards him. Noticing that they were having a "dispute." He rushed over, "Hey Luna and Shiro, how are my best friends doing. Hmmm?" Adjusting his school robes which rustled, revealing his causal attire underneath. "We're suppose to go to the library to study for the final exams this semester." To be honest, Amor really didn't care about studying; however, he did care about studying with Luna. She's his first everything, or so he likes to think.
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  6. Luna quickly got over her embarrassment as she saw Amor coming over. "Hi Love!" She said happily. "Hey Amor.." Shiro greeted with a somewhat tired smile. "I guess we should get to studying, huh?" Luna hopped on her heels. "We seriously gotta study! Kick those little kids' butts and show them who's boss!" Luna raised a fist in the air triumphantly. "Come on guys!" Shiro laughed and followed Luna to her things. "Why do you feel the need to beat everyone that's smaller than you?" He asked, patting her head before Luna ran over to Amor. "Amor! You gotta see this book! It has a lot of stuff about ancient magic and stuff, some of this is really cool!!" She said excitedly, putting a book in his hands. "Okay, NOW we can go study!! First it's gonna be... um... What exam do we have first again..?" She asked, smiling nervously as she scratched the back of her neck.
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  7. Amor smiled, "So excited to study I see." Being around Luna and Shiro was like taking a fresh breath of air, it was relieving. "Yeah, Shiro...she's quite energetic. I wonder didn't feed her anything weird did you?" he questioned jokingly. Noting the book that Luna held in her hands he frowned, "Uhhh, yeah that is an old book. We can't even read it you weirdo, try finding a book we can study from." Flicking Luna on the forehead lightly, he followed along the two of his best buddies. A stable relationship between friends who balanced each other quite well. Luna interjected in his thoughts when she asked what exam they had. Laughing out loud he answered eventually, "Luna, it's Herbology first since the exam is next week and that's the first one that we take since we're luckily in the same classes."
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  8. Shiro laughed, shaking his head. "She just came here like that, don't look at me!" He replied as he took out his books and papers. Luna pouted when she got flicked in the forehead. "Duuuude, you didn't even look at the pictureees!" Luna whined, before huffing her hair away and took out her book on herbs. "Fine, we'll actually study. But later, you guys both have to do me a favor! It's been a while since we did something fun, we gotta go explore the castle, or go through the hidden halls!" Luna then gasped and covered her mouth with both hands. Shiro looked over at her and sighed, sitting down in the empty chair next to her. "Amor, do you think we should restrain her somehow?" He said jokingly. "We could always get a leash for her and make her cook for us, right?" Shiro poked Luna's forehead. "School first, adventure second, right, Amor?"
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