Delinquente di Professione

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  1. The office day already started, and everyone had already began their tasks for the day. The upper floors of the building held most of the employees, and on each floor the sounds of work could be heard. Phone calls were being taken care of, documents perused and filed away as necessary. Conversations about the work and even a few other things could be heard periodically. It wasn't a strict environment, but everyone got their work done and didn't goof off more than was appropriate.

    Andrew walked in with a large gourmet coffee in his hand an hour late and walked towards the large room that held the IT department. He was in charge of general computer maintenance. During the day he had various updates and scans to do on various systems. But Andrew didn't really care about what he was supposed to do. He could easily get one of his "underlings" to take care of the meager tasks for him. He was too important, he decided, to be kept busy with the small stuff.

    "Good morning," he greeted the other members of this department. The office had one other IT department, but both handled different things. The other department focused on information security. There was also more members in that department. In this department, there was only half a dozen employees. Andrew was only a year out of college but he was already all but in charge of this department. The man who was his immediate supervisor wasn't in the room and likely hasn't even bothered to wonder where he was. As far as the man was aware, Andrew was a saint.

    Ignoring the fact that no one returned his greeting, Andrew sat down at his desk and started up his computer. He felt like putting in a little effort today, since he was the best.
  2. Mary took a deep breath as she prepared for the huge day ahead of her. She was a new intern to this company, and from what she had been informed so far, she would be doing mostly secretarial work until she had been with them for a certain amount of time. Then she will evaluated and try to get her to fit with where her degree had been in. She was a hard worker, and was proud of where it had gotten her. This company was not the easiest to get into and she was offered the internship because of her record of hard work and her achievements.

    She had been filing paperwork when she noticed some guy just come in, seemingly uncaring of the fact that he was late. Mary scoffed and rolled her eyes apple green eyes as she went to continue what she was doing. If a guy like that continued the way he was, he wouldn't get anywhere in a company. Especially one like this. Her next task was mail, and so she went towards the cart that had been brought to her from the mail room to start handing it out to the proper places. Ah, she wished she was doing other work, but this was tolerable for now.
  3. After a while, Andrew scrunched his nose up at the computer screen. Too many tickets were coming in about some minor glitches, and he was loathe to read through them all. Glancing at the other techs, he considered whether he should get one of them to sort through them first or not. Grumbling, he turned back to the screen and read through a couple until he decided it was too tiresome.

    "Mick," he said, looking over at the other tech. "Wanna sort through the tickets for me?" The young man frowned but didn't complain, choosing instead to just nod and switch tasks. Feeling triumphant, Andrew grinned and stood. "I'm going to, ah..." He looked at another ticket that just popped up; it looked like a technical issue he'd have to go work on himself. "I'm going to go take care of this issue at PC 3-42."

    No one batted an eye, and Andrew walked off with a shrug. Who cares what they thought about him. He was on top compared to them. Smirking, he wandered through the office towards the computer in question. Maybe he can figure out a way to make this task take a little longer just to stay away from the IT department office. There was socializing to be had, after all.
  4. Mary lightly sighed at how boring her current task was. She tried to just bare it, thinking that it would eventually pay off, but it was hard to keep telling her this knowing how much time it would probably take. The only good part about this is that she could slightly hear what others were saying.

    "Can you believe that young guy is the head of his department?" One lady had whispered to another.
    "He's not too bad looking either, but isn't he a bit.. well... cocky?" Another whispered back.

    Mary rolled her eyes. She had no time for such talk. Well, yeah, she could listen, but it just did not interest her. Besides, she wasn't sure how young the "young guy" was, but she reasoned that he wasn't that close to her own age. She looked down at the envelope at hand. She had to find out where this one went, and it proved to be a little harder than normal.
  5. Andrew smiled politely at those he passed, smirking as he heard a couple people talking about him. He was, indeed, worth talking about. His eyes moved towards the voices and winked at them before turning around the corner and walking into the cubicle with the malfunctioning computer.

    The man sitting there looked panicked. "It was all right for a moment, except for the fact that it wouldn't open the Start menu like I put in the ticket. But then it just... turned off! I can't get it to come back on!"

    Andrew sighed but offered the man a small smile. "I'm sure it's nothing you did," he said, the line practiced. It was drilled into his head that he should never make the user of the computer feel responsible. And with most computer malfunctions that was indeed the case. "Why don't you go relax, get some coffee. I'll take a look, all right?"

    The man nodded and bolted from the cubicle. Andrew sighed and looked under the desk to look first at the power strip; yes, everything was plugged in. Nodding, he sat on the ground, opened the tower, and pulled out his bulky handheld for diagnostics of the machinery. Something told him this was going to take a while.