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    Is it possible to look too emo? the annoying little voice in the back of Saoirse's mind said as she studied herself in the mirror. The girl wore all black, from the chunky combat boots on her feet to the lacy black long-sleeve shirt molded tightly to her skin. Her black makeup with thick, and she had bought a new black piercing for her septum. The only spot of colour on Saoirse's entire body was her vibrant purple hair.

    Of course not, she told the little voice.

    Saoirse whipped her phone from her pocket and shot a text to Jimmy: HEY, YOU READY FOR THE ENGLISH EXAM? DID YOU EVEN READ THE BOOK? YOU DIDN'T READ THE BOOK, DID YOU? YOU'RE FUCKED.

    Determined to avoid her parents' demeaning comments on her outfit today, Saoirse slid out of her window and scaled the tree growing beside it. She landed softly on the ground. Saoirse crossed the pristine front lawn her father spent his weekends maintaining, and sat squarely on the footpath in front of her house, waiting for Isaac to pick her up.

    [​IMG] AND [​IMG]
    "So," said Isaac as he and his brother wolfed down the delicious pancakes, drenched in berry juice, their mother had prepared for them. "You coming to my game on Friday?"

    "Yes," said Elliot.

    "You could bring a date," said Isaac. "Everyone else will probably be bringing a date."

    The only person I want to bring is your girlfriend, thought Elliot bitterly. To avoid meeting his brother's eyes, he looked down at his plate -- and immediately regretted it. The berry juices were the same colour as Saoirse's hair.

    Isaac finished his plate, wiped his mouth on the back of his sleeve and stood up. "C'mon," he said. "Saoirse's probably waiting."

    In the car, Elliot pulled his laptop from his bag and began his favourite past time -- hacking. He was currently on a job. A jock who he rarely spoke to -- except when he was begging him to not to flush his head down a toilet -- was paying him to hack the school system and change his grades from F's to B's.

    Isaac was mulling over his upcoming dance competition, which was the Saturday -- the day after the big game. Isaac knew he would be absolutely exhausted on Sunday.

    Isaac pulled up at Saoirse's house. Saoirse dashed to his car, slid into the seat behind the driver's, leaned around the upholstery and pecked Isaac on the lips. Elliot, pretending he didn't see, died a little more inside.

    "So, are you guys ready for the English exam?" said Saoirse, sitting back as Isaac drove away.

    "I'm fucked," said both Isaac and Elliot simultaneously.
    Dressed in her usual heavy outfit of black-and-white leather, Annostacia sent a text to Asher, her boyfriend; HEY, LEANNA'S SICK AND SHE CAN'T DRIVE ME TO SCHOOL. CAN YOU PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE PICK ME UP? XOXOXOXO <3. She grabbed her guitar case and school bag and descended the stairs.

    The home had no reminders of her deceased parents. Leanna, Annostacia's older sister, shared her philosophy of not dwelling on the past. It would only bring you down, and Annostacia intended to only go up. Leanna was collapsed on the couch, sleeping a flu off.

    Annostacia grabbed a large green apple from the fruitbowl before stepping outside her house to wait for Asher.


    "MISCHA!" Jesse called through the thin walls of their house.


    "Do you need me to drive you to school?"

    "No, I'm going with Luc."


    Driving to school, Jesse thought about Luc. His little sister's best friend. He wasn't quite sure whether he had any feelings for her. Yet.

    Mischa tiptoed past her aunt and uncle's bedroom, where they were sleeping. They both worked night shifts, so Mischa and Jesse rarely saw them.

    The morning air was crisp as Mischa jumped the fence between hers and Luc's house. She slumped against the fence there, and waited for Luc.

  3. Kestrel finished inserting her lip piercing after fixing her scarf around her neck. Once she checked the outfit in the mirror, she took her cellphone and grabbed her prized clarinet case in hand. "Bye, Seriath.." "Bye, Kes! Come back safely!" "I will!" Kestrel replied to her brother, who was cooking his own breakfast on a free day, before stepping out to start walking to the school. One of her handheld video game systems was in her back pocket to play with Jun during lunch time.

    "See ya, Okaasan~!" "Goodbye, darling. Make sure you don't forget your bentos!" "Hai! Bye-bye!" Maji waved to her adoptive mother, book bag filled with five bentos, before shutting the door behind her to start her morning walk to school. Maji's sketchbook and pencils were in her bag, along with the hot lunches she prepared for her friends.

    Samuel made haste to quickly pull on his jacket and grab his backpack before he ran late to meet up with his small group of friends. "Bye, Hermano~!" "Bye, Aaron.. Watch Grandma and the house for me, alright..?" "Okay~!" Samuel smiled and ruffled his younger brother's hair, making sure his Grandmother was well situated before leaving for the hellhole he called school. His camera was around his neck, ready for any artistic shots.

    Jun had already made his way to the school, and was waiting at the outer gates with his cellphone in hand while he waited. He looked up and saw Kestrel walking up the sidewalk to his side. "Ohayou, Kes-cchi." " Good Morning, Jun... How is Kiko..?" "She's great. Lets wait for the others," Jun commented, pulling out his video game along with Kestrel to entertain themselves on their game until the others showed up.

    Veronika finished lining her eyes with the thick eyeliner, and had just finished styling her hair when her phone's alarm went off to remind her about getting to school. "Time to go!" After grabbing her dance shoes and stuffing a piece of toast in to her mouth, the tall teen shut her door and proceeded to roller blade to school. Jun had invented some shoes with installed rollerblades that would help her get to school on time, because of how far she lived from the school.

  4. Alex was already downstairs eating away at his breakfast of french toast, eggs and bacon. All the delicious things he wanted first thing in the morning. The only problem... Luca was still in bed, asleep like a rock. While he knew it was best to wake him up he wasn't going to. Alex wanted breakfast and was going to give it up to wake up his sleepy brother.

    Luca was still asleep but he soon rolled over only to find that it was late. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" He muttered under breath as he hurried got dressed. Luca flew down the stairs only to see that his brother was enjoying his bountiful feast. "Really?! You couldn't get me up or try to make an effort!" He said and took the last two strips of bacon off his plate and his glass of apple juice.

    "I was going to eat that!" Alex frowned but went with it knowing his brother was mad at him. "Aww don't be sad I would have woken you up eventually." he said and started to grab his stuff. "Lets get out of here, we got classes... so many classes." It was all he needed to say to get him and his brother out of the house.

    Sophie really didn't want to go anywhere, especially school but there came a few problems. Such as her mother and step father arguing with her each morning to get to school. "I don't want to go today Mom." She said with the usual eye roll. Sophie and her mother never got along and her step father usually kept his nose out of it. "You'er going one way or another. If you keep skipping they'll drop you out sooner or later and I'm doing all I can to keep you there. So go get your bags. I'm driving." Today wasn't a good morning and it was best to go with it and maybe skip class some other way.

    Isabella fixed up her hair and made sure her eyeliner was well done. It was hard to decide what to wear but she figured a simple stripped tee, denim shorts and a loose knitted sweater, that was twice her size, would do it. "Alright you guys, I'm off to school!" she shouted and was soon out the door. Her favorite thing about school was seeing Aaron, it was hard not to sorta like him but it surly made her day.
  5. [​IMG]

    Andrew & Dylan


    Andrew did not need this right now. He wasn't in the mood. Honestly, he was never in the mood. But today was a lot worse. He didn't get the amount of sleep that a teen his age needs to function throughout the day. Eyes weary and slightly bloodshot, he shuffled from his room into his sister's, immediately glaring at her when he finally reached it. From what he could see, he was being called to see what outfit the brunette was going to wear today. Not again, he thought with an intense roll of his eyes. If his sister noticed, she didn't say anything about it.

    "Should I go with the army green or the teal?" Dylan questioned, whipping around to face her brother, hands clutching her two top outfits for the day. She was torn between wearing something flowy and girly or something a bit more tight-fitting. As she waited, she analyzed her brother's dreadful appearance. It made her frown slightly. Wonder what he was doing last night, she thought. It was silent as she watched her brother look over her outfits for the day.

    "The army green," Andrew grumbled before exiting out of his sister's room to get dressed himself. By the time that he was done and exiting his room, his sister was also walking out of her own. They met each other's gaze before making their way downstairs. With their parents at work, they took the opportunity to eat junk food for breakfast, stuffing their faces with brownies and cookies. Soon, they left out of the house and began to make their way to school.

    "We have an English test today, you know," Dylan said out of the blue as they walked.

    Even though Andrew was excellent in his academics, he still groaned out loud, rubbing furiously at his eyes. "You've got to be kidding, right now. What the hell? I didn't even study, goddamn it..," he said, beginning to mumble to himself towards the end. His annoyance only heightened when he heard his sister laugh softly at him.

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  6. Brianna Blackthorn


    Brianna let out a shaky breath and adjusted her black top hat. Her brown and black hair now a mixture of two colors of browns and her green eyes now blue because of contacts. "Alright then. Time to go to school~" she told herself and grabbed a bag of jellybeans before exiting her apartment and into her black porsche 918 Spyder.

    Upon arriving at school, Brianna parked her car on her usual parking spot and checked her phone. "Black licorice" she muttered under her breath as she read the messages on her phone. She just discovered that she has an English exam today! She was so busy practicing her gymnastics routine last night that she barely got time to read through her notes. With a heavy sigh, she walked through the halls, and sauntered her way to her locker, grabbing her English notebook and scanning through the pages.

    "I wish the professor won't give me a failing grade. My parents are going to kill me!" she prayed inside her head, leaning over her locker and reading her notes, trying to remember something before her class starts.
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    Aaron Campbell had officially decided that school was worthless. It was a hindrance of artistic talent. After his photography album had been refused by the school (he only wanted to sell a FEW pictures!), he had rather become bitter towards the school system that was Delilah Morte Academy.

    Furthermore, they don't even have a photography club! It was despicable! Unfortunately, however, his parents were sticklers about perfect attendance--he hadn't missed a day of school since the fourth grade. So now he was driving in irritation towards the special little hell-hole, his camera safe in its case for use throughout the day (you never know when a muse might come along!).

    As soon as he had turned into the parking lot, a feeling of dread washed over him that was only slightly helped by the sight of some of his friends. Sighing, he put his car into park and exited, doing a full-up stop in his tracks when he remembered.

    OH SHIT! he thought loudly as he remembered the English exam. No wonder he had been dreading this day so much. He hadn't studied one bit due to a photo-worthy storm that had occurred last night. "I officially hate my life," he said, hanging his head in defeat.

    Asher was in a much better mood that morning, especially when he got a text from his wonderful girlfriend Annostacia. He smiled, eating a quick cereal breakfast before heading out the door. Annostacia's house was on his way to the school, but he would pick her up even if it wasn't. Frankly, he would do almost anything for the girl. Was it un-manly to say that he was in love? Probably.

    He turned up the radio as one of his favorite songs blasted through the speakers. The song ended just as he drove up to her house, so he turned down the volume so they could talk for a little bit. Being a senior, he could not wait to be done with school and off to college. Believe it or not, he actually had plans for the future.
    "Get your ass moving, Anna!" Ariel called up to her twin sister, tapping her foot in impatience. She hated that she had to share a car with her twin; it meant that she couldn't just take off without her. "Stop being so impatient!" her sister retorted, her voice much more melodic compared to Ariel's. The two were stark opposites: where Anna was friendly, Ariel was hostile. Where Anna was outgoing, Ariel was reserved. And so on and so forth. But they still loved each other no matter how many times they had a screaming match.

    "I'm leaving without you!" Ariel finally yelled, her patience lost. She jingled her keys in defiance and opened the front door. Instead of actually leaving, however, she hid to the side whilst slamming the door shut. Her sister let out a squeal of anger, curse words flinging out of her mouth. As expected, Anna came running down the stairs while still struggling to zip up her brown boots.

    "Ariel, you bitch!" she cried, running out the door and slamming it behind her. It was then that Ariel came out, sitting on the bottom step of the stairs with a smirk on her face. 5...4...3...2...

    The door opened once more, and Anna couldn't look more embarrassed and angry at the same time. "Just why?" she questioned, though she knew the answer. In fact, she mouthed the words as Ariel said them. "To get you to move your sorry ass down the stairs." The two knew each other too well, and they suddenly started laughing. And then they knew that the argument was over.

    After a horribly-bad sing-a-long in the twins' car, they arrived at the school. The two of them groaned when they saw the one person they equally hated: Daniel Lewis. But they wouldn't let his presence ruin their days, so they did nothing more than that. Ariel saw her best friend Brianna, and Anna saw Maji. From there, the two would likely not see each other until the end of the day. Or they would. It just depends.
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    Annostacia opened the back door of Asher's car, sliding her guitar case safely inside, before swinging into the front passenger seat. She heard the leather of her shirt crackle as she leaned over and kissed Asher, right on the lips. She lingered there for a long moment, before pulling back and smiling.

    "Hey," she said. "Thanks for picking me up."
    Isaac dropped Elliot off at the front gate. Elliot immediately sighted Jun and Kestrel. He crossed to them, pulling his laptop from his bag as he went.

    "Hey," said Elliot, sitting beside Jun and starting his laptop up. "Goddamn English test today."

    Isaac parked in his usual space and chivalrously opened Saoirse's door. "Thanks, sweetie," said Saoirse, kissing him lightly on the cheek. Hand in hand, they walked into the school.

    Eyes followed Isaac, like usual, with Isaac being incredibly popular as such. And, of course, those eyes fixated on Saoirse and wondered why popular, gorgeous, artistic Isaac was wasting his time a bitchy emo freak. And, like usual, Isaac and Saoirse ignored the stares and simply continued doing what they did.

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    Nick had already been up early that morning. He usually did and early morning work out in the gym thagche had at his house. After he worked out he grabbed a shower and got dressed. He was wearing a nice pair of American eagle jeans with a nice collard Nike shirt and brand new pair of Nike basketball shoes that he had just bought at the mall the night before. He was dressed in his usual athletic/ preppy attire and he made it look good if he did say so himself. He went downstairs and ate a breakfast of eggs and bacon him mom made him and after he was done ran out the house and got on the bus. When he got to school he headed to his locker and grabbed his things he needed for class.
  10. "Hey dude. Yeah, I prepared though. Had some time to myself while I worked." Jun greeted with a light smile as he fist-bumped Elliot and watched him boot up his laptop. He turned back to his game and groaned when Kestrel beat him in his moment of distraction. "That's not fair, Kes-cchi.. Oh hey, Maji-chan, Ve-chan, and Sam-cchi are coming."
    - X -
    Kestrel looked up from her game and played with her piercing with her tongue while she waved at the oncoming arrivals. "Hey guys!" She offered them a light grin that showed off her pearly white teeth, getting waves in return while they arrived.
    - X -​
    Veronika yawned and let the wheels go back in to her shoes before grinning widely at her group of friends. "Yo~! Hey Jun, you ready for that test~?" Veronika tilted her head and leaned on the gates of the school, finishing up her toast with a bottle of apple juice she purchased at a nearby gas station. When her response was a nod, she sighed and chugged her juice. She had not studied again.
    - X -​
    Samuel nodded to all of them and sat besides Kestrel to set his bag down. Luckily there was a lot of space for the teens to gather around in a group. He waved to Aaron when he approached, mismatched eyes making sure his violin case was safe by his bag. "Did you catch the storm yesterday..?"
    - X -​
    "Ohayou, minna! I made lunch~!" Maji called out once she also arrived with her skirt fluttering around her legs. Her sweater sloped off of one shoulder, and she wore a simple pink beanie on her long peach hair. She handed out the various Bentos with a smile when they all thanked her. She was known for her great cooking skills when it came to Japanese cuisine. She turned her head and noticed Anna nearing the school in the car, waving at her with a giggle. "Ohayou, Anna-cchi~!"

  11. Alex drove the two of them to school knowing there was a wonderful english exam waiting for him and many other students. Even though he really didn't study much of it he still wasn't going to stress out over it. For him thats how he would fail. He remembered most of the material and so he shouldn't have to fret over it. Alex stopped at the front gate to drop Luca off which was fine with him. "Remember I got volleyball practice today, so I suggest you either find someone to hang with or wait til practice is over." He said as Luca got his bag to leave. "Ugh, I forgot about your practice. I'll figure something out." Luca got out of the car and headed inside to his locker. Alex parked and happily went inside to his locker and grab what he needed.

    Luca was only two lockers away from Nick and so poked him in the back as he passed by. "Well I see you're well awake this morning." He said as he opened his locker and slipped on one of the many beanies he kept in his locker. Before saying another word a deep growl came from his stomach. He didn't have breakfast, unless you count two strips of bacon and a glass of juice as a meal. "By any chance do you have anything I could snack on. Alex didn't wake me up early enough. Not my fault I hate alarms." He said knowing his deep disdain for alarms only cuz they scared him too much.

    Sophie was dropped off at school by her mother and before she could eve say a word the girl was already out of the car. She walked the halls, her intensely bad mood showing off as she walked her way to the court yard. She usually hung out behind the staircase only because it was quieter compared to the halls. "Maybe I can skip class, possibly gym. It's easy to skip out of compared to math... that teacher has it out for me, I swear she does..." She had to plan all of this out. Sophie went ahead and sat down just to listen to music and drown out the sounds around her for awhile.

    The morning was going well so far. Isabella noticed the small buzz about an exam but right now she wasn't worried about that. Right now she was worried about her painting she left there to dry instead of taking it home. She hurried through the halls, passed her own locker and went to art room. Thankfully there wasn't anyone there and looking in the drying it she could see her artwork. She still had some more to do but she was sure Aaron wouldn't mind seeing it. They tend to feed off each other for inspiration and one of his pictures inspired some surreal artwork.
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    Nick stood at his locker half asleep as he tried finding what he needed for class, as he stood there he felt someone poke his back. He turned around and saw that it was Luca. Nick blushed and smiled, something that no one knew about Nick was that well he wasn't straight and he didn't like girls. He had a lot of girls on his grade that liked him but he didn't share the same feelings. He did like his best friend Luca though, but for some reason could never tell him. Even though he knew that Luca was out of the closet about it. I mean everyone knew that about Luca, but Nick just could never tell him. " yeah well you would be too if your dad forced you to wake up at 5am to go work out in the gym for a while before school." Nick sighed, Luca knew how much pressure Nick had on him to do well in sports. I mean don't get him wrong Nick loved playing baseball and football it was just his dad put so much pressure on him to do well, that it was very hard sometimes to live up to his dad's standards. Nick searche'd around his bag until he found an apple and gave it to Lucas. "So you coming to the football game Friday night?"
  13. [​IMG]

    Reece had woken up a few minute ago to Taylor Swift, not his choice but was an upbeat song that made him get up with a bit of unf in his step. He was no sitting on the edge of his bed with his hair sticking up in all directions and his eyes halfway shut. He wanted to go back to bed so badly, but he knew that his mother would come up and push him out of bed if he did. Not wanting her to do so, Reece gave it all his power and stood up then sluggishly walked to the bathroom down the hallway. Yawning out loudly, he began to get ready for the day one step at a time and slowly becoming more awake than that as his was when he woke up. After his spent an hour or two getting ready, Reece went downstairs and ate breakfast while saying hello to his siblings and mother who was cooking breakfast for everyone and getting his little sister ready for school. "Alright mom, i'm heading out." he said and got a warm and lovely goodbye from her as he walked out of the door and drove to school.

    Arriving to school wasn't a struggle thankfully, the morning was always the time when there was little to no traffic outside but when it was time to go home from school or practice...the struggle to get there was horrid. Reece stepped out of the car and took in the fresh air then started his way up the stairs and to his locker once again. He hated Mondays and wouldn't be surprised if this was what everyone thought of it, it was the day after the weekend and a long hike to the next one...who wouldn't hate it? The male arrived at his locker, "Oh, come on..." he cursed as he tried to open it. Some days Reece would succeed in unlocking the locker, other times the darn thing loved to fuck with him on days he really didn't feel like being messed with. He sighed heavily and began to do it again, "Really?" he said to himself before sitting his backpack down and trying to open it again.
  14. [​IMG]

    Andrew & Dylan
    Finally, the Bryant Twins had made it to Delilah Morte Academy. Upon reaching their destination, their mood went up and down, like a rollercoaster. They were happy to see their friends, yet irritated to see their enemies. In the end, the both of them focused on their friends, moods skyrocketing. Friends always made everything bearable. Even an English test that you didn't study for. Silently, they decided to go their separate ways. Turning to face each other, they began to say their temporary good-byes.

    "Well, I'm going to Anna over there," Andrew stated, pointing to where the girl's car was parked. He focused back on his sister. "I'm assuming you'll be going to Aaron...?" At her nod, Andrew nodded himself and began to make his way over to Anna.

    "See you later, Bambi! Good luck on the exam!" Dylan called out, smirking deviously as she witnessed people's head turn to see who she was referring to, landing on Andrew in the end. She laughed at her brother's annoyed expression as he glared at her, but it quickly changed.

    "I'll get you back for that. And I don't need luck, Sunshine. I'm Andrew Cole Bryant, the one who aces all and any tests, with or without studying," Andrew responded, winking at his twin with an equal devious expression. With that, the two made their way to their respective friends.

    Katherine Jones
    Ah, yet another day amongst her subjects. Katherine had pulled up and parked in Delilah Morte's parking lot a long time ago. She's just been prolonging her entrance. Now and then, she's been taking out her mirror to look over her appearance, fix anything that needs to be fixed. Like now, for example. Staring in her mirror, she pushed back her hair and smoothed out he eyebrows. Sliding her mirror shut, she stashed it in her purse and got ready to make her grand entrance. Breathing in deeply and closing her eyes, she flung her car door open and slowly got out, making sure she caught people's attention. Not that it took that much effort. 'Boss Ass Bitch' was blaring from someone else's vehicle, which only made her entrance even more grand than it was before. Finally out of the car, she closed the door shut and scanned the students of Delilah, smiling broadly at some of the looks that she was receiving. Her gaze landed on no other than Daniel Lewis, her friend with benefits. Or flirtatious friend, as he called it.

    "Danny, honey!" She called out as she made her way over to him, strawberry blonde curls bouncing with every step. She strutted, her walk oozing the self-confidence that she was famous for. Everything about her oozed superiority and anyone around her could feel it coming off her in waves. When she reached Daniel, she stopped in front of him and asked, "Did you miss me?"

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  15. [​IMG]

    "I'm gonna go leave now, ok baby?"

    Macius heard the voice of his mother and raised his head up fairly drowsily from his arms."Mmmmrrg.. okay.." Groaned the male as he let an arm stretched out to hug her. And he hugged her for a long time as his arms wrapped around her curvy waist. His father approached the two. She looked over her shoulders, and spoke."Thanks Hun..Cya dude." She chuckled as he scoffed with a small sneer. Aviana then kissed Macius on the forehead and left, before the boy knew it the sound of her heels became fainter and fainter, eventually leaving his ears.


    A large mug was placed in front of Macius as Lionel took a seat on the opposite side of his son, chuckling at his drowsiness."Thanks.." Macius said, grabbing the spoon near him and mixing his latte. The relationship amongst the family was complex.... But worked. Aviana and Lionel both had their own homes, however on some nights -especially after a crime- Aviana would let herself into Lionel's home -who wouldn't mind-. They lived together, sometimes they diddn't.. And Macius? Well, He lived with his mom but then would crash at his father's place. So basically, He'd do a crime with his mom then would crash in his dad's bed.... Literally. Inside, Macius was a child with his parents.

    "No problem kiddo." Chuckled Lionel."No.. I mean for everything. Sure half the day i'm with mom--But you're more of the parental role. I mean mom is good, But logically and in the eyes of society you are. You feed me, annoy me all the time, and unlatch the window for me to sneak in. Oh--And you don't mind me sleeping in bed with ya." Explained the son as he shrugged, picking up his cake the cat mug and taking a sip of his warm coffee. It was jake the dog, However when cool it turned into Cake the cat. After Macius explained, his father only smiled. To be honest, Days like that were how Macius spent his days. He went with his mom, He always came back to his dad.

    And this morning prior to now? Well, before this he was in a task where he had to steal diamonds from some man his mother tricked. It was a two man job, and afterwards they crashed into Lionel's house. In his room, on his bed. He walked in on them sleeping and Macius' mother spooning him (like said, Macius was like a baby towards his parents). Eventually he joined in on the morning sleeping cuddles too so all three of them shared a bed last night. It was funny, and cute some would even say.

    The taste of Caramel flooded the male's mouth as he held the cup in both hands, daydreaming off to the side."I'm more grateful of you than her." he muttered as Lionel grinned and tousled the boy's head."Love you too Macious." he said. Eventually, the boy finished his coffee in peace and followed his father all around the restaurant endlessly. It was then time to go, as by the time he got there he would still be early and Macius made his own Caramel coffee while Lionel was helping with customers.

    "Love you miss you daddy bye bye daddy....." Said Macius. His dad nodded acknowledging him, and the boy stood there as he had his messenger bag. Why wasn't he leaving yet? Well, Call Macius OCD but he wanted a proper response. Every single time he would be separated from his father, he has been saying those exact words for years ever since he began speaking! "Dad seriously?" Macius called out. Lionel looked up from his notepad."God damn it gay ass--OKAY. LOVE YOU, I'LL MISS YOU TOO." Said Lionel as if annoyed and Macius happily grinned as he left, satisfied with the response while Lionel went back to taking orders.

    "Sorry--Thats my son." He explained letting out an amused chuckle.
  16. A routine for everything. In place was a set routine for just about everything they did. It was logical, a set of principles to keep things running smoothly on whatever timeline they needed. Predictable was what it was and tiring. Doing things mindlessly over and over again since birth ran stale after the first few years. However, Herchel never did say anything; it wasn't in his place to say anything. Mother and father knew what was best, not only for him, but for the twins, as well. Though Balthazar didn't mind it, in fact, he had his own set routines that worked in place of it, but Muriel, on the other hand, visibly fidgeted at the notion of perfectly placed intervals—set times she needed to do things. And she complained, she deviated and whined about it, but she eventually fell into place at some point in the day. Herchel could only really smile, amused at the fact that Muriel literally ran herself into the ground before she adhered—not as amused as her brother, though.

    Six o'clock on the dot. That was the exact time they were to wake up in order to ready themselves for school—on the weekends, it was six thirty, with just as rigorous a schedule ahead of them. Herchel didn't mind it all that much. It was boring, but it was just this side of mindless to cease any kind of introspection. He needed his mind clear and focus for the day ahead and both twins knew that. They never did bother him in the mornings and that's how it usually worked, not that he wouldn't mind a little bear poking from time to time—it added a layer of spice to the day.

    A quick shower, hair gel or spray, blow dry, and a minute or two getting dressed before they were down in the kitchen ready for breakfast. Well, most of them, at least. Muriel liked to either sleep in or run behind, the latter being more than purposeful. This day, however, not only was she ready and dressed but she was sitting neatly at the table with a forkful of pancake in her mouth. It was an early sixties, late fifties kind of day, from the look of her attire. If he weren't as film savvy, courtesy of Rayna, he'd miss out on calling out the Breakfast at Tiffany's reference.

    "Miss Hepburn," Herchel greeted with a nod, grinning from ear to ear. He sat across from her at the counter and the moment he did a plate of meaty goodness was placed directly in front of him. "To what do I owe this fabulous visit?"

    "Hey, Moon River, don't eat all the pancakes," Balthazar was prim and proper as he plopped down next to her—his Scottish accent was less heavy than his sister's. Usually, he woke up an hour earlier than them, as he often took the longest. Looked like he didn't miss out on the opportunity to quip either.

    Rolling her eyes, she immediately stuck a fork into her brother's platter as soon as it was slid in front of him. Stealing the top pancake, she stuck a tongue out. "I'm not that expensive, priss," she retorted, "I found this at JC Penny's, unlike your Valentino shit."

    "Watch the language," Herchel scolded. He took a bite of his own breakfast. Finishing quickly, he slammed the table twice, pointing at the twins, "Five minutes, you two. We're leaving a bit early; Roger's got his daughter's birthday to set up for."

    "Alright, dad," the groan that came from Muriel should have upset him, but it was this side of exasperated and before he knew it, she was stuffing her face and readying her things. Balthazar was quick behind her, nearly stepping on her heels to get outside. Like usual, one of the house hands made lunch for him and provided a few snackies. He preferred home cooking and, though his mother was no longer doing the actual cooking, it was a step better than what the cafeteria provided them. A little nostalgia on his part that he's found too hard to break. Muriel was content to get what she could.

    Entering the Cadillac simultaneously, their chauffeur greeted them all and they reciprocated before he drove them with due cause. It took possibly thirty or so minutes to weave through the traffic before he kindly dropped them all off at the designated area. A quick wave goodbye was all they offered before trudging through the small crowd and into the building. They were still technically early and that fact elicited another groan from Muriel, but it wouldn't be long before each found their way to class.

    Finding his way to his own locker, Herchel grabbed what he needed before finding the twins again. Looking them over he asked, "Got everything you need?" They both nodded in response, "Good to go? No splitting off doing crazy things before class starts?" He looked pointedly at Muriel, who sighed and shook her head.

    "We both have AP Chem to head to first," Muriel spoke up, hugging her books tightly in order to hide the comics in side. Balthazar merely rolled his eyes.

    "We should probably study for our test tomorrow," Balthazar chimed in, grabbing Muriel by the elbow. "Meet you in Calculus?" he questioned as he dragged his way down the hall. Herchel gave a nod and a smile, waving them both off.

    "Don't blow anything up Nobel," he directed the chide mainly toward Muriel. Who knew what she could do if given the time and permission—she likely had all the materials.

    "Only if it'll earn me a billions of dollars and a legacy that'll last till the end of humanity!" Muriel called out.

    Herchel rolled his eyes before he walked off toward one of his classes. He roamed the halls for a while, looking for a few people he knew, possibly Reece of he could find him on time, whilst both the twins sat on a bench not far from their first class, a touch phone in Balthazar's hand and a DS fired up with what seemed to be the recent Pokemon game in Muriel's.​
  17. [​IMG]

    "F**king, sh*t, motherfu- UGH!"
    Iden cursed as he basically tore his room apart to try and find his stupid phone, parents scolding at him telling him that he was late. He sighed and gave up, "Whatever phone, you win." he said before putting his hands into his pocket and feeling a familiar device. He pulled his phone out of the pocket and looked at it, "Are you kidding me? Seriously?" he asked himself and pushed it back in place before grabbing his bag and running downstairs. All of the other teens were already gone to school, probably just entering class or wandering the hallways. He looked up at his mother and father, "When can I start acting like i'm his brother...and not like a homeless person who just walked up on the doorstep...?" he asked them before sitting down and eating cereal. His father spoke up first, "We already told you Adrian-" he was interrupted. "It's Iden...they changed my name to Iden..." he said to the both of them. His father sighed and nodded, still getting use to the new name change...even though it was well over two years now. "Well, like I said before...We're looking for the right time to tell them.." he said to him. He looked at the both of them and slammed his bowl and spoon into the sink before storming out. "This is f**king bullsh*t..." he said in a mumble. "What did you say dear?" his mom spoke. "Nothing....Love you guys, mean it..." he said and fake smiled before closing the door back. "Why couldn't I just live with some other relative...?" he said to himself while taking his keys out. "Can't get drives to school, live in the smallest bedroom, and they can't even get my f**king name right!" he scold before entering his car and driving away. "Everyone treats me like shit in that house, like i'm some kind of toy." he said to himself as he parked and entered the school. "Wonder if it'll stay this way...Hm.." he thought before throwing his bag into the locker and taking out what he needed.

  18. RRRRrrrrgh..

    The sound of the engine growled before it became lower and stopped as Macius parked his white motorcycle -specifically a kawasaki ninja zx6r- at the school's lower parking lot. How'd he get it? Well.. Lets just say it wasn't legal in actuality. Of course it wasn't! It took a long process to get this specific motorcycle from someone and the male kicked out the motorcycle side stand as it stood tilted, standing with one and taking his batman-like helmet off as he received stares from other students walking by. Most people obviously recognized him. Especially the boys, he nearly slept with the whole school.

    Being early, Macius tugged at his bag which was attached around him, making sure he felt the same weight he did before riding his motorcycle. He secured his ride and wore basic things. Dark gray v-neck shirt with a black light coat over his outfit and simple dark pants. His messenger bag, also black, hung securely over his shoulder as he walked into the school in silence as he guided himself into his locker. The male merely grabbed the things he needed for his morning classes and exchanged it with stuff from his bag quickly and neatly as he let out a deep breath and slammed his locker closed. Not to loud or soft. He then closed the bag over and grabbed his helmet back from the ground as he proceeded to travel to class and just wait there. Seriously, although school was very boring and to much work, Macius did work anyways like it was nothing. He even did good during finals--Passed it like he was the wind with ease.

    No one familiar so far. Believe it or not, Although Macius was seemingly a douche bag, he had friends. Few, but thats cause he could trust them and was also comfortable with them. His main ones though that he cared for were the twins in particular as of now. But where were they? He simply wanted to greet them and as Macius pondered, he suddenly bumped into someone and looked down from his spot, taking a step back. Surprisingly, the male actually fell to the ground. Once he bumped into someone or something, he stepped back then literally tripped on himself. Like this could get any more embarrassing. He did play it off like a fall in a way though."God fucking dammit..." He uttered, hearing the loud hit when his helmet met the ground."This better be a fucking hot guy." he lowly muttered to himself as he suddenly looked up.

    The second he looked up, god granted his wish and he lost his dirty stare. The guy was indeed hot, and Macius immediately began reacting by instinct."Oh.. shit i think i see the light." He obviously uttered, sitting there and reaching for the guy's arm, patting as if trying to look for him when he just wanted a feel of how muscular he is. From what he felt, pretty damn muscular, and he then grabbed the guy's hand pulling himself up as his helmet remained on the ground."Jeez.. Can't you fucking watch where you're going.." He said, holding onto his eye as he looked up at Herchel more clearly as if temporarily blinded and injured in his eye."hmm.." He uttered with approval to himself, looking down at his helmet.

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  19. Twice someone stopped him in the middle of the hall and twice it was a group of so called 'friends' attempting to get him either high or to a party that night to get high. Herchel had absolutely no issues with things like that, but there were things he deemed off limits to himself and the twins, by extension, much to Muriel's dislike. Apparently weed was at the top of her list of ingredients for some damn concoction he knew would likely kill a man it would be so strong. Balthazar agreed, only for the sake of the jock population; too many episodes of Breaking Bad was not good for anyone's health, when Muriel was involved.

    Just finishing up talking to part of the baseball team, Herchel began his eschewed path to his first class. With his hand raised in goodbye, his actually goodbye was cut off bye a small bump to his chest. It took him by surprise and Herchel didn't quite have the reaction to grab out to stop the person's fall. He leaned over, wincing as the male hit the floor. Yeah, he probably should watch where he was going.

    The moment he reached for the other student, however, Herchel's mind twinged with irritation. The guy didn't hit him that hard and was he really groping his bicep? Standing up straight, his face contorted slightly as he looked down. His brows knitted together and his lip twitched just slightly upward, though he hid the scowl well enough. Yeah, he probably should have watched where he was going, but there was no cause for rudeness.

    In spite of what currently rolled through his mind, Herchel wouldn't spare this man his politeness. As soon as the helmet was in the student's hands, he made to leave, but paused to put a hand on his shoulder. "I apologize for that," he said, though there wasn't quite as much meaning in it as he would have offered, "I'll watch out next time, just make sure you don't sexually harass the next person you bump into." A little triumph fist pump was all he could offer within his own mind as he calmly began a slow walk down the hall.

    Unfortunately, he forgot that his locker and his class were just right there, not a few meters from the stranger he'd just bulldozed over. A blush tinged his cheeks as soon as he turned toward the floor length, skinny door and rolled in his combination. Clearing his throat, Herchel gathered what books he could and stood back to the other student near the closed door to his History class. AP, just because his parents expected no less.
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  20. [​IMG]

    The locker had finally opened up and revealed a dull locker that Reece just needed to decorate better than what it looked like now. "Off to a good start..." he said sarcastically as he put his things inside and texted Herchel to see where he was. "Hey, where are you?" he asked then looked around trying to spot him somewhere. There was was thick crowd of people who where all talking at the same time, some yelling across the hall to get the other persons attention. He on the other hand just stuck to seeking him out amongst the crowd. Maybe if I actually start walking, i'll bump into him... he thought as he walked. Sooner or later, he finally caught up with Herchel and smiled. "Well, you're a tough person to find...Why is your locker all the way in the front of the school?" he asked him as he leaned up against the one that was beside his. "Oh, I just got my schedule this morning..I have all the same classes as you except for two or three...I can't remember right off the back." he told him and shrugged.

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