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  1. I was a member about three years ago and life kind of got in the way. But I am here to stay! Some facts about me:

    I do work and soon comes fall, I will start classes.

    I'm a female and usually play accordingly so, sorry if that disinterests you!

    I can be on every day unless I have told you otherwise.

    I hope to find a comfortable place here and make new friends!

    xx Roan
  2. Hello, Roan!

    Welcome back! A lot has changed since you've been here last, I'm sure, but you can probably slip right back into the fold! Most members on here have obligations off of the site, so I doubt your schedule will be a problem for most of the partners you find. Since you're likely a bit rusty from your time off, I do recommend starting off in the Content section and checking out the Institute to polish you up and get you ready :D

    I'm not sure if you prefer 1x1s or Group Roleplays, but both of those have a lot of open requests/sign-ups that are on the hunt right now! Take a peek and see if there's anything that strikes your fancy. If not, don't hesitate to start your own. We've got a lot of people and newbies join every day now that it's summertime so you're bound to find somebody else who is interested in the same things :D

    Don't hesitate to ask questions!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.