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    Hello Iwaku, may we roleplay together?

    Despite my avatar, I am a female roleplayer and I'm looking for new roleplay partners. I'm more into the elementary / intermediate side of the roleplay spectrum or semi literate if you want to be very frank. What that means is I can do along the lines of 4-18 sentences per post so about 2-4 paragraphs or more if I'm getting inspired. I enjoy doing yuri and straight rps and I'm willing to try yaoi and most fandoms of course. However the only thing I will not do is a porn roleplay without a plot or anything that has to do with a parent x a child genre.
    if you wanna do a sex rp, you must be 18 years or older, no acceptions.



    Vampire x Anything
    Demon x Anything
    Werewolf x Anything
    Siren x Anything
    Phoenix x Anything
    Elf / Dark Elf x Anything
    Centaur x Anything
    Angel / Dark Angel x Anything
    dragon rider x dragon
    dragon rider x pregnant dragon queen
    dragon rider x injured dragon / human half breed
    dragon rider x dragon rider
    siren x rockband
    experiment x militairy professional or scientist or other experiment
    clockwork angel x scientist
    clockwork princess x demonic prince
    elemental x elemental
    anthro x human
    anthro x anthro
    anthro x anthro (arranged marriage)
    older vampire x fledgling
    vampire slave x human master
    Phoenix x hunter / huntress
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    pregnant baroness x vampire companion (dark romance)
    Victorian Woman x Werewolf
    Victorian Woman x Vampire
    Gypsy x Demon

    woman transforming into a dog / demon / vampire x captor
    demonic woman x dream demon
    time traveler x companion
    demon x woman trapped in a dream
    anthro fox x mate
    demon x mate


    Baron x Baroness
    Baron x Lady of The Court
    Baroness x General
    Geisha x Apprentice Geisha
    Geisha x Time Traveler
    Geisha x Samurai
    Samurai x Forgotten Princess

    Knight x anyone
    princess x anyone
    prince x anyone
    maid x anyone
    rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom
    master x slave
    pregnant baroness x slave

    Knight x anyone
    princess x anyone
    prince x anyone
    maid x anyone
    rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom
    master x slave
    pregnant baroness x slave

    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero
    Princess x Prisoner
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)

    Modern Day

    Celebrity x Celebrity
    Celebrity x Manager
    Well known Celebrity x Unknown Manager
    guitarist x singer
    guitarist x new lead singer

    pregnant woman x gang member coming to her rescue
    pregnant woman from a rival gang x rival gang member's boss
    gang member x pregnant girlfriend
    mail order bride x new husband
    principal's daughter x rebel boy
    principal's daughter x gang member
    circus performer x circus performer
    worn down musician x aspiring musican
    photographer x model
    bride x soon to be husband
    pregnant bride x soon to be husband
    pregnant bridesmaid x ex boyfriend
    doctor x anything
    pregnant woman x anything
    nurse x anything
    teacher x student
    arranged marriage

    unplanned pregnancy or unplanned illness
    hard working dancer x strict teacher
    Actress x Actress
    Actress x Retired Actor
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x Therapist
    Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
    Idol x Rockstar
    Rockstar x Female Rockstar
    Female Rockstar x Choreographer
    Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
    Rockstar x Band Member
    Arranged Marriage
    Boss x Intern
    Employee x Employee
    Blind Girl x Blind Date
    Model x Photographer
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater
    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager
    Fashion Designer x Model.
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Malifa Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor
    Pregnant Bride x Soon to be Husband.
    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
    Loan shark/Victim
    Rival Mafia's kids
    Photographer x Bride
    Photographer x Pregnant Model
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor
    Boarding School Roommates
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Student x Teacher
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    druggie x druggie

    alcoholic x alcoholic
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    street fighter x street fighter
    drug dealer x addict
    doctor x nurse
    doctor x patient
    therapist x patient
    physical therapist x patient
    newly physically ill x friend
    prostitute x drug dealer
    Escort x Pregnant Bride
    Escort x Woman in an Arranged Marriage
    Escort x Woman who is engaged
    Escort x Drug Dealer's Daughter
    Woman trapped in a sex plot x son of the kidnapper
    kidnapped woman used for sex x kidnapper's son.
    pregnant woman who gets kidnapped x kidnapper's son
    pregnant woman x gang member who saves her
    pregnant woman x vampire who saves her
    pregnant woman x werewolf who saves her

    sexual content is allowed if your only 18​
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  2. Ideas

    Girl and boy have been best friend's ever since they were little, and for most of that time girl was dating another boy. Boy hated everything about him; he treated girl like she was his property, always bossing her around and being a jerk. The day that he broke up with girl, boy was furious and girl was heartbroken. So, to make her feel better, boy takes her out for the day, on a trip to his lake house. That night he admits that he's in love with her. Will she feel the same or will she not be over the breakup?
    He’d watched her grow up. He was her parents’ best friend’s son, the guy who was always there. So he’d seen her highs and lows, he remembered her baby sister being born, her first day of school. And now he had to watch as she hurled herself into an abusive relationship, and it killed him. Watching her come into school with bruises and burns, desperately covering them with long sleeves and thick tights. He was her shoulder to cry on always, but now she was pulling away, and that’s all it took for him to realize how much he liked her. How much he loved her.

    Girl and boy decide to spend their short vacation from work together. On the first night, they go to a club. They get drunk & decide to go to a tattoo parlor. Boy got girl's initials on his middle finger and girl got a star tattoo under her left wrist. Then they got back to the hotel room, and they had sex. When they woke up, they were both in for a shock.

    (Insert girl here] had been dating Drew for a while now. He was known as the most popular guy in school. On the outside you may see him as your typical jock with the nice smile but he's way worse than that. He secretly has been hitting (girl] whenever he didn't get his ways with her. Day and night he would leave her in tears and bruises. But Drew's best friend, (insert guy], had quickly taken a notice to the abuse and tries to help her out of the situation. But little does she knew that part of the reason why he's helping her out so much is because he's crazy in love with her. He tells Drew to leave her alone already but he still threatens to kill the both of them now. So (insert guy] has plans on running away with her. Will she agree? Or will she rather take the abuse?

    After finally losing her condo and being left on the streets, (girl] is left with the only option--stripping. Night after night she finds herself dancing in front of men who degraded her after every step she took. It was like almost every day was a challenge and she would be thankful to make it without being raped or murdered. One night, her ex-boyfriend runs into her and notices the glittery tears flowing down her cheeks. After finally explaining her situation he offers her to stay in the beach house he was currently living in-in Hawaii, figuring that it would give her some time to get her life together. Without hesitation she agrees and the ex-couple is then forced to live together and hang out like the way things used to be. Now you may think this would be the perfect chance for them to 'rekindle their relationship.' But it's too bad he's already engaged to a girl who is only a flight away

    Around the office having a relationship beyond it is totally unacceptable. There is no such thing as dating or having sexual contact with your co-works. But what happens when (insert guy name here] has a pretty new secretary named (insert girl.] She's absolutely gorgeous and any guy would do anything to get with her. But they already knew that they can’t because its office rules. Thankfully, (guy] gets to be with her often since she's his worker. So he kind of takes advantage of that situation. After she spilled coffee on his white shirt on the first day she can't help but apologize for what she had done and after a while they start joking about it. He soon sees that she's absolutely amazing and he can't get his mind off of her. What will happen?

    (Insert girl name) is working alongside with the cutest guy ever at her favorite store in the mall. They always work the same shifts, so they're forced to spend quite a long time with each other. They talk, laugh and mostly flirt. After a while, (girl) starts to develop a serious crush on him. But that quickly fades away when she realizes that he flirts with almost EVERY GIRL like that, including the customers. She decides to push her feelings aside and continue to go to work like any other day. But what happens when (guy name) actually DOES have feelings for her; he's just afraid of telling her because he thinks she doesn't like him back?

    [Boy] is the son of rich parents; his dad owns a successful chain of factories, and his mom is the head of a company. [Boy]'s siblings are also successful, marrying other rich people and taking up great paying jobs. All [boy] has ever wanted to do is play music, which his parents don't think is going to get him far in life. One day when [boy] is going into the theater to play the piano, since he can't at home, he finds that the piano is occupied. There is a girl, and music has always been a comfort to her. Already having something in common, there is an almost instant attraction. [Boy] and [girl] play music together and become good friends. [Boy] finds himself slowly falling in love with her and he admits his feelings for her, to find that she feels the same. He introduces her to his parents, and they do not approve

    He watched while all the guys messed around with her heart. He didn't know her so he didn't feel the need to bother, until one day he catches her crying while running down the hallway and decides to talk to her, helping her out. From then on they get really close; little does he know the pretty girl is pregnant. But it gets worse; it’s his older brother's. He tells her that he's falling for her and the same day she hits him with the news of the pregnancy, he freaks out and calls her every name in the book. She disappears after that, until he decides to go and apologize a few weeks later. What'll he do when he finds out she's gone?

    One late night girl and her best guy friend boy decide to go to a club. They're having fun dancing, laughing and drinking it up. Soon, girl gets crazy drunk and she's throwing herself around every which way. She can barely stand and her silly acts start getting boy a bit worried. He tells her that they should leave and after a little bit of arguing from girl he finally gets her out of the club and into his house. He forces her to stay the night because she is clearly too drunk to drive or walk and knowing her parents, she would get in a lot of trouble if they found their underage daughter coming home completely wasted. But little does girl know that part of the reason why boy is doing all this for her is because he has been in love with her since the minute they met. He's afraid to tell her his true feelings because he doesn't want her to hurt him. But will he reveal them tonight?

    They met by chance; falling in love with each other was out of their control. But when [girl} has a reason to believe that he's cheating, she breaks up with him. But what if her suspicions were wrong after all? They were both heartbroken, and years later they see each other at a concert - still madly in love. They don't speak a word until they are hidden away in privacy. What will happen?

    {Girl} is beautiful, talented, and sure to go places in life. Her parents only want the best for her, so they arrange her marriage to a very successful, stuck up, perverted boy that doesn't care for her, only her body. {Girl} goes to a cafe to get away from her life, and meets {insert name here , the cute boy that works there. He's a break from her "perfect" life; he's charming, a bit clumsy, funny, and calls her beautiful instead of hot or sexy, like her fiancé. He knows she's engaged, since she told him in one of their get-togethers, but he can't help but to crush on her. Spending time together in and out of the cafe, {Girl} can't keep herself for falling for him. The wedding day comes, and she invites {insert name here. In the midst of the vows, {Girl} notices him in the audience and her heart overflows with emotions. Will she go for Justin, or make her parents happy and marry their choice?

    . She was coming back from a night on the town with the girls and she was walking across the bridge home. That’s when she saw him, looking down into the water, teetering between life and death. He was someone familiar, the guy who she could nod to, who sat at the back of her math lectures. She never realized he was the kind of person who could be driven to something this big, this final. She went over to him, gently touching his back, talking him down from the ledge. She quietly listened to his story, slowly fell in love. He became reliant on her, and slowly started seeing the beauty in his own life.

    A kingdom is ruled by Five families. Each family has ONE of which that is pronounced the ruler over the kingdom. Little did they know there was a malicious rebellion rising up from the underground. One evening just as they were all sitting down to dinner they were suddenly attacked, The palace being burned down as rebels rushed in and began to slaughter guards and servants who werent involved in said rebellion. Lady Fayth ran with three of the others, jumping out of the window. She ran as fast as she could, slipping on mud and falling over bodies. Witnessing the other three slaughtered in front of her eyes she jumped into a river, keeping herself hidden in the muck and weeds as she traveled many miles down stream. Now she is having to survive on her own after having a sheltered life, along with avoiding the rebellion that is now searching non stop for her.

    In ancient times a prophecy told of wars and ultimate death for the entire world. The prophecy foretold that a war would come about the world, tearing it to pieces slowly but surely. It tells of the tragedy of what would happen to those who lived in these times, the demons that would erupt from the depths of hell to cover the skies in blood. It was a terrible ordeal. But the Prophecy also foretold of a solution. A young maiden would be infused with an ancient nature spirit who, upon awakening would save the world. This young maiden was born the very day, hour, minute and second that the war started. She was the one who could solve the problems, 18 years after she was born; by being sacrificed to the Gods on the very moment of her 18th birthday. The Prophecy was called the Butterfly effect, and thats exactly what it was.The girl held the Earth herself, Anything that happened to her happened to the world. And upon her death at the ceremonial place, the world would be reborn into perfection and the war would be over. If she died prior, the world would be doomed to hell.

    A girl was found and raised by a house of vampires. She still doesn’t know their secrets, she just thinks they have really pale skin. The vampires don’t want her to find out what they are but then there is a new addition to the family, a boy who is very careless around the house about being a vampire. The girl starts to fall in love with the boy and she doesn’t know what to do, thinking that she shouldn’t fall in love with a boy that was adopted in the family, but the family has a different reason. Will she end up loving the boy anyways? Will she get mad if she discovers the vampire’s secrets?

    There is a different world there are people that are called blood people because they have a different mix of bloods ((ex. Vampire+werewolf+dragon+neko)) Some of the blood shows physically some doesn’t ((ex. Vampire fangs+ dog tail+ dragon wings show physically while the neko part is just blood)) They had never been to the human world, knowing they wouldn’t belong. Generations back a princess went to the human world. Generations later, the blood world needs a new heir on the throne, so they a guard to get the direct decedent of the princess back. The child acts like a normal child, she goes to school and everything. She is oblivious of this other world like the rest of the human world and now the guard has to convince her to come back before others come to take her life.

    Final Fantasy X

    They said Yuna and her guardians had defeated sin; apparently Yevon has come back for revenge on the Fayth for betraying him. The Fayth are now back but instead of being in the temples they decided that each Fayth would be summoned only by one person. These people have to ban together and defeat the new sin and Yevon, hopefully this time he won’t come back. Of course on this trail there isn’t going to be anyone on your side, just people who think you’re crazy until sin appears for the first time…

    Their this rumor going on by a certain popstar, sure she gots the looks of an artist and the voice of a multi million dollar superstar. but people think its just part of her cover. her partner who has been working with her since she first started her 'stage career' is curious about who she is, and finally one night he asks her completely knocking her off guard. so now what will she say to him

    Two characters have been pen pals for years, never meeting and always stuck to paper. But one day out of the blue one of the characters recognize the name of their pen pal being mentioned in a conversation and finds out their pen pal is in town for a couple of weeks. Now it’s up to find out whether or not their friendship is genuine (especially if one of the character has been keeping a big secret).

    This is a story about two lovers that meet in college and eventually decide to move in together. Regardless their love for each other, money is soon getting tight as they go through college and then get jobs. But life in New York tends to be chaotic and with the pressure coming from their families, who are eager to become united and have grandchildren, the couple is forced to face the day when they question the strength of their relationship.

    It's about a troubled couple, two people who have been in love but the affection dissolved. They're also quite different, he is the reserved type and she is the hurricane, the one who fears nothing. Therefore, fights are frequent, but they usually get drunk afterwards. Everything they had is destroyed, and they are resumed to the friends with benefits thing. But soon, their worried families open their eyes regarding the countless nights they got so drunk they forgot their own names and the fights and the walking disasters that they have turned into. The couple realizes that they are at a dead end, and that their lives have changed completely, but while their parents forbid them to see each other anymore, they slowly realize that they actually do care about one another. They just have to find a way to turn their lives around and find the right way again.

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  3. Fandoms


    Hibiki Emporium
    Black Butler
    Fruits Basket
    Love Stage
    Show By Rock
    Uta no prince Sama
    Ouran High School Club

    Movies and Books

    The Devil Wears Parada
    Hunger Games
    Studio Ghibli
    Harry Potter
    Rise of the Guardians
    Greys Anatomy

    Video Games

    Final Fantasy Series
    .hack series
    Dragon age series
  4. ~ Hey there! I'm actually interested in several of yours.. Gypsy x Demon , Demon x Mate , Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider , Dragon x Dragon Rider , Pirate x Governor's Daughter.

    Also interested in your first idea of the childhood friends~

    I can do either Straight or Yuri also.

    Feel free to PM me whenever if you'd like!
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  5. can you pm me please, it makes thing easier and the gypsy x demon and the demon x mate work fine with me.
  6. I'm still searching if you, still wish to roleplay with me.
  7. I'm female in case you guys were wondering, and I'm always up for a good roleplay. I updated a few things.
  8. I'm still searching if you, still wish to roleplay with me.
  9. added some new ideas and some new pairings
  10. I crossed out the ones, I'm tired of doing, so there are closed for now.
  11. I'm still searching if you, still wish to roleplay with me.
  12. I am interested, could you Pm me with the roleplay that YOU are most interested in doing?
  13. can you pm me with the idea your interested in doing, I'm up to doing anything at the moment.
  14. I am basically the same, but i will look them over again!
  15. okay, thank you.
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