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  1. So, I've been having a lot of cravings for a couple rps:

    *PriestessxDemon: Set in Feudal Japan the priestess's duty is to purify and exterminate demons. However, there is always that one demon she can never bring herself to exterminate. Mostly because he has never done anything wrong to her. There is a sword that all demons want. The sword can only be used if it protects, yet the demons are under the impression that it can grant any wish. It is kept in the temple. Him trying to obtain the sword is what caused the demon and priestess to meet in the first place. And ever since then he returns everyday. Eventually love blossoms.
    I really want to do this one! (MxF)
    ~I want to play the Priestess

    *TeacherxStudent or TutorxStudent: I am specifically thinking of MxF for this. But MxM can work as well. If it's MxM I'm thinking the tutor or teacher can somehow convince his parents to let him live the him. But only after they develop a relationship.

    *BrotherxBrother: I don't usually do incest but I want to do one. They can be step siblings if that's easier. (I want to be the submissive;) )

    *Random: Man is walking down the street (set in Japan) when he is suddenly kissed by another male.

    My requirements:

    -At least one paragraph but no more than four
    -No one liners! No three liners either! At least five sentences, please.
    Note: I like a lot of content in my rps. I want to know what your character is thinking and why he or she is doing this action. For example, if you write:

    He kicked off his shoes and laid down. He stared at the wall. He smiled and fell asleep. He had to be up early in the morning.

    I want to know why he is staring at the wall. What is he thinking about? What caused him to smile? Did he see something on the wall that made him smile? Why did he have to be up in the morning?

    He kicked off his shoes and laid down on his bed. His eyes landed on the wall as he replayed today's events. He couldn't believe what happened. She accepted his confession! He never thought that would happen in a million years. He smiled; his eyes closed. As much as he wanted to stay up and continue to replay today's events, he needed to get up early tomorrow. He still had to go to school tomorrow after all.

    Note: It seems like I'm being picky, but I need this in order to come up with ideas and write. Otherwise, I'll get bored and won't want to continue the rp. As long as you put an action, and why your character is doing this action, we'll be okay.
    -Be able to play two characters just in case
    Note: Sometimes I introduce a new character and have my partner play them (vice versa). It's a lot more interesting as I can't predict what happens. I'll typically give you a description of what I want the extra to be (Ex-lover, possessive, thinks she belongs to him) and then you do as you please. And vice versa.
    -Romance is a must
    Note: If you're in my age group: plot based sex. If not: fade to black
    -I'm searching for someone who can post several times a day.
    Note: If you can't get online for a while let me know in advance
    -I don't mind explicit language
    -No slave, chains, abuse, or anything relating to bondage
    (Check my resume. I always update it)
    Note: If you have another idea or if you want to use the pairings above with a different plot that's fine. We can talk about it. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts ^^

    ~~~Also, I like to keep CS short and sweet: Name, Age, Appearance, Species (if fantasy plot) is enough. I love to find out information about the character at the same time my character finds out.~~~
    ~`~ Also, I prefer PM because it's easier for me to manage. However, if you rather use a thread just let me know.
    ~`~ If you're interested just comment below ^.^
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  2. I would be interested in Brother X Brother
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