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Would you join this roleplay?

  1. Yes, Sign me up!

  2. No.. not really.

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  1. Hello, I've had this idea for a while now and i think it would be cool to create something unique this website (as far as i know) has yet to see. A mix of gaming features tied in with the traditional forum roleplay aspect, a plot driven and massive character creation game that has turns and surprises with each turn. I will need at least one person if not 2 to help me in this project and to those who would be interested in a roleplay like this i have set up a poll for future reference when the roleplay is done we can just come back here and gather you all up. :)

    Those of you who are interested in the making process please post below instead of voting, the poll is for those who want to join after the roleplay has been made.
  2. If there's any way I can help, i will.
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  3. Awesome! :) i'll message you.
  4. I am so in. if you need any help just ask
  5. I'm interested and can help if its needed.
  6. No sorry but i do appreciate your offer to help. :)
    Everyone is still free to vote though.
  7. Depends on the system, to me.
  8. I think this is dead. to cut a long story short the DM wanted a hyper simple system (IE 1 dice, no modifiers and wouldn't want any use of anything beyond basic addition and subtraction) and so a argument started. after that the DM hasn't posted in the private conversation.
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  9. Taking in this to my comment... Um depending if the idea is or will still go on...

    I'd be interested perhaps in helping or well at least joining the RP once done. Just depends on the um idea atm cause I could be late suggesting to help...

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