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  1. Edit: Never mind -.- Because it's apparently "my" fault and I'd rather not argue. (Which in all reality, I'm not mean to people. I'm more passive and easygoing...)
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  2. ... If it's so bad and makes you physically ill, why not leave? No one is forcing you to stay.

    Anyways, I'm guessing that either someone dropped your RP today and you need time to cool off, or you are taking a voluntary and free website WAY too seriously.

    Either way, stepping away from the monitor and getting some Vitamin D is what you probably need.
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  3. I plan to leave. I'm tired of trying on here. It seems so useless to continue if I'm just going to be put down on every chance I get.
  4. You get more facehuggers, use them as you see fit.
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  5. If you are trying really hard to find partners ( I mean ACTUALLY trying and approaching people), and you are having issues with roleplays that go beyond the usually reliable partner problems we ALL have. (Because it is very common), then you are probably doing something that is turning people off from playing with you. You might not be giving them enough to post replies to. You might not be bringing plots to the table. You might be too demanding of people and have unrealistic expectations for your partners. YOU might be really rude, inconsiderate and flat out mean.

    Seeing as you want to condemn an entire website with a thousand members because you're having some partner problems, I do think you need to look at how you're interacting with your partners. You're probably inadvertently scaring people away.
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  6. In my personal experience I haven't really met anyone 'mean' on Iwaku, but across the internet there always is someone. I suggest maybe just browsing through chats on Iwaku and making friends with possible partners. And you could always try group roleplaying.

    But it is your choice if you want to delete your account
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  7. Judging from your recent status updates (I was off to investigate your resume and came across them), it seems like you've been emotionally distressed lately. Would it be going too far to say that maybe getting dropped by a partner is a symptom of something larger that's bothering you? This is a good section to vent and have people give you positive feedback and good, solid advice. I'd rather not see anybody leave if there's something that can be done to make things work for them, but chin up! A lot of forum roleplayers, no matter where you go, are very flaky. Heck, most of my partners take days, if not weeks, to reply at a time. I assure you, going to another site is going to be more the same. It's just a matter of trying again until somebody really sticks. I found my best 1x1 partners are the people I approached from group RPs that I noticed were very active and involved with my own characters. Maybe that's a route you can look at?
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  8. Well I read through all of this, and even looked through your profile. I don't know if you have realized this but you seem kind of negative and over dramatic which can sort of push people away. I honestly think the problem here is yourself.

    I don't really mean that to be negative towards you, but have you really ever stopped to ask yourself WHY these people drop you? Why do you just assume that you are not doing anything wrong and so quick to blame others?

    Honestly that's not a very mature thing to do, and you are an adult.

    My advice to you is to step away from the site for a while and find some time alone to recollect your thoughts. Ask yourself what YOU need to change in order to get what you want. What are your faults, what is really bothering you, why do you act the way you do, are there things in your life that are currently not making you happy. After that make a list of solutions towards your problems, and then do it. Make the changes you need in order to be happy. I suggest you take a Stress Management Class, trust me it really works.
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  9. I'm sorry you feel this way, but there is no need to blame an entire community. Yes, you're going to meet some douches. However, not everyone on Iwaku is as mean as you think. In fact, it's right the opposite. Iwaku is filled with tons of members, most of whom are wonderful people. Sure you can leave, but there are plenty of other Rpers on here.

    I would hate to see you leave, but if this site gives you that much stress, then yeah you may need to take a break. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
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