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  1. Hey! Welcome to my request thread! I'd like to find some more people to RP with since i just came back after being MIA for awhile (computer problems) I solved that so i should be good now! Anywho blabbing aside since this is a request forum and not a life story one. OH! also before i forget... I like to use anthro characters (Because humans are boring) For those that don't know what those are then I'll find a picture of one real quick if you ask. I also like to play Futas >.>

    I'm looking for a females to RP with! So I'll start listing some types... open to suggestions also!

    Types or RPs
    Medieval fantasy***
    Modern fantasy**
    Future Fantasy***
    F x Futa***
    Slave x Master*
    Demon x Angel*
    (I'll add more as I think of them)

    * = like
    **=really like

    hm... I think i'm forgetting something... Like I said feel free to suggest stuff! I know I'm forgetting something... OH! I know what I'm forgetting... I'm more of a passive RP'er sooooo someone full of ideas is loved but I will chip in for ideas! so don't worry to much about me being completely passive and I'll always ask before I do something major in the story.

    ALSO! I only RP through PMs... sorry if you were hoping to use a thread.
  2. I also ask that you at least reply once or more a day. I understand if you can't every now and then but I'd prefer more then once a day.
  3. Whoopsie... thought I made it in the request forum... guess not... my bad! will remake!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.