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    Hello lovelies ♥ It is I!
    Known on Tuesdays as Satan.

    Just Kidding...

    Anyways, here I am with a Black Butler reboot.
    I ran this awhile back and was unable to see it grow to what I had wished it be.
    I'm determined to change this, and have ideas and plot ready for this reboot.

    As all interest checks, please state below if you're interested (duh..)
    Seeing as when I last had this running, allowing as many people as iwaku could accommodate to join the damn thing, didn't go as well as planned, I will be LIMITING the spots of this RP.

    Five earls/countesses and Five demons/demonesses (aka butlers)

    Everyone is limited to *one* character for now.

    Please let me know if you're interested by posting below ♥


    1. TAKEN
    2. TAKEN
    3. TAKEN
    4. TAKEN
    5. TAKEN

    1. TAKEN
    2. TAKEN
    3. TAKEN
    4. TAKEN


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  2. I'm in :)
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  3. Duh, why wouldn't I be in an RP that Ali has created? I saw this RP thrive a long time ago, but I never joined. Now is the time. I WANNA JOIN.
    Count be in as a demoness.
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  4. I may have an interest in this. I'll be watching it for now.
  5. Hehe, glad to have you love <3

    Sounds like a plan, stan ^^
  6. Now that my life is finally slowing down and I am getting back into a normal posting speed. Do you think you would have me for a Countess?
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  7. I'd like to give this a try one more time, if you don't mind~ ^^

    I'll take a... Earl!
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  8. I'll jot you both down ^^!
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  9. I believe @Kitsune was in the previous Kuroshitsuji RP like me.. Right? XD
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  10. [​IMG]

    I would like to reserve a spot for a demoness please.

    Btw how will pairings work, do we decide amongst ourselves, or do you have a system in place?​
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  11. I'll officially join with an Earl too.
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  12. Count me in! I'll take an earl reservation!
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  13. The setting grabs my attention, but don't know a lot about the series. That can easily be remedied by looking at a wiki or watching the show though. Put me down as Earl/Countess, I have yet to make up my mind on which. Would rather know the plot before I decide.
  14. Glad to have you :)
    As for pairings, once the slots are full and characters are created, I'll get around to pairing everyone :)

    Awesome ^^ welcome welcome!
  15. I'll mark you both down ^^!
  16. Oh, and as for not knowing the plot in its entierty, here's the short version.

    Ciel Phantomhive is a young 13 year old boy who is contracted to a demon. When he was younger, he sold his soul to this demon (Sebastian Michaelis) in order to exact revenge on the person who killed his parents.

    Ciel is known as the Queen's Guard Dog and is in charge of policing England's underground.

    This RP will not contain any cannon characters, however, it will be located in England and each Earl will need to be something in service of the Queen.

    If you wanted more information, shoot me a PM :)
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  17. Thats fine, just may have some preference with mine given my past activity.
  18. Now I just need to find a picture... It's harder than I thought it'd be... -.-
  19. I'll accept all forms ^-^
  20. If a spot frees up for the earls/countesses I'd be interested in joining!
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