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  1. Remaking
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  2. Hey, hey, Nico, hey, let's do something.
    You like yaoi and I like yaoi.
    Let's create some magic.
    Let's rp together.
    Come on.
    You don't need to remake this.
    I've found your message.
    Let's chat and create something together.
    Let's create magic. *u*
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  3. Nico.
    Come on.
    Why did you not answer my first message?
    All I want is a yes or no.
    I have tons of ideas and I can work something out from scratch like running water.
    Come on.
    Answer me honestly.
    Do you want to rp or not?
    Yes or no?

    Haha, sorry for being irritating, I saw you liking my first message but I want to know why you didn't answer it.
    Secondly if you want to role play.^^
  4. Ah sorry about that. I liked it because I'm interested in RPing with you!

    I just couldn't message you cause I was about to leave, and I've been out in the cruel world and heat all day x~x

    I'll drop you a PM now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.