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  1. This is a role-play between me and another role-player named Gladis. Please, nobody else post on this...
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    Name: Brandon Coffey
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Author at a Publishing Company
    Personality and Bio: Brandon had grown up in a poor family allowing him to know the power of family and friendship, but after falling into a bad relationship with another male in his high school days, he grew up rather jaded and was somewhat afraid of getting close to others. He is kind-hearted and would help anyone in need though. He grew up writing and loved it. So, when he found the position as an author at a Publishing Firm, he took it without a second thought.
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    Rufus Sebastian Kimberly


    Editor at a Publishing Company

    Personality and Biography:
    Rufus was born the second child of a rather wealthy family. While his brother inherited their fathers company, Rufus decided to become an editor and rather easily got himself a job at a company. He married at the age of 22, which more or less was the result of him knocking up a fellow university student and pressure from his family. While this was the case, he came to loved his wife, and especially their child. She passed away when Melody, the daughter, was three, leaving Rufus to raise the child himself. Melody's mother was one of the main reasons he turned down his friend upon his confession, though he never made this clear and blamed it on being inexperienced with other men instead.

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  4. Brandon had never been one to make rash decisions. Yet, when he came across an ad that asked for authors, he didn't think twice about accepting the job and called up Dragonreads Publishing Firm. Which led him to his current position, in front of a gigantic building in a whole new town. Standing there, he realized that he should have put more thought into his actions. Here he was, in a whole new town, and his house was already sold. He sighed and turned his back on the building. He didn't have to start until Monday, as of this moment, he had to unpack and break in his new cramped apartment.
    A sigh escaped his lips as he stepped through the door of his new home. He glanced at his calendar, noting the day. Sunday today, tomorrow was going too be a long day. As he unpacked, Brandon recalled how he had changed his name from Jack to Brandon. His last name was the same though. After facing a rough heart-break in his past, he decided to change his name and aquire a fresh start. He broke off with everyone he knew and moved away. He had been quite jaded after the heartbreak and didn't make any new friends after he moved away. So, here the was again, in a new place with nobody to turn to. After unpacking, he cooked himself some dinner and ate. Brandon had always been a great cook, his mother taught him well, this was one of his lesser meals since he didn't have much to work with.
    "I'll have to go shopping tomorrow." he mumbled to himself. It wasn't really lonely in his life, he always kept himself busy as to keep his mind off the subject, but it was quiet times like this that made him crave company. He was just too afraid of getting hurt. The young adult sighed and picked up his dishes and washed them. In the end, he ended up falling asleep near eleven.
    Tomorrow was definitely going to be a long day.
  5. Rufus sighed heavily, gazing out the window thoughtfully. He was comfortably seated in his favorite armchair, gazing out the window of his study tiredly. It was already dark outside, though this could partly have to do with the heavy gray clouds crowding the evening sky, looming over the city depressingly. A stack of paper was resting on his lap, much like his reading glasses were resting on the bridge of his nose, indicating that he was working despite what day it was. In fact, he was currently reading the draft he'd been given before the weekend, which explained the list of notes and comments in his left hand. Somewhere along the line his attention had simply drifted away, and with it his gaze, which was at this point no longer focused at anything specific.


    It was the voice of a young girl which brought the black haired man back to reality. Blinking, he turned his attention to the 6 year old standing between the armchair, her little arms crossed over her chest and her cheeks puffed up in a display of anger. Even if she was angry, Rufus couldn't help but smile at how adorable she looked. Shorter than even most children her age and with a tousle of black hair crowning her head, part of which had been tied into a small pig tail, she was simply too cute- even with a angry pout.

    "What is it, dear?" the father asked, peering down at her over the edge of his reading glasses.

    "Daddy!" she repeated angrily, balling her little hands into fists, "I'm hungry! You're so busy working again, you forgot all about me!" Melody pointed at him accusingly, fuming, "and that is why I won't leave you alone when you're working!"

    "Oh right... sorry Melody." Rufus looked down, hanging his head guilty before he sighed and got up, putting aside the draft on his desk before ruffling her hair. "Come now, it's time for dinner, no?" he stretched and yawned, feeling stiff after having spent so many hours sitting still. She nodded her head, though still didn't look pleased.

    "I'm very angry at you!" she informed him, enforcing this claim by stomping after him as he headed to the kitchen.

    By the time dinner was ready, Melody's anger had melted away (with the help of a cookie), and she was chatting away happily about all sorts of nonsense she could possibly spout out. Sometimes it ward hard for Rufus to keep up with her rapid pace, as she liked to quickly switch subject without warning whenever a new thought entered her mind. It could be anything from the newest toys her friend had acquired to someone she did or didn't like or her new favorite cartoon. Nevertheless Rufus did his best to comment on everything she had to say, and encourage her interest in different matters. This was how it always had been- at least ever since Melody's mother passed away. Their conversations were often cheerful and uplifting, seldom failing to bring a smile to his lips.

    Rufus and Melody spent the rest of the evening together, as he read aloud for her from her favorite fairy tale collection, before tucking her in. Even after that when he had some time to himself, Rufus felt too exhausted for work. So, after smoking his usual evening cigarette, he too retired for the night.
  6. He woke up to the pitter-patter of rain on his bedroom window. It was rare for Brandon to wake up before his alarm. He sat up and fiddled with the controls until he was sure it wouldn't go off later on in the morning. Walking in the bathroom, he grabbed a towel and began to shower. He was curious as to how his new boss was, thinking he was going to be strict. Brandon continued on with his morning routine, making breakfast, brushing his teeth, then getting dressed before grabbing his large binder and heading to work, where he would be writing and discussing plot ideas for the next few hours, along with meeting his boss who was also his editor. The boss would give him criticizism on what he should do differently and would also send Brandon on errands that the boss was too busy to handle.
    Brandon pulled up to the parking lot and stopped his car. He quickly rushed inside and stole an elevator up too the fifth floor, where he would first be introduced to his editor/boss. The elevator doors opened and Brandon shyly stepped down the hall to Rufus Kimberly's office. When he got to the door, Brandon noticed the office across from Rufus's held a desk with a name plaque that read Brandon Coffey. He turned back around and hesitantly knocked on his new boss's door.
  7. Rufus morning had been quite eventful. On the one day he needed to be at work early, Melody had turned out to have lost something important to her. While Rufus wanted to help her search, Melody refused to tell him what it was and simply raced around the apartment, furiously searching for it herself. Due to this Rufus was left to eating breakfast himself, though he did prepare a toast she'd have to eat it before class. When it was time to leave Melody still hadn't found her lost object, and was just about to burst into tears when Rufus turned her school bag upside down and something small wrapped in paper fell out. She grabbed it before Rufus had time to ask what it was. Melody told him it was a surprise, before she dashed away into her room- presumably hiding it somewhere there. The problem seemingly solved, Rufus repacked her rucksack, helped Melody get dressed and forced the toast into her hands before pushing her out the door.

    Without further difficulties, Rufus sent her off to school which was located only five minutes from their home. He himself managed to get on the subway train just in time, breathing a sigh of relief as the world outside the wagon turned black. His mornings did tend to be hectic, but usually not as bad as this. Glancing at his bracelet watch, Rufus deduced that he was going to make it in time. "Good..." he breathed. It would look really bad if he, the boss, didn't arrive on time the day a new employee was to be introduced.

    Rufus was sorting through the many documents on his desk as he heard a knock on the door. "Come in," he called loudly without taking his gaze off the text he was skimming through.
  8. Rufus's voice flowed into the hallway. Brandon walked in through the doorway then stood stock still, this male seemed so familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on why. He stood and stared at him for a moment before coming to his senses and introducing himself. Nerves racked his body, he didn't enjoy being near anyone, let alone talking to them.
    "U-um, good morning, Mr.Kimberly. I'm Brandon Coffey, your new author." (Color Change...) Brandon attempted a small bow, but ended up tripping over his own feet and stumbling a bit. Heat creeped up his face in embarrassment as the older male sat there frowning at him, obviously unamused by the whole scene.
    My first day on the job, and I'm already making a fool of myself. I'm going to lose this job in no time. Brandon though worriedly.
    He stood and awkwardly waited for his new boss to respond.
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  9. "U-um, good morning, Mr.Kimberly. I'm Brandon Coffey, your new author."

    Rufus was just about to extend his hand for the new employee to shake as he intended to introduce himself, but instead the newcomer attempted an awkward bow, sending himself to the floor in the process. The black haired man arched an eyebrow before frowning and getting up. He walked around the desk and extended a helping hand to Brandon, while watching him over the edge of his reading glasses. It was a habit of his.

    Rufus wasn't really bemused- at least not as much as he was worried that the newcomer had somehow hurt himself. However, his frown might have made Brandon think otherwise. "You alright, Mr. Coffey?" he asked wearily, pausing after he'd spoken the name.

    Coffey. The name somehow sounded familiar. In fact, as he inspected the newcomers face, he noticed that not only the name seemed familiar. Rufus was pretty sure he'd seen this person before. Now, if only he could put his finger on where and when... so much had happened these last few years, everything before his marriage was sort of a mess of jumbled, distant memories.

    One thing Rufus had to admit. Brandon's blushing was... kind of cute.
  10. Blush still on his face, Brandon grabbed the extended hand and was lifted to his feet.
    "I'm sorry." He mumbled. He looked up into the other male's face. Something was definitely familiar. "A-as I was saying, I'm your new author. I look forward to working with you. But if I may ask..." Brandon paused, he would probably sound crazy asking this. "Could I possibly know you from somewhere?" Brandon felt idiotic asking such a question, he lowered his head, waiting for Rufus's response. (sorry its short, distracted by school)
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  11. "A-as I was saying, I'm your new author. I look forward to working with you. But if I may ask...Could I possibly know you from somewhere?"

    "I also look forward to have you working by my side," the black haired male replied, though he seemed rather stern as he did so. Then he helped Brandon to his feet, beginning to frown as he heard the newcomers question. So he wasn't the only one who had this feeling of deja' vu. Racking his brain for who it could possibly be, he gazed at Brandon silently for a moment. Then slowly his eyes began to widen, a look of utter surprise flashing across Rufus' face.

    "Jack... is that you?" he asked wearily, almost wanting the slap himself instantly. Of course this couldn't possibly be Jack... could it? But Jack had looked different... no, the longer Rufus gazed at the newcomer, the more similar to Jack he seemed. Sure, his appearance had changed somewhat- but not enough to make him look like a completely different person. His personality was similar too- if not somewhat more nervous than he remembered Jack to be.

    "Ah-ah!" deciding that despite all this he had to be wrong, Rufus shook his head and averted Brandon's gaze,"sorry if I'm wrong. I mean, it's absurd. I just thought I mistook you for someone else..."
  12. Brandon was taken aback, Jack was his old name, and this man knew him, but who was this guy? He intentionally forgot everything from his past so he could move on easier. This man was familiar, and if he was from his past, Brandon didn't want to know who he was.
    So, Brandon plastered on a confused face and acted like he didn't know anything.
    I guess I'll work for a week and find some excuse to quit. Brandon thought to himself. He wanted to stay away from anything that was from his past, this man included.
    "I'm sorry, I don't think I know a Jack. I think you're mistaking me for someone else, sir." Brandon paused, he should get working. "Is there anything you need me to do before I go and work on the novel?" Brandon, just needed to get away from people and be in the solitude of his office. Sure, he hadn't taken a tour of the company yet, but that could wait for later couldn't it?
    But what if he needs me to run an errand and I don't know where to go? The younger male squirmed a bit, he was split, he wanted to be alone, but he didn't know anything about this place, hell, he wasn't even aware of where the bathrooms were located. Brandon softly groaned, annoyed at the harsh predicament.
  13. "I'm sorry, I don't think I know a Jack. I think you're mistaking me for someone else, sir."

    Rufus sighed softly, once more sitting down behind his desk as he nodded his head in agreement. "I must have," he said, frowning just slightly. What a shame... I liked that guy. Perhaps that's why I misstok this one for being him. I wonder how he's going these days. I must have... hurt him quite badly when I turned him down. Not wanting to dwell on these memories, Rufus refocused his gaze at the newcomer. Yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity.

    "Is there anything you need me to do before I go and work on the novel?"

    "Hm..." Rufus narrowed his eyes in thought, but then shook his head. "You'r- wait," he reached into his pocket and conjured a small scrap of paper, quickly scribbling down his phone number and email adress, "you don't need to stay here when you're writing. Pick the most comfortable or inspirational work place and write there. As long as you deliver on time it's fine. If there is anything you need, mr. Coffey, don't hesitate to contact me," with that said, he held out the scrap of paper to Brandon. This he did with all of his authors, so it was nothing strange or special.
  14. "Thank you." Brandon bowed his head and quickly rushed out of the office. He had another week to finish up his novel's final draft before he had to hand it over to Rufus for editing. It didn't take long to get to the city park, it was inbetween work and home. Brandon exited the car and sat on one of the benches in the park.
    There seemed to have been a field-trip going on, for there were many children running around being monitored by teachers. There were also several buses that were lined along the sidewalk. Brandon sat and watched the Children play for a bit before opening the binder and continuing on his story.
    Here couldn't focus though, his mind wouldn't get off of Rufus. After a few more attempts at writing, Brandon sighed and shut the binder with finality before allowing his mind to wander. He sat there for another few hours.
  15. Rufus pen made a clicking sound as he tapped it against the table surface repeatedly, staring out the window in thought. This was another bad habit of his. While he really had been trying to focus on his job, he couldn't take his mind off Brandon. Or Jack, for that matter. Jack, who'd simply moved away without a word after he was turned down. Rufus had been genuinely sad, but he didn't hold it against the younger male. It was only natural, after all. Why did Brandon have to remind him so much of Jack? Rufus didn't understand, and it annoyed him. Narrowing his eyes, the black haired tall man decided he needed to take a break. Did... I really make a misstake? Is there some slim possibility that... Brandon might actually be Jack? Despite what he said? For some strange reason Rufus couldn't help but feel hopeful. For some strange reason his heart skipped a beat at the thought. Gah! CUT IT OUT! he mentally screamed at himself.

    Five minutes later Rufus was strolling along the path leading through the park, a smoke spitting cigarette firmly pressed between his lips. He inhaled the smoke, shutting his eyes for a brief moment. That was when a tousle of brown hair caught his attention. Bran...don... he realized, arching an eyebrow. So this was the work place he'd chosen? Very well...

    "Enjoying the last days of summer, are we?" Rufus asked, his lips quirking in a slight smirk as he directed his gaze at Brandon and came to a halt.
  16. Brandon jumped, he had been so lost in his thoughts about Rufus that he didn't notice him walking down the sidewalk.
    Brandon's binder few out of his lap and tumbled to the emerald grass. "W-wh-what are you-" he paused, why was he so flustered? He took a deep breath. "Yeah, plus, I've always found parks to be the most inspirational place for my writing." Brandon flushed at the small smirk on the man's lips. He took a moment to examine his boss.
    Why does ge have to be so sexy? God, even the way he stands is familiar.
  17. "W-wh-what are you-"
    "Yeah, plus, I've always found parks to be the most inspirational place for my writing."

    "What am I?" Rufus asked, arching an eyebrow and taking a drag. He scuffed his feet and thoughtfully turned his gaze towards the playing children, his smirk melting into a kind, sort of fatherly smile. "I've got a kid who should be around their age," he informed in an attempt to start conversation, "they're lively at that age, aren't they?" a heart filled chuckle rumbled in Rufus's chest and he shook his head slightly, glancing back down at Brandon. "Enough about me. Tell me about you... all I know about you is that you apparently like writing, and that you find parks to be particularly inspirational," he mused, smiling.

    Then Rufus got an idea. Dropping the finished cigarette to the ground, he stomped it out and slipped his hands into his back, gazing back at the sky. "You know, you remind me a little of someone I knew. I suppose that's why I mistook you for him. He was... somewhat of a high school crush of mine, I suppose. Things didn't work out, though- probably my own fault. Then he moved away and I haven't heard of him ever since..." while Rufus was pretending to gaze up at the sky, he was actually keeping a sideway glance at Brandon- wanting to see what his reaction to these words would be. Maybe...just maybe..
  18. Brandon was taken aback.
    Crush. Moved away. High School.
    His eyes widened a fraction and a tear escaped the corner of his eye. He looked away quickly.
    This was Rufus Kimberly, the man he tried so hard to forget about. Brandon squirmed a bit in his seat. He leaned down and picked up his binder from the ground.
    "That Jack fellow you were talking about? If you feel like it was your fault, then maybe it was" Brandon continued to act confused, keeping his eyes away from Rufus as tears sprang up. Here was the man he was running from his whole life, Brandon was just... so angry at him. For no reason. Tears dripped on the binder as he picked it up.
  19. He was crying- crying. That was all the evidence Rufus needed. He was sure of it. There was no one in the world who could possibly have a cuter crying face than his Jack. Well, that and why else would a complete stranger be crying? Only the person who'd been crushed had the right to do so, after all. Yet even as he knew, he pretended to go along with Brandon's pretentious act, completely turning his gaze up at the sky.

    "That Jack fellow you were talking about? If you feel like it was your fault, then maybe it was."

    "Oh, I have no doubt that it was," Rufus agreed in a bitter chuckle, keeping his gaze fixed on the sky. There were still clouds and the air was damp, but at leas it was no longer raining. Sighing, he paused and glanced down a the newcomer, noticing that Brandon was now full on crying. Hesitantly Rufus extended a hand and gently ruffled Brandon's hair- like he used to back when they knew each other.

    "You're still as much of a crybaby as you were back then... aren't you?" sighing he produced a white handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to Brandon, keeping his solemn but kind gray eyes focused on the other male.
  20. The handkerchief dangled in front of him. Brandon hesitantly took it.
    "Y-you have a daughter. " Brandon looked up at the man, "S-so that means you have a wife?" Brandon stood, keeping space between him and the man who broke him, the man made him so jaded. He wiped his eyes with the handkerchief
    "I don't remember anything, i made myself forget you. I couldn't even remember your name. I left craving a new start."
    Even after everything, even after forgetting about him, Brandon wanted to touch him, to feel his skin, but he was afraid that he would be shattered again after taking so long to pick up his pieces from the first time. He utterly hated the man as much as he enjoyed his presence. So Brandon just stood there, looking down, avoiding those stormy grey eyes.
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