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  1. Mishka lived in a quiet North Western town, it wasn't too large nor too small. It was quaint in the way it was quiet, much quieter than the big city he'd moved from. His very errant Father had died and left him a home in this quiet town and before Mishka had realized it his Mother had packed him up and sent him off to live there, alone. He had to get a job and while he'd love to do something musically, a small town wasn't really the place for that.

    So Mishka worked at the flower shop. When he wasn't at the flower shop he was somewhere in town like at the coffee shop though honestly he'd been trying to avoid there. Someone was always there. The same person, every single time he went. It didn't matter what day it was or the time or even if the coffee shop wasn't opened yet and he was stuck standing outside in the cold wet air! It didn't matter the weather. Lately if he didn't go to the coffee shop he'd see him somewhere else.

    The seal point Siamese cat was beside himself with worry. What if he had a stalker? But why hadn't that stalker came to the flower shop? Why did it mean? Was it all just a coincidence?

    Was it something more?

    The town was small, maybe he was just overreacting.

    Except now his stalker was stalking him in his dreams.

    Mishka considered a vacation. A camping trip. It was the summer after all. His friends had been talking about it for ages, so yes. He'd finally accept and he'd go with them.

    A camping trip was certainly his one way ticket to a calmer mind.
  2. Beau was so sick of being told what to do and compared to his twin sisters that he had to escape his family. Young and with just enough money he made his way to a small town. It was one that he thought would allow him a respite from drama and stress. His job at the local paper that his dad hooked him up with was easy enough.

    Being a freelance journalist allowed him a lot of time to himself. He came and went as he wanted and picking up odd jobs from small papers was perfect. The Pressed for News was right up his alley. He took his time getting interviews from local shop keepers and willing locals as well. The wolf was well known for his soft approach and sweet smile. His lean build and keen eyes gave way to a tender heart within. He was tall but over bearing. His coat was silver white and played well with his casual clothes that he wore most of the time. Well liked around town most didn’t seem to fear him despite his breed.

    Every day is was something new and he never missed a deadline. Working hard and often staying late for now reason landed him a vacation that he didn’t even ask for. On his desk was a pass to a cabin in the National Forest. His boss had set it all up. All he had to do was pack and go. Looking out the window he could see a perfect day calling him.

    A new backpack and small first aid kit sat on his desk too as a gift. Chuckling he took the gifts and got on his way. What would happen in the woods? Would he see a bear? Would he see anyone or anything? He had been running into one person all the time in town and tried not to think about it. It had to just be something that happened. It was a small town after all and he was a bit popular. Maybe he had a fan.

    Shrugging off his fear and curiosity he got into his red jeep and headed off with a tattered map held tight in his paw. The GPS at his side turned off. He was hell bent on doing it the old fashion way. What was the hurry anyway?
  3. A calmer mind. Yeah right. At least the park was nice and quiet and the only real sounds this far in was nature. Nature was okay, he figured as he finished setting up his tent. His friends might be bunking together or couples in some cases but the five of them, him being the odd man out- the new guy. That was the way of things. Mishka was okay with this.

    With his tent set up and his friends collecting fire wood and using the ready made fire pit, it gave Mishka time to explore so he did. First place he headed was down to the creek, squatting there and letting the water run through his paws. It was nice and cold and he liked the way it felt. The feeling of everything draining out of him and going down the river far far away. Shoes were untied and set aside as he waded into the cool water, hiking up his shorts and lifting his rather fluffy cream and smoke blue tail above the water.

    Nothing worse than a wet tail.

    He could smell the fire going and hear the laughter and someone had turned on a radio. Mishka considered going back to be with his new friends but instead he stayed out in the middle of the creek, watching the tiny silvery fish dart around him. He reached in and picked up a rock before throwing it farther down the stream.

    Just because.
  4. The cabin was well appointed with the basics. Taking the time to stop for groceries was wise. Some beer and wine just for the hell of it too. Chips and cookies added to the load. Stuffing the cabinets Beau smiled and took in the sweet clean air.

    Once he was sure the cooler was shut tight. It was time to get some extra firewood. Taking up a walking stick near the door and then his GPS Beau tapped the screen making note of where he was. Now was not the time to get lost. Road signs were easier to read than moss and trees.

    The soft earth gave way to his thick boots as he jumped off the porch and onto the path leading down to the creek. A few birds took flight from the tree above him. “Whoops” he thought.
  5. Mishka had climbed out of the water and was basking on a giant worn river rock residing in the middle of the creek. It was peaceful and serene and there wasn't a stalker in sight! The water had managed to drown out the happy noises from his friends. Mishka might have been a city boy but he was acclimating to this sort of town life rather fast.

    The silence was nice. He watched the birds take off into the sky and wondered briefly if something had spooked them. Maybe it was one of his camping friends coming to check on him. Dinner had to be about ready by now really, he couldn't smell it but he was certain it was there. Or maybe there were having s'mores first and without him! Now that made the cat sit up and narrow his eyes.

    That's how he caught his first look of his stalker.

  6. Beau jumped back and looked around totally confused. Coming around into clear view he could see the feline better. It was the kid from town. He had seen him before. Why was this kid following him and what was with his tone?

    Looking rather cross he made his way towards the feline.

    “Hey! I have a name alright and why are you following me?”

    Beau was more nervous than mad. His large build and keen eyes could make him look much different though. Pacing back and forth for a moment he looked uneasy.

    “Look I’m on a forced vacation and I don’t need a fan messing it up. Just go home alright.”

    Rubbing his neck he felt tense and it wasn’t like him to push others way. Every word he was saying wasn’t like him but this kid or guy or fan whatever he was really freaking him out. He just kept showing up and out here of all places.
  7. "Me? A fan?" Mishka stood up on his rock and stared down at the Wolf. He normally wasn't so confrontational or so loud but like Beau he was on edge. Too many scary stories played in Mishka's head about axe murders and creepy woods and campers getting eaten. He looked just as nervous as his tail lowered and wrapped around his legs.

    "Look. I don't know who you are. But everywhere I go, you're there. I th-thought you were following -me-." Mishka wrapped his arms around him. "I'm here with my friends... and you just stay over there or I'll scream bloody murder..." The Siamese cat clearly didn't believe anything about the Wolf, instead thinking him a dangerous stalker who was out to get him.

    But how on earth could he get down from his rocky perch and keep the wolf in eyesight? Mishka wasn't sure but he knew he'd have to get down eventually.
  8. Beau watched the feline and stopped pacing. Letting out a tired sigh he looked up and smiled softlly. Slowly he offered his paw to him. “Come on down. I’m not here to hurt you kid. I promise. I don’t have a weapon or even a flashlight for that matter. I left it in my jeep.” The wolf felt the fear coming from the feline and tried really hard to ease his tone and lowered his tail trying to show that he wasnt the big bad wolf hidding in the woods. He wasnts the bad guy everyone always thought he was or could be.

    Leaving his paw out stretched he didn’t stop. “Look I know it’s strange. This whole thing is strange. I thought you might be following me too. Why I don’t know. Mrs. June was following because she wanted me to write about her catering service. I don’t write ads. I write for the local paper. You know the Press for News. It’s a bit lame sure or small town but its easy and fun. Come on down I won’t hurt you. “
  9. "Oh! You're the new news columnist? Sorry, I guess I should read the paper." Mishka smiled sheepishly as he got down off the rock and looked up at Beau. "Sorry, I just flipped out I guess. I come from a bigger town and I still find all this 'everybody knowing everybody' thing hard to deal with." He unwrapped his tail as he calmed down. "I'm so used to using my laptop for getting my news... Not that I get more news than the weather really..."

    The cat shivered lightly as he stood in the water, the sun was finally starting to go down and the glow of the campfire where Mishka was staying could be seen through the sparse creek side tree trunks. "I'm Mishka. I work at the flower shop. Nothing special there but we do do specials on Saturday." He smiled softly though clearly teasing a bit.

    "It's nice to meet you... and realize you aren't a crazy weird stalker who is stalking me because I'm new in town...."
  10. After letting out a hearty laugh Beau sighed and wiped a tear from his right eye. A stalker, me? You’re funny. I don’t have the time for that. He smiled and looked at the feline in the water then it clicked and worried washed over his face and he offered more help to the feline. “Mishka is it? Ok well get out of the water. Come on now. “Stepping to the side Beau got out of the way.

    “Names Beau and flower shop huh? So your place must have been the one that did the flowers for the Price wedding?” Beau seemed to know a lot about what went on in the town. It was his job to have a bit of a scoop on the gossip or local events anyway.

    My cabin is nearby if you want a drink or something. I have to get back before I can’t find it any more. This little green dot tells me it’s just over that way.” Nodding in the direction with his large head he seemed kind and welcoming. “Your buddies have a fire going though, maybe you should get back. You’re starting to shake.”
  11. Mishka trudged out of the water with a laugh. "Sometimes I think I'm a little more than just Siamese considering my fondness for water." He looked over his shoulder and listened to the wolf's words and he nodded. "Yeah, you should. Don't want you to get lost. But hey, my friends wouldn't mind I think, if you wanted to show up later or something. I'm sure we're gonna do marshmallows or something."

    Mishka nodded enthusiastically at the mention of the wedding flowers. "Yes! That was my first job in town. Wasn't that just huge? The flowers were incredible for such a small town, I was really surprised." He smiled up at Beau again. "You should at least go turn on the lights, I'll be at the campfire. As I said, you're welcome to come. Be my guest. I'm sorry I flipped out on you." Mishka rambled as the sun started to sink lower, casting a purple and pink glaze on the forest, the shadows lengthening as the dark settled in. Mishka hurried across the creek again. "If you don't wanna, that's okay! But have a good night either way!" The cat waved happily and ran off towards his friends.
  12. Beau watched Mishka run off and smiled. Looking back at the GPS he knew that his cabin was off to the left and down some. A short while later the little cabin came into view and with a huge sigh of relief Beau made his way inside. The process of making a fire came back to him after years of training from a life he had long since put behind him. Parts of it came back to him now.

    Orange and yellow flames gave way to waves of warmth that crept into Beaus bones. It was nice to be inside as the sunset and night covered the area in a thick black blanket. Thinking about Mishka once more he sighed and looked at the fire. Should he go or not. “Oh what the hell, why not. Grabbing his coat Beau ran out of the cabin with a smirk and felt almost like a kid again. Would they really make smores he thought?

    Going out to his jeep he grabbed his flashlight and headed towards their camp or so he thought. After some walking he realized he failed to grab his GPS and he could only see what was before the beam of his flashlight. “Damn” he muttered to himself. The night wind ruffled his neck fur. He was just getting more and more lost. “Perfect, just perfect” he said to himself as he gave up and tried to find his way to back towards the cabin.
  13. Mishka got back to his camp without incident and explained to his friends about meeting up with someone he'd seen before in town, he quickly explained that it was the new Newspaper guy. Beau. Mishka decided it was a cool name as he helped his friends thread hot dogs onto the special skewers they had brought. Clearly his friends did this often, he marveled at the sleek metal rods. This was definitely better than potentially dirty wood! Which could have been who knew what at any time! Definitely better.

    Still. With the hot dogs cooked and dinner digesting, Mishka was starting to look around. Beau wasn't showing up. The cat had really really hoped that the wolf would show up and cook smores with him. Surely the wolf knew more about the town than he did and not to mention maybe he wouldn't feel so stupid about asking. He liked his new friends but they had all grown up there and asking them questions usually involved a show and tell and being dragged around to half a dozen other places in between until Mishka forgot what he had asked about in the first place. It didn't help he didn't go into town unless it was a work day and he lived nearly twenty minutes out.

    S'mores were started and put together oh so quickly and soon the entire group was a sticky, marshmallow and chocolate covered mess. Still no Beau. Mishka let out a little sigh and ate the last bite of his before washing his hands off. Stuffed full of food and the smell from the campfire, the group was starting to get sleepy and Mishka was no exception.

    He was going to stay up though! Just in case. What if Beau had gotten lost? Surely he could see the fire's glow.... At least Mishka hoped as one by one, or rather two by two, his friends retreated to their tents.
  14. Some ways off from both and cabin and Mishka camp site Beau wondered around totally lost. He was getting tired and almost gave up when the scent of chocolate hit him and the soft glow of a fire came into view. He had found them. His boots snapped some twigs as he made his way. It had to be them. Quickening his pace he almost broke into a full run. Right near the end of the site he slowed down and parted the bushes just to be sure.

    Sniffing the air he caught the scent of the feline. He was right. In the mix of pine and smoke came all the scents of his friends, marshmallows and hotdogs. His stomach growled as it was only then that he realized he had missed dinner. Ignoring his hunger for now he went towards their site. His flashlight flicking light here and there as he panted and approached Mishka with caution hoping he wasn’t going to scare him.

    “Psst... Mishka…? Pssst... Hey... “He smiled and padded closer trying to keep his voice low seeing the tents of the others and the fire was dying out.
  15. Mishka was considering adding another log to the fire when the sound came of boots on forest floor, surely it was Beau right? The cat stood up and looked around as Beau's voice hit his ears. "Beau!" He yelped and then remembered to be quiet with an embarrassed look on his face. He pricked his ears forward though, looking over the panting wolf.

    "Did you get lost?" He asked. "I'm so sorry, really. I didn't think you would ... " He bit his lip and looked apologetic. "Have you ate anything yet?" Mishka perked. Surely he could be useful, at least a little. He felt sorry for even maybe getting Beau lost in the woods. He picked up the water jug and handed it over to him. "Thirsty?"
  16. "Hi, and yeah to all of it" Taking the jug he smiled and then dropped the flashlight in the process. Feeling goofy he chuckled. "Opps." It rolled around by his toe and tapped Mishka's foot. Pulling the jug away from his lips Beau looked at the feline and then away feeling like he was staring.

    "Umm so right than. Sorry I got lost. I thought I knew where I was going and then well I didnt." Beau scanned the fire and took up a log adding to it and then poked at it with another stick. What was left of the fire came back to life and offered them both warmth. Holding his paws to the fire he smiled and then looked over to the feline.

    "Do you know how to make smores?" He asked softly? His eyes had a soft glow to them. "Tell me have you ever had carmel smores?"
  17. Mishka laughed as he bent to pick up the flashlight. "Sorry about that. Really." He felt his face flame and was more than happy it was hard to tell he was blushing through his dark facial fur. Being a Siamese had it's perks for sure. "I'm glad you made it though. Do you think you'll be able to get back to your camp without getting lost?"

    The red and white cooler was pulled over and Mishka rummaged through it for a moment. "Do you want a hot dog before your s'more? We have a few extras." He laughed at Beau as he was asked if he knew how to make s'mores. "Of course I do. Graham crackers and a chocolate bar piece and a toasted marshmallow." He stuck out his tongue at the wolf.

    "Now Caramel s'mores? No, I've never had those. Is it in addition or exception to the chocolate?" Mishka leaned forward, curious about this new potential culinary delight that he'd never considered. The moon rose high into the sky, finally offering at least more than a mere glimmer and the forest came alive with tiny animal sounds and the rustling of leaves as the nocturnal's awoke and started their day.
  18. Beau watched as Mishka got out the hotdogs out and all that went with it. The roasting forks, ketchup, buns etc. Seems the group had a nice set up and was ready for outdoor cooking. The smell was starting to make his mouth water. He had pulled over a folding chair that was near the fire and settled into it. “That sounds great. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I got out here. What is it about camping that makes you want to eat all the time?” He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. It was a nervous habit of his.

    The night was wrapping its arms around them and if not for the tents around the perimeter of the site it felt like they were all alone. “It’s strange how every time I ran into you I thought you wanted my autograph. How arrogant of me, I’m sorry.” Shaking off the thought he started to dig into his jacket pocket and produced a Cadbury chocolate and caramel bar.

    “Here let’s try this on chocolate instead. It’s a bit messy but not too bad. It’s amazing in the combo. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I’ve been hooked on these for a while.” Snapping off a piece he offered it up to Mishka. “Here try some.”
  19. Mishka chuckled as he handed over a plate with a couple of dogs and buns for Beau before he took the caramel piece. "It was a little arrogant of you but since you're a writer it probably makes sense, you know, that you'd get things of that nature." The cat laughed as he considered the addition of caramel and chocolate bar. "Oh!" He flushed. "Communication failure, I thought of something else completely!"

    He found himself chuckling as he threaded a marshmallow onto one of the poles before taking the bit of chocolate and caramel from Beau and popping it in his mouth. "Mmm, that is rather good. I'm pretty fond of Ghiradeli's bars. Or their squares, the dark chocolate is delightful. The Florist has started carrying a bit of the Ghiradeli squares, you see. She is calling it a touch of sweet, I guess." Another laugh. "I like it though. It's sweet. Er. Nice?" He shook his head and watched the marshmallow catch flame before gently blowing it out.

    Graham crackers were quickly brought out and soon it was smushed between them and a bit of the caramel and chocolate bar, creating an oozing hot sticky treat. Mishka had been about to take a bite before he remembered that he should be sharing. "Want the first one?"
  20. Beau was busy stuffing his face and looked up at Mishka with a mouth full of hot dog. After a quick swallow he gave a sheepish smile. “Um you go ahead. I’ll have one when I’m done here.” He couldn’t help but notice the soft glow that surrounded the feline in the moonlight. Something about the way the fire warmed the color of his fur and eyes stole his attention. Shaking off his daydream Beau snapped back into the moment and listened to what Mishka was saying.

    “Sweets are good. You just have to be sure not to overdo it” He set the plate down and watched the marshmallows catch fire. They smelled great. It was almost more fun for him to watch Mishka make them and then to even eat one for himself.
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