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    A new world build from Ashes. The ruins of a ancient world.

    The wrath of the Ancient Gods made this world to come to it's inevitable end.
    Thousands of years had passed since the cataclysm, at the decisions of the Gods of building a new world. Era. Races.

    Even after such a long time, the anger hadn't subside between them and so, the World had been decided in two huge continents.

    The first continent, located on the northern hemisphere had been named AGNORIA.

    This world was build from the ruins of the lost and forgotten era of Tyraa. In here the new species slowly, but certainly made their way of life as some of them hadn't forgot the Gods.

    Most of the species which have their habitat here, they are not encountering often and some of them are still considered myths.

    The land of AGNORIA, is partly formed of vast mountains and deep forests, as many creatures live within the areas. Also is divided in the North Region and the South Region.

    Each side of the region, has their races comfortably living with the surroundings and totally adapted to the seasons all year long.
    In the north part, is predominated by vast and high snowy mountains, icy winds and extreme weather conditions for a cold area. The small villages are scattered at the base of the mountains or further up where the main river, Serra is flowing with sealife.


    This Cold side of the AGNORIA, is know as Vanythal, the homeland for Kvanthra's.
    They are knows as brave survivors for the harshest winters in the history of the world. Where the sky, with the name of Aurora Borealis, is the proof of their history as it is believed it represents the Pathway on which they come through since the world was still Young.

    The southern parts are smaller regions formed such as Elapsa, filled with deep and dark forests being the home of Ikur. Go along the coast, south west region represents vast hills, extremely tall trees and Rocky Mountain sides.
    This side is knows as Sapuur where is the habitat for a mysterious race as Aktnis.

    The second continent, is situated on the other side of the hemisphere with the weather conditions opposite of AGNORIA.
    This continent is named Dorphia, more unknown and not yet discovered races lived here in the ruins of the lava waves, active vulcans and with a darker weather conditions all year around.
    The others only know that in here, is a legend about the Fire God, Kartapur, has leashes his anger upon this side and so this land has bloody creatures roaming around.

    The two continents are separated by a vast ocean, and so not many try to cross to the other side in the fear of the legends lying dormant behind them.


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  2. The Races of this World:
    First one:



    Regular humans make great merchants, diplomats,explores and travellers. With not as much traditional duties and obligations keeping them in one place, they are free to roam. These humans are generally more open-minded than most, especially if they didn't grow up in the same place.
    Unsurprisingly, travelling humans at also more likely to know the concept of Magic than mostly anyone.
    Religion is perhaps the most powerful driving force to guide a desperate humanity through their hardship and into a age of rebuilding. Most humans worship just one God- Yaal- and bestow extra reverence to a few more such as -Leevik, Vinnis or Sylas.-
    Some of them don't care about the gods, but still recognise their existence.

    Second Race:


    They are a race of amphibious sea-dewels. They are able to breathe through the skin and also live far off of the AGNORIA's Coast, deep down below the ocean in a home of corals.
    They are capable of breathing on land, but doing so for extended periods without immersing themselves in water, is proven fatal. Also, they are pacifists and vegetarians enjoying to hoard things.
    They have their own language-Haar- that sounds more like being sung(whistling) than spoken. They are taught that life is sacred, and that it should not be wasted.
    They enjoy scavenging along the bottom of the ocean floor and hoarding things, as well gathering seaweed and other plants that they grow for food.
    The name of their underwater region is Litium.


    Third Race:


    The Ikurs are a savage tribe of humanoids that inhabit the southern part of AGNORIA, a small area called Elapsa.
    Blood sacrifices and ritualised cannibalisation are regular and completely accepted practices. All Ikurs are vicious, warlike and by the standard of the outsiders, very savage people. All of the Ikurs know how or learn how, from an early age how to use weapons being part of their education. They are staying true to their roots, because the Ikurs were born of war and conquest.


    Fourth Race:


    They are direly hairwhited people of south western of Sapuur, known as ridding giants winged birds. They are passionate people who speak their mind and know themselves intimately. Also, they are known the only specie which on numerous occasions are able to heal a Human body or a Kvanthra. And yet they are hunted people, for the mysteries in their lives that they recognise, but cannot by their very nature, comprehend nor explain to the others.
    The most distinctive future about the Atkins, is the pure white and long hair.
    Also most of them are born with sea colour eyes, black lines across the iris as it is believed, they are the closest to the wind birds and have lived past Lives as One.


    Fifth race:

    Details upon the Character.

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  3. Name: Miria Iceglaze

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5.4"

    Race: Kvanthra



    Rather nervous, unpredictable, anxious and restless to start out on her own path. Also a good storyteller, mysterious and yet sometimes doesn't know how to act decent in a social situation. Miria, tends to lean towards a slightly obsessive behaviour when something catches her eye.
    Miria is the type to find small pleasures in what she does. She is most likely wary and skeptical netting new people for the first time. Miria still gives everyone a chance and only through constant early harassment will she loose her temper.
    Miria is the type to try to see the good in people, in a positive light first before anything.

    Abilities: eye colours changing, summoning animals, able to turn into a animal form.

    Hunting, archery, sense of observation and art of seduction.


    Snakes, water, solitude, death.

    Athazagoraphobia - fear of being forgotten or ignored

    Brief History:

    Regarding people closely, Miria is the type to confront others wholeheartedly without hesitations. If she feels that something is amiss, she is the type to make sure her concerns are voiced.
    " Do what you want with your life. Do what you feel is necessary. Nothing more, nothing less."

    Her homeland is Vanythal, the northern region where most of the time is snowing and has icy winds.
    Miria has killed a few men and beasts alike to serve he interests, but the former only when seemed necessary. Miria has always been ferociously committed to Vanythal and it's interest.
    " We all do what we must."

    For a Kvanthra. Simply looking at the sky of the extreme north, is proof enough that the stories are real, of Aurora Borealis.
    It is believed that's the same pathway that hey come through when the world was build. Also is beloved that a Kvanthra, can predict the End of the world to.

    Unlike other species, the Kvanthra's eye colour changes with their mood, though always in vivid tones or rich colours reflecting the colourful path of Aurora.

    Miria did not had a lovely family concept; her father did not stay around long enough to realise that his wife was pregnant and left long before Miria got born.

    At her birth, Miria got the mark from God Vinnis, on the back of her neck being a symbol of a snowflake.
    Weeks later from her birth, Miria shifted for the first time. Changing into a snow leopard. Her mother was so startled, that she ran outside to gather the Council of Elders. Needless to say, they were surprised by the child and decided to keep her in Vanythal, considered a blessing from the God Vennis.

    However, Miria's mom could not comprehend the happening, as her own child was beyond the poets of a Kvanthra and killed herself, leaving Miria at an elderly woman.
    Therefore, Miria has the ability to shift effortlessly between a singular human and a singular animal form that it has been predetermined upon birth. While she shape shifting appears magical, when it happens, due the fact form dissolve in a swirl of lights and reform all in the same instant, she cannot shift items with her.

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  4. Another Add Up:

    The title.

    Veritas vos Liberabit
    It's meaning is :

    ~The truth shall make You Free.~

    Along with the feeling of " DEJA VU" ~

    We can decide obviously how to start our journey and a point where to meet up.

    I will start my journey as I leave Vanythal, and we could meet up after a day or two distance if you Want somewhere in the middle, just pass the middle mountains.

    " The rusty rain cleaned the bodies,
    The ashes of death fall in this world
    Decorated by it's many mistakes."

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  5. Right guys/girls.^^

    I would need someone more Experienced than me to help me as an Co-GM with the world built, purely because it's my first Fantasy RP.

    Also, I would like this to be an group RP, around 3 people plus Myself.

    As for the posting, I would like to be 2/paragraphs minimum.
    I enjoy descriptions and such.

    Also , it would be even better if a Super- person ( with a higher quality of writing would be interested here ) and I can learn as well down the line.

    As story -wise, it will not be Sexual 100% because as even the Bond the humans must have with a Kvanthra, it would not go explicitly as an having a Intercourse.
    But it will be something in between.^^

    Please, I would appreciate it if someone would help me progress the story and to be glad to RP alongside me.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Overall, I would be glad if someone like these gorgeous people:
    @Zen @Ozzie Chanter @Minibit @Aira Reinhart @Diana

    Would take an interest in this story And to make it great.:3

  6. You know Aira is a limey, too.

    I will join but not this weekend. I go in at 6p til 6a then turn around and pull 2p-10p. 20 hours of work in 30... -_- At least I get time and a half for it.
  7. Ah :3. How sweet of you.

    In either case I'll be glad if you'd join in though ^^

    For this RP anyways I DONT EXPECT posts everyday.
    It can be at least once a week or so <3

    I'll be more than happy with that.:3

    If you Decided you can join, just chose a race and make your own CS.
    I don't have a certain type of Cs made up in mind, as long as you say the important things .:3

    EDIT: even @October Knight would be more than welcome to join or Be part as Helping me, if he has the Time.
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  8. Sorry, I don't really do group RPs. If you're down for a one on one hit me up sometime, but I'm at areal tough time in real life, so my replies are glacial.

    :/ but good luck on your quest!
  9. It is alright.^^ no worries. I'll try my best with this quest :3

    Thank you anyways for taking some of your precious time and reply ~
  10. I would really Love and Apprecite if someone would help with this.

    I think my general idea is not that bad, maybe needs some shaping and all that.^^

    Please, bump !
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  11. Gal you know i'm always willing to help you out,i'll make an ooc and help you with this as well.
  12. XD awesome . I am pleased with this ^^
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  13. Pff No problem i'll hop right to it dollface.
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  14. Wait !! This is the OOC actually !@.@
  15. I Know thattt which Is why I am going to make an ooc darling~~~
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  16. …There are parts of this that seem very familiar, and it's gonna bug me all day until I remember from where...
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  17. You trying to implement that I stole an idea ?@.@

    It is pretty much an original one xD. Lol. As I am sure that many RP's are similar to others in terms of the ideas and plots and such ..:)
  18. Oh no no, not the whole idea. Just certain parts of the races sound familiar.
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  19. Like I said in most cases you can't have a very original idea anymore xD. Same goes for the races lol

    Anyways I need people who are interested in this .. I don't want to turn my thread into a discussion of. Why my idea is similar and such...

    I am thinking since nobody will be interested I will close this thread in the next days ..~
  20. Someone interested ..? PM and we can discuss this further and as to make it better .

    Bump !
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