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  1. It all happened so quickly. One minute, you were hanging out with the gods, then all of a sudden you're faced with a strange request. You accepted it, and now you are here. Whatever the reason you chose to say yes.
    Where are you? Most likely in the middle of no where. You couldn't tell where it was, after all, you were teleported here so quickly you lost the chance to ask basic questions. But from what you can see, you're in a forest biome* and the sun's position says that it's just starting to rise. You appeared near a sign that has an arrow that points to a single dusty path, so you decide to follow it. After walking for about a good mile, you notice that the path has gone and you are left to your own defences. Looking back, the path is no longer visible. A test? You wouldn't expect less from the bastards that sent you here.

    Examining your surroundings a bit better, you realize that you may not be alone after all.
  2. Damain slowly turned around in a circle. He didn't detect anyone on his primary sweep. Moving quickly he threw his arms open, a light flashing on his chest and two creatures materializing in front of him. A small creature floated lazily forward, stopping a little bit in front of him. The other creature, more insectoid than the other, prowled back and forth a little before acquiring what it had determined to be the optimal position for defence. Damian almost chuckled. Sloth and Pride. Such opposites and yet with strange similarities. Both generally defenders and dogged in such task. Although Sloth was inherently and rather obviously lazy, it knew that life would get a lot harder should its Master perish.

    Pride was a somewhat simpler creature mentally. Its task was to defend Master. If Master was hurt, it had failed. It couldn't fail because that would mean it wouldn't be the best. If Pride wasn't the best, what was there to be proud of? Damian spotted a rather heavily clad girl in the distance. Slowly and cautiously he approached her, his beasts following suit, Pride jittering slightly as they approached. "Hello?" He called, rather emptily.

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  3. Nadia hated when they did that. Just fling them around as they so chose without even a warning or better yet asking permission. The Gods doing whatever the hell they wanted was definitely in Nadia's top five pet peeves list. Was it too much to ask for a little decency and politeness? Was it? I mean, yeah she agreed to go, but at least give her a minute to do a little research!

    Sighing softly, Nadia surveyed her surroundings for a moment, before digging into her messenger bag and taking out a fat beetle. She grimaced as she put a bit of pressure on the squirming creature and finally squished it between her thumb and forefinger. "So sorry." She muttered, as she traced the words الانتقال السريع ل (Jump) and العالي (Higher) on her legs. The words glowed red for a moment before she felt the familiar adrenaline pumping through her, but before she could jump up and see where exactly she was, a voice interrupted her. Nadia whirled around to see a a tall boy with black hair standing a little bit away from her. There were two...Creatures accompanying him, one floating and the other on the ground, it's body language alert.

    Nadia approached the boy slowly, digging into her bag again and pulling out a snail. She held it in her closed fist, in case the guy tried anything. "Hey there," She called, giving the boy an easy going smile. "you get tossed in here too or was this a planned vacation?"
  4. The clothed figure greeted him. Female, fairly short. Pride moved more slowly now, tense and alert, ready for movement. Although Sloth seemed as inactive as ever, it too was slightly anxious. He weighed up his options. He had very few ways to judge her strength. It was likely that he would be able to take her out but the risks were far too high, especially considering the fact that he had no clue what her powers were... a crippling or even tiring fight so early would spell disaster regardless. This left fleeing or the offer of a temporary truce. Fleeing once again presented similar challenges. Her power may be ranged, similar to a sniper, meaning putting distance between them would be incorrect. That left a truce. She seemed like a fairly simple girl, kind and earnest. Easy to read. Easy to play to. He smiled kindly and replied. "No I'm afraid, not that this place would be my first choice for a holiday" he said looking around and chuckling. "I'd much prefer somewhere with anything other than just a forest"

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  5. Khan sighed as he looked around at the area he had been transported to. "Where am I" he thought to himself, looking around he could see it was a forest that he had been jumped to. He walked slowly over to the dusty sign that pointed down a path. He couldn't see anyone else at the moment but he guessed he would come across someone else soon.

    Khan slowly made his way down the path, which seemed to fade away the more he walked down it. Eventually it had completely disappeared into the surroundings. He looked around for a bit, then decided to carry straight on. He could hear something, and as he emerged from the forest he noticed to other people. As well as two beast like creatures circling around the male figure. It seemed they were protecting him. he glanced over to the female, but there was nothing striking about either of them. Khan made his way over to the pair "Hello" he greeted as he joined them. His body posture was up right and seemed to have an authoritative look. His eyes wear a warm amber.

    Khan seemed to wait for something. It wasn't a return for the greeting, he wasn't waiting for a hello back. No. He was waiting for them to bow before him. "Well, aren't you going to bow?" he asked causally, like the request was perfectly normal.
  6. Sloth shuddered as a presence neared. The presence wasn't exactly foreboding, more suitably arrogant. There was no denying it was strong, yet it seemed a little too big for its boots. Damian turned as he heard him speak, his tone placid. He didn't acknowledge him immediately, concentrating on the girl in front of him, watching her for a reaction to his response, to assure him his read of her had been accurate. However when the male spoke again, Damian turned. Quickly calculating the enormity of this subjects God Complex, he evaluated that complete resistance would likely lead to a fight. Perhaps a false and small tribute of respect would sate this insatiable egomaniac? It was his best option. He bowed his head slightly. "Forgive me, I am unused to other customs. This is how you greet people?" He asked in an apologetic tone.

  7. Nadia chuckled as well, although her laugh was hollow and fake. She wasn't going to let herself get comfortable with this new guy and his...Creatures of weird hanging around. She was about to ask him what the hell those things actually were when suddenly another guy entered the scene. Nadia cocked an eyebrow and pursed her lips. Oh yay. What is this? Jock strap central?

    Nadia was further surprised when the guy greeted them and then promptly asked them to bow. And the first guy actually did it. Well not full on. But seriously! Nadia crossed her arms and gave the newest guy an unimpressed look. "Yeah. I'm not bowing to you dude." Giving herself a quick mental assessment, Nadia figured that her first sacrifice would be good for another ten minutes in case His Highness tried anything.
  8. "Do you not bow in front a king?" Khan asked looking at the girl. He noted that the other boy seemed to bow, even if it was half assed. Khan would take it as a complement for now. Where as the girl seemed to defy him. This was not something the boy took a liking to, he would not be ignored. Khans expression changed, originally he had a warm and sort of kind smile. But it completely changed. His eyes turned from amber to pure crimson, and the smile on his face turned grim. "I said you should bow before me!" he almost growled, his voice giving a more assertive tone towards her. His posture still made him look above others.
  9. Damian smiled calmly, Pride repositioning itself. Sloth jittered a little at the rise in tension. "Lets just calm down, shall we?" He suggested taking a half step forward with an open posture. "No need for agression Sir" he said speaking directly to the male. He could feel the boy's bloodlust. Over something so minor? This one was firey, yet simple. The girl worried him slightly. She was a little uncomfortable around him... not a good sign. Perhaps it would be better to let this one be the subject of this 'king's' agression? No, not yet at least he thought to himself.
  10. "Uh, okay dude. Chill out." Reading the mood, and deciding that it was better to not rock the boat and start a fight, Nadia grinned at the red haired guy and gave him an exaggerated bow, complete with sweeping arms and a bit of curtsy. Okay, so she couldn't not give him some flack. "My liege--Pfft!" She began using a silky sweet voice but the mere fact that she was bowing to some idiot who clearly thought he was a king or something, made her burst into laughter. She tried to cover her mouth and stifle the laughter, but it was to no avail as she began giggle-snorting. Waving her hands at the guy, she bit her lip to stop from laughing anymore. "Sorry, sorry. This is just cra-zy. I mean, come on. On a scale of Dudley Dursley to Joffrey Baratheon, how much did your parents spoil you?"
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  11. Khan grinned as the girl bowed towards him. He enjoyed the sweeping arm movement as well. But soon the incompetent girl began to snigger and then burst out laughing. Khan looked at the girl with a slight puzzled, turning to face the guy he then looked back at the girl. He watched as she waved her arms around tying to apologize. Her next words fell coldly on his, but he didn't stop with the grin across his face. Khan made his way over to the girl. In a few steps he was standing in front of her, he was taller than her and looked down on her. He opened his mouth to reply to her comment "I wouldn't know, they left me to die under a bridge before i could even walk" he said, the tone in his voice more spiteful and his glare burrowing into her eyes
  12. Nadia's laughter died in her throat and she averted her eyes, feeling very much like the biggest douchebag on the face of the earth. "Oh. Oh wow. Uh...I'm sorry." She raised her arms in an awkward motion and gave the guy a pat on the forearm before giving him a quick hug, before pulling back. Even though he had announced something so sad, he was smiling which was definitely weird. Then again his parents had abandoned him under a bridge where who knows what had happened to him. Maybe he doesn't know how to act like a normal person. Nadia thought. "That's uh..." She didn't know what to say and shuffled her feet uncomfortably. "Sorry?" She tried again.
  13. Khan took a step back from her. He sent too keen on physical contact with others, unless it was fighting. His eyes stayed on her though "why are you sorry? it's not like you could have changed it" Khan was used to other feeling sorry for him, he would have often had people asked if they could help. But he would decline on every occasion, saying he was fine. "anyway a king doesn't need the sympathy of his people" he said, the tone of his voice returning to its original, assertive tone. After it was his giant ego that kept the boy from breaking and going insane. If he wasn't already.
  14. Okay so physical contact is a definite no-no. Nadia thought when the boy retreated. Then again who knows how long he was homeless. Or if he still is. Nadia squinted at the guy, unsure if he was being deliberately obtuse or if he was just missing a few screws. "I-I'm saying sorry because that's what people say when--Never mind. Moving on. I have two questions. One, what are you the king of exactly?" She decided then that she was going to play ball. She wasn't going to kowtow every five minutes but she knew how to play pretend and as long as King Red didn't go ballistic, she saw no harm in going along with his royalty kink. "And two, what are you guys' names? I'm not going to keep referring to you as Creep Central and King Red forever. I'm Nadia Khatib."

  15. Khan let out a little sigh a t her question "I am just the king, the single true king" he spoke with pdude in his voice. It sounded weird and sappy but that was genuinely what they boy believed. He basically saw him self as the ruler of the world. "hmm king red" he said to himself, pondering on the nickname given. "my name is Khan" he said, not bothering to give his last name.
  16. Damain looked across at the awkward interaction occuring between these two. This girl was compasionate. Perhaps with a sob story he may be able to win her over? Perhaps... though he would save that effort for when he found out if she was worth his time. "Damian Forsain, pleased to make your acquaintance" he said, stepping forward, taking her hand and going to kiss it. Her reaction to unwarranted physical contact would be interesting considering she had just done the same to the other male. Sloth floated lazily away from Khan, minisculy distancing them.

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  17. Liam Celane
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    Liam couldn't help but chuckle at the fact the gods had just thrown them out in mid converstations, it seemed lie something a god would do, so that is what made it funny to him, either way he of course followed the path, kicking dust and dirt as Liam was dressed in his normal attire, a black dress shirt with green as a secondary color, and black pants as well as black dresss shoes, he ran a few fingers through his green hair and sighed, light emerald irises looking around as the path eneded. "Well damn I guess it is a test, -sigh- I guess I just got to keep walking forwards."

    That is when he heard something off in forest, it seemed someone else was coming up on him, he narrowed his eyes and smiled lightly as he wasn't very hostile unless he had to be, and hopefully that wouldn't happen, either way he waited for a moment before calling out in a calm voice, "Hey, if you are a monster say so, it isn't nice to scared people, and if you aren't well then I guess carry along." He smiled for whatever reason happy with himself as he waited for the person, or people to come out as that was the point of sounding so strange, really he was just being playful.
  18. Sophia Lightwood

    Sophia was about to head out the temple of Mount Olympus with her sketches when she was suddenly sucked by an immeasurable force and landed bum first on the floor, her sketches scattered everywhere.

    Sophia found herself in a strange place. The trees rise upward forever, the canopy above is distant, like clouds of green. Even with arms out-stretched she would never even be able to reach even a fraction of the way around their gnarly bark trunks. Stepping carefully over the roots that knot the pathway, watching the freshly fallen rain seep into the soil, Sophia was struck by a wish to melt in with it. Not to die, but to live forever amongst these ancient beings who cast the shadow in which she stands. There is a sacredness here that transcends everyday concerns, casting them into the timelessness of forests, of oceans, of mountains. Under these boughs she feels the breath of Gods and hears the beauty of their creations; how can she not be at home here?


    She saw a path right in front of her and grabbed her drawings, following the path and not really knowing where to go. Leaves scrunched and squished every time she took a step, the air rich with the fragrance of leaves and loam, damp soil. She was enjoying the place, thinking about what creatures live here when her thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a voice shouting and asking if she was a monster or not.

    She smiled, thankful that there was another being around that she could talk to. She does enjoy silence but only in a short while. She quickly ran to the source of the voice and came stumbling on a bush, falling face flat on the forest floor and her sketches scattering around the area again "Oow~" she grumbled and opened her eyes, her field of vision meeting a pair of shoes and
    quickly scrambled up to her feet "Uhm.. Hi!" she cheerfully greeted at the man in front of her. "Sophia Lightwood, a pleasure to meet you!" she introduced with a smile and started to pick up her scattered mess once again.
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  19. ~:Geo:~
    Out from behind a tree, a small little figure appeared, watching the people who where arriving in the distance. She didn't want to disturb them, besides, she could already listen in on their conversation. Talking to others wasn't really her forte, and neither was talking to arrogant people. She simply leaned against the tree she was hiding behind, looking at the group ahead of her with jealousy. She had always wanted to make friends easier, but her past had always held her back from who she truly could be.

    Looking out upon the other gods, the small, almost child like, successor walked forwards a bit, trying to get closer to the situation to ear everything. She snuck up, circling around the group in a wide range before drawing closer and repeating the circle, forming a gentle inwards zig zag as she looked at them. As soon as she was close enough, she made way to make a good entrance, her hand raised in a timid, yet friendly gesture when she tripped over a very continent looking curly root. 'Oh curse the world.' Geo thought as she fell face first, crossing her arms over her upper body as she landed face down in the dirt, groaning as she realized she had just made the worst first impression.
  20. Khan turned to face a new person who entered the clearing. But she soon fell flat on her face, tripping over a root. He listened as she cursed the world before face planting. Khan grinned as she fell, but didn't laugh. He looked at the girl for a second then stepped over to her his body towered over hers. His grin looked slightly evil, as he looked down on the girl below him. He definitely enjoyed looking down on others. "Maybe everyone should bow so low to me" he thought to himself. "Hello" he said greeting the girl in front of him.