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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eagle. Similar to all your trendy clothing stores, Eagle has a very relaxed environment when it comes to its decorations and clothing styles. With white walls that bounce off the soft, yellow lights of the store, the clothing store is very welcoming to onlookers passing by. Not to mention, the retail working in the store caught many people’s eyes, sometimes even braving to flirt with some of them. The store is very popular among young adults and teens, but it remains one of the underground unique shops located only in Driscoll County’s largest mall. No one questions the extremely gorgeous people that work behind the register, in the aisles, or in an office, which our fellow retail workers appreciate, but sometimes, things can go out of hand. [/BCOLOR]

    “What do you mean you don’t have this in a size eight? Are you calling me fat?”

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A blonde, petite teenaged girl with lips bigger than Kylie Jenner’s stood in front of Anari, who was impatiently waiting for the female to storm off to another store or choose another item. With a sigh, Anari put on her plastic smile as taught by her fellow human friends, Roman, Rumi, and Seonadra. “Ma’am, I never called you overweight. I am simply stating that we do not have this pair of jeans in a size six in stock anymore. We can order-"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Ugh, no need." The teenager looked up and down the other blonde, who was much taller and intimidating than her. "I hate this place. I'm never coming back here again." She raised her voice as if to get the rest of the store riled up with her. "You hear that, Mr. Manager?! Never!"[/BCOLOR]

    She attempted to spell it out, but before she mixed up the 'e' and the 'a' before the 'r' for the fourth time, Anari interrupted, noticing her fellow coworkers shaking their heads in pity and sympathy from a distance. The goddess of Buri was growing hot red because of this customer, but not due to the fact that she was embarrassed. She was pissed as hell, keeping it in by gritting her teeth. Anari didn't understand the people of this planet and their stubbornness. Her people were never like this, always appreciating what they had and what she did for them.

    Keeping the same smile (well, sort of), she continued. "Ma'am, I ensure you that we can order these specific pair of pants in your size and can get it shipped to your house within five business days."

    "Five days? You expect me to wait five days for a stupid pair of pants to arrive in my mail, all ruined and shit?" Anari noticed one of her coworkers, Rumi, a few feet away rolling their eyes at the customer and mouthing something along the lines of "bitch". Trying not to smile, the pixie haired girl attempted again to persuade the customer to not leave the store on such a sour note.

    "You can get it sooner if you come back-"

    "Um, no thanks." The ignorant and stubborn girl gave her another once over, before turning her head dramatically and hitting Anari with a face full of hair. "I don't want to deal with your pretty little ass anymore. Go shove this up." She flipped the bird before swaying her hips just as dramatically as she turned away, starting to walk out of the rather small shop when someone stopped her in her tracks.
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  2. "I don't want to deal with your pretty little ass anymore. Go shove this up." The girl spits out spitefully showing off her middle finger to Anari behind her, not really paying attention to where she was going. In the young girl's fit of rage she mindlessly collides with another entering the shop. In a blur there is the sound of liquid hitting the floor, and a startled yelp. As people turned their heads to look in surprise, they would see the satisfying sight of the girl and a handsome man drenched in coffee.

    "Fuck that shit is hot!!!" The girl screeched in agony as the coffee scalds her skin underneath her now coffee stained shirt. The petite girl took a step back, her facial expression changing from pain to horror as she peeled the wet shirt off her skin and looked it over. Either the shirt was a favorite, expensive, or brand new. Dropping her hand to her side the young girl whose face twisted in anger looked up to the individual before her. The blonde looks up at the name tag pinned to their chest which reads "Roman" in neat black ink, then finally to his face which clearly expressed his apologies.

    "I deeply apologize. Does it still hurt? We have a first aid in the employee lounge." Roman's voice dripped with a feigned kindness while he peels his wet black button up away from his stomach. Everyone who worked for him knew that Roman didn't much care for the customer themselves, but rather the reputation of the shop. The concerned expression and care in his voice is only the result of practicing in the mirror during his short amount of years working in Eagle, and he became very talented in covering up his intentions due to this.

    "Yes it still hurts! What kind of question is that!? This shirt was brand new and now you've ruined it!" The young girl raises her voice at him, but unlike earlier she seemed to be holding back some of her anger. Could it be she was just trying to keep the attention on herself in Roman's presence? "Just wait until everyone I know hears about this!"

    "Miss please, I can easily replace the shirt free of charge. Pick whatever shirt you like in the store and I will pay for it out of my own pocket. First I would like to have your injuries looked after. A pretty girl like yourself should only be treated as such." Roman says casually to her as he steps to the side and gestures to the store behind them. Roman's sky blue eyes watch the girl fall silent for a moment, almost in awe that she is receiving such attentive personal care by the handsome manager. Her cheeks even flushed a light pink as Roman complimented her on her looks. After some thought the young blonde speaks up agreeing to be looked after. "Obviously I cannot very well attend to your injury, but I will have one of my most esteemed employees personally look after you. Seon!" He calls out for another one of his female employees and gestures her to come over before returning his attention back to the girl. "After I will wait by the registers for you to check out with your shirt."
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  3. Seonadra

    Seon looked out from behind the counter as the sounds of a particularly rude customer drifted to her ears. Seeing Anari was taking the brunt of it she gave the other blonde a sympathetic look. If she hadnt been working, thus having to be on her best behavior, she would of taught the little skank a thing or 2 about manners. But as it was all she could do was hope the annoying girl would leave and never return. She had just finished checking out another customer that was glancing to Anari in sympathy as well when suddenly karma struck. Seon had to stifle a giggle as she witnessed Roman basically douse the girl in coffee. 'Sometimes clumsy can be a good thing...' She thought giving Anari an amused grin behind the customer's back.

    But thats when her victory ended. "Seon!" The familiar ring of Roman's voice made the green eyed girl cringe. 'No no no no no....' She mentally complained already having a good idea on what he wanted. Despite her dread Seonadra made her way over to the 2 with a friendly smile. "Yikes! That looks like a sticky mess. How can I help?" She sympathized. Her voice was one octave from sultry, it held a natural soothing tone yet somehow upbeat.


    The large man was stocking a shelf with various kinds of pants when the obnoxious customer started her rant. Crystal blue eyes glanced to see the commotion before returning to his work. 'Ungrateful children...' Cres thought with disgust. At the sudden splash he turned to see Roman had caused quite the mess. At the woman's shriek about her shirt he flinched, his sensitive hearing not appreciating the noise in the least.

    A tic started in his jaw, he really couldn't stand such spoiled beings. Luckily Roman called Seonadra, his human friend, to help instead of him. The emerald eyed blonde had a much better temperament than him. Plus his towering height tended to intimidate most people, even gods. So instead Crescent fetched a mop and bucket from the janitor closet before rolling it over to the coffee mess on the floor. "I'll clean this up." He spoke to Roman, completely ignoring the customer. His voice was deep almost rumbling but smooth, his tone indifferent.
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    Iris had just came back when she walked into an atrocious situation. A human girl, who displayed herself as obnoxious in every way, was making a scene at the store. "Oh my, poor Anari." Iris had previously heard about Anari while on Geyunnif. She was a fair ruler if nothing else, which Iris admired. Even though their views on punishment were quite different, that was to expected. Iris walked towards the two women when she saw that Anari was losing her cool. She could not blame her, the human girl was unruly and rude. "Umm, no thanks. I don't want to deal with your pretty little ass anymore. Go shove this up." Iris was about to step in when the girl suddenly turned around and rammed into the manager, Roman. "Ohhh" Iris covered her mouth to muffle her giggle. She felt terrible for Roman. He was a generous being, helping with the teachings of her and her four counterparts while they took refuge here. She lightly patted Anari on the shoulder for reassurance. "Fuck that shit is hot!!!" the human screeched. It looks like Roman had coffee in his hand when the two ran into each other. Roman apologized and referred her to Seon for further help. " Lets hope this ends quickly." Iris said lowly to Anari

    Seon quickly tended to the customer. "ill clean this up" Crescent stated to Roman. "Well this was slightly eventful." Iris tried to think of a way to help the situation, but the human seemed to be more or less calmed by Roman's presence. "ill keep an eye out, i dont want to witness anymore situations like that for a while." Iris knew that she disliked conflict, yet the beings on this planet never cease to find something to argue about. Iris sighed as she started to think of her home. She found herself worrying about her orphans who lived in her temples. 'no no, not right now. i need to focus on the present. I'm sure my subjects will be fine.' Iris pulled a smile for the other customers who may be there.​
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  5. "Seon, be a dear and take this wonderful young woman to the lounge. There should be a first aid kit built into the wall next to the fire hydrant. It will be next to the right when you enter through the door with the fire escape plans, and what not. There is also some a water bottle in the fridge with my name on it, you can use that to make an ice pack to cool the burn. Pretty elementary stuff, so it should be quick and painless." Roman carefully instructs Seon how to handle tending to the customer. With nothing further to say to his employee he finally took a step back to look at the coffee stained floor, and himself. He appeared to be wearing very expensive attire today, and obviously was now taking the time to check to see if he had ruined any of his own clothes. After inspecting his shirt and pants a sigh of relief escapes from his diaphragm. He had escaped a trip to the cleaners, but there was no denying the fact that the outside of his shoes need to be cleaned. Before speaking he glances up to check to see if the girl and Seon and left his area of proximity and in doing so noticed Crescent make his way over with a mop and bucket.

    "Ah, thank you Crescent. Nice to see you're already a step ahead of me." He offers the man a smile to show his appreciation. Roman always liked it when an employee immediately recognized a task at hand that needs to be completed before he himself had to point it out. He liked the initiative. Unfortunately, while that is pleasant for him to witness, watching crescent cleaning up his coffee brought a frown to his face. Roman disliked wastefulness, especially with how the economy is currently. There was no denying the twinge of irritation in his facial expression at the realization that he had just wasted five bucks on a coffee he barely got to enjoy. If anything the teenager should offer to buy him a new one since her carelessness is the reason for this trouble. He shifts his attention unto Iris upon hearing Iris' voice and comment on the situation. He quickly let out a small sigh of irritation, not at her but the situation over all. "It wasn't eventful...it was an annoyance. If I could I would just have them removed from the shop, but unfortunately that can lead to bad reviews. Bad reviews lead to a bad reputation, and a bad reputation leads to me loosing my job. Anyways, I am going to get back to work."

    Leaving the two to attend to their jobs he approached Anari with a worried expression as the girl seemed to be a bit frazzled over having to deal with the woman. "You did good...okay? When she leaves go take a fifteen minute break. You've earned it after exhibiting such great control. What was it she was looking for again?" He casually asks while joining Anari behind the counter at their second register. While he waited for the customer from before to return with her brand new shirt, Roman thought of how he could also convince the young woman to join their membership plan or maybe still take the time to order what Anari and her were fighting over. Roman casually hummed to the song playing in the store and tapped his foot against the tiled floor to pass the time. While doing so a thought came to mind. I wonder what Rumi decided to wear to day. His outfit choices are always different each time he works... he wondered casually as his hawk-like eyes began to scan the store for the younger gentleman. Some how Roman found amusement in Rumi's fashion choices, and it always seemed to make the day at work a bit more interesting.
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    • Today, Rumi had his hair tucked back with a sparkly red headband and wore a skin-tight v-neck t-shirt with ripped jeans, topped off with brown colored combat boots, all beneath a denim apron with its logo printed across the top, Eagle. With black eyeliner and thick black wings off the corner of his eyes and glossed cherry lips, Rumi thought himself absolutely gorgeous. Juno had even said so.

      He was meticulously folding some shirts when a banter of bickering reached his ears. A customer was complaining, it seemed. Some spilled coffee and a red-faced girl who looked just about ready to burst. "Five days? You expect me to wait five days for a stupid pair of pants to arrive in my mail, all ruined and shit?" Rumi managed to lock eyes with Anari, who always looked like a brazen mess, and mouthed, 'bitch'.

      His other coworkers, people he was relatively fond of, stepped in to take care of the mess and Rumi finished folding the last shirt. There was one coworker that Rumi had set his eyes on - Roman. Roman was a handsome individual, with dashing good looks and charming smile, Rumi was easily taken by him. He had always been like that, so easy to fall for just about anyone who caught his eyes.

      Rumi had been working at the Eagle for six months now. When those newcomers, Juno, Royal, Emma, Crescent, and Anari, had come, Rumi had been alarmed, really. It was just a few weeks before he was informed of their true identities and when he was told, Rumi was not so shocked. He'd always known that there was something different about this bunch - perhaps it was their form of speech, or how strange things happened around them that Rumi was not as surprised as he would have liked. But it wasn't long before Rumi grew attached to Juno and Anari. Juno, despite his eternally handsome face, just was nothing more than a close brother. Anari was his buddy, his makeup buddy.

      In the past two months that they had been working alongside each other, Rumi had gone through just about six men like a breeze, about one man per nine days. Each time, he had been cruelly rejected and/or discovered that there would be absolutely no chance Rumi would have the relationship he would have liked with them, and each time, Rumi ran to Juno or Anari in tears. Still, from the very start, Rumi had always admired Roman. But to little Rumi's despair, Roman was too clueless and thick-headed to get anything across and so, Rumi sought out others. It had come to the point that Rumi was growing desperate.

      Setting the folded shirt away, Rumi approached Roman. "Roman," Rumi stepped in front of the taller man. "What are you doing tonight?" He tried to remember the most basic social skills and tried to appear friendly. Really, the only emotions he knew how to express was grief and relentless crying whenever he was rejected.
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  6. Seonadra
    'Sometimes I really hate my job...' Seon thought, internally plotting an "accidental" demise for Roman's clothes later for this. But on the outside she smiled brightly as she led the obnoxious customer to the back. "Of course, we'll get you fixed up in no time." She reassured. The customer just huffed at her as she followed. Seon reemerged 10 minutes later along with the customer who was now all cleaned up and in a brand new shirt from they're stuff. "There you go, have a nice day Miss!" The woman just rolled her eyes at the blonde before haughtily walking out of Eagle's. Once she was out of sight her emerald eyes snapped to Roman, her stare was piercing and promised retribution.

    Walking over to her register she lightly nudged Iris with her arm on the way. "I'm planning major payback for Mr. Cool. Are you in?" She inquired in a hushed tone, despite her words her tone was playful.

    Nodding to Roman, Cres finished cleaning up the spilled coffee before setting out a "Wet floor" sign then returning the mop & bucket to the closet. He had sympathy for Seon, being subjected to such a pest, but it was they're job. Although if it was him he doubted he could last 20 seconds without snapping at the woman. As he began going back to restocking the shelves, his eyes wandered over his coworkers. He watched as Rumi approached Roman and once again made a pass at him. 'Oh please get it you dullard...' He thought with a bit of aggravation. Roman was a nice enough guy, and a good boss. But he was as oblivious as an Ox when it came to anything outside of work, especially relationships.

    This must of been the 10th time, or was it 12th? That Rumi had pursued the blonde manager. But time and time again Roman mistook it. He silently hoped Rumi wouldnt get shot down again, the peculiar, but kind boy didnt need anymore let downs.
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