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There are Gods of Planets.

There is one man :

G a l a x y .

This is your d e s t i n y .


  • Greetings, traveler,
    Care to listen to my tale?

    Once upon a time, there was many planets. These planets all had a god to watch over them and nourish the people. Tthese four gods were powerful beings. Each god had a shard of a jewel said to be the source of their powers. If these shards were ever pieced together, the holder of the jewel would become the most powerful man in the universe.

    Now, traveler, are you listening?

    A little man roamed these planets, jumping from one to another. He was called Galaxy. Galaxy had never been particularly strong but one day, he approached a dying sorcerer. This sorcerer handed him his all-mighty powerful staff, and uttered a request that his staff is to be passed on to his daughter. Galaxy, heart wrenched with pity for the old man, vigorously nodded and agreed to his request to venture out into the unknown and battle demons to send this staff to his daughter. But as the days passed by and the deeper Galaxy ventured into the unknown, he began to wonder. This staff was powerful. Wielding it gave him a rush of power he'd never felt before.
    Then, he arrived. He stood in front of the sorcerer's daughter and clenched the staff tightly in his hands. No - he had battled monsters and wielded this power like it belonged to him. What right did this daughter have to take that away from him? In a moment of selfishness, Galaxy killed her.
    Power became his obsession. He wanted more - more, more, more.

    He set his eyes on the shards of the mighty jewel, Dei.

    He battled the gods high and low until finally, he held every piece in the palm of his hands. Finally, he stood at the world's peak looking down at the people - the gods.

    "I am God, and you are nothing," he bellowed, "Vanish!"

    Oh wait, traveler, where are you going? I'm not done yet. Here, sit, you must stay until the ending.

    The mighty gods, now stripped of their power, found themselves on a very strange planet: Earth.

    I see that look on your face, traveler! Respect your elder!

    These gods, now possessing a limited fraction of their power, had to survive Earth. Rumor has it, they are still on this Earth.

    Ha! How was that for a story? Hey that's strange... What's that... Are you one of the gods?


    • Having been stripped of your power, you and four other Gods have found yourselves on Earth. It has been one month since arrival and you have been lucky to receive the aid of three humans. They have helped you understand Earth's culture and its people - although there are several things you don't quite understand yet. In any case, without a way back home, the only thing you can do is make a comfortable living. You and the other Gods have decided to take up a job at a retail clothing store, Eagle.
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