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  1. [​IMG]


    There are Gods of Planets.

    There is one man :

    G a l a x y .

    This is your d e s t i n y .


    • Greetings, traveler,
      Care to listen to my tale?

      Once upon a time, there was many planets. These planets all had a god to watch over them and nourish the people. Tthese four gods were powerful beings. Each god had a shard of a jewel said to be the source of their powers. If these shards were ever pieced together, the holder of the jewel would become the most powerful man in the universe.

      Now, traveler, are you listening?

      A little man roamed these planets, jumping from one to another. He was called Galaxy. Galaxy had never been particularly strong but one day, he approached a dying sorcerer. This sorcerer handed him his all-mighty powerful staff, and uttered a request that his staff is to be passed on to his daughter. Galaxy, heart wrenched with pity for the old man, vigorously nodded and agreed to his request to venture out into the unknown and battle demons to send this staff to his daughter. But as the days passed by and the deeper Galaxy ventured into the unknown, he began to wonder. This staff was powerful. Wielding it gave him a rush of power he'd never felt before.
      Then, he arrived. He stood in front of the sorcerer's daughter and clenched the staff tightly in his hands. No - he had battled monsters and wielded this power like it belonged to him. What right did this daughter have to take that away from him? In a moment of selfishness, Galaxy killed her.
      Power became his obsession. He wanted more - more, more, more.

      He set his eyes on the shards of the mighty jewel, Dei.

      He battled the gods high and low until finally, he held every piece in the palm of his hands. Finally, he stood at the world's peak looking down at the people - the gods.

      "I am God, and you are nothing," he bellowed, "Vanish!"

      Oh wait, traveler, where are you going? I'm not done yet. Here, sit, you must stay until the ending.

      The mighty gods, now stripped of their power, found themselves on a very strange planet: Earth.

      I see that look on your face, traveler! Respect your elder!

      These gods, now possessing a limited fraction of their power, had to survive Earth. Rumor has it, they are still on this Earth.

      Ha! How was that for a story? Hey that's strange... What's that... Are you one of the gods?


      • Having been stripped of your power, you and four other Gods have found yourselves on Earth. It has been one month since arrival and you have been lucky to receive the aid of three humans. They have helped you understand Earth's culture and its people - although there are several things you don't quite understand yet. In any case, without a way back home, the only thing you can do is make a comfortable living. You and the other Gods have decided to take up a job at a retail clothing store, Eagle.

      • In an act of kindness, you and your two other friends have helped some lost beings found on the outskirts of the city. It had been difficult to believe their claims to be Gods at first but eventually grew to believe them after a show of some proof (explained later). You've been helping these Gods for a month now and have just heard the news that these Gods will be working at the store you work at. How exciting!




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  2. [​IMG]

    ∞ Obey the gms.
    ∞ Be respectful.
    ∞ Proper grammar and spelling.
    ∞ Always make sure that your sentences end with a period.
    ∞ The first letter of your sentences should be capitalized.
    ∞ 2+ paragraphs.
    ∞ Don't you even dare doing 1 paragraph, much less one-liners. /sob
    ∞ Obey the rules.
    ∞ Ask questions.
    ∞ Changes that will make a big impact in the RP should be talked through with the Gm's first.
    ∞ Romance is allowed but, any sexual content will be limited to spoilers or PM - as long as the age group complies with Iwaku's rules.
    ∞ Iwaku's rules apply.

    You will be given one week to post.
    One of the GM's, either myself of @Ellery, will send you a reminder.
    You will be given another week to post.
    @Ellery and I will discuss matters of how we will be silently taking your character out of the RP.
    • If we see that you are still posting on other RP's and not responding to our messages, your character will be killed in a brutal fashion, because ignoring is just rude af.
    • If we see that you have not posted anything in the past two weeks, we will assume that life has taken you away on a busy adventure. Your character will not be killed and your spot in the RP will be put on hold. Most likely, we will send your character on a solo journey around Earth in search of a means to get his/her shard back.

    If after two weeks of inactivity, we will assume you've lost interest and the RP will be open for somebody to take your spot.


    • You are human. I have absolutely nothing to say about that.

      • Terrain
        Buri has a rocky terrain that makes life difficult. There is little greenery available in Buri; however, what greenery is available belongs to the wealthy. Buri's atmosphere is similar to Geyunnif, however, not quite as poisonous.

        Because of its rocky terrain, Buri boasts many caves and mines with precious ore. Buri is prospers from its surplus of rare jewels and mining community.

        Buri Life
        There is a stark gap between classes of the people. Less than 1% of the population is wealthy enough to own a little bit of greenery whilst the other 99% of the population works in mines.

      • Terrain
        Geyunnif is famed for its greenery. It is said to be the most beautiful planet of all. Wildlife is abundant and the sun always seems to be shining high in the sky. Geyunnif is likely the only planet most similar to Earth; however, Geyunnif's atmosphere is made of unknown chemicals, toxic to humans, rendering the planet inhabitable by Earth.

        Geyunnif is well-known for its farming community. It thrives with plentiful food for everyone.

        Geyunnif Life
        The citizens of Geyunnif are kind people, always caring for others. They are one to never leave a man behind and is the planet with the least wars. It's said that there hasn't been a war in the last hundred years.

      • Terrain
        Aqueous with a variety of plants underwater, 89% of the planet is freshwater, 2.5% a strange liquid that crystalizes when put under thermal pressure only found on Vyceria, 0.7% saltwater, and the rest land. Most of the lush green land is extremely expensive to live on, owned by business tycoons or powerful individuals who control lands on multiple planets. However, there are a few hotspots spread out on the planet where geysers and volcanoes erupt every fifteen years or so. No lifeform dares to live near the most active volcanoes

        One of the richest planets in the galaxy, Vyceria is famous for its unique ore, equivalent to the blue garnet and lithium minerals found on Earth. Each carat of the minerals are worth at least 3.5 million dollars.

        Vyceria Life
        Most lifeforms do not live a hard life on this planet. Since many could not afford life on land, they created habitats floating on the water or adapt to the water.

      • Terrain



      • Terrain
        Elyrion's terrain is mainly dark. It is furthest from the Sun and little light reaches the dark planet. The land is similar to Earth, though with a surplus of volcanoes. It is not rare that a volcano would erupt three times a day.


        Elyrion Life
        This is perhaps the one planet that does not receive any visitors. Elyrion holds a tight maximum security prison for the worst criminals in the universe.

    ***Ellery mentions "please avoid anime pictures and choose realistic portraits". What she means is no real-life photos. We would much prefer a realistic or anime-realistic type of picture. An example can be found here.
    • [tab=Character Sheet]
      • Code:
        [LEFT][COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica][imga=right]IMAGE ANIME STYLED JPG URL[/imga]
        N a m e
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]A g e
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]S e x
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]H e i g h t
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]J o b P o s i t i o n
        ∞(( Cashier, Sales associate, Customer service associate, manager))[/FONT][/COLOR]
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]P e r s o n a l i t y
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]H i s t o r y
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]L i k e s
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]D i s l i k e s
        [COLOR=#999999][FONT=helvetica]O t h e r
        ∞(( Things you think will be important to note. ))

      • [/tab]


    • You've landed in Driscoll County.

    • Driscoll City is the main city of the county and perhaps the only place where its lights light up the sky like Fourth of July.
      hey, that rhymed. heheuheuhe

    • Your home will be an apartment complex located on the outskirts of Driscoll City. Yes, you will be sharing rooms.

    • Yes, you will be sharing rooms. The apartments, though, are conjoined - right next to each other.

    • Eagle is the clothing retail store that you will be working at.

      • Fashion retail managers oversee the sales staff at a clothing store or in a specific department of a retail business, depending on the size of the establishment. They are responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees, as well as training them for the job and handling customer service inquiries. They ensure that all employees stay on-task and that all store operations run smoothly.
        These managers usually work in comfortable clothing stores, but they often spend the majority of their shift standing and walking. The weekends and holidays are the busiest times for shopping, so many managers usually must work during these periods. Overseeing the sales staff and ensuring customer satisfaction are responsibilities that can sometimes be demanding for fashion retail managers.
      • Fashion retailers often set up customer service counters in each store to ensure all customer needs receive attention. The employees responsible for manning the counter should generally exhibit poise, patients, and remain friendly even in the face of dissatisfied customers. Customer service associates stand responsible for handling exchanges and returns, dealing with damaged merchandise, and answering customer questions. Due to the nature of the position, customer service associates should display knowledge of the inner workings of the retailer.
      • The position of sales associate requires individuals to be patient, organized, and manage time efficiently. Fashion retailers usually organize stores by department, and sales representatives may remain assigned to a specific section of the store, which allows the individual workers to focus knowledge of products and assist customers. Additionally, a large part of the position stands maintaining the cleanliness of the store, which entails returning items from fitting rooms to the proper place on the rack, picking up dropped merchandise, and straightening racks. Individuals who demonstrate sales savvy often excel as a sales associate.
      • Responsible for leaving customers with a positive last impression of the store, people with upbeat personalities and lively customer service skills often receive favoritism for cashier positions. Duties of a cashier include scanning and neatly bagging items, handling all monetary and card transactions, socializing with the customer to ensure the individual remains satisfied with the service of the store, and, depending on the fashion retailer, opening store-specific credit cards to increase the chances of a customer returning. The nature of the position requires potential employees to endure long durations of standing, work with other associates of the store to please the customer, and maintaining a friendly persona.

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  3. [​IMG]
    ∞ Important Notes ∞



    the plan.

    part 1 - character sheets.
    ∞ we will be accepting characters.

    part 2 - character relationships.
    ∞ signups will be closed and we will discuss what relationship our characters have with each other whether it be platonic or romantic.

    part 3 - roommates
    ∞ roommate decisions, if anyone has a preference.

    part 4 - tba


    accepted characters.




    @Ellery will be adding info on the two planets, Vyceria and Dysophiva, later today. Do not fret.

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  4. P l a n e t

    N a m e

    A g e
    ∞2021 / 26

    S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n
    ∞Bisexual, leaning more towards homosexual <3

    S e x

    H e i g h t

    J o b P o s i t i o n
    ∞Customer Service Associate

    P e r s o n a l i t y
    ∞Not quite one for words, Juno tends to remain on the quiet side. Yet, he does had a rather dry humor, usually only understood by select persons and he is quite frank with his words. Beating around the bush is not his forte; after all, he is the Warden of the most tightly secured prison in the entire universe. Or at least he was a Warden, before his piece of the jewel was taken. But Juno is generally tries to keep a cool head however, there may be times when Juno lets his temper get the best of him. Those times are not very pretty.

    H i s t o r y
    ∞Juno comes from a long line of Wardens. His father had been a Warden, his grandfather a Warden, his great-grandfather and so on. He'd grown up under strict rules and traditions. Learn first, play later. He'd memorized the entire rule book - all ten-thousand pages of it - and more thousands of books on the prison. One thousand years of learning was sufficient enough time before Juno was deemed worthy enough to take his father's place. After all, being Warden of the tightest prison ever made was no easy task. Juno had only been serving his job for another thousand years, still relatively new, when that man whisked on Elyrion and stole his shard.

    It had been a hard and long battle, years upon years of war against one man. There were many times when Juno had thought he'd defeated Galaxy, but the man had been smart, learning from his losses each time and growing stronger with every fight. Then finally, Juno lost.

    L i k e s
    There's something about their independent nature and soft fur that makes Juno as relaxed as ever.

    ∞Ice Cream
    Juno just likes the cold feel in his mouth.

    Watching people act in boxes is probably the most fascinating thing ever.

    It was a rare sight on his home planet.

    D i s l i k e s
    There's something strange about talking into a small rectangle, not to mention how loud its rings are.


    Even worse.

    Worst thing in the universe.

    P o w e r s
    ∞Mind Control
    Though without his shard, the best he can do is plant a strong suggestion in his victim's mind. This does not work on strong-willed persons but better works on weaker minds.

    A useful skill for forcing prisoners back into their cells. Here on Earth, however, Juno can only move small objects such as pencils.

    O t h e r
    ∞His appearance shown in the picture is only with the possession of his full powers. Without his powers, Juno looks like any other human, without the horns and scales.
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  6. Really, we are open. Don't be shy ;_;
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  7. P l a n e t
    ∞ Geyunnif

    N a m e

    ∞ Royal

    A g e


    S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n


    S e x


    H e i g h t


    J o b P o s i t i o n


    P e r s o n a l i t y

    ∞Royal is one of the more likeable gods. Coming from a very peaceful planet he had to keep it that way somehow, so he often comes off as fun loving, peaceful, passive, and overall a happy guy. Though he can have his godly cruel moments, but he usually tends to avoid any type of violence and tends to stick to trickery and games to get his point. Still to the other gods he can be what is called annoying.

    Often making jokes that could be seen as rude, getting rather touchy at people without asking, or even just being playful in annoying ways. Still people often see him as the voice of reason and hold high respects for him.

    H i s t o r y

    ∞Royal has been watching over his planet since the day he was around, his father took no time and told him that no training was needed to be a good soul. So he went off those morals thinking everyone was a nice person till proven otherwise, but watching over a world got quite boring so he would often host games of wits, and often for him trickery, nobody ever beat him and there was zero punishment so people would often challenge him, of course he won every time, always making others feel as if they were about to win, only to take it away from them at the last second.

    Royal then as the rest of the gods did, met his match a man named Galaxy he challenged so many times that Royal started to get interested with the man finally the man beat Royal. Royal was outraged when he asked for his shard as payment and then was forced to violence, Royal was beat just as the rest of the gods and then thrown away out of his world and into a new one.

    L i k e s ∞

    This is something Royal loves no matter what the animal is, he has always said he will never eat an animal.

    He has taken an extreme liking to this as he has never found a way to play more games.

    He adores all plants often taking flowers without thought.

    He adores human's finding them interesting and often getting touchy with them.

    D i s l i k e s ∞

    While Royal will still fight if needed, he stays passive and often greatly dislikes those who use violence as a first measure.

    Grumpy people
    Who likes grumpy people?

    He enjoys moonlight but being completely encased in darkness has always been something he had disliked.

    P o w e r s ∞

    Calming Aura- His base energy feeling makes people and animals feel calm around him at ease, of course this is just a slight mind trick and anyone with enough intent they go right past such aura.

    Light plant manipulation- He can slightly make plants grow and move, sometimes even brings flowers and other small plants back to life.

    O t h e r
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  8. @Celane

    I can't accept you yet until @Ellery comes back but, I noticed a little error.
    Your character is only allowed two powers. That's mentioned in the character sheet I believe.

    But besides that, he looks good, I suppose. But do you think you can edit the first paragraph of the personality section? It's a huge run on sentence and no good for my eyes @v@
  9. Ahhh super sorry about that, I somewhat wrote alf of this on a tablet instead of a phone so I didn't catch that ^^;
  10. Alright, I think you're good to go! There are still some run-on sentences here and there, like in your Powers section, but those are minor things that Henri will be in charge of. Also, under your Likes, humans should be 'humans' and not 'human's', but I understand the struggle of autocorrect :D.

    I recommend you look over it once more and give it a quick edit where needed. But, I think your character info in general is quite interesting! Can't wait to roleplay with you :cheerful:.
  11. I'm sorry we are grammar police. We like grammar k. Grammar is good. Grammar matters. Grammar makes one smile.

    But anyways. We're not too picky.

    @Celane accepted. ^^

    As mentioned before, the two planets, Dysphov and Vyceria, will have more information when @Ellery gets back from vacation @u@
    Until then, please consider taking one of them or the humans. Who knows - maybe you like surprises!
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  13. This looks interesting enough, I'll fill out a character sheet soon.
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  14. I plan on making a lil God for Vyceria, but I see that there's no description for the planet. Could I come up with the descriptions, or...?
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    Well, @Ellery will be making a description for Vyceria once she is back from vacation, which is soon, I believe. Very soon. You're free to make a character sheet for Vyceria though I'd have to ask that you save the "History" and "Powers" section until later. Personality does not necessarily need to correlate with the planet's description. Vyceria may be a planet full of life and your character could be a cynical piece of shit. That would make it interesting, lmfao. But, -cough-, anyways, if you decide to make a sheet for Vyceria, you won't be able to know anything about the planet until @Ellery comes back with a description ;; Until then, you're just in for a surprise!

    If not, then you can certainly wait until @Ellery comes back. I'll be sure to send you a PM when she does! Or, you can also consider taking one of the humans <3
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  16. @BlackOrchid

    Terrain: Aqueous with a variety of plants underwater, 89% of the planet is freshwater, 2.5% a strange liquid that crystalizes when put under thermal pressure only found on Vyceria, 0.7% saltwater, and the rest land. Most of the lush green land is extremely expensive to live on, owned by business tycoons or powerful individuals who control lands on multiple planets. However, there are a few hotspots spread out on the planet where geysers and volcanoes erupt every fifteen years or so. No lifeform dares to live near the most active volcanoes (you can specify the names and add more details here).
    Specialty: One of the richest planets in the galaxy, Vyceria is famous for its unique ore, equivalent to the blue garnet and lithium minerals found on Earth. Each carat of the minerals are worth at least 3.5 million dollars.
    Planet Life: Most lifeforms do not live a hard life on this planet. Since many could not afford life on land, they created habitats floating on the water or adapt to the water.

    There ya go! Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is just a skeleton. Feel free to add more details to any of the areas you want. Henri will edit it into the first post after she comes home, so this post will disappear after that happens.
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  17. Thanks! Much appreciated. I'd love to add more!

    Is it alright if I have more than one character?
  18. Yes, definitely! Since this RP is small to begin with, I'll have to ask that you limit yourself to only two characters <3

    But feel free to make another ~
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  19. @BlackOrchid

    Sorry, completely forgot about this but, because there are only five gods and three humans, please do not make two gods or two humans. We'd much appreciate it if you could keep it one god and one human.

  20. UPDATE:
    Added information on planet Vyceria.
    You now must be a human to be the manager of Eagle.
    Dysphov/Sales Associate is reserved for @Ellery .
    You are allowed up to two characters: one God, one Human.
    Fixed some bb coding.

    On another note... Dei Mundi ads are up! <3
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