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    Tyr had been so excited the day of his graduation. He'd been pulled aside right after the ceremony was over and taken to the headmaster's office. He was confused until he saw the Grand General waiting for him with a mission file. Only a strong stubbornness to not look like a complete fool in front of the general kept him either blubbering or going on like a star struck idiot. The result of not following either of those paths though was that he barely said anything at all.

    Afterwards he was a bit angry with himself but he would always choose the stoic face over the emotional faces his peers liked to show off all the time. As far as he was concerned an agent had no business having, let alone showing emotion. Then the demon magics had an easier time of worming their way into your mind and then you were lost. He refused to ever be one of those people.

    That night he poured over the file, did some research and decided he had a fair idea of where to start. The first town he tried was more or less a bust but the second seemed promising. After asking around he was fairly sure the elf wasn't here anymore, but he was on his trail. A few towns later his magic sensor ring finally lit up. It was faint, indicating that his prey was not inside of town for sure but definitely near-by.

    So he set up shop in city hall, going through maps and records of ownership. There were quite a few people living outside the city and he had to narrow down his list of suspects. There was a few certain types of people who were liable to hide 'magics' he had been taught in class: usually very young adults or the elderly, especially ones who lived alone. Using that criteria it was easy to make himself a more manageable list. There were only two that fit them. There was a widowed lady on one side of town and an old man on the other.

    For several minutes Tyr stared down at the map, mentally running calculations and trying to decide who to visit first. Nighttime was running out and soon city hall members would be showing up. This wouldn't be a problem normally as one flash of his badge would have all the assistance he could desire, but if he advertised his presence in the town then the elf would be gone for sure and it would be a chase instead of a quick capture. And Tyr really wanted a quick capture, he wanted to impress the Grand General.

    Finally he muttered a soft curse and started putting away the papers and maps. Within minutes it was as if he had never been there and he vanished out the window he had entered through. He decided to go for the old man's ranch in the north. He had no better justification for his decision than perhaps magicals had an affinity for north. He was going to visit both places anyway so the reasoning really didn't matter.

    The change was not initially noticeable but by the time he was nearing the ranch he was sure that his ring was glowing brighter. This was it then. Now he just had to sneak around until he found the elf and take them out quickly. So he crept closer, keeping behind the occasional tree and then buildings and such as he got farther in.
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