Defusing the Tension: Roleplayer's Irks and Q's

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  1. Every roleplayer has issues dealing with arguments about post size, writing style, or some other issue, and the problem escalates when we tend to lose our cool. So, how must we deal with these problems?

    First I’d advise if you are getting so worked up that your heart rate is up to the point where the Crash Bandicoot is looking at you strangely, I'd say back away from the keyboard and do whatever you do to calm yourself. Return when you feel like you can chat to this roleplayer in a level headed calm matter.

    You can't solve a problem balling your fist and sending it through the computer screen, nor do you solve it by yelling or insulting.

    Example of a bad way to solve the problem:

    "Dear roleplay partner,

    I feel that you are ill needed for my roleplays. You do not listen to me, and I feel that it is time to go our separate ways. You don't have the grammar and correct spelling in most of your posts and damn it I hate one liners.


    Other Roleplay partner

    You see how wrong that could be taken? A good example of dealing with situations to either ending, or starting to try to work with someone is:

    Dear Roleplay Partner,

    I am having a bit of a hard time responding. I should like to work with you to fix the problem, if not then I must respectfully decline.


    Other roleplay partner

    There's no really good way to say goodbye to a roleplay, but telling someone that they suck monkeys isn't the best way to address a problem.

    If that first option does not work, try talking to a staff member and see if they might help in the situation so things don’t get to the point to where you have to break off the roleplay. But try to solve it yourself. Listen to the other person’s point of view and ideas, and take that into consideration before making your final decision.

    If you cannot find a way to solve the issue, stop roleplaying with them but do it in a respectful manner. No:

    -I never want to roleplay with you again

    -The more subtle, “You cannot see my side, so I must leave the roleplay. I hope that you wise up.”

    -Telling others to not roleplay with them

    We don’t go on Iwaku to act like poor sports, put on your big boy/girl/other britches and act accordingly. If you need a mediator, I’ll be more than willing to help. Or get a staff member.
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  2. RP you want? Buddy I got it.
    RP you need? You know I got it.
    All I'm askin' is for a little respect when we're talkin'

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  3. Always talk with your partner, respectfully. I find talking about issues much better than to leave a thread without so much a word.
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  4. There's one guy who's characters are seriously overpowered/Dominate the RP/have no weaknesses and it drives me crazy. (This is on another website) He's fun to RP with though and I'd like to continue doing so, his charries just drive me nuts. Only 1 problem- he tends to get mad when you tell him his characters have issues. Any other way I can approach this without him having a tantrum?
  5. @MyImmortalWolf What I'd suggest is either try telling him that you really need things to change or back away. While he is a kickass roleplayer (by your opinion), he sounds like more trouble than the effort you put in. Just move on and find a new partner, who knows, maybe that player might learn from it.
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