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  1. Welcome to the Main Defier Leagues of 2012, sponsored by the Megaton Demolition Corporation Because when you need something destroyed, you call Megaton. Now selling exclusive boxing gloves signed by YOUR favorite Defier League players!


    The Story of this RP is that a new sport known as Defier has been created. And it happens to be batshit insane.

    The idea is that teams compete on three different areas, comprised of Land, Sea, and Air, each competing for a different purpose in each, teams generally having a minimum of three people, each allowed to specialize in one area, though for most of the matches, entire teams go head to head, meaning there's always a couple others who aren't as well versed in the match type they've been thrusted into.

    In addition, team members must use a combination of Boxing and Wrestling to go head to head with their opponents, boxing gloves and boots being required by the Main Defier League's rules as a minimum for protective gear, as well as outfits that allow for the most mobility.

    Guys Outfits - Usually consists of boxing/Muay Thai trunks and pants. Shirts are optional, but not recommended. Anything else is fine though. Belts are allowed to keep pants/shorts from slipping.

    Girls Outfits - Gym Uniforms, Leotards, athletic swimsuits, ETC. As long as it covers, and allows for good mobility.

    All of these outfits are perfect for Defier. Just remember to give them your team colors...


    Now, for the game types:

    Land: The Land match is basically a race. The idea is you have to sprint like crazy to get to the finish-line, without being thrown off by a punch thrown by your opponents. Should all else fail in this race, you can kamikaze yourself by using a wrestling hold to keep an opponent from advancing.

    There's a second part that can be added on that features bicycles. You can still throw punches to other bikers, but a kamikaze by crashing into another's bike with your own is considered illegal here.

    Water: The Water match usually takes place in pools, or in beaches where a small portion of the water is turned into an arena. It combines swimming with basketball in a way, players being forced to fight for a specially designed ball that, when over water, is light, and soars like a bird. However, underwater, it becomes more difficult to carry, and heavier. And yes, you still wear boxing gloves. And you have to go up for air every now and then...

    Air: The Air match is the most challenging of all. You begin by jumping out of an airplane with a special parachute. Should you use it early, you forfeit the match. If you're at a certain altitude from the ground, it will deploy automatically, meaning you have lost the match. Anyways, this match is all about capturing 'flags.' These are small rectangular devices with large colored cloths attached to them that your opponents will have attached to their parachute pack's belt buckle.

    Players can be disqualified for pulling the parachute chord of another too early.

    Sudden Death: When there's a tie, a straight up fight is in order, complete with a square boxing/wrestling ring with one member of each team going in to represent their home slices.



    And that's not even mentioning the behind the scenes drama…The commercial tie ins, the romance, and other stuff…Nothing too steamy though.

    Join the league. Prove yourself a champion!


    Rules: (Still in the works)

    1. No Godmodding.

    2. Take the major sexytimes to another thread, this RP must be CLEAN! *shot*

    3. Along with Rule 2's no sex, no full nudity.

    4. Respect other players and show off some sportsmanship!

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