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  1. This post is reserved for Lore!

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Slowly you came to, opening your eyes to see a starry night filled with bright lights. Looking around you see other people, some familiar, others not so. Some even look beastly or inhumane. It also appeared everyone was in a stadium of somekind, though no soul filled the seats. A voice then greeted you from above and looking up, you saw a robed man. The darkness concealed his face, but guessing from the voice, it sounded old. The man then spoke once more, in a polite and kind tone.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Welcome everyone. I do sincerely hope you all made it through the rifts fine and that all are not annoyed by the sudden intrusion to their daily lives, whatever it maybe petting or kicking the dog, going out with your friends, chasing a lover, or waging a war, but all things must change.

    First, let me introduce myself. I am Master Guardian Attila, leader of the Guardians who have watched the Multiverse for countless eons. We have nudged your species towards intelligence then leaving you to your own devices and sometimes even intervening to stop events so catastrophic that it would destroy the Multiverse.

    Now, since some of you are probably wondering, well what event is so catastrophic that a powerful race has gathered all of us here for. To tell you the truth, there is no problem whatsoever. Recently, one of our own kept throwing ideas against the wall and one stuck so well that many of us thought it was a great idea. Why wage wars where countless die needlessly? Why bicker over idle disputes? Why should the innocent suffer the evil? Well, some of you may know or saw what was coming, but I’m going to tell you anyways.

    We have decided to form a ‘Game’ where you, the Champions, fight in MOBA styled combat. Do not fret if you know not what this is, it will come naturally to you and things shall be explained and no one shall die in these matches either. The objective of this Game is to settle disputes where Champions fight alongside allies against an opposing team. Of course, we are not forcing you into this so you may leave at anytime you wish and do whatever you want,
    [BCOLOR=transparent]AS LONG AS IT IS IN YOUR OWN UNIVERSE. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]We will not stop you, but things will calm down in your homes and it may even bring wonders you could not imagine. Maybe make friends, enemies, or loves if you stay. Anything is possible really, so, are you ready for the Defense of Legends?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Summary [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by and if you skipped or skim the introduction(which I worked really hard on T-T) here’s a summary of what’s going on.

    Godlike beings called the Guardians have taken Canon characters from their respective Universes and decided to create a game called Defense of Legends in a MOBA style. Don’t worry, it’s not always go to the enemy base and destroy their spawns! There’ll be variations which you will find out in the IC. OC characters are allowed, but they must not equal or outnumber the Canon characters.

    Also, there’ll be a story to this as to why the Guardians have created this game, which must be found out by the players.

    Outside of the Arena there’ll be stuff to do like random events, shops, and quests. Certain NPCs and events may advance the story and characters can choose to do these. They may also choose to watch battle matches. There’ll be a lot more than just your typical ‘fight’.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once a Canon character is taken, they’re taken. However, should the player who owns that character not want it anymore then you are allowed to take it and either start where they left off or start off anew. Players that are also gone for extended periods of time will have their characters fall under the control of a GM, or in rare cases, other players.

    Characters such as Goku, Superman, Popeyes, etc. will be placed under a Watchlist, which means the GMs will keep eyes on them to ensure godmodding or powerplay does not occur.


    Canon Origin:
    Type: Is the character a ranged, brawler, support, mage, healer etc.? Hybrids are a mix between the two.
    HP: Determines how much damage a character can take before being O.K. Ranges from 100-500 depending on character
    MP: Interchangeable with stamina and what not. The amount of energy used to cast abilities. Same as last.
    Speed: How fast a character can go. 1-10 depending on character.
    Armor: Blocks a certain amount of physical damage 10-50% depending on character
    Willpower: Blocks a certain amount of mental damage. Same as last.
    MP Regen: How much a character regens their Energy per post . Can be .5 to 15.
    Description: Further stuff like backstory, likes and dislikes, fears, etc.

    Abilities can be switched out at any time except during matches. This is to add a layer of unpredictability for the characters. Before switching out, you must post the ability description such as if it's a passive,active, or Ultimate, their respective cooldowns(this will be done through posts which are only yours not another players), and their effect. They can also be upgraded during matches. Passive will have five levels, all three active will have five, and Ultimate will have three.

    There’s nothing else beyond that. Lore will have its own post soon.


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Typical Iwaku and Rp rules apply which means smut scenes must be taken elsewhere(if it’s between a minor and an adult, report immediately), Godmodding, ‘Perfect’ Characters, and what not.

    While death will not be a big part of the Rp, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any, but it falls entirely on the player. They may choose to rid or kill off their current character for a new one.

    There is a two character limit , but if said characters you play as are on the opposing teams do not have them not fight. They may have a friendly conversation while fighting though! Also note, this rule is subject to change.

    IC drama must not be allowed to pour into the OOC. It stays there unless it is in good jest! Just be mindful of what you say in the OOC.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Also, if you’re going away for an extended period of time, let us know if you can. If you also drop out let everyone else know as well.

    GM and Co-GMs’ words are law.

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  2. Thanks, chief! Let me just breeze through my PC to see who I can play...
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  3. Alright! A quick note though, I've changed the rules a little so you can only have two characters. This is to prevent people from claiming every other character.

    Also, looking for a Co-GM. If anyone is interested PM and please provide a example of any Roleplays you've Gmed or Co-Gmed. I'll then drop a expectations list!
  4. Interested. CS in a few.
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  5. Quick question. What kind of system are you using for HP and MP? Like, 1-100, or so?
  6. I say anywhere from 100 to 500. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll be making a sheet for that to explain things such as speed and what not.
  7. Alright, I added the system. I might make changes or rid of it entirely though.
  8. Name: Scipio Praetus
    Canon Origin: Warhammer 40K
    Type: Brawler/Tank

    HP: 350
    MP: 225
    Speed: 3
    Armor: 40%
    Willpower: 20%
    MP Regen: 10.

    Description: Scipio is an Ultramarine of the Silver Skulls chapter. He has enjoyed a hundred years in service to the Imperium, and he crushes all that dare oppose the might of the God Emperor.

    Equipment: Bolter rifle, chainsword.

    Emperors Might: Increases speed by 10%. Lasts 3 posts. 2 post cooldown.

    Jetpack: Grants the ability to jump higher and lessens damage from long falls. Lasts two posts with a 3 post cooldown.
    Weapons upgrade: Bolter Rifle is upgraded to heavy bolter. Deals 2x damage.
    "I cast Fist!": Damage dealt via punch is 3x. Lasts 1 post. Cooldown of 2 posts.
    Cannon fodder: Provides reinforcements in the form of 10 Imperial guardsmen. Guardsmen boast 50 HP each, with no armor or willpower. They last until either they or Scipio are killed. Cooldown of 6 posts.

    Gift from the Machine God: Ultramarine armor is replaced with a dreadnaught mech suit. 50% increase to armor, damage output is 3x. Can only be used if HP is below 50.

    Likes: Guns, war, fighting, purging, killing, control, machines, killing.
    Dislikes: Non-humans, chaos, anything alien, magic, the Ether, mind benders.
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  9. Oh wow, this is going to be interesting with a highly xenophobic Space Marine running around! Though, where are his Abilities?
  10. How would you rate Cthulhu or anything similar? Unfortunately, they're whole Schtick is to not be summoned in the first place, otherwise, you're done.
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  11. They would be classified as Godlike beings. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only ones and there are many with that rank. I should grant some warning, because of how powerful some characters are(Popeyes on his greens for example) they will be toned down for fairness shake as well as to prevent Multiverse takeovers or destruction of it.
  12. Whoops. Forgot about that. Uh, how many abilities are we allowed to have?
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  13. 1 passive, 3 activte, and 1 ultimate.
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  14. Name: Hast, The Unnamable One. The King in Yellow.
    Canon Origin: Cthulhu Mythos
    The Half-brother of Cthulhu, the King in Yellow is an enigmatic creature, even among his peers. In human terms, and broadly applied to all of his kind, he is of an understanding far beyond that of humanity, and always asleep. How he is like when he is awake, we do not know. The Hast we have here is sleep walking, more than anything, and it is best to not try to wake him, for who knows what would happen, should he truly awaken.
    Type: Mage.
    HP: 475
    MP: 375
    Speed: 1
    Armor: 10%
    Willpower: 40%
    MP Regen: 3-11, based on total Madness.

    Passive:Madness-Has a madness bar which buffs spells based on its total amount. His presence slowly accumulates Madness, with more people gazing at him increasing the amount of Madness Gained.

    The Yellow Sign: An AOE sigil that causes Madness and lowers Willpower.
    Arms of Hast: Tentacles rise from the ground,entangling opponents, and causing minimal to moderate Physical damage based on Madness. This drains Madness at a steady rate.
    The Unnamable Spoken:In Hast's line of sight, his full name is spoken, causing a burst of Willpower damage based on the amount of Madness on the character at the time of speaking. This drains 30% of madness held at that moment.

    The King In Yellow: Usable only at full Madness, Hast temporarily awakens, turning the arena into the Eldritch Nightmare of Carcosa, the fallen city, causing Unparalleled Madness to the opposing team across the whole arena. At the end of the duration, he returns to slumber, and a huge burst of Willpower and Physical damage hits all of the opposing team as they return to the world of sanity.
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  15. A New World Fool



    Tohru Adachi

    Canon Origin:


    - HP -
    - MP -
    - Speed -
    - Armor -
    - Willpower -
    - MP Regen -


    Minebea "New Nambu" M60 (Non-standard Issue)
    Yomi bullets

    Known to be a fan of cabbages, is apparently not particularly fond of children, and rumored to be full of hate for bitches and whores and everything in between, Tohru Adachi is a doozy of a (former) police detective from Japan. In his last post, attached to a rural town somewhere on the island nation, he encountered strange incidents that eventually led to him obtaining the ability to manifest "the inner self", otherwise known as a "Persona". His Persona is especially powerful, wielding the power of the underworld's darkness in what is perhaps a fitting reflection of the man's twisted, bitter views of the world. Towards the end of one important year during his post, Adachi indulged in a series of murders using his ability to access the "TV World", another dimension reachable through television screens. In the end, however, he was found out and stopped by a group of meddling kids. Since then, he has involved himself with their group once or twice more, because apparently a backwater town on one of the smallest island nations on a ball of dust in the middle of nowhere space can be that special. Nevertheless, he tangoed a bit more with the hidden forces prevalent in said town until things finally died down again. Now, he should be awaiting trial, but fate's a bitch, ain't it?

    + Fresh cabbages
    + Power over others
    + Girls and sex
    + Firing his gun
    + His Persona
    + General laziness
    + Taking shortcuts
    + Some few people
    + Fried tofu (?)

    - Obnoxious people
    - Overconfidence
    - "Friendship" bullshit
    - Being cornered
    - Awkward moments
    - Terrible food
    - Young prodigies


    He can only speak Japanese well.



    - Passive -

    The area surrounding Adachi and Magatsu-Izanagi will be filled with a thick blanket of gray fog, tantamount to the dredge of Yomi - the underworld. Unless equipped with special equipment, the visibility and willpower of all enemies within the vicinity is reduced.

    - Active 01 -
    Having summoned his Persona into the fray, Adachi then has Magatsu-Izanagi instill horror in those caught in its presence with a wave of immense murderous intent, smiling all the while. Effected enemies are hit with low damage and affected with Fear, which causes a -20% reduction to speed and willpower. Fear lasts an average of 6 posts, while cooldown time is 8 posts.

    - Active 02 -

    With a click of the revolver, Adachi takes aim at a nearby ally and promises reliable cover fire. Hopefully, he'll keep to his word, and not have any funny ideas... In the meantime, though, Magatsu-Izanagi grants the targeted ally a +10% increase in attack power, armor rating, and movement speed. The buff remains for at least 8 posts. This ability can only be used again after another 10 posts have passed.

    - Active 03 -

    At the command of its master, Magatsu-Izanagi quickly disappears. It then reappears upon the nearest enemy in front of Adachi with its spear raised and cleaves in a straight line numerous times, causing heavy damage at the rate of 150% attack power to any and all enemies hit. Adachi can use this ability every 6 posts.

    - Ultimate -
    Calling upon the darkness of Yomi, Adachi summons multiple pitch-black copies of Magatsu-Izanagi to his side in order to drag the enemy to hell. Each copy is swathed in a shadow-like veil, and all of them are just as strong as the original. These copies act as reinforcements, and Adachi can command them as he pleases. An example of their abilities is moving in tandem with the original for the skill "VORPAL BLADE", potentially causing up to ten times the base damage as each copy attacks. The copies remain until they are destroyed or the duration of the ability ends, which is on average 10 posts.

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  16. You're still missing two other active abilites and please put down how long it'll take for cooldown. The cooldown is done through posts, so say the Jetpack has two-four posts worth of fuel and has a cool down of three or four posts. That's status effects only though and cooldown is for activate and ultimate abilities, but since it can only be used at a specific condition, it won't have a cooldown.

    Adding a status effect, nice! But please put down how many posts the Active abilities will last and how long it'll take for cool down. You can look at above for extra info.

    Just like Scipio Praetus, please put down how many posts it will take for status effects to remain active and its cooldown.

    I should have really made it clear. Sorry guys.
  17. M'kay that should do it.
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  18. And now it has been accepted! Welcome to the party!
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  19. Whoops, sorry about that. I kind of assumed we were taking liberties with the mechanic, seeing as it's an RP after all. At any rate, it's been rectified, chief. Give it a go-over and see if I've still got anything else to correct.
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