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  1. hunems are dieing by the hands of the evil Zatherness that live on plant Zathera. So to save themselfs the sincetes made spaces ships to defend what is left of earth and its remanding humen. ther have been many wars and they have lost many (all) of tham

    soon after many lost wars the sincetes though about building a humen robot that can save them from the evil. and it took many years of making it. and once they where finish they were order to give him to capten Grimm

    ~~so this is the begaining of the end~~

    Grimm was waiting for her 'Package' the ganrale oder her to get for him.and once she have resaved the package she would have to repost back to him back to him ASAP. she was waering her black thitfited suit witch showed everything. she was aslo waering her red scarf it was big and long. her hair was Raven blue. her left eye is patched andher other was night sky blue. her high was 5'9. she pulled ou her smoks and lighted it. she wanted this over with
  2. A large package came rolling into the room, it was a large crate with something glowing inside of it. It illuminated a bright purple color and was seeming to hum a bit, the man set the package down and nodded to Grimm saying " Heres your package " He saluted and walked away leaving the package there.
  3. what the...." she was about to say something but he as gone before she could say something she walked around it with a look "its big anft to fit a humen but whatever"she sighed and reposted to the ganrales as asked and said "sir the package is here now wht do I do with it send it to you sir"
  4. The box shook violently and then a loud shout was heard " WHAT THE FUCK! " the box shaking and then exploding outwards into pieces. This robotic being stood there his body tall his clothes that of military black fatigues and his long black hair and his purple eyes that seemed to hum and glow. he looked at the women who was standing next to the box and points at her saying " Who are you? wheres the professor "
  5. the garal laghed and said "your keepig it" then hang up on her 'what the hell' she then hears the box shook and turn around with gun ready to shot at the thing. she coverd her face from the peace of the box with a shook to see him "WHAT THE FUCK INSHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT maybe not the professor part but what the hell who are you and what are you" she said amin at him her gun
  6. He walked up to her and put his robotic hand on her gun, he slowly began to bend it backwards until it broke off. " Do not aim such petty weaponry at me... now ill ask you again were is the professor " An instruction manual would fall on the floor and sit there in plain view. He looked at her putting his hand back down to his side his purple eyes scanning and rotating a bit, he then said " Reassessing......Commander....Grimm " He would salute to her and stay in that position.
  7. "Not Reassessing Pissed off yes but im not Reassessing" she said not shocked about the gun beening brocking she was use to things like this. she saluted back with a sigh "adantfi yourself shloder" she loked at him a little pissed then she should be but dint say or act rash infrount of this thing. this hade to be a joke and who is this Proffessor?
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