Defeating Darkness

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  1. Kimberly Howell found herself sitting on a hospital bed, looking down at her arms that had some stitches in places and was mostly covered in bandages. She could feel a few stitches in her cheek and a few bandages on her face. There were even stitches on her stomach. Kim closed her eyes, recalling what her abusive father pulled just a few short hours ago. He had stumbled into her bedroom, nearly empty bottle of alcohol in his hand. She figured it would be just a regular beating but something was different. He dragged her out of her bed and raped her on her bedroom floor, all the while screaming and struggling. Her father smashed the bottle against the wall and proceeded to slash at her. Kimberly was left on the floor, violated, bleeding and crying while her father dug out a gun that was hidden in the bottom of her closet she never knew was there. She watched helplessly as her father placed the gun in his mouth and ended his own life before her eyes.

    A neighbor had heard the gunshot and called the police where they found Kimberly and her father. That's how she got here, and all those thoughts came rushing back to her like a bad dream and she found herself shaking. "K-Kimberly!" A familiar voice rang out at the door of her hospital room. It was her Aunt Laura, her deceased mother's sister. Her aunt rushed to her and embraced her gently, as not to cause her any more discomfort. Kimberly clung to her aunt and shook as tears streamed down for what felt like the 100th time that night.

    Before she knew it, she was in her Aunt's pick-up truck headed three hours south to the small farm in Willow Village. Silence filled the whole car ride, even after her aunt played music for herself. Kimberly stared out the window, trying to enjoy the view and put everything else out of her mind. By the time they got there it was around noon, and Kimberly hadn't slept at all. She looked around in a daze as her Aunt told her about Willow Village as they drove through it, and less than a mile away was her tiny ranch.

    Kimberly had said as little as possible while the two women unloaded the truck of Kimberly's things and into the guest bedroom. It looked like a hotel in the way it wasn't homely or lived in like the rest of the house. The farm was quaint, with a decent size garden and horses, cows, goats, and chickens. The girl was sitting in her new bedroom with the door open, looking down at her arms when she heard her aunt call for her at the door. "Kimberly, come on out, there's someone here I want you to meet!" The girl made her way out of the house to see her aunt and a young man talking a few yards away. "She's been through a lot, and she's kind of shy..." Kimberly heard her aunt speaking to the boy about her. "Here, sweetheart, introduce yourself. This young man stops by every so often to help me out around the farm." Her aunt placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. Kimberly sheepishly glanced up at the young man's face, her deep brown eyes looking over his features."Uh... Hi, I'm.. I'm Kimberly." She said slowly, a hand reaching up to twirl a strand of natural red hair nervously around her finger.
  2. It wasn't like I'd never been on the farm before, but something was different this time, everything seemed more serious, and this girl? Kimberly? Why was she just moving here? I couldn't help but notice the sadness in here eyes, like something was troubling here, my caring nature wanted to ask what, but I thought I better not, who knows what ghosts are haunting this young woman's past, plus we had only just met. Then, breaking off my thought process I heard her speak, for the first time. "Uh... Hi, I'm.. I'm Kimberly," and noticed how she was playing with her hair, like she was nervous.
    "Erm hey there, I'm Tom, Tom Sheppard, nice to meet you" there was a silence, I always did hate silence, the awkward one when no-one will say anything, after 30 seconds or so Laura broke it "Well, now you two have been introduced to one another, why don't we get you off to work Thomas?" of course I couldn't refuse, I wanted to spend more time with this charming, mysterious girl, who I'd only just met, however my good nature got the better of me "Sure, what will you have me do, I hope you're not going to work me too hard" this made Laura chuckle softly, I always did like to make people laugh.
    "Well follow me" Laura said, and started to walk off towards the barn. Just before I left to follow, I walked closer to the girl I'd just met, Kimberly, stuck out my hand and said "It really was nice to meet you, maybe I could show you around sometime?"

  3. The boy before her introduced himself as Tom Sheppard, and she tried to smile a little even though it was hard to feel anything at the moment. After what happened so very very recently, the girl had put up a defense mechanism where she shut out all emotion to deal with all the change so quickly. Unfortunately all it did was make her numb and more like a shell than a human being. The lack of sleep wasn't helping, either. Still, Kimberly didn't want to seem like a zombie, and the guy was nice enough.

    After he spoke his name there was a silence that had fallen, something that seemed to become common around her all of the sudden, like everything was still and she was just floating. Her Aunt Laura broke the quiet and suggested that the boy should get to work, that's what he came here to do after all. "Don't worry, I just need you to help me milk the cows and goats and clean out their stalls while I work on the chicken coop." Her aunt said with a smile to the young man after asking him to follow her, not noticing that he lingered behind to say goodbye to Kimberly.

    The young man offered her his hand to shake, and Kimberly hesitantly shook his hand, not noticing that her sleeve moved up and revealed a cut with stitches. "...I'd like that." Kimberly gave him a tiny smile. After a few moments she noticed she was staring and she still had a grip on his hand. "Uh.. s-sorry.." She mumbled as she looked away and took her hand back. Quietly, Kimberly turned away and walked back toward the house, thoroughly embarrassed and shy. She opened the door to the house and hid behind it, silently watching as the boy walked toward the barn through the crack she left open. Once he was out of sight she closed the door and found her way back to her new bedroom where she started unpacking.
  4. "...I'd like that." Kimberly replied as she shook his hand, with a little smile, that's when Tom realized, although plain, she was rather pretty. She was still gripping his hand when he noticed a cut on her arm, he made a mental note to ask Laura about it later, maybe. After Kimberly let go of his hand, Tom turned and walked casually towards the barn.

    The barn was rather large, housing the average assortment of farm animals, Cows, Goats and Chickens predominantly. There was hay and droppings all over the floor as usual. He wondered if Laura was going to make him clean them up. Tom made his way over to where Laura was standing, making sure to dodge the majority of the droppings on his way.
    "What will you have me do Ma'am?" he asked, smiling.
    "Like I said outside, I just need you to help me milk the cows and goats, then I'll need you to clean their stalls." Laura replied.
    Tom got a rather rusty bucket and placed under one of the cows udders, then squeezed, milk squirting out. He didn't mind the milking, it was fairly simple, but he hated cleaning the stalls out, more than anything.

    Clearly trying to make conversation, Laura said "Kimberly's a nice girl, but she's had some troubles recently, I think you'll get to like each other."
    I didn't care much for conversation whilst working, but didn't wish to seem rude."I'm sure we will, she had..... Cuts... On her arms" trying to get an answer for the question he had been wondering to himself, without directly asking it.
    Laura evaded answering
    "Yes, that's why she's here." rather sternly too, so he knew not to ask further questions. "Well, that's the milking done" Laura said, indicating it was time for me to clean the stalls. He looked around the barn, wondering how the cuts could've appeared on such an innocent looking girl, with no conclusion in sight,he got the brush, and started sweeping the stalls.
  5. Kimberly busied herself with unpacking the government moves they used to collect her things out of her home so that they could clean it and hopefully put it back on the market, hanging up her clothes first before sorting through the other objects. It was the usual stuff, all of her paints, brushes, and unused canvases she had in her room, products from her bathroom like facial cleanser and hair ties. Nothing very exciting. She unpacked all of her art supplies but didn't find any of her paintings. Kim then remembered that her father burned them all in their backyard not a week ago, saying that they were hideous and needed disposed of.

    A few boxes later she was digging through all her jewelry that whoever packed it had just thrown in the box when she came across a small picture frame that used to sit on her bedside table. Slowly she lifted it out of the box and suddenly felt sick to her stomach. It was a picture of her father, her when she was a baby, and her mother. Tears filled the girl's hazel eyes as she stared at this picture, all of her emotions flooding back to her at once. It was then that Aunt Laura and Tom entered the house, the work being finished and her aunt had promised him lunch and a twenty dollar bill for his efforts. "Kim, honey, would you like some lunch?" Her aunt called up the stairs the girl who was standing next to the open door, crying, staring at a picture of her family. "I... I'll be down in a minute..." She called back, her voice cracking as she cried.

    Her aunt left her be and went to the kitchen to make sandwiches and salads, inviting Tom to sit at the table and relax in the air conditioning. Kimberly turned the picture over and opened the frame from the back, sliding the picture out of the protected glass. She carefully ripped the picture so her mother was no longer in the picture, and she crumpled her mother's side of the photo and threw it in the trash. She also did this for her father's side of the picture, and all that was left was her as a baby. She placed her own picture back in the frame and set it on her bedside table, accepting now that she no longer had a family. The girl wiped her tears away and headed down the stairs to get something to eat, not having eaten in a full day.

    She sat down at the table when her aunt and Tom already started eating and took half of a tuna fish sandwich and served herself a little salad. "Sweetheart," Her aunt spoke very softly, "are you alright?" Kimberly looked at her aunt, and she guessed her eyes were still red from crying. "Yeah, I'll be fine," The girl offered a real smile, already feeling better after a small release of emotions and ripping her family picture.
  6. As Kimberley walked into the room where they were eating, Tom could easily notice the red around her eyes, indicating she had been crying, or at least close to it.
    "Hell, she must of been through a lot recently" he thought to himself as he finished his sandwich. "Thank you, it was very nice" he said to Laura.
    "Thank you, it's the least I could do after all your help this morning, here." She replied, proceeding to produce twenty dollars from her wallet and handing it to him, Tom took the crisp note out of her hand and could smell it, he loved this smell, not easily describable, the smell you get when you open a new book and turn the first pages.
    "Thank you Laura" I said, "20 dollars is rather generous for less than half a days worth of work, is there anything else you want me to do?"
    "Hmm, well, could you help me move some rubbish out of the house? You don't have to though" She replied
    "Ah, of course I will, can I quickly ring my Mum though? Just to let her know?" He said, realizing he'd told her he'd be back by twelve
    "Of course, you know where the phone is right?"
    And he did, with the exchange done Tom got up and left the room to the hallway, and picked up Laura's phone, then dialed his home number, as it rang Tom could see out of the window, he noticed several different types of rather beautiful flowers, his sister, who was a florist, could probably tell what they were.
    "Hello?" Came the voice on the other end
    "Hi mum, it's me, I was just ringing to let you know I'd be here at Laura's longer than expected."
    "Ok sure honey, see you later dear, be careful"
    "See you Mum", and with that, Tom placed the phone back in it's receiver and walked back to the kitchen.
  7. The two others at the table spoke as Kimberly focused on eating, the food filling the hole in her gut. She quietly watched them interact, Aunt Laura giving him twenty dollars and the boy offering to do more work. Kim was impressed, it wasn't everyday that you met such a kind and willing young man. Sure, she had guy friends before but they were nothing like Tom. It was then that Tom mentioned his mother and soon disappeared from the room to speak to her. Kimberly stared at the spot where he disappeared, wondering what his family was like. "Kimberly, did you finish unpacking?" Her Aunt broke her train of thought. "Uh.. Mostly." The girl replied, listening to Tom talking on the phone with his mother. Was that how a normal conversation went with one's mom?

    Tom reappeared as her Aunt was cleaning off the table, and Kimberly was getting up out of the chair with slight difficulty, her face contorting into a grimace as one of the cuts along her stomach pained her. She recovered quickly, though, and took the dishes from her Aunt while Laura and Tom got to work. Kimberly took the dishes to the kitchen and began to wash whatever was in the sink just to busy herself.

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  8. "Ah, my mum said it's fine if I stay a while longer" Tom stated as he strode back into the Kitchen.
    "Great, the rubbish is just through there" Laura replied whilst indicating with her hand a little corridor leading to a small room, "It's where I keep all my junk"
    "Okay" Tom muttered, striding out of the room to go and get rid of the rubbish plaguing Laura's house, when he reached the small room visible from the kitchen he found various bits of junk covered in cobwebs, and wondered which ones Laura wanted to keep and which he could take outside.

    He slowly walked over to a dusty cupboard, being careful not to step on anything that might be of value to Laura, wondering whether it would be acceptable to pull the wide doors open, who knows? Perhaps it was the entrance to Narnia. One.... Two... Three, he counted the steps until he finally was standing right in-front of the Cupboard, pulling the doors open slowly...... Just as Laura walked into the room, catching Tom by surprised he jumped and nearly tripped on several odds and ends on the floor. "Everything okay? You were being unusually silent" She enquired.
    "Mhm, everything is fine, I just wondered what to take out?" He replied
    "Those boxes over there" Laura replied rather calmly, pointing to two boxes.
    Without any delay Tom navigated his way over to the boxes, and to his delight realized he could lift them both at the same time, he continued to lift the boxes through the house out to the front yard. "Well, I better be off" Tom said as he walked back into the house, swiping off the various cobwebs which had caught his clothes during the previous chore.

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  9. Kimberly got to work on the dishes, trying to put everything else out of her mind for a few brief moments. Aunt Laura had Tom get to work on moving rubbish out of her house, probably trying to make room for the things Kimberly couldn't unpack into her room. The girl looked up as Tom came out of the room in the back carrying boxes. After a moment she realized she was staring and prayed he didn't notice, but she couldn't deny that he was handsome, and today she had neglected all of the usual things like doing her hair and picking out an outfit. So much for a good first impression.

    "Well, I better be off."
    Tom called into the house after he removed the boxes. "Okay! Make sure you come back soon! Thanks for everything!" Laura called back to him. Kimberly left the dishes soak for a moment and went to the door to say goodbye. "It was nice meeting you, Tom." Kim smiled softly to him as she dried her hands with a small dish towel. Once Tom was gone Kimberly got back to the dishes, but soon her Aunt came and stopped her. "We need to change your bandages." Laura said softly and took her to the table where she had an array of wraps and band aides provided by the hospital. It was a slow process because of the number of cuts but it would speed the healing process and hopefully not leave too many scars.

    *~*(I don't know what else to write! Time Skip to morning!)*~*

    Kimberly woke up later than expected for having to gone to bed early. But she had needed the rest and her aunt was happy to let her sleep in. Kim was in a decent mood today, not quiet as somber and quiet, and wanting to do something instead of being cooped up. She didn't know her way around and her aunt got busy with the daily animal chores, so Kimberly grabbed her sketchbook and pencil and headed out into the sunshine. Today she had put her naturally curly hair up into a messy bun and was wearing a sun dress even though it showed off her stitches and bandages. The girl sat near her aunt's flower bed and began sketching the different flowers quietly, trying to enjoy herself and keep her mind off things.

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  10. Tom awoke early the next morning, as he wanted to go into town and get a haircut, slowly he got out of bed and checked the time, 10:30, the Barber's would be open in about half an hour, that gave him enough time to get up and eat, get dressed etc. In the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror, he needed a shave, he didn't usually shave as soon as the stubble appeared but today was different, he felt more lively than normal, perhaps it was yesterdays meeting which was making him feel like this, he took out his razor and carefully shaved his chin, as his moustache like hadn't come back yet.

    After saying bye to his mum he left the house on his bike, and rode down the main road dodging in and out of the traffic on his way, passing various shops, some Grocer's and the Library, pulling up to a halt outside of a build which read "Bobby's Barbers", walking in there was no-one else there, perfect. He knew it was a good idea to get there early, slowly he lowered himself into the seat.
    "Hmm, what do you want today then?" Bobby asked
    "The usual" Tom replied in a friendly manner, and smiled as he felt the chilling blade of the clipper's touch his head.
  11. "Kimmy, come with me to town! Grab the basket in the house!" Kimberly looked up as her aunt called for her, carrying a milkman's crate with fresh goat and cow milk. "Kimmy...?" The girl uttered quietly to herself, unsure how she felt about the new nickname. She stood up from where she was sketching the flowers and waved at her aunt, signaling to wait as she entered the house to grab the basket. Kimberly entered and ran up to her room, grabbing a thin cardigan to cover her arms and drop off her sketchbook. The girl hopped down the stairs and grabbed the large produce basket off the table and hurried outside to meet her aunt.

    The two women made their way to town, Kimberly lagging behind a bit as she looked over everything, observing quietly. They entered the small grocery store that was full of all fresh produce from local farmers. An old black lab lifted his head and wagged his tail at the sight of a new person. Kimberly smiled and reached down to pet him, first rubbing his head before softly scratching his grayed chin. The dog groaned contently, his thick tail thumping the ground. "Ralph the watch dog," Aunt Laura chuckled as she began plucking veggies from the shelves. Kimberly caught up with her and gently placed the produce in the basket, following her around until they were finished shopping. At the counter her aunt placed two of the three bottles of milk on the counter and about five dollars in exchange for all the produce. Apparently her milk was a big hit around town.

    "One more stop," Her aunt announced as they headed down the street toward a barber shop with the old school red and blue spinning pole outside the shop. Kimberly stopped to watch it while her aunt walked in. "Hey, Bobby, brought you fresh goat milk!" The woman announced as she entered. "Oh, hi, Tom." Laura smiled to him as Kimberly finally walked through the doors. Kim caught sight of Tom and suddenly felt nervous. The first boy her age she had met around here, she felt that she wanted to be his friend since she was starting over here. "Hi, Tom." Kimberly said a little louder than when they first met, and smiled warmly. It seemed obvious that she was in a much better mood than yesterday.
  12. "And there, all done, what do you think?" Bobby said, indicating the haircut was finished, producing a little mirror from his tabletop to show me the back and sides,
    "Perfect, thanks" I replied, as I produced the 20$ note Laura had given me for my work on the farm yesterday, handing it to Bobby.
    "Same time next month then?" Bobby enquired as he entered the noted into his cash-till, producing a 10$ bill and a 5$ bill, passing them to me.

    As he was about to reply Tom heard "Oh, hi, Tom." as Laura stepped through the door, he remembered she and Bobby were good friends, then a new voice "Hi, Tom." Realizing it was Kimberly Tom spun around to look at her,"Hey Laura, do you need my help today? Kim, erm... Kimberly, do you mind if I call you Kim?"he asked, as he did he studied Kim, something was different about her today, she looked, well, better. She had her hair up, and was wearing a dress which suited her figure, she looked good Tom thought to himself, awaiting a reply.
  13. Kim looked over Tom was he turned, observing his hair cut and finding it rather suiting. It actually made him look a lot cuter than the longer hair. "Oh, no, I'm covered today, thanks Tom." Laura said as she glanced between the two teens, and then took her leave to talk to Bobby about the milk and planned to take a while longer than it usually did, Laura glancing back slyly at the two.

    Kimberly giggled a little bit, "No one ever calls me by my full name. Kim is fine." She smiled warmly to him, moving the heavy basket full of produce to her other hand. Laura saw an opening and walked back into the conversation, a plan forming in her head. "Say, if you've got nothing to do today maybe you should show Kim around." Aunt Laura suggested smiling coyly. "Oh, that's okay he--" "Make sure you show her Willow Lake! That's where I had my first kiss." Laura shot a wink at Kimberly who looked at her like she might be insane. Her aunt took the basket from her and slipped out the door. Kimberly stared at the door for a few moments before sighing. "I don't remember her ever being crazy."

    The girl turned back to Tom feeling a little nervous, unsure of how to act. "Uh, if you're busy I can find my way back." She offered a shy smile and shrugged her shoulders a bit.
  14. "Make sure you show her Willow Lake! That's where I had my first kiss." Tom couldn't help but laugh at this statement, what was Laura suggesting? He then realized he had little strands of hair all over his back and neck, and they were rather irritating. "Erm, I'd love to show you around today, but my bike's outside and I need to have a shower to get the hair off of my back, would it be al right to meet you at Laura's in about an hour, I'll walk you back to Laura's of course." Tom said, with a little smile, well, you'll be walking, I'll be biking, he thought to himself.

    As he awaited a reply he watched everyone outside, walking down the highway, how calm there lives must have been compared to Kim's, whom he still didn't know much about.

  15. Tom laughed at he Aunt Laura's last statement, stirring a smile out of Kimberly, who found his laugh might be somewhat contagious the more she heard it. Unfortunately, Tom was not free, at least not right this minute. He had just got his hair cut and would need a shower to remove the pesky hairs from his neck and back which left alone would become rather itchy and annoying. "That's okay, if I run I can catch up with Laura, she's a pretty slow walker." Kimberly chuckled lightly and smiled. "See you in an hour or so," Kimberly said as she was walking toward the door, giving Tom a little wave before running past the barber shop window in the direction Laura took off.

    "My, she's quite the pretty lass." Laughed old Bobby the barber. "A catch, for sure, if you ask me." He smiled at Tom teasingly.

    Kim could see Laura walking down the street just a few blocks away, and she caught up to her quickly but was pretty out of breath by the time she got there. "I thought you were hanging out with Tom?" Her aunt said in a teasing voice. "He's meeting me at your house in an hour." Kim said, almost having caught her breath. The two walked leisurely back to the ranch as Laura spoke about the "good old days" even though she wasn't even that old. Apparently it was true that her first kiss took place at Willow Lake, the original landmark for the town. A place surrounded by willow trees and crystal clear waters was a popular date spot from before Laura even got here. "Oh, and how was your kiss? Magical?" Kimberly giggled. "Actually, it was Bobby's son," Aunt Laura laughed and smiled.

    When they arrived at the house Laura made her way to the house to put away her groceries. "Can you collect the eggs from the chicken coop?" Her aunt asked. The chicken coop was basically just a shed with one human sized door and two chicken sized doors with ramps that sat out in the middle of the field. Laura had already let the chickens out to pick bugs out of the grass and what not, so Kimberly didn't have any trouble getting inside. She gathered the eggs from one of the many nests and headed back to the house where they could be cleaned and stored.
  16. Tom left the barber's, listening to the doorbell ring, as it did when customers came and went, he unlocked his bike and placed the rather heavy chain and lock into his bag, jumped on the seat and went back the way he came, not thinking of much but his later meeting with Kim. When he got in his Mum was still there, he then remembered she didn't work today, "Welcome back Tom, hungry?" she asked
    "No thanks Mum, I'm just here to shower and change." he answered.

    He strode the steps two at a time, going straight into the bathroom, slinging his clothes off and throwing them into the wash basket, stepping in to the shower he twisted the water control tab to the right, indicating he wanted hot water, out came the water, rinsing all those pesky little hairs out of the way, he applies some Shampoo and scrubbed his hair thoroughly, as it indicated on the back of the bottle, applying conditioner after, once he was finished in the shower he wrapped a towel around himself and stepped into his bedroom, looking at himself in the mirror, what to wear? It wasn't a date was it? He still wanted to look nice whatever the case, so put on his favourite smart casual chequered shirt and some jeans, he looked on his shelf for his aftershave. "Damn, I should be more tidy" he said to himself, rummaging through old magazine's, batteries till he found it and sprayed it on.

    He checked the time, 15 minutes left, perfect. As he walked downstairs his Mum shouted out from the garden "Have a nice time"
    "Yeah, yeah" He muttered under his breath, as he left the house, deciding not to take his bike. Walking past Willow lake, admiring it's beauty on the way past, he arrived at Laura's five to the hour, slowly he walked up to the front door, drew his breath, and knocked.
  17. When Kimberly entered the house, she noticed something different. A radio was playing throughout the house, not too loudly, but very noticable. It was something that Kim never really thought of before, playing music loudly in a house. If she were ever to do that it would have made her father mad. Before she had time to think too much about her father she heard something even more surprising, her Aunt singing loudly along to the song.

    The girl walked to the kitchen where AL (Aunt Laura) was getting the sink ready for the eggs. Kimberly giggled at the site of her aunt swaying back and forth, and Laura stopped and smiled when she saw Kim there with the eggs. Together they washed the eggs gently and packed them away, the radio still playing. The job was finished when the song changed and Laura gasped, turning to Kimberly with a very excited look on her face. "This is my favorite! Dance, dance!" Her aunt grabbed Kimberly by both hands and began dancing, Kim following her, unsure of what else to do. After a few minutes they both got into it and danced like fools around the kitchen.

    Before the song ended there was a knock on the door, and both of them stopped dancing, knowing who it was. Kimberly started moving to answer the door when AL yelled out, "WE'RE HAVING A DANCE PARTY, NO BOYS ALLOWED!" And cackled as she continued to dance by herself. Kimberly answered the door slightly out of breath with a grin on her face and laughed nervously at the sight of Tom. "Ahh, sorry about her, I'm not sure what's gotten into her." Kimberly slipped her shoes back on, leaving the door open for just that moment. "I'll be back, Laura!" Kim called before stepping out the door and greeting Tom, who looked very nice and... was he dressed up a bit?
  18. "Ah it's fine, it's fine, nothing wrong with being happy" Tom said as they left Laura's garden, hoping he didn't look over dressed, just to show her around, as they left the gate, he gestured with his hand to go left, as they walked he explained some things. "Well, this is the main road, not very busy though, considering the size of our town, you pretty much reach anywhere in town just by following it, it could also take us to the lake, but I'd prefer a more scenic route, wouldn't you?" He said, as he walked down a little muddy lane, which, unless you knew it was there, you probably wouldn't notice, you could tell it used to be used years ago, but not know.

    The trees were large and arching over, protecting Tom and Kim from the harsh glare of the sun as they chattered and strolled down the path. "This should take straight out into a little peninsula in the lake, I used to come here all the time as a kid." He explained, soon, the narrow path opened up slightly, showing the lake, and the trees, it was like something out of a story. "So, what do you think?" He asked as he sat on the only bench in the are.
  19. Kimberly smiled and followed Tom toward the gates and took a left onto the main road. Tom began explaining that the main road basically took you through the heart of town and it seemed pretty simple, with this town being pretty small compared to the suburbs she grew up in where there were so many roads and they all had the weirdest names. Tom spoke about a more scenic route and the girl smiled and nodded, and he lead the way down a path that was hardly noticeable unless you were looking for it. The girl smiled and lifted her chin to look up at all the trees. "Wow, it's so pretty." She said, then Tom explained where the path would be taking them.

    Finally, the path let out at it's destination, and the description her aunt gave her was nothing in comparison to the actual thing. Tom took a seat on the bench but Kimberly continued walking forward, trying to get a better view of everything. The lake was very well taken care of, crystal clear and swarming with fish. But the willow trees were like a picture frame, it was all so magical, like a a scene straight out of a fairy tale. "This place is amazing!" Kim blurted out, turning back to Tom with a great big smile. "Jeez, no wonder people built around this place.. It's gorgeous.." She murmured, finally walking back to join Tom on the bench.

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    Tom looked over the sparkling lake, then at Kim, he smiled to himself "Yes, it is rather beautiful" not sure which he was talking about, both, probably. He got up, took a small, rounded stone from the floor and proceeded to skim it across the water, creating ripples as it went, Tom watched it bounce off the water's surface until it sunk beneath, hard to believe this serene thing, had the power to kill a man, he remembered his father, the day it happened, tears rolling into his eyes, he tried to blink them away, but one managed to slowly drip down his cheek, he hope Kim hadn't realized.