BY INVITATION ONLY Deep Under the Waves

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Deep Under the Waves

"Come with me and you will see
a place beyond the endless sea.
Rolling, diving downward.
The waves will carry you further
With your eyes, you will see
an endless beauty here with me
Underneath the waves,
deep below the caves.
Only those pure of heart

Shall survive this dangerous start"

The Kingdom of Palaemon is a powerful and cast kingdom beneath the surface of the water. Where Emperor Durius and Empress Ceto have ruled for the last two hundred years in peace. This is where our story takes place. A young Cecaelian woman has been discovered to carry the gift of Sight. And almost immediately she is sought after by the royal family and by outside forces who wish to use her power for domination and corruption. The two heirs to the throne seek her to make an alliance or more with the young woman.
There is a war brewing in the northern seas. A vicious and deadly group of mers and sirens from the small kingdom of Carcinus. The old merking was overthrown in a rebellion. He, unfortunately, lost his life to the rebels. Carcinus is not the first kingdom to fall to the rebels and now things are dire. Carcinus, is the epicenter of this, if Palaemon is to fall, the whole sea is to be doomed.

Mer Cecaelian Siren Harpy

  • Mer(maid or Man)- a Humanoid creature with the upper body of a woman or man and the lower half of a fish. Their tails can come in a variety of colors like the variety of fish in the sea. They have magic in the royal lines and a few cases of Mers who are non-royals having the intense magic that Royals have. Royal Mers are the only mers who possess the ability to change humans into Mers or Sirens. Most Mers can sing beautiful and enchanting songs that weave stories like magic or of barriers of protection.

  • Cecaelian- Like Mers they are a humanoid creature with the upper body of a woman or man but with the lower half of a squid or octopus tentacles. Cecaelians have magic that is used in healing and helping and are often found in positions of medicine or in shops that provide healing elixirs that are heavier and nearly nonsoluble in water. A small portion of the population has the future and past seeing ability and those who develop these powers are whisked away to court to be trained on how to control their visions.
  • Siren- These creatures are nearly identical to that of Mers. With the exception, they have shark tails. They are more vicious and prone to violence than Mers and Cecaelians, this is why the majority of them are trained and used as guards and warriors. The entire population of Sirens is made up of females. Their voices are used to sing and lure people down the depths most are devoured and the others they deem pure of heart and worthy of a new life are taken often the Royals to change them into a Mer or a Siren.
  • Harpies- They appear to mer from head down their bodies that seem to almost go into a tail, but that tail splits into small tentacles. From their wrists to about mid-tail is a vast expanse of webbing that helps them to navigate the water in far quicker speeds than the average mer, siren, or cecaelian. This is usually why they are chosen as advisors and messengers between kingdoms.

CAST LIST(available roles and taken):
Emperor Durius: Major NPC
Empress Ceto: Major NPC
Royal Child: Odette taken by Vio Vio
Royal Child: Open
Royal Advisor(Must be a Harpy):
Official Court Seer: Open
Seer and Healer in Training: Akheilos taken by myself
Head Healer: taken by Vio Vio

Captain of the Guard (must be a siren): Lorelei Taken by Aka
Mers: (unlimited amount)
Cecaelians: (unlimited amount)
Sirens: (unlimited amount)
Harpies: (unlimited amount)
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Ra (pronounced like it's spelled)
Appearance: 25
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Merman with an ebony tail and glowing blue markings along his tail and body and pointed ears.
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