Deep Sea Exploration

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  1. Okeanos Explorer 2016

    Diving -2,000 meters into the Mariana Trench. LIVE!

    (Would be prettier with links to all the cameras if iPhone wasn't horrible at copy and pasting)
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  2. AHH GOSH! This is beyond exciting!
  3. Oh neat. Keep on the lookout for sea aliens. You never know.
  4. I love this sort of thing. I could watch underwater exploration for hours. They don't even have to explain all the creatures they show, just let me watch them for myself.
  5. If what some people had said was right then they found new species during this particular dive already.
  6. *Great Old Ones
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  7. SCIENCE! :ferret:
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  8. The Ocean can be so expanse and interesting considering we're looking at planet colonization and we STILL haven't seen all of the Ocean. XD
  9. Something something.. Probably easier from an engineering standpoint to build something habitable in a vacuum versus under tons and tons of water pressure.. Something something..
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