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  1. It had been a war where the Elves of the North had tried to take the lands to the south, occupied by Humans, Orcs, Goblins and more Elves. The northerners had believed it to be as easy as marching south, grabbing what land they wished. But it was not that simple. The Human's metalwork, the Orc's raw strength, the cleverness of the Goblins and the magic of the Southern Elves had proven to be a rather powerful force, making the Northerners fight for every inch. Yet the Northerners seemed to have a never ending force of warriors, sending wave after wave southwards. Yet the green tide, and their Human and Elven allies mostly kept them at bay.

    Rogdush, one of the Orc warriors, was on his way home after another battle. He had long ago lost count both of how many he had killed, and of how many of his comrades had fallen. His axe was in his belt, and his right hand was on his left shoulder, a small trickle of blood seeping past it from a wound he had suffered in the battle. Yet it would all be worth it, as the woman he loved was waiting for him to return at their home of The Weary Wyern inn. It had been a small, yet busy inn before the war, where they made a living. Yet now, with the war raging, there seemed to be less visitors. People probably wanted to keep their head clear, just in case.
    The door to the inn swung open, and Rogdush stepped into the seemingly empty inn as he started to loosen his armor. "I'm home!"
  2. Annrielle was left to tend the inn with Rogdush's closest friend Z'Greel, a suspicious looking Lizardkin that the large Orc trusted more than anyone else to take care of his woman. There had been no ceremony that would bind Rogdush and Annrielle as man and wife, but that did not stop them from feeling the way they did. It had been a couple years since they met, a terrible time when the young Elf found herself exiled from her home after loosing a tournament to be the new high regent. Annrielle could remember well how she was close to death when brought here for the first time, a scared sheltered thing who didn't know the first thing about a man or other races. She had been so ignorant and so full of revenge.

    "Another ale?" She asked to one of the only customers, wiping her thin fingers off on her apron and smiling brightly. Annrielle was an elf of exceptional beauty, long blonde hair that reached the small of her back, some of which was intertwined into two long braids at the side of her head. Long elven ears poked out of her hair on either side of her head, small flowery studs through the cartilage as per Elven growing ceremonies. Her skin was a sun-kissed white, not as translucent as some other elves of her homeland. The patroon smiled and held up his glass, watching as she refilled his cup and bowed her head. "There you go" Her bright green eyes sparkled with excitement as she heard the door of the inn open. It wasn't the fact that the door opened that she knew it was her lover, but *how* the door was opened.

    The heavy wood and iron door was swung open as if it were nothing, only one man she knew could do that; and he was her own.

    "ROG!" She called out, running around the bar and jumping up into his arms, her long legs holding tightly to his waist and her arms wrapping around his neck to kiss her tusked hero passionately.
  3. "ANNRI!" He called back, bending over slightly to pick her up. He swung her around once, as she latched onto him, before returning her kiss with even more passion. He used his one hand to hold onto her, using the other to pull off his helmet. He groaned slightly as he lifted his arm, however, feeling the wound getting pressed together. Yet he did nothing more than to make that little sound, before slamming the helmet down onto the nearest table and once more embracing his love with both his hands.
    "I told you I'd come back, didn't I?" He said, before kissing her again. "And you know I don't lie about something like that." He started carrying her towards the bar again, letting go of her with his one hand again, to start removing his armor again, letting his pauldrons fall to the floor.
  4. Annrielle smiled at her love, not wanting to let go of him, but deciding to help him remove his armor. It was heavy, and he had been wearing it for far too long.

    "I never doubted you Rog, not for a second!" She laughed, climbing down and helping him with the large leather straps by his injured shoulder. It wasn't scary to see him with an injury, considering he always had one somehow. "We should tend that wound, the bandage is old. Gods, like they don't know how to wrap up something so simple? Your group is a bunch of wolves!" She puffed out her cheeks as she looked at it, poking the bandage lightly and grimacing. "You're lucky if it's not infected Rog, really"
  5. "Pfh! I don't get infected wounds! Wounds get infected by me!" He laughed as he got the cuirass off, putting the heavy thing down on the floor. "You know we Orcs are a hardy bunch. And besides, I wrapped this thing up myself! For all the bragging the local Elves do about their magic skills, they can't seem to either be bothered to heal something like this, or they just can't. But it doesn't matter! I'm home now! Where I knew you'd be to take care of it, like you always do! And you can do it better than any other Elf I know!" He said, before pulling the lovely elf into another quick kiss, before he took off his shirt as well, making it easier for her to have a look at the wound.
  6. Annrielle rolled her eyes at her Orc, huffing at his comments. His praise was apprieciated, but she worried about him so much, that his wound bothered her slightly when he mentioned the elves not bothering to heal it.

    "Let me look then..." she pulled the bandage off and looked at the gash, it wasn't deep enough to cause the large orc harm, but it was however, deep enough to be gross. "I don't care how hardy you orcs are, this looks disgusting..." She planted a kiss on his forehead and walked into the back room, looking for some clean tonic water and bandages. "We'll get you fixed, it's not too bad~" She smiled as she came back with the supplies, opening the corked bottle of water and pouring it over the wound. She took an herb and wiped it around the swollen edges, appplying the medication as she saw fit.

    The bandage was re-applied after another wash and dry, leaving his love with a satisfied smile. "Good. I feel confident about this now..."
  7. Rogdush clenched his fist as Annrielle applied the healing components. No matter how hardy he was, or how many times it had been done to him, he never quite got used to it.
    After the bandages were back on, he grabbed her almost before she was done speaking and pulled her onto his lap as he sat down onto one of the nearby chairs. "And I'm confident in your skills of healing." He said, placing a quick kiss on her lips. "Just like I've always been." He kissed her again, though this time on her soft neck. "And just like I always will be." He added, before returning to kissing the neck of the woman he loved so.
  8. Annrielle couldn't help but blush at her lovers kiss. His tenderness with her was always surprising, considering his race. He was normally very gentle unless she allowed otherwise.

    "Mmm~ yes. I know you do, but for now, you should relax. Let me close down shop and prepare you a meal~" She cooed to him, giving him a kiss and jumping off his lap.

    It only took a few moments for Annrielle to send everyone on their way, closing the doors with a huff and locking them up. Soon enough, she was in the back room, preparing a stew for Rogdush to fill his belly with. As it cooked, she came out of the room, blowing out some of the additional oil lanterns she had lit to make the place look open to customers.

    The lithe elf made her way over to Rogdush and rapped her arms around his neck from behind, leaning down to kiss him neck.

    "i've missed you terribly~"
  9. As Annrielle started closing the inn, Rogdush took of the remainder of his armor and placed it on the floor next to the bar. He had worn it for days now, and it was heavy enough that most humans couldn't even carry it all at once. As he put the last piece of it down, it felt like his weight had halved.

    For the first time in days, he did not feel anger for a pair of elven arms wrapping around his neck. No, for the first time in days, he felt nothing but love for those hands, as he put his own on top of them, relaxing at the touch. He sighed contently, before he replied her.

    "And I've missed you just as much, my little elf." He said, before gently lifting her one hand up to his face and kissing it.
  10. Annrielle smiled warmly at the familiar calloused feeling of Rogdush's hands on her skin. She rested her chest against the back of his neck, biting at his ear slightly.

    "Is that so?" She whispered into his ear, moving her on hand to gently stroke the tusks that came out from the sides of his mouth. Her fingertips rubbed them, grabbing onto them and giving them a playfull tug. She tilted his head back to kiss his forehead, still holding on to his strong tusks.
    "It's been very lonely here without you~"
  11. Rogdush's ear twitched slightly at the touch of her teeth, and a grin came to his face from her playing with his tusks.
    "Have you been missing my help during the day, and my embrace during the night?" He whispered teasingly. "Missing me so much you have had to take care of yourself, when you were alone in our big, warm bed?" He let go of her hands and held his hands behind him, running them from her shoulders and ever so slowly downwards. "Squirming in bed, all alone, hoping that I would come through the door?" His hands now rested on her curvy behind, rubbing it softly.
  12. The elf's cheeks started to glow bright red with the sound of his words, nodding her soft face against his with embarrassment. She swayed her hips side to side, letting him feel her hips and rear moving against his hands.

    "so many night's I found myself missing your touches, and what of you? Did you miss me when you were alone at night? Or did battle not leave time for fantasy?" She took to nibbling his neck, her heart beating strongly against her chest.
  13. "I missed you and your touch every single night that I rested. Yet sadly, fantasy was all that could happen, as there was never time to be alone." He sighed slightly, still stroking her behind. He craned his neck to allow better access for his little elf before he spoke again. "Yet now, I am once more lucky enough to feel your soft touch, and to once more touch your softness." He gave her behind a gentle squeeze, to make his point. He sighed once more, yet this time, it was a sigh of finally being back home. Of finally being back with his love. To finally feel her once more.
  14. Pulling away from him, Annrielle walked slowly around to his front, leaning in and kissing his lips. She could still remember everything about their first meeting, fresh in her mind.

    "And to think I was ever afraid of you. You big softy!" She teased him, slapping his uninjured arm. "come now, enough talk, let's get some food in your body." She stood back up and walked towards the kitchen, pouring him a giant bowl of stew and setting it down on the table at his side. "Sleep will do you more good than my body will, we always have time for that" The elf was sweet, sitting across from him and watching as he began to eat. She was sure he wouldn't take her words seriously, knowing all too well that he wouldn't be able to keep away from her from being gone so long.

    "How did the battle go? Are we making progress?"
  15. Rogdush chuckles once more at her comment. "Yeah, but I was one of the first men you saw as well!" He said, as he plopped down at the table and got served. He took a deep sniff of it, before he started eating hungrily. "Ah, as good as ever Ann. Spirits know I've missed your meals out there..." He spoke as he kept eating. He looked at her like she was crazy for a moment when she told him to rest. "If I had wanted to just sleep, I'd just plant myself under a tree! Heck, then I wouldn't even have to walk so far for it!" A light chuckle escaped him, before the final question arrived.
    "Every dead Northern Elf is progress! Problem is that it's so little progress for each kill that we barely notice. But we won the battle, at least! I guess they figured it'd be easier to climb the mountain, than to get through the pass, especially as they more or less had to climb a mountain of their own fallen to get to us." He grinned at the victory, yet he knew all to well that another battle would come soon. And another. And it would keep happening until one side lost most of their men, or felt that losing even more would be foolish.
  16. The conversation was a bit bittersweet for Annrielle. As happy as she was that her love was sucessfull in battle, she couln't help but feeling grief. Knowing that he was talking about killing many of her brothers and sisters made her heart drop in her chest. Despite being exiled from the northern lands, Annrielle was still a Northern Elf and she still felt a sense of pride from her growing up.

    "I wish so badly that things played out differently...Jaylin is ruining the Elven Empire with her mysified dreams of power." Annrielle grit her teeth, hissing as she recalled the tournament in which her cousin, Jaylin, poisoned her to take the seat as High Reagent. "I would have united us under better terms, that is for sure" The precious elf frowned, setting her elbows on the table to watch Rogdush devour his food.
  17. Rogdush swallowed a mouthful, before turning his gaze towards the elf. "Hey, what's happened has happened. And what has happened cannot be changed. But look at it this way; With so many of them dead for so little gain of land, do you truly think she'll be able to stay in power forever? After pouring everything she's got into a war that goes nowhere?" He asked, as he stood up and poured himself an ale and taking a sip of it, before turning back to the table. "The people will start hating her, and opposing her. She will lose her power, and who do we know that could lead your people after Jaylin is gone?" He gave her a slight smile, as he sat back down and started eating again.
  18. Annrielle smiled at his words, nodding slightly as she watched his big form get up and get himself something to drink. She could have done it for him, but Rogdush was an independant man; he didn't need her to wait on him. When he sat back down, she knew what he was illuding to, and it made her frown.

    "You know very well that I can't go back, Jaylin labled me a traitor, I wouldn't be able to enter the tournament to fight for the seat of Reagent." The elf cast her eyes up at the high pitched ceiling, darting over the rafters and sighing. "Though if it cannot be me, anyone is better than Jaylin" She chuckled.
  19. "If they rise up against her, who knows how much of what she did will be undone? New laws, statues... Banishments. Who knows?" He said, flushing down some more of the stew with another swig of ale. "And if not, new rulers might give pardons? If nothing else, there might be someone else close to you that could become a new ruler of them?" He asked, grinning with a bit of hope.
  20. "all of this politics makes my head hurt" She smiles, lifting her chin off her hands and sighing. "Whatever happens, happens. If we win this war- I will be happy regardless~" She cooed at him, looking into his eyes with a longing that could only be described as passionate.

    "Any other exciting news? Other than bloodshed and gore?"
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