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  1. Lorcan Rehon sighed, blowing his dark red hair out of his eyes, the left one golden brown, the right one dark green, and glanced around the Dining Hall. He snorted softly, didn’t look much like a dining room at the moment, not with all the people, humans and non-humans alike, running about looking for friends they hadn’t seen since the last school year and getting their room keys with the freshmen looking scared or timid. Some of them had already started to cry, the boy noted.

    In short it was organized chaos. If chaos could ever be organized.

    Bored waiting for his turn in line, the Earth Mage tapped his fingers against his leg. Sometimes the way this school was run baffled him. Why have the students’ trunks and stuff moved to their rooms magically when they arrived but force said students to pick up a room key? Why not just send it with supply list and room assignments? Oh well, nothing he could really do about it could he?

    Finally, finally, it was his turn. He gave his name and room number to the dwarf – he assumed the man was a dwarf at any rate – and was handed his key with a grunt. Lorcan didn’t blame him, the day had just started and he must have interacted with a hundred students already. It would certainly drive him mad.

    Trying not to get knocked into or tramped, the sixteen year old, left the dining hall and into the campus, navigating through the crowds to get to the dorms. He was so wrapped up in trying not to get squished that he didn’t notice the person in front of him until he knock into them.

    “I’m sorry,” he said quickly, a small blush on his face. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. Sorry.”
  2. Gardosh Eretha grumbled to himself, as he found himself in the midst of the largest group of people he'd ever seen. Going to a boarding school to "learn things you'd never have the chance of here" probably sounded like a good thing for most young people, yet the Orc had been more than happy working at his father's farm. But, here he was, and since he was going to be here for quite some time, he might as well try not to throw away the money that had been spent to send him there.

    It had felt like an eternity standing in that line, before it finally was his turn. The Elf who'd given him the key to his room seemed to be ever so cheerful as he did, making Gardosh's own mood worse in the process. He turned and started walking, having it easier as he could see over most of the others there, yet he also had his own problems due to his width. He tried to be careful as he made his way towards the dorms where he believed his room to be.

    The orc's journey was halted, due to a cry of panic coming from below him. Apparently, there had been a goblin right in front of him that he hadn't seen, and almost stepped on. As he was apologizing to his fellow little greenskin, someone knock into him from behind. Turning his large frame towards whoever it was, he glared for a moment, before trying not to overreact at the little accident.

    "Hey, it's all right. Accidents happen in places like this, you know." He said in his rather growly voice, turning his head for a moment, only to see the goblin running off, probably to find his own room.
  3. That's exactly why I should have been paying more attention." Lorcan said with a nervous laugh, glancing at the orc he’d knocked into. This was why he didn't like crowds, well other than the claustrophobia. “Anyways, sorry. Won’t happen again. Probably.”

    With an apologetic grin, Lorcan walked off, back to navigating the crowds paying more attention this time. It took a while, but he finally got to his building and up to his floor and room. The halls were full, but not as packed as they could have been. Sliding his key into the lock, he opened the door and then promptly flopped onto the bed he was claiming as his. It wasn’t even noon yet and he was already exhausted. With a groan he sat up, he might as well start unpacking, the sooner he began the sooner it was done and over with.
  4. Gardosh could do nothing but to look at the little man, before he was gone in the crowd. And with that, the orc started walking as well, attempting to find the room he had been assigned.

    It took one wrong building, one wrong floor and almost getting into a fight before Gardosh finally found the room that matched the number on his key. With a sigh of relief, he put the key into the lock and twisted it. "Finally..." He muttered as he shoved the door open. Apparently, the one who was supposed to be his roommate hadn't had as much trouble as him, as he was already there and had started unpacking, but the orc barely registered him at that point. "Hey." was all he said to the other person, before he threw his gym-bag at the floor next to the free bed and dropped down onto it, making it creak threateningly under his weight. He closed his eyes and groaned loudly. "So... Many... People!"