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  1. Got a large project that you need help on, or just need to talk over? Ask questions or show off here. You may also want to check out the individual topics if you only want to work on a certain aspect of your world or setting.
  2. This link is helpful for Fantasy World building and a lot of the little details that go in to it! 8D
  3. I have an idea that is formulating for a world to work on. I'm still at the creative spark portion of world building, so all I have is a vague idea of what I want. I plan to use this world as an exercise in world building, to get advice, ask questions, post in various discussions. When I feel it has made enough progress, I might even make a Universe Showcase for it.

    This world is one where the gods are very present. They live in remote areas tucked away in the regions that worship them. They fight with one another, and their moods, actions, and whims determine geology, weather, climate, prosperity, and even when the flowers bloom. There are many pantheons, each with a specific region. Sometimes these regions come into conflict, and since the gods bestow blessings directly on their followers, a win for the follower is a win for the god. There are unseen magical borders between regions. Each pantheon's will is shown within the borders of their region. Should the mortal worshipers claim a victory over a neighbor and expand their land, the border moves with it and the victor gods get control and influence over this piece of land. The exception is when gods from the old pantheon are either kidnapped into or flee to the conquering one. Then, they sometimes retain influence, but may have to take on new roles, which can still change the land.

    In most regions, followers are very devout. Unlike in many worlds, the gods do not rely on believers to survive. Instead, followers boost their prestige, political influence, and often their military strength. A god with no worshipers is still a god, and very able to win over or scare new people into worshiping him. He may bribe followers, take mortal servants to spread his word, or cause catastrophe after plague after flood until people pay attention.

    There are a few regions where there are so many vying religions that they are in a state of constant upheaval. Others have been abandoned by the gods, and only spillover from neighboring regions causes any change at all. Those claiming to not believe, or those who have created their own philosophies flock to these regions. They go there for freedom to evolve, but often end up trapped in regions of stagnant thought and unchanging features.

    Obviously there is a lot that needs worked out. I've barely started on this idea, but I want to expand it to a fully fleshed out world. I'm open to advice and ideas.