Declaration of War on Vandoosa

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This is the older Vandoosa information.. from about the time we invaded Iwaku. Vandoosa is much different now in present day. In fact with this new land we need a new flag. It will have the same symbol on it but be red insted... But you might be more interested in old wartime Vandoosa instead of communist land of peace and love it is today...

Country of Vandoosa full name Vandoosa Soviet Socialist Republik or V.S.S.R:


Vandüsa is a mostly communist country that likes to keep track of the people who come in and out.
The system runs on a mix of fascism communism and capitalism.

Most history is forgotten due to the governments need to control the people.

It started out as a pure fascist state with no rights at all. Then there was the Socialist revolution that brought communism to the land for a few years. Lord Parasetoria Xentra became ruler soon after and now brings fascism again.

The symbol of Vandoosa (Shvonka) is on the flag. It has 4 lines to represent the 4 seasons and unity within the Vandoosan people. But all so is made to mimic the fascist swastika to strike fear into the enemies and lesser beings!

There is three levels in the military.

Male divisions:
Rank1: Vandoosa Soviet Soldier
Rank2: Vandoosa Soviet Captain
Rank3: Vandoosa Soviet General
Female divisions:
Rank1: Jenny
Rank2: Sarah
Rank3: Lilly

There is only allowed to be one rank 3 in both divisions. The current Rank 3 female is Parasetoria Xentra's mistress Lilly. the Current rank 3 Male is single and very unhappy about it. He even cries at night.

Vandoosa has invaded a few surrounding lands and made settlements there. There are many secret army bases all over the world in many countries. The plan is to attack all at once after spying on the infidels.

Vandoosan architecture is very simple looking. Very large crude buildings made of concrete and steel. They are built to stand up against the extreme climate and earthquakes.

Vandoosa is normally spelled with a double o in it but sometimes the double o is replaced with ü. Both spellings are correct though.

There are not many wild animals left in the woods after the mass climate change brought on after the Socialist Revolution but it has plenty of trees. Mostly evergreen trees.The Nations tree is the von schzeska pine. It will grow very large very fast. After the Socialist Revolution the trees mutated to grow even larger and at insane speeds. Allowing them to recover in a few weeks after a devastating storm. Vandoosa only has major cities instead of many small towns to protect the forest from being wiped out. It is still covered in more than 95% forest lands.

The Vandoosan forests cover the entire country. They are made up of mostly pine firs and cypress trees with the occasional oak and maple trees. The Vandoosan forests are very dangerous during major storms. Many of the trees are 300-700 feet high and can snap off real easy in an icestorm. There are also many ice faeries that can get very aggressive at times.

Though most of the animals are gone there is plenty of fish. Vandoosans eat mostly fish all the time. Some small animals like birds and rodents survived. There are still a lot of faeries around though and they can become a nuisance.

There is one large Volcano called Mt. Vandervorsa. It erupts every 500 years on average. The last eruption happened nearly 500 years ago and left most the land covered is wild fires. After that a major storm formed from the ash cloud. At the time there was low population so it did little damage.

There is one river that flows from the glaciers on Mt. Vandervorsa called Danika and one large lake called Vostok.

Danika River:
Danika has many types of fish and is filled with large chinks of ice.

Lake Vostok:
Vostok is very large and deep. Heat from MT. Vandervorsa keeps it from freezing over when large storms hit. Fishing in this area is very good.

Schzeska Forest:
Very cold and has mostly the Nations tree Von Schzeska Pine

Aluya Woods:
Aluya is very cold but has a large variety of frost resistant flowers. Many types of pine trees and a few types of hard woods. The Goddess Sophia lives here so no one but Anna comes here.

Vandoosa Soviet National Forest:
Many pine trees and hard woods. Even a few frost resistant palm trees grow here. It has very high humidity and violently changing temperatures.


Vandoosa used to have an average climate with 4 seasons. Septnaya (Spring) Akaya (Summer) Vermaya (Fall) Windira (Winter)
After the Socialist Revolution there was a major climate change.
Northern half of the country only has Winter now but the Southern half has Winter and Summer at the same time.
The Southern area will see an average of 7 days of intense heat from 90 to 155 degrees F (32.22-68.33 Celsius) then violently drop when storms from the north hit causing the temps to fall violently to -155 to -225 degrees F (-103.89 to -142.78 Celsius) Wile the North averages -160 to -280 F (-106.67 to -173.33 Celsius)

Violent Winter storms hit the Northern half of the country every other week with winds near 300 miles per hour. They are called golf storms. When these happen the Northern area gets heavy snow and destructive winds. But the area in the southern tip around the city of Serico has Summer conditions at the time. When the outer bands of the storms reach Serico sometimes on rare actions there might be a period of heavy snow when the temperature is still near 100F (37.78 Celsius). Then the extremely hot air will lift into the atmosphere and hit the cold air coming from the north. Following this will be intense thunderstorms and mass tornado outbreaks. Hail will reach the size of baseballs on average and there will be intense lightning. Then the cold air will move under the warmer air and settle at ground level. When this happens the ground temperature will be between 30F and -120F (-1.11 to -84.44 Celsius) wile the warmer air of 90 to 155 degrees F (32.22-68.33 Celsius) Is in the sky causing massive thunderstorms. This creates the famous Serico icestorms. Thick ice and strong winds rip down trees and destroy many structures. When the warmer air moves out the freezing rain changes to all snow. There will still be a little lightning left and very strong winds still blowing at hurricane force. The eye of these golf storms have been known to cause flash freezing to temps near absolute zero -459F (-272.78 Celsius) The eye is very small and rarely affects an area more than 10 miles wide. This all most never happens over a city with Vandoosa being 95% forest.

The trees have adapted to the massive storms well enough that they can regrow within a few weeks and are not affected by the intense temperature changes.

Over all the northern half of the country has the same Winter like climate all year round but the south has some interesting weather.


Vandoosans come in two different races (Alazonka and Slavichna). The people here are very grouchy and do not like when people make fun of their marching bands and music. Vandoosans enjoy getting into fights daily and only fear Sophia (The Goddess). Drinking is very popular as well. Vandoosans are often racist and don't like strangers at all. Vandoosa has a large population of faeries so many Vandoosans have magical abilities. Communism allows many Vandoosans to live in a small place. This allows for a very high population in a very small area with food not being hard to find. All the dead are recycled as food product to go with the large amount of fish. They are extremely patriotic about their country and believe communism is the right way. They do not value other nations opinions.

It is popular to name their children after places things or events. They all so feel the need to protect the woodlands and environment.

Slavichna is the minority race of Vandoosa. They have light colored skin and dark hair from brown to black with Gold black or brown eyes. some might have red eyes if mixed with Alazonka. Slavichna only make up 13 percent of the population. Very grouchy people who don't like strangers much.


Alazonka are albino with silvery hair. sometimes mixed with blue and purple highlights. Most of them have red pink or reddish brown eyes but in rare cases some will have blue or green eyes. Alazonka makes up 87 percent of the population.
Alazonka are extremely racist and believe themselves to be the "master race" of Vandoosa. Alazonka reproduce very fast and at a young age. They will have an average of 5 children at once.

Fights between Alazonka and Slavichna erupt daily. Even with the violence Slavichna and Alazonka do live together well enough to create a working society. Much of the fighting between the two ended when the new ruler Parasetoria Xentra of Slavichna race inspired the two races of Vandoosa to work together and hate the real enemy. The infidels that live in other lands.


The Vandoosans see marching as an art and get very angry when someone insults ones marching capabilities.

Well Known People:

Lord God Xentra and his mistress Lilly:
The ruler of Vandoosa. He is not all there. Has plans to rule the world under fascism and communism with his mistress Lilly. Lilly is stronger than Xentra though and could decide to kill him one day and become the new ruler of Vandoosa. Lilly is all so completely insane so that won't change much for Vandoosa anyway. Xentra plans to gain control over the weather if he has not done so all ready. The mass climate change after the socialist Revolution might even be a result of Xentra's weapons of mass destruction. Xentra likes to put females at the higher ranks for obvious reasons.

Note "Parasetoria" is a Vandoosan word meaning Lord and God. Xentra thinks so much of himself he calles himself Lord and God in both English and Vandoosan at the same time.

Lord God Xentra:


Sophia and Isabella:
Sophia is the goddess of Vandoosa. All so known as the Goddess of Creation and Destruction. Isabella is a younger sibling of Sophia and is know as the Goddess of Stability and Chaos. Both are goddesses of contradiction. Sophia is capable of destroying and recreating the world. All Vandoosans fear her. Isabella not as strong as Sophia but still strong enough to destroy and recreate the world. But Vandoosans don't fear her at all and only think she is funny. Isabella does not like to be made fun of and eats everyone that laughs at her. Sophia enforces protection of the environment and nature and Isabella enforces industrialization and evolution. Even Lord Parasetoria Xentra does what the goddesses say.



Schzeska Von Vlaskov:
Official reporter for the V.S.S.R. She has the power to hide and recreate history. This is useful for tricking the people into obeying the government. She is named after the Von Schzeska pine. Schzeska is the Goddess of History and Events.


Anna has the ability to be everywhere at the same time. ANNA IS EVERYWHERE AND EVERY TIME! Anna is the Goddess of Time and space.



There is only 5 major cities and two Ship Ports.

The Capital of Vandoosa Serico has a population of around 4.7 billion. Isadora Vokshava is the Governor of Serico. Most of the countries Slavichna population live here.The Vandoosa Soviet Army Sation is located right in the center of Serico. Here the soldiers practice marching and choir music. Serico is known as the City Of The Four Seasons because all 4 seasons happen at the same time here. This is where the immortal symbol of Vandoosa was made, the Shvonka! Serico produces much of the veggies and fruits of Vandoosa. Serico sometimes has earthquakes caused by Mt. Vandervorsa.

Isadora Vokshava:

Warner is the smallest city of Vandoosa with a population of around 231million. The governor of Warner is Ishtaya Ventrava. Warner produces much of the countries steel and other metals.

Ishtaya Ventrava:

Windira is Vandoosa's 3'rd largest city with a population of around 776 million. It is named after the Season of Windira (Winter)
Iska votri is the governor of Windira. Windira is where 75% of the countries tanks guns and weapons of mass destruction are made. Most of the oil comes from Windira and the Von Schzeska Ice Shelf to the North. Windira is the first to know when a major storm is about to hit.

Iska votri:

Dekins is the 4'th largest city of Vandoosa with a population of around 445 million. The governor of Dekins is Akmora Zushinka. Dekins produces most of the countries wood products.

Akmora Zushinka:

Vicktoria is the 2'nd largest city of Vandoosa with a population around 1.9 billion. The governor of Vicktoria is Akaya Zestakina. Most of the countries booze and fish come from here.

Akaya Zestakina

Vandoosa Tourist Center and Dostra Bay are the two ship ports and has mostly Ships and small shops.

Penybonka Station:
This is a space station built to broadcast all news music and weather reports. You can visit here and even buy decent guns as souvenirs.

Vandoosa Runes and patterns


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A former executive or something.
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