Decisions, decisions!

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    If you had to go back and change your answer to any one decision in your life, which would you choose?
  2. While I usually answer these questions with "I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't take the path I did..." I still wonder what my life would be like if I'd taken the damn job in Hawaii, as poor as the pay was.
  3. I would change nothing. Other then the whiny fuzzy wuzzy feelings of certain people I have met through my life. -Hates having to alter himself for others.-
  4. <<

    ....I would probably have decided to actually be a bit more forceful in telling my parents to get out of Louisiana when the Hurricane was hitting. But nooo. I had to think about 'respecting elders' and be a good girl and keep my mouth shut.
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  6. ...To many to count.
  7. Nuh, the phrasing was "had to change something". Like, time has sucked you into a vortex because you're its bitch and now you must CHANGE A DECISION.
  8. ....I wouldn't buy my xbox? Buy a good PC instead.
  9. I wouldn't have chopped half my eyebrow off (3rd grade)

    Seriously... When I think about it... That's the only thing I'd do different. Not because my eyebrow grows at an angle now, but because now I'm like, "What was... What... Just... What? What was I doing?"

    Everything else I did in life lead to happy things C:
  10. I wouldn't have engaged in a sword (Hah no it was a curtain pole thingy) battle with my brother.

    He made a jab at me, the stick got lodged in my eye, underneath my eyeball and remained there until my panicked father pulled it out. Luckily I had deja vu, instinctively closed my eyes, and all of the damage that was done was a bleeding eyeball...I was not blind in my left eye, thank god.

    However I am now deathly afraid of thin sticks. And if you approach me with said weapon, I will either run from you or beg for you to drop it.