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  1. There are so many favourite games out there. Some of them we have a really hard time choosing what to play. You've played them already (or perhaps you haven't finished one but you aren't in the mood to play it, so you move to one of your already finished games that you really liked), but you can't help but keep going back to them.

    For me, I find it very hard to decide what to play. I have only a select few games for my 360 so I might be a little closed off for the most part. My top favourite games are Saints Row the Third, Skyrim, Fable II and Assassin's Creed. I haven't been in the mood for Assassin's Creed for months.

    However, I'm having a hard time deciding to start a new game in Fable II or Saints Row the Third. When you get into these picky game phases (if you do), how do you choose?
  2. I remember that right now, there are children starving in Africa or being recruited into warlord's armies to murder their own friends and family members with ancient knock-off soviet hardware.

    Then I have a glass of water.

    Then I pick a game and just play the damn thing and stop being so picky.
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  3. I love a side of guilt to go along with my inability to choose.

    Decided on Fable II. Sometimes I just pick a random disc out of the case.
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  4. I have this problem all the time... ALL the time.

    I usually end up playing everything for a very short amount of time and end up completely unsatisfied with my choice.
  5. I mean, is it worth racking your brain about it when you could simply do something else? Procrastinating over gaming, now ain't dat some shit.
  6. Not really, just a discussion topic ^.^ I always wondered how people chose or what got them more in the mood for one game. Stupid curiosity? More than likely.
  7. I just replay Dishonored like it's an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. That's how boring and inventive and explorative I am. 8D

    I must have several hundred hours of that shit. Never get tired of the ambience and lore.
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  8. Lucky bastard. I have ADHD and am not medicated for it. My attention span lacks the ability to stay glued to one thing at one given time. That's the last thing from boring to me.

    I could be playing Saints Row, get really into it and then my brain just says nope.
  9. I spend more time modding my games than playing them these days. :/
  10. I'd usually end up game surfing lol. Whatever would catch my attention, I'd just stick with that.
  11. We need to set up Iwaku gaming times or something.

    Something like MMO raids, or just big shooter fests would be nice.


    Since people seem to be out of games to play, maybe now I should (again) suggest a game! :3

    Ever wanted Star Trek the video game? You fly a ship, you explore, you man different roles and co-operate on whatever quests you give yourself?


    Note, this trailer is a few years old now. The Game is mid-way through Beta and has a good amount of content right now. I currently have over 80 hours clocked into it. :3
  12. That'd be awesome. I've thought about getting a capture card next month, it'd be cool to have a thread of people's gaming times.
  13. Yes please, pretty please, with a cherry on top and my heart and soul behind it. I would be down to helping organize, I care about this so.
  14. Four more sleeps until Overwatch releases.

    Then I'll be set for a while. Until then, more Planetside 2, Subnautica (between updates), and whatever else passes my evening's time.
  15. Well I'm free most of the time.

    Though I'm setting up a Discord Server cause it will likely be easier if we can learn if people are free in real time.
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  16. Joined but it's going to take me a moment to get used to the controls
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