Decided to roleplays again anyone wanna try me?

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  1. I recently went off roleplaying for a while and I apologise to everyone I have been roleplaying with. I just was cramed with exams and everything and now waiting for results this week. God, where did the summer go? Anyway I am back now and ready to roleplay. I have this idea of doing a cancer romance roleplay between any of the genders so give me a pm if interested or pm me anyway if have ideas for new roleplays for me to try. Hope you all can forgive for being away. Reply ASAP :)
  2. I'm certainly interested!
  3. In the cancer romance
  4. Awesome so what types of genders do u prefer to use?
  5. I personally play male. But you could play either, I don't have a preference.
  6. How about mxf
  7. Sure that's fine with me.
  8. Do you want my plot idea? Or do you have any ideas for it first?
  9. What's your plot idea??
  10. First should they both be cancer patients or just one?
  11. Hmm maybe just one. Them both being patients kinda sounds a lot like The Fault in Our Stars lmao
  12. Okay my idea is that my character will be the cancer patient and she is never out of the hospital and she gets incrediably bored. Then your character comes, he could be doing something like helping out his mum or dad who is a nurse or doctor then he meets my character when he is going on his rounds and they instantly hit it off by chatting about silly things and soon as they start to chat a friendship is developed then some will probably set in. What do you think?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.