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  1. Anya wore pure white today... today was her wedding day, the day her father would give her away to the man she loved… As one of her brides maids fixed her hair until the curls fell perfectly she smiled at Anya sitting next to her. “Anya you must tell me of all the things you see on your honey moon… away from this place at least... for a little while” The brides maid said excitedly as she took Anyas hands in her own. “I promise... but to be honest I really want to skip through that part and go straight to starting a family” Anya whispered smiling and blushing. “You can’t mean that..this place is full of terrible things. you must go out and enjoy yourself... you can’t live forever unless you’re a bloodsucker” The bridesmaid said, playfully wrapping her hands around Anyas throat as they both giggled like they were school girls again

    The moment had come, and Anya walked with her dad down the aisle, the veil hiding her blushing face, A smile painted its way on her lips as she knew this was the beginning of the rest of her life,

    When all of the sudden screams were heard from outside. “Vampires!! Vampires!!” Women yelled and children screamed as men tried to rush everyone in doors. “It’s HIM!!”

    Normally whenever they heard Vampires, the small Transylvanian town thought of a murder or 2
    when they heard screams of Vlad himself,, they thought of a massacre.

    “RUN ANYA” her Father rushed her in behind a trap door in the wall of the church, made for situations like these. It was quiet a few moments as Anya tried to hold her
    then suddenly the doors to the church burst open… Mario, her Fiancé pulled a knife he kept on him at all times from his suit as he backed up waiting for the smoke to clear to see who was coming in the doors. “Who’s there?” Anya’s father screamed... Feet from the door himself

  2. A brute wooden spear trespasses the door impaling your father.
    The mist fades and reveals the monster known as Dracula.
    He then tosses the spear aside, with the corpse on it and draws his sword and takes a moment to focus, you can almost feel him calling the blood inside your veins.
    Then he walks into the trap door.
  3. "You found me" she whispers frightfully, trying to somehow force herself back further into the trap door

    "What do you want from me?"

    As I lean backwards, an emergency escape latch is triggered and the ground underneath emerges carrying me to the other side of the church wall,

    to the outside world where screams are being heard from every angel and snickers from his 2 other brides zip through the land as people begin disappointing in their grasps

    "Anya!" She hears her brides maid from before scream. "Come!!" she yells taking Anya's hand and sprinting away with the crowd,

    Inside, Mark steps closer to you...

    "What do you want with Anya?"
  4. Vlad kicks the door down.
    "What don't I want from you" he says grinning, with a perv look on his face.

    ((You like the Dracula pic above, or you rather a less brute version?))
  5. ((however you vision him is fine with me because hes your char ... I personally like the movie versions cause he looks more realistic HOWEVER I can cope with whatever version you throw at me :D !! ))

    Anya screams as your smile spreads she can make out your fangs... But She feels almost stuck in place .. She looks up at you trembling

    "I have done nothing to you!"
  6. ((He's suposed to be a fierce warrior, so I thought this version was apropriate, what movies you like him in?))
  7. (( However you percvieve him shall work,
    even though the vlad from
    back then was a viscous brute,
    I perceive the more vampiric look to him
    like displayed in movies
    such as The Dark Prince Dracula I actually
    uploaded a photo of him in our gallery
    and stuff but You know how easy I am to work with
    you depict him how you want him to be:) ))


    What have I done???

    She thinks to herself

    As she accidently pulled the lever and it released to the outside world,

    She runs inside an abandoned house and hides in the cellar shutting off the lights and crouching down in the darkness, Anya's heart beating rapidly

    as she hears the screams of her village from outside.
  8. Vlad shapeshifts into a swarm of bats flying fiercly in your direction ripping the skin and flesh out of every one in his path.
    He then changes back into his man form in the outside of the house and walks in.
    Again you feel your blood running fast as if it's calling for him.
  9. Anya runs her fingers along her skin...

    wondering why she felt this way..

    she felt almost as if she needed to go to him..

    But she merely his deeper in the corner of the dark cellar

    hoping someone would come for her

    as he heard the foot steps above her.
  10. Vlad then moves at inhuman speed, almost as if he could become a mist of thin air and move at the speed of wind and all of a sudden he is face to face with her.
    She can't move she's petrified with fear, He puts his big strong hand on her face shoving the hair off the way so he can see her eyes.
    "You're indeed a delight to the eyes..." he then runs his hand from her face to her neck and feels her blood pumping throught her veins - "...a real delight."
  11. Anya whimpers a little at his touch, though her blood feels hot.. near burning but wanting more..

    she has no idea why she feels this way

    She tries to turn her head away from him, since she is between him and the wall

    She remembered hearing rumors about him wanting a new bride to complete the 3, since one was killed

    by an unknown demon slayer.. and now the pieces were comming together

    "I cant be your bride.. Im not a vampire.. and Im promised to someone else" She says looking away from him...

    her hands trembling at her sides
  12. "That's easily fixed..." He says diving his fangs in her neck.
    He sucks her blood with passion, you can feel the burning sting from the wounds numbing as you run nearly out of blood.
  13. Anya tries to scream, but weak from her blood loss, she merely holds on to him

    Gripping his shirt as she goes in and out of conciseness

    "Please.." She begs as she feels her legs beginning to weaken
  14. Vlad restrains his blood lust pulling back his mouth from your neck.
    "What a delight indeed..." He says as you pass out, then he morphs into a swarm of bats and carries you across the air to his castle.
    You wake up in a large bed with 4 or 5 people could sleep together, there are curtains around the bed, the room is decorated with macabre paintings, exotic weapons and armours, all in tones of red, and redish brown.
    There's a window made or solid glass and an iron grid it cannot be openned.
    in the room Dracula is sitting in a chair waiting for you to wake up.

    ((you're a vampire now, hope it didn't happen to fast, but it was my first time XD ))
  15. (( no your okay.. good it was quick, this is just a briefing of how she became, the real story begins now xD ))


    Anya sits up... looking around the room.. as her eyes begin to focus

    She feels her senses are so much more aware now.. She looks to her left and see's Dracula

    She hesitates getting up then see's something else interesting..

    A glass of something she thought was red wine.. but turned out to be blood, it drew her in as she made

    her way to the table where it sat next to a caucus

    "..What have you done to me?" She asks softly as she picks up the glass and holds it closely to her face examining its contents
  16. Dracula smiles as he rises and walks towards you.

    "I have improved you..."

    As he walks closer you can feel his blood pumping calling for you the same way you felt your blood did before.
  17. Anya stands and looks at Vlad in his eyes

    "Improved me?" she said looking at her hands, the paleness of her skin

    the yearning for his blood

    She slaps him

    "You have damned me TO HELL!!" she screams walking away from him trying to find a way out

    "You ... pure evil."
  18. Vlad the use his inhuman speed again, and appears in front of her blocking her path.
    "You can do it to."
    He says grabing her face, then he grabs the glass of blood.
    "Drink!" - he says as he pours the blood in her mouth.
    She tries to avoid it, but a few drop pass her lips and she starts to feel the blood lust...
  19. Anya tries closing her mouth, but the blood flows in her mouth

    as he forces it..

    She slowly stops fighting him.. as it sinks down inside her

    She looks at Vlad in his eyes as he loosens his grip

    She stands there for a second.. then wipes her mouth with one finger and slowly slides it in her mouth

    as her eyes begin glowing a brilliant purple

    A small smirk sketches its way on her face as she brings her lips close to his

  20. He laughs seing her resilence towards the blood thirst drop.
    "More!" - he yells and two other woman, one so blond her hair is allmost as white as snow, another one with back hair so dark you can barely see it's texture, enter the room with a jar of blood and a few glasses.
    You can feel their blood inside them allmost as fiercefully as you feel mine, this feeling is not one of thirst for blood but of passion.