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  1. Of course, Avery had once feared this very conversation. All those years ago when she and her sister had snuck into the vents, she'd overheard her father deny that she would ever be handed off for marriage, and he stuck to his word for six whole years. She'd forgotten all about it, and about any icky stuff like marriage completely, but apparently now, the Elven Queen had upped the stakes and all but ensured she got what she desired.

    Because, as much as Avery detested the idea, she could hardly sit back and allow a kingdom of millions of people be destroyed; especially when it was the kingdom Hope loved so much.

    Grimacing at her parents' clearly apologetic expressions, the girl silently played with her curly hair, doing what she could to avoid answering-- but she inevitably had to.

    "...Okay," she nodded, smiling bravely as she hitched out of bed to cuddle her clearly emotional mother. "It's fine, Mama. I... I hear that elves are intelligent. Maybe he and I could compose poetry together or discuss herpetology..."
  2. Taking his daughter's small face in his hands, he looked her in her eyes, obviously upset. "I'm so sorry, Avery...I adore you, you know this...You won't have to go to their Kingdom, I'll arrange that. You'll still be here, you'll still have your family and everyone around." He promised, before moving to hug his wife as well as his daughter. "...Don't worry, okay?"

    And so, a week or two later, the Elven Prince came to meet Princess Avery. Now...The Prince was older than her...By four years, so he was already sixteen. So, of course, he was annoyed he'd be marrying a child. Well sure she'd be sixteen when they get married, but he'd be twenty-two. So that was a damn bummer. The elf, Filipe looked out the window of the carriage as he pulled up to the castle. Sighing heavily, he got out of the carriage, looking at the King and Queen.

    King Apophis glared at the boy, before sighing. "...You ready for this Hope?" He whispered to her. 97dbbb5a88a560f340fe0f2df024687e.jpg
  3. Hope was already regretting the decision. Every second that ticked by over the weeks made her feel more guilty-- and that shot through the roof the moment she saw just how much older the boy was to her daughter. SUre, it was only four years and it wouldn't matter so much when they were older, but the idea of her young daughter having to spend time along with the teenager made her grimace, especially when she could tell from his expression that he hardly wanted to be doing this.

    Well, that made two of the, anyway.

    Nodding to her husband with a faux smile, she squeezed her daughter's shoulders for support, though was at least proud of her daughter for not having kicked up any fuss. She wore a dress, she let her mother tame her normally wild hair, and she took all the advice her parents gave her without arguing once. Maturely, she was accepting her fate and prepared to sacrifice any happiness she could have had for her mother's kingdom. It was ultimately worth it.

    Curtsying politely to the other Prince, she didn't smile up at him but at least managed a nod. "I'm pleased to welcome you to my kingdom, Prince Filipe. It's our pleasure to accommodate you for a few days and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here."

  4. Filipe looked down at his future wife. A child...What was his mother thinking? Did they really need ties to Valien that badly? Bowing to her, he nodded as well. "Thank you for having me, Princess Avery. As well as you two King Apophis and Queen Hope." He looked at Avery, before holding out his arm like the gentleman he was. It was expected of him. "...Would you care to show me around? The castle is phenomenal, I'd like to have a tour."

    Apophis glared at the elf, before looking down at his daughter. He leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead. "...I'm so proud." He whispered, smoothing down her curls, before looking at his wife. "...Well, we should go have some tea? Allow these two to get to know each other." Taking his wife's hand, he headed into the castle, assuring her they'd be alright.

    Filipe watched them go before looking down at her. "...I hear you are the smart one, right?"
  5. The young dragon glanced up from the floor, her golden eyes bearing into the other's in a mixture of nervousness but confidence at the same time. She was her father's daughter - no matter how anxious she was, she would always show a display of confidence too. This boy might be older than her, and taller, but she wasn't going to let that intimidate her into submissively and meekly responding to his questions. She was going to lift her chin, meet his eyes and talk without stammering.

    At only 12, she'd perfected that art.

    "I wouldn't say I'm smarter than my sister or brothers. I'm just the one who's into reading and... intellectual things," she responded slowly, shaking her head to herself at how mad this situation was.

    "I'm sure you don't want to marry me, that's fine. I wouldn't want to marry me. I irritate myself. But it's something we need to do. I don't need you to like me, that's... fine. My father had four wives once that he detested, so marriage doesn't mean love and happiness. You... shouldn't feel obliged to think that way."
  6. Filipe arched his brow, looking down at the child. What she said didn't sound too confident. She irritated herself? "...Self-hate isn't attractive. And if you want someone to love you, you have to learn to love yourself first. And at the moment, no I don't want to marry you. You are but a child. It feels weird. But I'm sure I can grow to love you. We could get to know each other, and become friends. Let's just work on becoming friends first though." He told her, walking into the castle looking around. "Well, let's start with you showing me around this castle. Why don't you take me to the library, I'm sure there something interesting in there." He mumbled looking around.

    Azula, who was wondering where her twin was came into the hallway, blinking when seeing her with a strange man. She then remembers her twin saying she would have to marry some dreadful elf prince. Azula was the more...Childish of the twins. She wasn't like her sister, smart. She was pretty like her, but she wasn't so bright as in smart. Her golden eyes looked at Filipe, and her cheeks lit up a bit of blush. He was handsome! And her sister got to marry him? How unfair! She hurriedly hid, waiting until they passed. She would simply spy on them all day. Not like she had anything better to do.
  7. "I am not a child, I resent that accusation," she clearly responded back at him, refusing to let a smile perk on her lips. She barely recognised that this boy was cute like her sister did. Avery had her head in books and her mind was often on anything else. She didn't gossip with her sister about finding boys cute, which was natural given their proximity to becoming teenagers and ready to enter that whole world of hormones. She just didn't see what her sister was seeing.

    "The library is this way," she directed calmly, adjusting the hem of her dress with a faint frown. Dresses weren't her style, but she knew the requirement was to wear one. A Princess, apparently, couldn't wear what the boys wore, even if she thought trousers were a hell of a lot more comfortable and convenient.

    "But really, I don't need you to look to be my friend either. I don't befriend many people. That's my sister's forte, really. She's the sociable, fun, pretty twin. I'm the studious bookworm who prefers fictional characters in fairytales than real-life people, but... I'm not against becoming friends. I just don't expect it, and if I don't expect it, I can't be disappointed."
  8. "You are a strange one, hmm?" Arching a brow, he followed her to the library. Once in the library, he looked around at all the books. "...I noticed you're wearing a dress...I thought dragons wore kimonos. Was that to please me?" He asked. "I know you had no say in what you were going to wear. So your mother must have dressed y- Is this what I think it is?" He cut himself off as he grabbed a book off the shelf with a grin. "The Adventures of Kanna! Oh, I just adore this serious, my favorite character happens to be Zarlok. I know he starts off being a villain in the beginning but his character development is amazing. You find out he's just troubled and...Sorry, I love this book, have you ever read this?" He asked flipping the book open with a fond smile.

    Azula watched from behind a bookcase, being quiet and sneaky as always. She never understood why her twin adored books. She hated books, said they were boring if they didn't have pictures. And the book Filipe was holding had no pictures at all! How could he like such a stupid, dumb book that was so long?
  9. Avery had never really been animated or loud with anyone her whole life, but that was mostly because nobody quite shared her passions, and nobody could relate to her when she was so mature and so extraordinarily intelligent. However, Filipe instantly ignited in her something nobody really saw before; excitement. Her eyes widened, her smile grew on her face until it almost reached her ears.

    "Oh, you cannot be serious. Zarlok? Sienna is clearly the best character. She's a strong, empowered woman who isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in-- and she so kicked Zarlok's butt in the Forest of Mysteries. You just can't accept that a woman is the best character," she teased quietly, biting her bottom lip at how excitable and loud she had grown. She was never like that, so it definitely took her by surprise. "I... I love that book. I used to read it to my sister but she doesn't like books much, but-- oh, you should meet her. She... looks like me. We're almost identical."
  10. Cackling a bit, he looked down at the girl. "Sienna? Well sure she's a great character, but we all knew she was good from the beginning, we didn't know Zarlock would turn out to be good Sienna's a powerful woman sure, but Zarlock is flawed. That's what I like about him." Sitting down, he picked up another book, before hearing about her twin. "I've heard of Princess Azula. I'm sure I'll meet her during my time in the castle." He looked at the book in his hands, it being the newest installment of The Adventures of Kanna. Smiling he opened the book, flipping through the pages. "I've read this one, sucks how they ended it, am I right? I just don't understand how Johannes could betray Sienna. I mean they were childhood friends. I can't wait for the next book to come out." He looked at the girl, grinning a bit.

    "So, what else do you have- Ooh, The Dragons of the West! I love this story, don't you love how..." The entire afternoon the two sat discussing books that they both liked and didn't like. They both debated on who was the best character in the book, and more times than not they both had different characters who they thought were the best. But it wasn't an argument. More like a friendly debate. They also spoke about actual world problems, as well as theories. Filipe didn't know he would have so much in common with the child. Well...She claimed she wasn't a child, but she was definitely twelve. He felt he had found a new friend in her.

    Azula had watched them most of the time but...Well, she honestly grew bored. She didn't understand a word they were saying! It was as if they were speaking a different language! So the girl left them be and went to play with Felix. Around dinner time was when Filipe and Avery finally left the library. They were at the dinner table, still discussing...Well, know they were discussing the best artist of all time. "I think Ragnok was the best artist of his time. While he was a fairy and small, he made the most beautiful and enormous paintings. His paintings had such detail and feeling."
  11. The little girl really hadn't had this much in common with anyone before. She'd constantly tried, when she was younger, to inform her family about all sorts of subjects, but barely any caught their attention enough to enter a debate with her. She was too smart and too intellectualised to be able to really talk about what she loved with her family-- so Filipe was a breath of fresh air. He understood her more than her family seemed to, at least concerning her hobbies. Despite all her talk of not being able to befriend anyone, she was already rather inclined to think of the teenager as a friend of hers.

    "If you like painters who flood their work with emotion, I adore the great centaur painter, Queda. I have one of his original paintings in my bedroom. My Dad paid him to paint me something personally when I turned 10-- I'll show you later," she promised, her nose scrunched cutely in the excitement that they had yet another topic in common. Maybe the marriage wouldn't be as terrible as she first assumed.
  12. "Queda, huh? Many people think he's the best. I just don't see it. Anyone could put a bunch of shapes on a canvas and call it art." Chuckled the teen, nudging her to let her know he was kidding. "I'd love to see it. It must be beautiful."

    Apophis stared at the two, obviously taken back. They had so much in common, thankfully. That must have been why Valinor picked Avery. Avery was much like Elves. Elves were known for their brains, and love for arts and whatnot. Was Raven part Elf, and that why Avery was so alike Elves? Well, he'd never know now, he had no idea what happened to her after the divorce. "Prince Filipe. I hope your day has been enjoyable."

    "Hmm? Ah, yes most certainly. Your library is impressive. I could spend all my time in there. I usually spend most of my time in my own back at home."

    "What about sword fighting and stuff," Azula asked, playing with her curly hair arching a brow. "I mean that's important right?"

    "Not in my Kingdom, we focus more on studies. You must be Princess Azula, you do look just like your twin." f91bd88f6bde3391b9075466a47c1bb4.jpg
  13. Avery had an inkling that her parents would like the boy. They had disliked him the moment they learnt of the marriage, as any loving parents would, but she wanted them to give him a chance since she herself discovered just how great he was. She thought that maybe her father might still be a little strict, given she was his daughter and fathers were generally protective of their little girls, but she hadn't imagined that her sister would be this... unenthusiastic.

    Avery had found someone to connect to on an intellectual level; something she had never had before. Filipe brought out the best in her, and to see her twin sister sit there with an arched brow, with no excited smile, was a little... disheartening to say the least.

    "He likes books, Azula. And art and poetry and philosophy a-and... and we really are getting along."

    "I'm glad to hear that, honey," cooed Hope, her own smile growing the more she saw just how animated and happy her young daughter was. It was a sight she didn't think she'd see, so hearing how well the two got on was a huge relief. "You're happy for your sister, aren't you, Azula?"
  14. "...Sure." Grumbled the girl as she picked at her food, looking down at her plate. "He's cool and all...Does this mean she's going to go away like Ally? How is that fair? How is any of this fair?" She asked, now shoving away her dinner with an upset pout.

    Seeing Azula act that way instantly reminded Filipe of how old Avery was. Avery and Azula were twins, they were the same age, but they were both so different. Avery was mature, into the arts, and philosophy, mathematics, and poetry. Azula was...Really just a child. She acted her age, and it showed.

    "Now, Azula, don't be so disrespectful in front of a guest, and don't embarrass your sister," Apophis told her sternly. "Listen, Avery isn't going away. So you needn't worry about that. And this marriage saves millions-"

    "Don't embarrass her? You know what...I'm tired of hearing that because I'm the dumb twin." She huffed tears in her eyes.

    "Sweetie you aren't dumb, why would you think that?"

    "Well you all talk about how great Avery is, how smart she is, how wonderfully mature she is! No one really pays attention to my talents!"

    "That's not true, wait, Azula!" Apophis called, but the girl had stormed off. Sighing heavily, he stood up. "...Excuse me, I'm sorry Prince Filipe, please forgive her." He mumbled before hurrying after his daughter.

    Felix, who had been practically quiet the entire time watched as everything happened, before looking at his mom. "...Can I go? I don't wanna eat these sprouts."
  15. If Avery had just a small inkling that her twin sister felt this way, she wouldn't have ever agreed to the marriage. As selfish as that might have been for the millions of people affected, she wouldn't have upset her sister and made her feel this self-conscious and low about herself. They were twins; best friends. They were different, but Azula had things Avery could only dream of. She was sociable, funny, so smart when it came to designing. That wasn't philosophy, but it didn't mean it was any less important.

    Awkwardly pushing her food around her plate, she sighed to herself at the mess that was taking place. She wanted her sister happy; to have the attention she deserved. Seeing her be this jealous wasn't... nice.

    "...Would it matter to you if you married my sister instead?" She asked quietly, peeking her head up to Filipe calmly. "Your mother surely doesn't care who you marry, as long as they're my father's child. Azula is his child so she won't mind if you marry her instead. I want my sister to realise that... we're the same. I'm not better than her. If she's the one marrying you, she'll realise that we care for her too and... she deserves that excitement. I'm sure she'd love to get married. It's more her thing than mine."
  16. Filipe looked at her, before smiling apologetically. "It was actually my mother who suggested you be my wife. And...Well, I don't think I'd have much in common with her, and she wouldn't exactly be happy with me. We have things to talk about whereas if I were with her, I don't think there would have been much to talk about. " He whispered back before looking down at his food.

    "...I'm sorry for causing problems between you and your sister. You should talk to her, let her know that this is only to prevent a war. I'm sure she'd understand if you worded it that way, right?"
  17. She knew that Filipe only intended to help, but he didn't know her sister like Avery did. Azula could be stubborn, and it would take a carefully worded explanation to win her back around. So, it was only when she constructed that explanation in her head that she dared to wander off into her sister's bedroom, carefully approaching her bed with a polite smile.

    "...You know that I'm not going to fall in love with him, don't you? It's simply just to protect Mama's kingdom. You're the one who's going to have a huge, grand wedding with a man you love one day. I'm going to have a tiny ceremony because we're not doing this for... love. It's just an arrangement to protect Kehsia; to protect Mama's parents and... and all our aunties and uncles. If I don't, they'd be hurt, okay?"
  18. Azula was under her thick blankets, before peaking out of it. Her golden eyes stared at her twin before she came out from under the blankets with a somber look. "...I...I know...I know this is for the greater good or whatever...I guess I was just...Jealous." She mumbled, looking down at he lap She then looked at her twin, before leaning in to cuddle her with a smile. "...You promise that I'll always be your best friend right?"
  19. "He wasn't ever going to come between us and replace you as my best friend, that'd be ludicrous. I've... literally been with you my whole life, even before we were born so of course you're my best friend. Just... this... marriage is just business. I'm not going to end up like Alfred and Incy are, loving one another. It's just business," she promised again, if only to emphasise that fact for her sister to remember and recall--and it was hardly lying if Avery genuinely believed that she wasn't going to fall head over heels for the man. They had things in common, sure, but she saw that as the extent of the relationship - purely friendship and nothing more.
  20. And Azula cheered up hearing this. When Ally met Incy he fell in love. All he did was talk about Incy, or read his letters to everyone a million times. He was never the same after he met the cat, so of course, the Princess was worried the same would happen to her sister. She'd fall in love with this Prince and then she'd forget all about her. Thankfully, Avery wasn't going to fall in love with this guy. They were just going to stay friends.

    "Good! Well, you missed Ally letter. While you and the elf were in the library, Ally sent a letter. Supposedly he and Incy are traveling the world together. Right now, they're in that Kingdom were centaurs live." She mumbled, holding onto her sister with a smile. "He's such a lovesick idiot, right?" Giggled the girl.

    "Who's a lovesick idiot?" Anders asked as he walked into the room, holding Dax's hand tightly in his own. They were barely ever apart.