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    Sasha sighed softly as she looked over to Max beside her. A light smile spread across her lips just because she knew of the fact she wasn't alone, after all being alone was kind of boring and annoying, though that was just her opinion anyway, of course not everyone shared the same thoughts on things, after all that would be quite annoying and boring after all. After a moment she pulled her duvet that was on top of her sleeping bag closer to her and sighed, reaching to grab the cup of tea she had made herself only moments ago, at least she could actually do that without help which was more then could be said for some people. It wasn't exactly rocket science to either have ice tea or warm a kettle up over a camp fire, that was easy enough for her really and it was quite lucky she was a girl who preferred to be outdoors rather then inside during any time of the year. So what it was close to winter, who cared? Okay so some girls might of freaked out and worried about it and getting cold and other so not important things like that, she didn't, Sasha didn't and wouldn't care about it, it was plenty warm enough for her really and after all, they were sharing a tent her and Max it wasn't anything couple like, well at least it wasn't in her mind anyway, it was just something friends were doing together and that was it, though she had to admit it was a lot warmer and cosier with the two of them in one tent rather then them having one tent each like they thought of doing, she was glad they hadn't in the end.

    After a sipping her tea again and sighing quietly, she moved around a bit at where she was, putting the cup down beside her and smiling as it balanced properly on the ground under her, after all she could still feel the cold grass under the tents thin layer though it didn't come through and make the bottom of the tent wet luckily, even if it did there was no way it would be able to get through the sleeping bag she was currently laying on along with a duvet on top of her and her pillows, in all truth it was quite cosy really and she was more then happy for it to be like that rather then sleeping in a bed even. Her grey eyes looked around the space in the tent again then back to where she was sitting, looking down at the duvet once more, she always tended to be the person to be up before the other, she normally fell asleep quite early and then because of that was up quite early as six in the morning early, just before the sun was rising in the summer though right now in the early winter the sun wouldn't be rising for another hour or so and because of that she lay back down, looking up at the tent above of her silently, a ton of thoughts going around her mind though none of them ever being spoken and probably never would be really either, they weren't all that important to her anyway..they were just thoughts..nothing more and nothing less..just simple daydreams about plenty of things in life.​
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    Max groaned softly into his pillow pulling his quilt tighter around him as he smelled something tasty in the tent. Well than again there was a woman in the tent to. That could just be her perfume, but the smell was more warm as he took a deep breath in smiling softly before rolling over onto the chill of the tent floor practically scream at the sudden chill.

    "Shi... forgot I was on a sleeping bag..." Max mumbled sitting up with a soft chuckle. He looked over at his friend Sasha with a goofy grin before re-burying himself into his sleeping bag, and quilt. He was loving ever moment of this. Sleeping in a tent, in the late fall, with a friend no less. The thing was he loved the fall and winter, and he loved camping this late in the year, and the fact Sasha was camping with him to was even better.

    He'd fallen asleep roughly around the same time as Sasha the night before chuckling at the fact of how fast she was asleep. If he could do that he'd be in nap heaven.

    "Morning..." he said with a soft yawn looking up at her again from under his pillows, and what not, "That drink, or something smells warm, and good."


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