December celebrations

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  1. Now December are here again, a joyful month when you celebrate both Christmas and new years eve. (Most people, not everyone)

    How do you celebrate everything that happens in December? Does your country or your family have more traditions than Christmas and New years celebration? Or do you have something else instead of Christmas?


    In Sweden the first thing we celebrate in December is Lucia, which is on 13th of December. This is a tradition that most of the Nordic countries have, I have no idea though how big the celebration is in the other countries than my own. The kids in school often gets to practice for two-three months on Lucia songs and then perform them in school. We also make lussekatter, which is a bread with raisin in it. :) I usually celebrated this when I went in school but now when I have graduated I will probably not even remember about Lucia, it's just not my kind of day and my family have never really been into this day x3 Here you can read more about Lucia:

    24th of December:
    This is the day we in Sweden celebrate Christmas :) Even though a lot of Swedes doesn't believe in God it's still a tradition for many families to celebrate this day. For me and my family that is almost the only day every year when we are really close to each other and actually have fun together. We usually watch From all of us to all of you (Kalle anka och hans vänner önskar god jul, is the titel in Swedish) 15.00 every Christmas. Afterwards we eat a looot of food and then we open the presents that has been beneath the Christmas tree for a month.

    New years eve:
    I often celebrate it with my family and we often invite cousins or some close friend to the family. During the evening we watch the fireworks and sits up and talk until after midnight. (Mostly because its impossible to sleep with the fireworks xD)
  2. I thought I'd add this so everyone can pick something to celebrate!