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  1. My character is out for your characters blood after your characters father had ruthlessly murdered his parents when he was very young. Your characters father is rich, beyond rich... And beyond powerful too. A wealthy business owner.... But the business is a bit... Well, shady you could say.

    Ever since that fateful day, my character has been out for revenge. Training and preparing himself to take the one thing that was precious in the man who killed his parents life... Your character. A very charming and charismatic guy. One day, my character got the perfect opportunity to strike finally, after waiting all these years and training all this time... The day had finally come.

    Your character's father was hosting a masquerade ball for your characters birthday. How perfect? A masquerade ball. Nobody would be able to tell who my character was... And with that, my character made his own entrance to the grande ball. He got just wait he wanted, to get the attention of your character. From the moment your character set his eyes upon my character he was enraptured. My character stood away from everyone else, a complete contrast to everyone else. Entranced, your character had to introduce himself to the mysterious strange... Little did your character know he was introducing himself to an assassin.

    My character pretended very well to be interested and taken with your character. Sooner then you expected, your character was whisking my character away to a more 'private' room. Almost at once after the door was closed, my character had your character at knifepoint. Your character in complete shock had little time to react, but was suddenly trying to disarm the assassin and gain the upper hand before things turned ugly.

    Before my character could even draw a single drop of your characters blood, his own blade was turned on him in the blink of an eye and pain erupted on his side. Your character had taken the knife away and given a good swipe at my characters side, cutting him clean across the chest. My character, knowing he was beat hastily made his escape before your character to deal anymore damage. Unfortunately for your character, my character got away before your character could remove his mask and see who the culprit was. Your character was left in shock and with a head full of questions.

    Little did your character know the culprit had been right under his nose the whole time. You see, my character also happened to be one of your character's father's servants. Not only that but your character always found him rather attractive, though extremely quite your character mistook him as painfully shy.

    Looks can be deceiving right?

    Well, your character still had an interest in the 'shy' servant' who he did not know as the assassin that only days ago had tried to kill him. Your character, being the major flirt could not keep his hands to himself. Always finding any excuse to touch the servant... But lately he has flinched at every little touch... How long will it take to realize what's really going on? With that surely permanent scar from where your character had slashed my character? Not only that, but your characters father is dead set on bringing in whoever had almost taken his son away from him.

    Looks can be deceiving.



    1. 1-3 paragraphs at least for responses. Also, I only rp in third person and expect my partner to do the same!!

    2. I very much prefer rping on a thread in the libertine section. However if you really, really, really, can't rp there, or if you are uncomfortable, pm's are okay as well.

    3. I am looking for someone to play the dominant/top during sex.

    4. Anime or realistic pictures are accepted!! ^.^

    5. Comment below or shoot me a pm if interested! I would really love to rp this! :D
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  2. Still looking!! :D
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