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    Where is it. Where the hell... Ah. Alright.

    It was an usually quiet Saturday afternoon. Not many people were in the bookstore at the time, which was a good thing considering someone was in a rather bad mood. The blue-haired male leaned against the bookshelf, the look on his face showing mere signs of discontent. 'I came all this way just to find out that you weren't even in stock anymore... How disappointing,' he thought to himself. He wasn't wrong. This was one hell of a disappointment. He's been looking all over for a book he needed but to no avail. What next? Fail the test that was scheduled for next week? The boy grunted slightly and straightened up. He couldn't shake away the fact that this never would have happened if he just grabbed the book the previous month. And now he had one week to find it and read it - or in this case, skim through it. Ah.. Procrastination was a wonderful thing.

    He spent nearly two hours walking through the bookstore in hopes that there was at least one copy left misplaced. Fortunately, there was. The book was found in the aisle near the one it originally belonged, hidden behind a few others.
    "Tch... You can't be serious..." he mumbled as he grabbed it. Who the hell put this there? Yeh. Thanks. After purchasing the lit'le monster, the boy decided to open it up and start reading. Each page was filled with dull words and the font was unbearably small. This was going to be a long week... The male was pulled back into reality as the book fell from his hands. He didn't realize what happened until he felt his body hit against someone else's. Idiot... Would reading and walking become a new hazard because of him now or...? He huffed silently as he fell to his knees, looking over to the person he ran into. No words nor apologies escaped his mouth. There was only silence yet again.
  2. After finishing her chores, she slipped on her sandals and made her way towards the bookstore. She overheard a couple of girls from her school talking about her. "I've heard she once beat an entire gang of thugs at her old school!" "That's impossible! She's just a wannabe thug. Ugh! With that haircut, she's more of a lesbian than a girl!" They began to giggle over they're joke and walked into a cafe. She growled to herself and continued walking to the bookstore. 'fucking bitches. Talking shit. If you're gonna talk shit, make sure they're not around.' She reached the bookstore and headed to the graphic novel section. She grabbed the newest manga release and began skimming through. Manga always cheered her up after a long day. She headed towards the cash register and paid for her purchase. As she left the bookstore someone bumped into her. She notices a blue haired boy pick up his book and go on his way.
    "Hey! Aren't ya gonna say excuse me?! That's fucking rude, asshole!" She yelled angrily.
    She notice him walk out, lost in thought. She sighed and muttered asshole. She picked up her book and began to skim, when she realized it want her book.
    "What a fucking boring book." She muttered as she looked around for the blue haired boy. He was walking ahead and made a left turn. She ran after him.
  3. The blue-haired boy quickly picked up the book and silently walked by, still making no attempt to apologize. Perhaps he was lost in his own small world of hope as he finally managed to find the book he needed. Now all he had to do was skim through it, score high on the test, and toss this damned thing away for good. He sighed, placing it into his backpack. No point in reading until he got home and there was absolutely no way he was going to make the same mistake again. He didn't feel guilty nor ashamed after bumping into that girl. It wasn't like he was going to see her again and if he did, great. Another stranger to add to the list of people who probably hated his guts. That was alright. Not looking to waste anymore time with this nonsense, he cut across the street and through the alleyway that was his own special "shortcut" in getting home.

    The boy had a long way to go considering his house was located on the outskirts of town. He had no means of transportation besides walking, something he got used to after a while. It was just a hassle having to walk long distances such as this. It made things considerably worse when everything went to hell as well.

    He ran his fingers through sapphire locks of hair, dark blue eyes locked onto the darkness of the alleyway. It was quiet save for the gentle clinking of the chains that hung from his side belt loop. He furrowed a brow, reaching one hand to adjust the position of his bag's strap so that it rested more comfortably on his shoulder.


    The male stopped upon hearing the faint voice, recognizing the threatening tone used to call out his name. Four familiar guys, all students from the same school as he, stood before him with the same douchey expressions he knew all too well.
    "Alright..." he groaned. "What the hell do you want?" Trojan was more annoyed than afraid, yet still felt the need to back away. Nope. Not in the mood to go through this again. All he wanted was to forget this day and return home without any more interruptions. But here they stood, four idiots who took pleasure in beating up other teens... Most especially Trojan. Ah, well. It wasn't surprising. It's what occurred on a weekly basis. The bold tone of his voice was easily seen through as all four of them laughed hysterically.
    The boy, setting aside his bag, approached the shortest guy
    of the gang. He brought his knee up and nailed him in the stomach, a small smirk stretched across his lips. This was enough to silence them. "You've been after me for so long that I've started to learn your shitty tactics of beating people up." Trojan scoffed, his icy glare fixed on the other three. "I'm going to ask this again. What do you want?"

    "We don't want anything in particular... like always." said the brunette, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. His appearance was disheveled in such a way that made Trojan cringe, as did his unintentional mocking tone that made absolutely no sense with most of what he said. "You obviously do. You're telling me you came all this way just to see my face? To say hello? I didn't think so. What. Do. You. Want?" Now this was just ridiculous. He expected a fight, or terrible insults tossed about like always. But nah. These thugs didn't approach him as they usually did, leaving a mysterious air about them. Trojan stood his ground, ready to fight back whenever the time called for it. It was coming again soon enough. He knew these situations like the back of his hand.

    "Fine then. We came for you."

    And here we go.
  4. She grew annoyed having to run after a complete stranger just to get her manga back. She growled under her breathe in irritation. She began to draw closer to where the blue haired boy went. Her short red hair began to stick to her forehead from the sweat. "That fucking asshole...making me run." She muttered under her breathe. She reached the alleyway she previously saw him go through and noticed him about to be beaten by a group of stupid bullies. She ran towards them and yelled, "what are you fuckers doing? It's no place to hold a party." She smirked and chuckled at her own joke. She stopped running, standing a few inches from what appeared to be the ringleader.
  5. "Damn it.." Trojan spluttered, blood dripping from his mouth. The shorter male had punched him near the jaw, the impact of fist against flesh and bone causing an unbearable sensation throughout his entire skull, and his jaws forcibly clenched shut around his tongue. Ouch? Drops of scarlet fell on the dirt and concrete below his feet as he spit the blood from his sore mouth.

    The maniacal laughter pierced his eardrums as he recovered himself, ducking just in time to dodge another punch. Bent down at a lower position, Trojan lunged and tackled the brunette to the ground. This only worked for a mere second until one of the others pulled him back up by the hair. It was the same thing over and over. He would take a hit, dodge, and attack. Repeat. Then lose. But hey, he was strong enough to last longer fighting against four others who, despite their nasty appearance, were exceptional in hand-to-hand combat. Trojan learned from them over the many times he encountered them, and was always eager to test his newly developed skills. I guess you could say that he looked forward to bumping into these stupid morons. Today? Well, no. He was kind of hoping he wouldn't see their ugly faces today.

    A freckled male held him up by the hair, his green eyes burning furiously into his as he threw him up against the wall. Trojan grunted, bending over to recuperate from everything he's taken. This was enough. Nope.

    "What are you fuckers doing?"

    The entire group paused and pulled their attention towards a random girl who stood inches before the tall brunette. Trojan, on the other hand, kept his gaze on the ground, panting slightly.

    "It's no place to hold a party."

    She spoke again. Trojan would've guessed that, judging by the tone of her voice, this entire fight was incredibly amusing in her eyes. Finally he looked up.

    Oh. It was that stranger from before. Haha.. Ha.
    He straightened up, head cocked slightly to one side before frowning. He knew he was going to see her again. He just had that feeling.
    'Who are you and what the hell are you doing...' he thought to himself. He wanted to say it aloud but thought that that would ruin whatever was about to happen. While the group seemed preoccupied, Trojan thought about slipping away. But no... He just stood there and waited.
  6. The large brunette took a couple steps forward. A large smirk on his lips. She stood her ground and smirked in return. "What do you want? Go away. We're busy here." The girl chuckled and took a step forward. "I can see that, but I came here on a personal matter. So get out my way." She pushed the guy out of the way, but he grabbed her arm. "You think you can just come here and do whatever you want?" She sighed in irritation and tried to pull her arm away from him. "Let go, asshole." She growled. She clenched her fist and gave a quick punch on his face. He stumbled and fell backwards. Blood trickled down his nose. She rubbed her wrist and chuckled. "I told you fucker, to let go."
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