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  1. Hello and welcome to my commission price thread.

    A tad about myself; I’ve been an artist since 2008 and despite it not being my career path, I take great pride and happiness in this hobby I’ve invested my time and money in. I’m strictly a traditional artist, I’ve tried digital art countless times but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I have ample free time in the evenings to devote my attention to your commission.

    The process.
    Through the entire process from start to finish, I’m very chatty. I like to keep my customer well informed to ensure satisfaction. I show the sketch and ask permission before lining, I show the lined work and ask permission before coloring - your happiness with my content is my top priority.

    What I can provide.
    • Sci-fi characters (including and not limited to aliens)
    • Canine anthros
    • Male and female humans ( multiple body types)
    • Gore & body horror
    • Mild/subtle/implied nsfw

    What I cannot provide.
    • Characters under the age of 18
    • Pornography
    • Anthro characters beyond canines

    Prices vary depending on what you specifically desire and the complexity. Let it be known that prices are not set in stone, I’m more than happy to negotiate prices with you. However, I do NOT start commissions until payment is made strictly through PayPal invoice. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me!

    Pencil sketch:
    • Bust - $3
    • Waist up - $5
    • Full body - $10

    Black and white lined:
    • Bust - $5
    • Waist up - $10
    • Full body - $25

    Full color:
    • Bust - $5
    • Waist up - $25
    • Full body - $35

    Additional items may be added to your commissions, such as patterned paper backgrounds ($3), Gold accents ($2), additional characters (+$5 per character), and drawn backgrounds ($5-$10 depending on complexity). If you choose shipping (free USA, $3 international) the piece comes laminated.

    Shipping is OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whether you would like it shipped to you or not, if you decide not to have it shipped then I’ll keep it stored in my office where I’ll provide pictures for you whenever you may need it.

    Please remember I have the right to refuse any commission proposition if I choose. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I’ll gladly talk with you!

    Samples will be provided via link to my Instagram page as I don’t have any files on my computer.

    Sample 1.
    Sample 2.
    Sample 3.
    Sample 4.

    Additional -PLEASE READ
    If you decide to repost or share my work after asking permission: CREDIT AND CITE ME. That includes BOTH this iwaku account and my instagram as these are my ONLY platforms for sharing art. Hopefully it’s common curtsy not to discredit me/claim my work as your own/Trace/reference/or copy my work.
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  2. Still open!