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  1. Once she had been subdued and faded into unconsciousness he laid her onto the stone floor before he drew his sword and stabbed it into her heart.
    He leaned down and kissed her forehead before he whispered into her ear.
    "Tell Judas I said hello when he wakes you." He knew that she couldn't have heard her but he did it nonetheless.
    Before he had time to return to his throne and contemplate what he had down her brothers returned and were stunned to see their sister murdered.
    "Abadon, go prepare your soldiers you and your men are going to kill what remains of your sisters brood." His voice was cold and uncaring. He felt something in his chest, a reminder of his humanity attempting to grasp at his heart. He had killed her but was it necessary to kill her entire brood as well? His will over threw his remaining humanity and his stare continued to pierce Abadon's hallow shell.
    "Of course milord." Abadon bowed before leaving the room, then Amos's glare turned to the two remaining sons.
    "Kain travel the streets and slander her reputation, I'll ensure that the senate understands her betrayal and necessary banishment from Constantinople. Kain will back and provide false documents proving that Valeria was a traitor to the Byzantine Empire." He looked at her corpse and when he looked back his two sons had left leaving him alone with Valeria's corpse. She had temporarily escaped the fate of undeath, she would not know time had passed between her impalement and her release.
    He prepared her body for transportation to the cave where she would remain sealed, until Judas released her that was.

    Hours had passed and the preparations were finally complete. Her body had been wrapped in crimson silk and her arms were crossed over her chest but room was left for the wooden stake that had replaced the sword so she could fit into the coffin. The coffin was made out of solid marble and was worth far more then he should have spent on a 'traitor.'

    He had several of Abadon's men carry the coffin off to a boat that he boarded that would travel to Jerusalem where he was going to bury her so she may be found by Judas years later. It would take several months of travel in dangerous territory for Amos but once they arrived he guarded her coffin until it arrived at it's final resting place deep inside secret tunnels that reached deep into the Earth below Jerusalem.
    "Good bye my daughter I shall see you in another time." He sealed the tomb behind him already knowing the fate for her. There was more he hadn't told her that he wish he could have but something far beyond both of them had sealed his lips, and thus she was destined to hate him until she got the vengeance she would seek.


    Over 300 years pass before the Crypt is disturbed by Judas the only other surviving son of Brutus other then Amos. Judas approaches the coffin and opens it. Inside the coffin was the perfectly preserved corpse of Valeria still looking as she did when Amos had plunged his arm into her chest.
    "Finally found you darling." His words echoed throughout the crypt as he ripped the stake from her heart bringing her back from the edge of death and slinging her forward into undeath. Her soul torn from the limbo it had been forced to linger in for over 300 years just to be placed back into the frail shell it had escaped all those years ago.
    Her body would be burning like fire as her vampiric essence search for blood. Her hunger would surpass any mental barrier she had set and it would force her to mutilate her next victim.
    "Welcome to the land of the undead." Judas' last words before Valeria woke from her deep slumber.
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  2. Valeria felt a stab in her chest, she screamed as she felt it a leaving her body. She launched herself up, her mind was a jumbled mess, various images flashed through her brain. Her father Amos, her brood, her new power, finally she remembered the sword plunging into her chest, Valeria screamed at the top of her lungs.

    Her eyes were black with blood lust and her fangs were almost stinging, her entire body craved life source, she looked over at Judas, her eyes were on fire, her body was pulsating with pain, it felt like a fire was ripping through her. Valeria's eyes caught Judas and she pulled him towards her, her eyes burrowing into his, "I need blood....NOW!", she screamed once more, her words making little sense, her throat hoarse and her screams carnal. She wasn't in control, the blood lust was in control, Valeria hated this but she lacked will or power to stabilise herself.

    She looks into his eyes for a moment, then her head snaps around as she spots the young male stood behind Judas, the breathes in his scent, and rips her body forwards towards the man, her eyes thank Judas a million times over, as she sinks her teeth into neck, she rips the flesh clean off, spitting a chunk of his flesh to the floor to expose his arteries, she ripped into the artery, as blood sprayed over her face, she sucked the blood from his neck, as her teeth drove deeper into his neck, as she hands ripped his clothes from his chest, she moved her head down his body biting his chest, tearing her teeth through the skin. She removed the mans pants and drove her fangs deep into the artery of his inner thigh, sucking the blood from him, draining him as he screamed in agony.

    Her nails clawing his body, as his blood sprayed over Valeria, she licked her lips as she took the last of his blood. Looking to Judas, she wasn't quite satisfied yet but the fire throughout her body was slowly fading. She let the limp mangled body drop from her hands and she looked towards Judas, a smile on her face, "Thank you", she spoke finally.
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  3. Judas watched her patiently watched her ravenously devour the morsel he had brought for although he knew that wouldn't suffice, she was going to need more. Their kind always needed more. He smiled back at her and he looked at the wooden stake in his hand that had been hammered into her chest.
    "No surprise really that he betrayed you." Judas tossed the wooden stake to the side and then he looked into her eyes. "I have no intentions such as that although mine could be considering far more cruel."
    Judas had a sly smile and his voice carried deceit wrapped words that traversed their ways to her ears.
    "Your 'father' has created a vile brood that spreads it's plaque throughout what remains of the Byzantine Empire. It has to be stopped and what better destroyer of Amos' decrepit and derelict empire then his own 'daughter?'" Judas circled her like a vulture would a corpse and then his smile slid away from his face and he started to look deathly ill.
    "Your brothers need to die although there will be more of them then you remember and even a sister or two." He let a single hand slid onto her right shoulder as he now stood next to her his venomous words still sliding off his viper tongue. "Although they should be easy to destroy for the clans are at war since your Amos has left them to their own devices. He seems distracted as of late even failing to stop the civil war that has started between the clans, a secret war of blood and darkness has erupted in Constantinople will you help me stop this darkness? If not for me at least do it for yourself."
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  4. Valeria watched Judas as his eyes fell to the stake he'd just removed from her body, she felt a twinge in her cold dead heart at the betrayal she still felt from her father. Her heart felt heavy as she looked at Judas, listening to his words, she was angry, her blood lust was still strong, and the anger was tipping her over some edge she hadn't prepared for.

    She began to pace the floor before standing still over the coffin she'd been placed it, it was exquisite, too exquisite for a traitor. Valeria listened as Judas painted a picture of the Byzantine empire that enraged Valeria, she knew better than to ask after her powerful female brood, knowing that would have been the last nail in the coffin from her father.

    Hearing that her father had sired more daughters stabbed her all over again, Valeria's eyes were getting darker with anger by the minute, "Let's destroy them all", she whispered, she grabbed Judas by the hand, raising it to her chest, "You saved me from nothing, I cannot believe the betrayal and hatred Amos showed me when I did everything for him, I will fight with you", she announced. After a moment she looked up to his eyes, "I need blood first though".
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  5. He watched her every move noticing the small details that revealed her doubt of betrayal and the anger that arose from him mentioning her sisters. It was all he needed to shatter the remaining faith in that miserable parasite she called a father. Judas had once been a servant of Jesus but his soul was now black corrupt from the blood he lived on. He had once tried to repent for his sins but the cross scorned him and God turned his back on those who denied death only to feast on the living.
    He had learned that vampirism was a fate worse then hell. A living soul trapped in a fragile mortal corpse, his only hope was death but he couldn't ask her for that, not when he had so much work to do. Judas started to wonder about how he could manipulate her into doing exactly what he wanted and that was the death of Amos which would make her and Judas the final two vampires in existence then and only then would he kill her and himself curing the planet of the dark parasites known as vampires.
    The ideas of vampires crippled Judas' attempts to reconnect with his God and repent for his betrayal of Jesus. Only death would set him free but first he would have to repent by slaughtering all remaining vampires and release the trapped stagnate souls that vampirisim trapped inside the corpse, souls could not return to God they could not receive their final judgement.
    "Of course," That sly smile rose across his face and he slithered out of the room only to reveal two more humans who were blindfolded, gagged, and bound. "What ever you need my angel of death."
    Judas needed her at full health if she was going to slay her former master and his growing brood.


    Amos sat on his throne his wings spread in their entire magnificence as he looked across the empty and derelict throne room. The clans had not met in nearly 500 years and that was all it took for their ambition to turn on each other like a snake would on it's tail if it was starving. The problem was the vacuum created by Amos' disappearance from the political spectrum left a void that the clans were trying to fill. He had already lost one son to the decrepit civil war, Abadon had fought bravely but Birkita had destroyed him with her Celtic clan of barbarian like vampires leaving him with 5 children. Birkita, Kain, Kapaneus, Zeratul, and Amena.
    He looked across the dust throne and he awaited for the one that would return, the child he had let go from his web hoping that Judas had not spewed to much toxic venom into her ears. He understood that there would be a reckoning but he hoped that there would not be to many casualties after all he did like his current brood but if she need to kill them he could always replace them. He tried to hope that her reckoning wouldn't cost him his entire brood but he knew what was in store and he knew that blood was all she would want.
    "Forgive me my child." He whispered to himself although the whisper echoed throughout the entirety of his empty halls.

    Amos' new form
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  6. Valeria lifted herself up sitting on the edge of the coffin, her legs folded as she listened to Judas, she didn't fully trust him, but he'd demonstrated nothing but kindness so far. However Valeria wasn't stupid, she knew if she helped him eradicate her father and whatever was left of her brothers and he new abominations, Valeria refused to see his new brood as true siblings, knowing they would have been created out of malice for her supposed betrayal.

    Even thinking through this now, her nails dug into her own thighs, drawing blood, she sighed, watching as the blood began to stain the silk, knowing the skin beneath would now be healed, but all injuries leave a mark, even if only on fabric. Valeria could no longer see nor feel the ache in her chest but the betrayal still remained, as the hole through her dress was evidence of that.

    When Judas brought the two new offerings calling her angel of death, the irony of Judas naming Valeria an angel wasn't lost on her and she laughed, she took the female first, she could hear her heart beat, so fast, so terrified. It was enough to drive Valeria insane, she smirked, standing inches from the girls face, she exhaled allowing the girl to feel her breath, the girl squealed and Valeria laughed once more, grabbing her arms and pulling the girl towards her. "Don't worry it will be over soon", she whispered, stroking the girls hair as she cried and whimpered. Valeria's fangs made little work of the girls flesh as she tore through the artery, draining her quickly of her blood. "She tasted good, but this one", she nodded towards the boy, he was foreign, "He smells divine".

    The boy had heard the screams but he was standing, acting the brave on whilst her fluttering heart betrayed him, Valeria smirked. She pulled the boy to the coffin, lying him down and straddling him. She could feel his hearts confusion, and she lent over him, taking blood from various area's of his body, starting with his wrists, she was feeling satisfied before the end, but she savoured the last of the boys blood.

    When the boys body eventually went limp below her, she stood and looked over at Judas, wiping a droplet of blood from her chin, "If I am to return to my home, I will return with honour, I need red satin, lace, a fine tiara, and a stake for each of my siblings", she demanded taking Judas arm, she nodded, "Lead the way my new friend".
  7. Judas watched her ravenously feasting on those he had supplied her with both stroking his hunger and destroying his remaining humanity. He hated watching and knowing that it only made him hungrier but he had to let her feast, he had to let her think he was her friend but didn't she know all ready, all vampires are betrayers.
    They all betray their human nature and indulge in the supernatural and their inhuman desires to feast on human blood. They were all doomed to repeat the same actions of feasting over and over. She was no different and why should she be? It was time for her to realize that she was just like the others but he would give her that revelation after she had killed her family.
    When she betrayed those who once loved her dearly she'll understand what monster she was and exactly why she deserved death.
    "Of course," He started leading her through the catacombs that were hidden beneath Jerusalem. "Friend."
    It had taken only a few minutes to traverse what would have taken hours with vampiric speed. They arrived at the entrance of the catacombs finally returning to the surface under the cover of the moon. Judas was still unsure of how well Valeria could travel in sunlight this being why he choose to bring her up during the night.
    "Welcome to Jerusalem." He would soon began explaining to her how she was going to return home and why she was going to kill the remnants of her dying father. He turned to her quickly in the blink of an eye and with a smirk across his face he started to speak.
    "I have secured naval passage for you aboard a trading vessel. You shall return to Constantinople with me and we shall destroy Amos and the clans he has so arrogantly creating during your slumber."
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  8. Valeria showed no emotion only a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes as she walked with Judas. Of course her father Amos, had spoken of his brother Judas. Valeria knew the stories of Judas betrayal, his lies and deceit were legend, but then of course she'd trusted her father, and she'd ended up being killed. She shook her own head with confusion.

    The deliberate use of the word 'friend' wasn't lost on her, vampires didn't have friends, they had family and food, Valeria had developed friendships over her years but those friendships always benefitted her in a way. She pondered why her father would place her somewhere Judas would find her, and further wondered why Judas had found her, of course he knew she'd be angry and want revenge and this would benefit him somehow.

    She smiled at her new 'friend' and walked with him out into the open air, Valeria couldn't help but breathe in deeply, the various smells heightened to her as a vampire of course, and the human smell in the air was intoxicating. It had been so long since Valeria had felt anything against her hardened skin. She raised her arms up high in the air and spun around slowly in circles, "Freedom is so delicious", she whispered to herself.

    Glancing at Judas she nodded about his plans, "A trading vessel is sufficient", she remarked, her way of congratulating him on the acquisition. She turned to Judas, "Clothing".

    -------------------------------------------------------------------(mini time skip)

    Valeria stood, the fashion had changed a little but she still managed to find a crimson silk she was happy with, she knew her attire would suffer during her revenge so she skipped the usual jewels and accessories she was known for. Valeria wanted to enter her home un-noticed, getting close enough before she revealed herself. She'd chosen a dark navy dress, lined with the crimson silk she was known for, she asked for them to make a dress beneath so she could remove the navy completely meaning when she did face her father, he would see her how he had known her. The dress was finished with a large hood meaning Valeria's face could remain hidden for as long as she wished.

    The time in the tailors had allowed Valeria to think, her anger was very present for Amos, and she had visualised herself ripping his head clean off his shoulders, or plunging the stake into his heart that he had used on her. However each time she imagined this, she felt a pain in her chest. Betrayal, that's what he'd accused you of, she had to remind herself. She then thought of the new sisters he'd created and the thought made her sick. She'd been the only girl, that was how it was supposed to be, she'd never had chance to show him what she was capable of. The anger and confusion built up, and she punched her fist through the tailors table, "Oh my apologies, I'm sorry", the tailor merely chuckled, he was used to vampires, "It's ok Miss, I hope you get them", he commented, it was clear how troubled her in fact was.

    Valeria paid the man, with the coin Judas had provided and she stepped out of the tailors to find Judas awaiting her, she smiled, "Thank you friend", she greeted Judas with a single kiss to his cheek, pulling the hood up on her dress. She walked in step with Judas, "Tell me what you know of my fathers brood?", she asked him, wanting to know few details before she slaughtered them all. "I have one condition, I kill the females, and when it comes to my father, I wish to end his reign alone".
  9. Judas waited for her outside the store and listened to crash that happened shortly before she left the store behind her. She kissed him on the cheek but there was no warmth only the dull touch of dead skin on decaying flesh, he hated being this cold and dead, he hated every fiber of his unnatural corpse. How could he have condoned becoming a vampire, he had truly fallen from greatness and he was now sitting in the blind spot of God's view. How could he ask for anything from his God when he had betrayed the only son.
    It had to end, all vampires who carried unlife with them had to die there could be no more vampires when he drove the stake through his own heart and ended the curse of unlife on Earth.
    Judas smiled at her words and understood that this meant he would have to kill the brothers and thus brought words to his cold lips.
    "Of course and I shall kill the brothers," he had already planned on killing them all in case Valeria had failed him but he couldn't let her think that he was using her. "Your vengeance shall be your own, go and end the reign of Amos' decaying throne."
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  10. The journey by sea was longer than she had expected, vampires don't get sea sick, but Valeria was most definitely sick of the sea, it's sounds, it's smell, it's passengers. She'd chosen not to eat during the voyage but once they were docked, Valeria grabbed herself a snack.

    She pulled one of the deck hands into a side room, he screamed but looking over Valeria a smirk crossed his lips as his hands went to her breasts. Valeria's eyes glowed in horror, "Oh no", she whispered and pushed him back against the wall, "Allow me", she smirked. Valeria moved her hand to his crotch ripping the material clean off, the deck hand began to grumble, but Valeria shook her head and winked at him, kneeling in front of him, she reached her hands forward and began to fondle his balls, she always enjoyed toying with them sometimes. After a moment she ripped his testicles from his body as he began to scream, she pushed him forwards, standing behind him as her fangs ripped into the flesh on his neck and she drained the man as he bled out.

    Luckily she managed to pull herself out of the blood lust before it took over, she looked down over herself, no blood marks. With a smirk she stepped over the body and walked off the boat to join Judas.

    Pulling her hood up over her head, so it covered majority of her face, she faced Judas, "I know where I will find any sisters I have, care to join me for the first kill?", she asked him. Valeria knew Amos would have given her old home to any sisters.
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