[Dec 9, 2013] How to Save a Dragon CharRP (Roleplay Cove)

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  1. This roleplay is brought to you by OCHA AND DIANA!

    Welcome to Zenith. A world of magic and mystical mayhem. Where the great cities are ruled by winged royals, dragon tamers are more revered than knights, and everyone hates butterflies.

    There is currently a small problem. A Dragon Tamer and her dragon was sent out on a very important mission to the Dunewastes of Myrr - and hasn't returned.

    A small party has been put together to go seek out what happened to Brigid Dunmunn and her dragon. No one really believes this party of misfits will come back either, but somebody had to do SOMEthing.

    You can play anything you like! A Dragon Tamer, a Witch, an Elf, an annoying side character. This world has magicy goodness.

    Dragons are like beasties and familiars. So they can't shapeshift in to people or talk, or anything like that.


    I have NO other useful information, so feel free to ask any questions you need to about characters or plot ideas or the world setting! 8D
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  2. I am afraid my co GM can't make it tonight, so this charp must be rescheduled! Stayed tuned for an updated time and day!
  3. oooh, is this open to anyone? :D It looks super interesting.
  4. Open for anyone to join, yes! :D
  5. awesomeness! That makes me happy. :D I'll keep on eye on this.
  6. Speaking of which, this is now scheduled for MONDAY!
  7. Darn! :( I have three different finals on Monday, so I'll probably be too pooped to join in this one.
  8. Character Name: Dacian Rivera


    Job/Role: Dragon Tamer

    General Appearance: Fair skin, dark hair, and grey-blue eyes. He's self-conscious about his acne break-outs and has a bit of a boy-ish look to him that makes him look younger than he actually is. His hair is worn long in an attempt to hide his face. [He prefers a brown undershirt, a tan tunic, leather gloves, and a leather belt lined with pouches, pockets, and even a small knife. It holds up a simple pair of slacks. Thick, durable boots clad his feet. He'll sometimes wear a simple, open hooded robe that is brown in color while flying.]

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find the missing Dragon Tamer and return alive.

    General Personality: Despite being self conscious about his appearance most of the time, he is a confident Dragon Tamer who will only question himself occasionally. He's use to keeping to himself and talks to people only when necessary.

    Other Notes:
    His dragon is Ryaul, dark blue with tribal tattoo-like markings adorning his scaly body. He's build for power more than speed but his wing span isn't something to underestimate.
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  9. I hope I will be able to attend the new schedule, I have high hopes that I can join, but I can't assure it.
  10. Just a reminder that this roleplay is TOMORROW and should be going on as scheduled!
  12. This roleplay is starting RIGHT NOW In the COVE! You have about an hour and a half to join us before it might be too late, plot wise. Pop in to the CBOX GENERAL if you're late and want to see if there's still time to join!